Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't think like this

Updated: The blogger Apanama, who goes with the name @firdyfire on Twitter, says @5xmom is on the payroll of a communications outfit that reports to the Chief Minister of Penang. Read (pictures, too) If not SEDITION, what is it?

Original Article:
5xmom: I think all Christians shud march for all the persecution they had done to us and our Lord.

Twitter can be a dark place when people start to have dark thoughts and lose their way. It takes very little - a splash of yellow here and a rush of red there - to get a person madly excited. And when you get mad and excited, you start being irrational and you begin inciting others. Today you "think" all Christians should go out there on the streets and march. Show them you have the numbers and you have great anger. Today, too, another idiot like you but who happens to be a Muslim might get mad with you and start thinking that maybe all Muslims should march for all the insults you have thrown at them all these years. And then the Hindus. And then the Buddhists. And so on.

We live in peace in one country with many places of worship, many beliefs, many gods. If we want our children to continue to enjoy such a wonderful place, please don't think like @5xmom.

Notes: I read this person's tweet via @firdyfire


  1. Anonymous2:14 am

    Agree with you Rocky but it will be better that you ignore completely this kind of tweet. Don't promote these people! Bersih 2.0 will be peaceful march full of peace loving Malaysians...

  2. Anonymous2:42 am


    Persecution kepala otak kamu.

    Sebulan sebelum Christmas, jingle Bells jingling all over the city with hohohoho dressed Merry merry Sepets and Gerek grinning everywhere we go.

    Kalau being persecuted, hang nak tunjuk muka pon tak berani!

    Menghoyan punya betina..


  3. Anonymous2:51 am

    Asa Chinese I am ready?

    Try us!

  4. Anonymous3:03 am

    That is just the UMNO propaganda unit's work. And that is their best shot too.

    And you are all excited to fan your peverse racism by suggesting this is what BERSIH's motivation is made of.

    Shame on you! Disgrace to the noble profession of journalism.

  5. arrest? with hishammddun kerismudinpondan and rais in helm, they won't do anything...

  6. they are marchign everywhere Datuk Rocky,

    bukan setakat di jalan jalan, di dada akbahr mereka pun mereka dah marching

    ini contoh terbaru, Oriental Daily tulis cerita bodoh tentang Proton, konon takde QC punca kereta Proton teruk..gila ke ape?
    dah belanja ratus juta design kereta takkan plak Proton takde QC

    ini story saya harap datuk dapat beri link atau mungkin minta your boys to investigate further apa agenda mereka sebenarnya

  7. labuchi5:14 am

    5xmom met the Penang CM

  8. Anonymous7:47 am

    this is one obnoxious cibai! ISA her for instigating racial hate under the guise of religious persecution and also rumor mongering. Neuter her too so she stops breeding ill mannered ugly ingrates like her.Dare call herself a xtian!

  9. Anonymous8:23 am

    told you they are playing the religion card now after playing the racial card

    the "mom" may be lim kit siang in disguise

  10. If the Police can find him/her, 5xmom should be checked by a psychiatrist and then recommended to be placed in a Mental Institution until she is mentally fit.

  11. Buah Ciku9:00 am

    yeah...arrest her as well as Ibrahim Ali before its too late

  12. Anonymous9:32 am

    The Christian should be marching against the real culprit i.e the Jews that actually led to the killing of their "Lord" and and Italian that prosecuted their own disciples during Roman time.

    Instead of doing that, they all love to lick Israel ass. Christian are well known as an ardent admirer of the illegal state of Israel..anything Zionist & Israel is very good thought the regime also killed a lot of Palestinian of Christian faith.

    Apart from that also, guess where is the center of the Christian Catholic today? It's in the region where they used to have their followers thrown into the middle of Colosseum to be eaten by lions.

    That is the reality that this 5xmom moron failed to digest to come up with such dumbtwits..Totally screwed up brain... LOL!

    Such a big intergalactic joke.


  13. Anonymous10:17 am

    Blogs are a much darker and dangerous place especially in the hands of irresponsible bloggers whose intention is to spin a harmless chit chat between some bored and frustrated housewives. Mak ciks who, day in and day out taking care of their children, hoping to raise them to be good citizens who will contribute positively to society when they grow up. Hoping that the fiuture will be a better place for them than the time when they themselves were young and hopeful. But, all these bad things that they read in the MSM, Blogs, and other electronic medias, the bleak economy, Malay this, Chinese that, Indian too, very frustrating especially when they cannot do anything about it.Maybe, they want to vent their frustration with other mak when you are frustrated with someone, you just want to scream out loud and release the tension and maintain their sanity.
    Looks and sounds like this is all that is..frustrated mak ciks just want to vent their frustrations.

    But irresponsible bloggers will take this opportunity to intentionally spin/distort the intent, to incite emotions and raise the temperature of a situation which is already tense. Irresponsible bloggers will add "oil to fire" to achieve their screwed intentions, whatever they are - maybe it's the mighty $,fetish for violence, or just plain evil.

    This "mak cik" writ-up is a classic case.

    Bloggers, whomever you are, you know blawdy well your views have a certain amount of influence over your readers. Be more responsible with what you put up in your blogs. Put up any issues you wish, but refrain from trying to spin the issue's in a way to lead your readers to percieved that this is a threat. Perception is what you want others to see, hear, and understand.

    So, bloggers, you know who I am referring to.

  14. Err..."all Muslims should march for all the insults you have thrown at them all these years..." Maybe I was in Mars when this happened. Can you point me to specifics please?

  15. Anonymous11:38 am

    anon 10:17 AM is trying to do damage control by defending bored housewives

    have you seen the desperate housewives who are involved in all sorts of crimes not just harmless gossip dearie

    you are the ONE spinning here hullo

  16. Anonymous11:41 am


    memang perangai kiasu tu begitu - asyik nak condemn anything Malay

    sebenarnya Melayu Singapura lebih berbakat dan berpelajaran tinggi drp china Malaysia

    tapi cina Malaysia diberi jawatan tinggi tinggi tapi berbahasa Inggeris macm budak tadika tebelit belit dgn loghat apek SJKC

  17. Anonymous11:43 am

    poor poor anon 10:17 AM should just ADVISE lks, lge, tony pua, tian chua, anwar omega, ambiga shallow forehead, et al

  18. Anonymous12:00 pm

    so anon 10.17 a.m.,
    if some makcik tells you that she going to rob your house, you going to ignore it?
    human is very unpredictable creature. i read recently a grandma caught stealing a handbag, a son killed his own father for money etc. so dont underestimate what people are writing, we might regret it someday.
    you can see no matter where in the world (including france, greece, US, UK) all these 'peaceful' rallies will turn violance. these kind of writing for which you claim comes from a housewife can ingnite something serious. go read a book 'tipping point' by malcolm gladwell.
    to me the target of this rally is not only demanding for fairer election. they are aiming for something much more bigger. so people please look beyond their so called 'purpose' of this rally and be really smart about it.

  19. Anonymous12:12 pm

    pls help, SIMEDARBY so called as conglomerate giant is killing/sacking and abusing the chinese and indians staff.someone do something before thing get worse.

  20. Anonymous1:15 pm

    The only persecution I can think of is forced circumcision.
    Yes forced circumcision to any Christian guy who marry a Muslim girl.
    To march against that?


  21. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Another master spin by the big bro of blogs himself. Go to any pro-whatever blogs and you will see such comments , be it umno,pkr,low yat..etc. for a so called influential Blogger to pick up such 'kedai kopi' comments and cheaply trying to blow it to more than what really is, it just just so sad.

    I know you're trying to get another fat-check job but surely you display more journalism dignity.

    Or come out clean and confirm that you are Ibrahim Ali's twin.

  22. Anonymous2:21 pm

    Asa Chinese I am ready?

    Try us!

    Anon 2:51 AM

    Kah..kah..kah.. where? really? cannot see at all..even just sign in with plain "Anon" time stamp entity..Ready for what? Ready to hide inside your momma cunt?

    CHINGKIES DOING DEMOS on the street..? I though water already spooked you out..Must be a joke of the millenium..

    You chingkies only have the biggest mouth of all but the smallest peckers and balls in this land compared to other races..ada brannii ka? See, you make me ROTFLMAO..damn, how to stop this insanity..LOL!.. Oh God..ROTFLMAO!

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies..

  23. Anonymous2:30 pm

    I have to agree with you on this one. This is religious extremism bordering on hatred and has no place in our society.

    She should be prosecuted - just as Ibrahim Katak should be prosecuted for inciting hatred.


  24. Angry Father3:05 pm

    The not-so-Bersih English Teacher

    There is an English teacher of ethnic Indian origin in Penang Free school faning ill-feeling and instigating hatred towards the democratically elected Federal Government and BN among HER pupils during her period. She is now asking her pupil to support Bersih 2.0. She seldom teach during her class but use that as platform to incite hatred. Most of the time is wasted listening her `meleter' and at other time she'd asked the pupil to do their own work.

    Yenadey, if you wanna be politician, get out of the school la!

    Penang Free Alumnus

  25. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    when a social media tool becomes a political tool, it is inevitable that dark thots and ugly messages being passed around.

    you are not the first person that feel uneasy. but again, we must first ask THE question,"who started the provocation?"

    It is completely understandable that Malays are unhappy about what they see as 'a threat' by other races when balance of political powers has given space for arguments, ideas and rationals that have never been heard before so openly before last GE. So whether those ideas and arguments deserved to be voiced or heard is another matter, as the good Malay culture promotes "kena jaga hati dan perasaan orang lain", which i agreed, unconditionally.

    But who else care about looking at the other side of the wall when shits hit the wall?

    Other races are similarly being provoked, in many ways i must said. I can tell a few stories, or i can share many stories of my own. Least we forget, everyone has a story to tell, so which one that got the most attention depends on many factor.

    My point is simple - those who started an unprovoked attack should be dealt with swiftly by the authorities. If nothing happens to them, then everyone will take it as a sign that the line of tolerance can be pushed far far behind and the law has a blind spot that is visible, such misleading thot would encourages others to emulate similar crime, for whatever reason they may have.

    what is worse is that when several parties are committing the same crime, but one particular party or two parties out of three or four got away scotch free.

    i mean, just for example, if Datuk Rocky punch a guy (let call him Hatta Ramli, nama samaran sahaja) because that Hatta is ugly, and yuppiduda, Rocky got away with it! next time if i bump into Hatta and i feel he is still forking ugly as Rocky's earlier punch did not fix anything, i would have the urge to punch him as well with no fear nor concern of consequences because, hey, Datuk Rock got a way with it, so i guess it is fine to punch Hatta and walk away like another happy Friday.

    The moral of the story is simple, Datuk Rock, it is not a human's nature to curse or swear at people, racial and religious slur being the worse kind of it. But if everyone is doing that and no one is punished, so you tell me what is deterring people from picking a random target and do their worse.

    Blaming others is the easiest way to sweep issues under the carpet. Hiding behind a political cover is not helping either, screw the rhetoric. So Datuk Rock, as a man of stature and with great influence in the media and political circle, would you dare to take the challenge of viewing issues impartially?


  26. Anonymous4:09 pm

    I think if the same were done against Muslims in this country the response would be more than a march.

  27. Anonymous6:20 pm

    Tapi jenis ni lah self-depracating malai lembus keparat tergiler-giler nak tibai ada yg bwat bini bab hanya dgn kawin smelly cibai lah menaikan tarap modern, liberal dan menolong self-affirmation depa - see, am not like-other-melayus !!. Identity diri sendiri haprak . kasi lagi chan - makin kembang p*k* m*k ni sumoa. Scumbags!

  28. Anonymous7:37 pm

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies..

    we miss u mate...u da man...that always says the correct things and the whole truth and nothing else but the truth...welcome back my online idol...hhehe


  29. Anonymous7:41 pm

    Funny that no one is taking action against Ibrahim Ali since his words are far more seditious than Chan Li Lian.

  30. Anonymous7:45 pm

    Well, if a blogger wants to highlight issues like this for a certain audience who are mostly english ones, he is trying to spin a certain agenda to achieve it's aims. Aim is to associate it with Bersin coming march.

    Why not, balance the whole script and put in also all those comments (Translated of course) in pro-UMNO blogs which really incite violence and call for eradication of other races and religions compared to this mild tweet.

  31. Anonymous7:48 pm

    This cheap thrill blogger really excite us all. Great in writing not so nice entertainment pieces.

  32. Anonymous8:22 pm

    Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism (MCCBCHST)today come out to support the BERSIH 2.0's march on 9th July!

    So, Rocky & his right-wing bloggers now going to declare war on MCCBCHST too?

    If @5xmom is demonised for supporting the BERSIH march, so what are Rocky's response & attack now?

    Rocky creates the environment of hate in Malay Mail. He nurtures like-minded hate mongers like employee "Marahku", one of the bloggers involved with the Utusan Christian conspiracy stories last month.

    Rocky is the "taiko" of the right-wing bloggers...

    ~ Rocky Watcher

  33. Anonymous9:33 pm

    Rocky, you could do well if you tell us what you think of statements made by your chief of Perkasa?
    Voice of an angel?

  34. Anonymous10:05 pm

    She is probably more than a couple of rungs lower than Ibrahim Ali on the seditious scale.

    Wonder what's his name's take on comments made by Ibrahim Ali?

    Anyway, what's his name should go make a police report if he is so troubled by the tweet.


  35. Anonymous10:34 pm

    i will expose u someday anak atan

  36. Anonymous10:53 pm

    kat sini hang boleh ceritalah....kat luar hang terkangkang-kangkang kena buli kat cina.
    malaysia ni cina control, hang belum tau ka?

  37. somebody should go at night and put a webcam in that teacher classroom,, at Penang Free School.. then we can watch a very good drama queen perhaps... hahahaaha

  38. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Anon 11.38 am from Anon 10.17 am

    All I am saying is bloggers should be more responsible. I am.....what the heck, why am I trying to justify to someone who thinks Hollywood "Desperate Housewives" is reflection of all housewives behavior. Lift yourself up from your comfortable sofa and get out of the house and feel reality.

  39. Anonymous12:18 am

    Fuck u rocky. You racist sadistic bastard. I am a Malaysian and you are trying to destroy my country.

  40. Anonymous12:36 am

    Maknyia ikut saja cara tokwan you,

    Sekarang Maknyia just hop on a plane, AirAsia murah ajer..Go find greener pastures elsewhere lor, HABIS CERITA. You hapi, we also hapi!

    he hehe hehehe

  41. BIGCAT7:27 am

    Go n read what Johor opposition leader Dr Boo Cheng Hau has to say about the Malays in today's newspapers. Try the NST for this one. Article by Chuah Bee Kim on Johor State Assembly. And this Dr Boo is considered a moderate among the DAP guys...

  42. Contemplative7:43 am

    So Perkasa and UMNO Youth can mouth off about religion and race but when a single person on twitter speaks her mind we get all concerned?

    Welcome to Malaysia.

  43. Angry Father9:02 am


    Video camera in a Penang Free School English class??? That's a bit risky task. But I've asked my son to quitely record her class using a digital recorder. I'll be writing officially to the School principal and the Penang State Education Office about this teacher. While I respect her political right, but why use the classroom. There're at least two unethical things she did: mongering hatred and not teaching. Damn! Why are we tax-payer paying salary to a teacher who is not interested in teaching. We wonder what happen to the standard of English proficiency among students. If we have such teacher, who abuse her position, doing something else other than teaching, I think the Education Department should sack her!

    Penang Free Alumnus

  44. Salam Datuk,

    Another frustrated and even more dangerous bitch.

    PAS is taking the lead and the DAP using proxy.

    These biaDAPs are never gonna be satisfied.

    ISA the bitch.

    BigDog is vindicated.

    Thank you

  45. Utusan Mak Siat10:45 am

    Suka-suka hantam Kristian cina ni, tiba-tiba hantam Komunis cina tu pulak...
    Allahai, memang celaka umNO ni!!!

  46. No point talking or debating. Rais Yatim and Hishammuddin should take no longer than 2 days to investigate and take this person to task if she is on our shores. If not, then don't curse 5xmom, curse the two ministers for letting this one slide!

  47. Anonymous2:40 pm

    That is a good lesson, then journalis need to highlight for everyone to know...

  48. Anonymous4:40 pm

    Rocky, now that you are jobless, and have a lot of time on your hands, you are trying to cause trouble is it? Why don't you give prominence to some of the christian bashing and some things the malays say of christians? Put them side by side and let's do some evaluation. And then tell the authorities to take action. Or is it because it's ok for a malay to do some christian bashing, and the malays to talk of ketuanan melayu and malay supremacy and all that, but the christians can't tell people of their own faith, to stick together. You are loosing it Sir, seriously loosing it. You are the most despicable kind of person. The trouble maker.
    Knowing you and your friend Syed, this comment might not be published.

  49. Skilgannon10665:10 pm

    Yah, but Osama got taken out by u-know-who!

    And the SB continues to come down hard on the JI and AQ wannabes.

    As do their counterparts in Indonesia.

    Amazing the inferiority complexes that people carry around these days!

    While proclaiming to the world - hey, we are open for investments. Our strength is our multiracial population that allows us to be a bridge to China, India and the Middle East, as well as to Asean.

    Whatever happened to freedom of religion and freedom of speech? Oh, I forgot - cannot indulge in such luxuries if you have the mother of inferiority complexes and victimhood to work off!

    I guess its easier to make excuses for non-performance, malfeasance, bigotry and sheer ignorance!

    Its a lot easier than, say, buckling down to study, work hard and make something of your life. That would be too much like hard work!

  50. Tangkapan hanya merosak dan membusukkan undang2 sahaja.

    Terserah kepada penganut2 ugama itu untuk membohongi atau tidak terhadap Tuhan mereka sendiri.

  51. Anonymous6:34 pm


  52. Anonymous8:08 pm

    ambiga anwar et al should get ready to be sued ala singapore style - the island state that she spoke highly of

    P.S. ambiga MUST know that singapore still activate the ISA act

  53. Penang Free Alumnus,

    wonder how this teacher can spend time bletering about political things in class when we learn that english teachers find it's almost impossible to cover the syllabus year in & year out before the examinations start every year!

    with essays, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar practices coming in at least 3 or 4 in a month ( a class got 35-40 students & we're teaching 3 classes of F5 & 2 classes of F4, mostly first few science classes) imagine the work load we have! marking takes all our free periods away.

    as the head panel of this subject, i cannot find time to gossip with colleagues & i sit in the self access learning room to do my business: marking & checking, besides busily attending courses & delivering them to non-optionist & optionist teachers in the state all year long.

    master teachers are busier lot with modules building, academic camps, seminars for pmr & spm candidates & we sit in front of the laptop searching for task-based activities, typing exercises for students..non-stop!

    i've to skip blogging sometimes, 3, 4 days to cater for my colleagues & students needs - giving courses, taking extra classes & even weekend camps just to help them cover the areas before examinations. i might have popped in someone's blog to comment a few but most of the time i'll be preparing slides either for teaching, seminars or giving courses. i find it a luxury if i can sit doing nothing for a day or even half a day!!

    i just came back from delivering a talk to pmr candidates & i pity the teachers because most of the students are still not well-equipped with vocabulary&grammar knowledge as well as outside the syllabus tricks...imagine if the students just got a temporary teacher!!

    i'm not blowing things out of proportion but if this is the kind of teachers we have in schools (& there are many, i know).. then what will become of the students? they might leave schools unequipped with things they are supposed to master at school level...

    is this teacher not teaching the exmination classes that she got ample time to talk unnecessary things? she should be helping other teachers teaching the examination classes!! well, in the dreams...

  54. Anonymous1:25 am


    Someone highlighting an incident where there was a racial slant, does not make one a racist. Get it?


  55. Anonymous12:18 pm

    She said, we should rally on behalf of our religion. Should stand up for our right to freely practice our religion.

    Ibrahim Ali said, let's call for a Jihad and you all know what Jihad means.

    Dear commrentors, compare the two sentence above a tell yourself, which is more confrontative, distructive and not good for Malaysian.

  56. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Ini rakan seperjuangan PAS?


  57. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Bersihfobia is now so rampant among pro govmen people n bloggers that they r flipping out. Next bigdog will make police report on DiGi for supporting bersih through yellow color. No other proof needed, just bullshit like his so called penang xtian plot.

    We r stil waiting for evidence on that one

  58. Anonymous11:29 pm

    yeah skewedmoron

    USA has lost the legal and moral authority to preach about freedom of speech and human rights

    their state official secret act COMMANDS zero transparency

    guantanamo bay, Iraq and Afghanistan are proof that USA has FLAWED leadership

    as for "innocent until proven guilty" mantra and the right to self-defence were DENIED Osama when they cowardly took his life by infringing on Pakistan's sovereignty and did a targetted slaying ala israel tactic.

    why don't they charge Osama, capture him alive and slaughter him in their "justice for ALL" court??

    sheer cowards!! zero heroes!!

  59. Bunnies5:27 pm

    tsk! tsk! tsk..

    Just look at the fanatic reaction in here and instantly you will know that we have a lot of very racist people.

    This is the thing I dont get it.. if Ibrahim Ali insults the chinese or the indians, none of these racist in here will stand up and want to Asa him. If any of the government minister support some racist action or statement, none of these racist bigot in here will not make a sound.

    So, all you racist in here, you are not better than Chan Lilian.. if you think she is bad or deserves to be put in jail. You people are just the same. It takes a bigger racist to recognise another you know.

    As for jingle bells all over the city, that is marketing la.. it has nothing to do with the religion. How shallow can you perwira? If I am your mama, I will be so disappointed.

  60. Anonymous1:36 am

    Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism & Taoism (MCCBCHST)?
    ini politic saja....