Friday, July 01, 2011

Tony lodges police report on Christian march call

"I am a Christian. I am not being persecuted." I know blogger Tony Yew well. He's a colour blind Malaysian when it comes to race. And he doesn't believe in lodging police reports. "But when I read the tweet by @5xmom, I felt upset. I am a Christian, too, and I think it's wrong for the person to suggest that we're being persecuted. I don't feel persecuted. I go to church.  The police never stopped me."

Tony lodged his police report against @5xmom at the Travers police station, KL about 3pm today.

The police asked him if anyone had coerced him to file the report. "No, I was not coerced. And no, I am not a member of any political party."

What did @5xmom tweet about? Click H E R E.
Who is @5xmom? Click H E R E.


  1. Well all i can say is gud for u Mr Tony. We need more ppl like here in Malaysia~ not idiotic cum obnoxious old auntie from penang.

  2. Anonymous5:37 pm

    This is clear cut sedition alright. But, will this go on the media? Especially the Star Newspaper!

    If you noticed, whenever any MALAY politicians were to speak of other races, it will get the limelight in a wrong context - thus making the politician INfamous!

    But, the interesting fact is, whenever a chinese were to make a remark such as @5xmom, will it get the limelight? Not really!

    Maybe only Utusan will publish it! Im not so sure about NST but the STAR DEFINITELY won't publish it!

    I believe the Government must come up with a proper PROPAGANDA PLAN to use this seditious comment as their weapon to counter Opposition propaganda machinery. You have to understand that Anwar Ibrahim studies in the US and US are known to employ the best PSY WAR tactics in the world. Read up on the CIA (Apparently, they are the best in world in the ART OF PROPAGANDA). Who knows, they could be advising Anwar Ibrahim?

    Opposition are using it to their advantage and the results is that they are getting more publicity in a positive manner and puts the Government in a bad spot!

    The Malays are always deemed racist because of a few remarks. How about the Chinese? They make a lot of seditious comment and guess what - Somehow, the Malays took the blame for it.

    You cant blame the opposition or the chinese for that matter. The Government only has to blame for themselves because they DO NOT HAVE A PROPER PROPAGANDA/PSY WAR PLAN! I don't think the government has anyone the specializes in PROPAGANDA! Its all decentralize. What a shame!

    If the Government employs psy war tactics in a proper fashion, opposition will have a really tough time when it comes to publicity.

    They key word here is PROPAGANDA! Learn from the CIA and you will understand what I am saying.


    A student of Propaganda and Psy Warfare (Propaganda is a lost art)

  3. Salam Datuk,

    I wholly support his actions.

    I have said in no uncertain terms at his post my very strong feelings.

    I hope he publishes my comment.

    Datuk, this is what we the civil minded fear-anarchy and lawlessness.

    But do these traitors care?

    They couldn't care less. They have safe haven in 4 states or in Penang at least.

    In KL they play poker.

    I hope the Govt will call their bluff and bring the culprits to book.

    Thank you

  4. Anonymous6:32 pm


  5. joshua6:44 pm

    5Xmom is a blogger. Blogs personal stuff but dishes out her two cents worth on local politics. She obviously - if you've been following her blog - despises the Malay-led BN government.
    and if you make an assessment of her based on her postings, she, er...dislikes Malays, Islam too, and Muslims.

    Dia Cina sengkek.

  6. Anonymous7:13 pm

    First, I want this woman to resign from all posts in the Penang administration. If she doesn't resign, I want Guan Eng to fire her.

    Next, I want this Tony Yew to lodge a police report against Ibrahim Katak for a similar offence.

    Then we will see who walks the talk. This country cannot have bigots like these.


  7. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Dear N.A.T.O. Mr Minister Hishamuddin, this is the time to us the ISA as it was mean to be in the first place!!!! Don't wait until it is to late. Do something benificial for the country once in your life, please.

  8. Apanama talks a little rubbish if he thinks Christians easily get moved by politicians or for that matter individual Christians like this woman who wants us to march. Problem with Christians, unlike Muslims is that we are allowed to ignore the call of Christian leaders when they talk rubbish. This woman is no Christian leader either.

    Persecution is a funny word. When in the cause of defending Islam a couple of Muslim journalists violate the holy sacrament and this goes without censure despite complaints and police reports, well, it does not stop Tony from going to church, but certainly he has been violated. Unless of course the holy sacrament means little to him. But to many Christians, especially Catholics, which he is, it means a lot. Looking at the language of the tweet I don't think this woman necessarily fully appreciates the English language. Using words without necessarily understanding the full import of its usage. I did see this tweet somewhere and gave it no credence because it was just obvious the issuer of the message had got it all twisted. She was certainly not going to excite anyone to get off their armchair come 9 July. As for Tony, just enjoy your two minutes of fame for your silly act of making this police report.

  9. Anonymous8:09 pm

    hmmmm having to pray in the 3rd floor shophouse lot for the last 20 years because our church couldn't get an approval to build a church on our own land...

    not being able to put up the cross in any visible part of the building facing the public roads ...

    I dont know la , maybe i am just overly sensitive ...

  10. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Sigh...where have all the good men gone? Why are we left with people like rocky and Tony.....

  11. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Tony, I do not doubt you are a christian, and a very selfish one at that. Just listen to yourself, I this, I that,,,I,I,I. It's always I and to hell with the rest.

    For heavan's sake stop telling everyone you are a christian. It's not the Christian name you call yourself, it's not all about going to church every Sunday, it's not about wearing the crusifix....a true christian is about helping the less fortunate, stand up against injustice, treat others fairly and many more good virtures.

    If you still want to be a good christian, I suggestyou to re-attend Sunday school all over again and this time pay attention in class and do your homework. Make sure you volunteer to do charity work. then, maybe then you will be able to earn salvation.

  12. Skilgannon106610:26 pm

    I am with Tony Yew on this one.

    I have worshipped at Catholic churches in Malaysia without any problems whatsoever.

    As I have done in Catholic churches in other countries too.

    The incident that happened at the Catholic church in Ipoh some years back was, no doubt, due to a misunderstanding of the Catholic ceremonies of First Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is easy to get confused and emotional when rumours start flying around (as seems to be happening with the Bersih imbroglio).

    I am even reminded of the fact that the late HRH Sultan Ibrahim of Johor gifted a commemorative plaque to the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Johor Bahru as a token of his particular esteem for the French parish priest then.

  13. Anonymous10:30 pm

    Bro Rocky,i think only in Penang the christians feel whom?maybe by their wild imagination i guess....LOL.


  14. Anonymous10:46 pm

    syabas ! to tony yew. . .we, malaysians salute u. i'm a muslim & proud being a muslim in this "tanah air". .& i hav many close friends who are hindus, christians & buddhists. they respect me as much as i respect them. why do we have to be at war with each other? those who started it (or instigated it) is definitely a "pengkhianat negara". . .shah

  15. Anonymous12:05 am

    Nama je Tony dan claim Kristian but actually a fasik kut?

    Mana bukti ada pergi gereja every Sunday tu?

    Dia seorang kawan you saja. Cuba tanya kawan-kawan Kristian Lillian tu. Baru laporan seimbang!

  16. Anonymous12:36 am

    Ba Alif B ya

  17. Anonymous1:15 am

    another bodek kaki. Sometimes human make error. tweet is something you just write for the fund of it. who care after reading it. Unless she is Joan of Arc.

  18. Anonymous1:53 am

    way to Tony..God bless you and thanks for being sensible...

  19. WOW!! Rocky promoting his ever faithful side kick.
    You want to know judge Rocky who is he supporting.
    "I go to church. The police never stopped me" said Tony Yew.
    hi ..we are saying the Police takes
    It is Ibrahim Ali provoking Christians.
    Anyway...the issue is non issue now...and Tony Yew is making a issue of it..months too late.
    Next time...file report..get to the source..and don't be like Rocky...and expert Chubby Checker's twister dancer.
    Correct Rocky?

  20. Anonymous7:27 am

    Datuk Tony in the making :-)
    fat hopes brother

  21. By all rights, he had served his rights as good Malaysian citizen

  22. I have been reading Tony Yew's writings scattered all over the place. Sometimes he strikes at oppositions, but most he would just criticize the inconsistencies of the ruling government. What is wrong to him, is wrong. And what is right, is right. All without any political puffery or race-centric jivings.

    Now tell me, if this is not the spirit of being a True Malaysian, then what is?

    No one is saying that our government is a saintly one without any blemishes. Which government in the world is? And for that matter, the opposition web is not angelic either.

    But to "call for arms" or conflict over some non-existent "threat" or religious persecution?

    Give us 10 Tony Yews and we'll build this nation up. Give us 10 Madam XXX's and we'll all go down the drain faster than saying we go down the drain.


  23. He is color blind and an idiot too.
    Does he not know the Police take sides and bully Malaysians?
    What kind of color blind Malaysia Tony Yew is?
    Time to change...yet he still carry BN balls.

  24. Anonymous12:17 pm

    well i cn say this for you Tony.. looks like you are in need of some financial asistance from the powers to be.. you well know, how much discrimiination goes on.. you must have rocks( Rocky by ur side) in your brains to even harbour such thoughts. Good luck to you and am sure soon u will be knighted!!1

  25. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Lady scream unfair, must fight for our rights, lets all get together and sent a letter of protest.

    Tony saw this and thought, aha, this is my oppotunity. Make policed report, bring photograp[her along, pose for photo, write a story about religious war and incite others to defend. I'll be famous or at least I hope the right people notice my talent in spinning and inciting. Maybe get a full-time job just doing these. Yeah I need a full time job you know why I have so much time to read tweeter and make police reports and all.

    Hope my action will get noticed and job offers in positions like Head of Spinning, Head of Tweeter and Blog Watchdog, and my dream job is Head of Religious Affair since I am the authority in guessing what people thinks about their own religion.

    I personally recommend Head of "Egg Sucking".

  26. Anonymous1:46 pm

    I think there is something wrong with that Tony guy or he was paid to make a police report or maybe he has a very close relationship with the blogger of that type, you know. Wink. Wink. Otherwise, why he feels so agitated over a tweet?

    Is that Lilian a pastor of some denomination? If not, then her words to influence fellow Christians carry no weight.

    So any blogger making an issue out of this to be a national security issue is definitely an asshole blowing his own trumpet to lead the mice.

  27. Anonymous1:49 pm

    ya. since we are allowed to go to Church, we should support BN - the root of corruption, racism and all the kotor pratices.


  28. What happened to "turn the other cheek" tolerance and principle of Christians and bro Tony Yew, especially for their fellow Christians?

    Only goes to show even the devil can quote scriptures.

    Looks like making police reports has reached epidemic proportions among some regarded as having sold out and soul'd out!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  29. Anonymous2:17 pm

    For once or probably from now on, I'm going to read what Skillgannon has to say.


  30. Dear Tony,

    We salute you as a true Christian. As a Muslim we regard you our brethren of the same God.

    Not the like of Lim Guan Eng etc.

    Cheers my Bro.

  31. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Who the fcuks is this Tony?
    So what you are a christian ?Please lah ! grow up and they say you are catholic ? Really? Christ would have cringe at your actions....

  32. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Persecuted? that's how one of her sons ended up looking like an obese kid

  33. It is seem that a lot of Christians followers who are not with Tony try their best to belittling him.

    Surely these are not a real Christians but pariah Chinese chauvinist like Lim Guan Eng who is a so called practising Christianity the way they thought civilised but only for a few circles of them. So the rest are all non-civilised, not cleaned and perhaps best to describe this bunch of idiots are worst than Jews.

    I have been many years living and working in the West but never heard this kind of Christians behaving like these except when coming back to KL. I remember in the old days when Indian and Chinese could speak English or studied in English, they became Christian. No wonder this bunch of inferiority complex generation are still exist at-large.

    Again, to Tony, I salute you. Brave enough to say the truth.

  34. Buah Ciku12:23 am

    Check out this quotation ;)

    First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Credit: RPK and Friedrich Gustav Emil Martin Niemöller

  35. Who the fuck is this Tony?
    Why he is Rocky's most faithful side kick and takes the cue what to say or not to say.

  36. BIGCAT10:13 am

    Aku respect engkau la Tony sebab engkau berani. Biasa la, engkau kena kutuk dengan puak-puak tu. Kalau dia orang tak setuju dengan engkau, mesti dia orang lebel engkau balachi le, pengkhianat ke, kaki bodek ke, tali barut Melayu ke etc etc. Itu memang modus operandi dia orang. Engkau sabar je lah. Yang pentingnya engkau dah buat yang terbaik untuk selamatkan negara kita ni. Mana lah ada orang Kristian kena tindas kat Malaysia ni. Ni hari Ahad, kalau tak percaya pegi gereja Francis Xavier kat PJ tu. Kereta parking kat yellow line pun polis biarkan je. Tak saman pun. Polis pun tau orang nak sembahyang kat gereja tu tak cukup parking. Sama la macam hari jumaat kat masjid-masjid. Cheers bro.

  37. Anonymous10:58 am

    DAP is turning into theologian political party. like PAS. It should be renamed Christian Action Party (CAP)
    Prof Awe Kecik

  38. yea ke ..Anon 10.58am..Prof Awe Kecik.
    I pity all the students studying under you...but are not really a Prof. You are the typical otak tak centre student of the Devil.

  39. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Bro Tony,

    Like Paul, I salute you for putting on the breastplate of truth and speaking up for the rest of the Christian community.

    For those who promote bersih and label those who don't as unpatriotic, unchristian, unenlightened, no good, etc, you are starting to sound like Bush who declared that "those who are not with us are against us,' in the war with Iraq based on WOMD claims.

    Please read Animal Farm by G. Orwell and get enlightened instead of squandering your resources on a march orchestrated by some people hell bent on becoming king.

    Look at what they did to the poor lepers in Sungai Buloh and other places. And, they strike at the weakest first..........

  40. Mud flaps3:18 pm

    Tony Yew : a future managing editor in the making.

    Bravo Tony. Bravo Tony?

  41. Anonymous6:54 pm

    @5xmom has blogged in response.



  42. Utusan Mak Siat9:30 am

    Silly running dog!

  43. Seolferwulf2:22 pm

    "KL seeks diplomatic ties with the Vatican"?

    PM Najib will travel to Rome 18 July to meet Pope Benedict XVI for exploratory talks towards establishing diplomatic relations with the Holy See, an aide to the PM revealed yesterday.

    Malaysia is one of 17 countries that have no diplomatic ties with the Vatican. However, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon and Syria have ties with the Vatican, but not Saudi Arabia, China, n
    North Korea, Vietnam and Laos.

    Wonder if the Vatican's diplomats will be getting a detailed briefing from the Catholic hierarchy in Malaysia before the Pope's meeting with the PM?

    "Pope Benedict is seen as a conservative Catholic with strong views on freedom of religious choice which is an excruciatingly sensitive matter in Malaysia's brand of Islam" (as per a newspaper report).

    It should be interesting to hear PAS's reactions to this purported initiative by the PM, given the Asri Muda ideology in 1972.

  44. Um, I think you guys are barking at the wrong thing. Get your fact right before stoning someone.... Go and ask the lady what is her tweet all about.