Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Support Biometrics, Stop Corruption

Stop the stupidity with regards to the Indelible Ink, please. It will make you so sad to discover why Bersih is so against biometrics and so insistent on the use of indelible ink. Read If the EC can't be trusted .... JMD has also just blogged about it in Existence of half-past-six leaders in Pakatan Rakyat. 

Gotta agree, there are people still trapped in the 20th century. And they want us for company.

Bet you didn't know that biometrics in the Malaysian Immigration has npw made it impossible for anyone to try and bribe our officers at any entry (or/and) exit point? That's a fact.

You support biometrics, you stop corruption.

The system is fool-proof. Macam DNA.


  1. Anonymous8:44 pm

    I'll comment after seeing the implementation plan. If the referee of a boxing match is working for one of the fighters will the match be a fair one?

  2. Anonymous8:47 pm

    These Bastards clearly have their own evil agenda against the govt and this country's stability. Their modus operandi is just to go against ANYTHING the govt do even if it's the best for the rakyat.

    It's sad to see some good Malays, Chinese and Indians being used to serve the Power Crazy Anwar and DAP by creating instability and chaos.

    I think even if the government say 'NO More Taxes' they will still say something to go against it.

    It's just their sick agenda. That's just it.


  3. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Biometrics by Nexbis:

    Board of Directors

    Non-Executive Director & Group Chairman
    Dato’ IR (Dr) Al Amin Majid

    Mohamed Al Amin Bin Abdul Majid

    Mohamad Al-Amin Abdul Majid is... known to be a confidant of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    Dato' lr. Dr. Mohamed Al Amin bin Abdul Majid is the Non-Executive Chairman of the Board, Non-Executive Independent Director of Nexbis Ltd. He qualified with a Diploma In Technology from Oxford College of Further Education and also holds a degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from University of Aston, Birmingham, United Kingdom. He is also the corporate Member of Institute of Engineers (IEM) Malaysia and a Professional Engineer (PE). He has been active in both political and community work since his early days. He was UMNO Youth Chief of Perak, UMNO Youth Divisional Head of Pasir Pinji, Perak and UMNO Youth Exco Member during his active years in politics.

  4. Buah Ciku9:25 pm

    Biometric system is based on computer. And computer uses electricity. So what if electricity got cut-off? Any backup plans?

  5. New Toilet Always Smell Better9:39 pm

    Remember "1st class infrastructure, 3rd class mentality" proclaimed by an ex PM of Malaysia not too long ago. Until the day we can achieve 1st class in all aspect, than we discuss biometrics. If not, this novel ideal called biometrics is doomed to failure.

    If there is an accident/planned accident that cause system breakdown on election day, there were be chaos/anything can happen. Guess who benefits from this? Yes, your guess is as good as mine.

    "Gaya mesti mau, takda isi tak apa" attitude must be strongly discourage for it will bring only misery and distruction.

  6. Anonymous10:38 pm

    It's only an additional help for the EC/SPR since without the Biometrics, election can still go on as currently practised with or withou electricity also.

    So instead of a biometrics system why can't use the ink which is cheaper? The poor excuse that some voters will be marked earlier and thus uneligible to vote and cause confusion as explained by the EC/SPR must be Nuts, because who in his right mind would allow another person to mark their fingers before election. If they are that stupid, then they have only themseleves to blame. It only takes stupid and harebrained people to think of such possibilities. All those preelection adverts before election are for what then?

    I can only think of the actual reasons why some oppose so vehemently is because they may lose their additional income in voting many times before.

    So, the only explanation of why suddenly the SPR is also excitedly supporting this biometrics project all of a sudden can only mean this project involving billions again is chopped "Approved by ...."

  7. Anonymous10:41 pm

    The implementation does not provide an independent and transparent mechanism to detect fraudulent act.

    With computerized system it is much easier to cheat at much lower cost.

    Biometric per se is not the issue but the lack of accountability and transparency is.

    Biometric system will not be ready for the next GE therefore using inedible ink is the preferred system. What has the govt/UMNO be afraid of?

    I know - fair and transparent election is what govt/UMNO afraid of.

    - Fair minded

  8. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Unfortunately dear Datuk, any computer database/system is vulnerable to attack, as any ICT undergraduate can tell you. There is no such thing as a fool-proof system.

    of the two, the indellible ink is less prone to tampering. It baffles me why is it that the gov can't just give it a try and score a brownie point for actually listening to the opposition.. then if anything go wrong with the system, the opposition will get the brunt of the backlash..

    it is sad to see you actually using the worf "stupidity" in this post, when your post conclusion is "the system is fool-proof".. pardon me for saying this, but this makes YOU the stupid one.. from what i know of biometric, i can say that it has its pros and cons, and compared to indellible ink, the cons of being susceptible to hacking and tampering is too large to ignore..

    on the trustworthiness of EC, i have witnessed myself the counting of votes in Miri (i think everybody knows which seat that was) during the Sarawak state election; all i can say i wont trust EC with handling anything EXCEPT menurut perintah kerajaan.. when it is supposed to be independent of it..

    think before you comment on the biometric system as a fool-proof system, is all im saying ;)


  9. Anonymous11:00 pm

    The Bersih alliance will never accept anything other than their hidden agenda. But their hidden agenda has been uncovered. It is just negativity.

    The agenda is to cause confusion. In the process, they even confuse themselves.

    Even if the Government introduced indelible ink, they will kick a fuss and request for biometrics instead.

    The fact of the matter is Bersih is not as clean as perceived. They are the very abusers of the system.

    Just look at how PKR conducted their recent elections. They cheated their own party elections, played deaf and dumb to complaints and yet they want to excecute justice?

    It really is a wonder how intellectuals like Karpal, the two Lims, lesser intellectuals like Nik Aziz, super intellectuals like RPK and idiots like us could still fall prey to these manipulatory Ambigas.

    Is it true that Ambiga and Anwar Ibrahim are related? They share a family tree from the Ibrahim clan.
    So, can you see the link?


  10. Anonymous11:22 pm

    Its all a matter of confidence many cases, including yours, me and many friends of mine simply don't have the confidence in our public institutions. I am sorry, its the truth...don't pay traffic summons on time,you get rewarded. Forget to renew driving license, its, for what people like me should keep a diary, remember dates, pay tax etc...mediocracy semua....pekerja asing tak da permit ok, boleh diputihkan...lepas itu silap,ada pekerja dengan permit, yang semua cukup syarat pula perlu daftar dalam 2 minggu....etc...etc..

    Rocky's, this is done by the very top government agencies, tak boleh fikir langsung...jadi semua pun mediocarcy lah. Macam ini ink ah paling bagus, sebab pemikiran pun macam ink kurun ke 18. I agree with buah ciku, electric potong, off line, macam mana??? Immigration dato Rocky,pekerja asing masuk sah, semua bayaran di buat, fingerprint di scan, majikan ambil dari KLIA on time, sewa bas, semua buat, but now penalised to take them ti re-register in 2 weeks....sedangkan nak bayar saman diberi 6 bulan...tak nak tulis lagi lah,i prefer INK..INK...INK...kurun ke 14 zaman Melaka pun tak apa lah.

  11. Anonymous11:25 pm

    elektrik xde, computer x berfungsi... mana ada kena mengena dgn biometric handheld device yg operate guna bateri. xkan nk kata bateri abis di psran plak kot. mcm2 nk dispinkan... asalkan dpt jd manusia x bertamadun ye?

  12. Anonymous11:31 pm

    please use ink first... whats wrong with that. we all know opposition always want to find issue. if they want ink, then give ink. lets them scratch their head to find other issue to bring forward. nothing wrong what using ink. unless bn really afraid of losing

  13. Anonymous11:41 pm

    I wonder what will happen if the biometries of those whitewashed illegal foreign workers being misused? The EC cannot be trusted as they are the UMNO agent.

  14. Anonymous12:51 am

    DNA is not foolproof.

    Some journalism from proper news sources. Not sure Dato' Rocky are familiar with such things.


    NY Times.

    The Guardian.


    The Times of London.

    The Boston Globe.

    The Daily Mail.

  15. Anonymous12:55 am

    Create scripts and executing these "functions", usually by dB administrator of during batch processing (Updates, Inserts, etc) as well during downtime maintenance. Front end peripherals ie biometric readers sends information back to server connected to a dB, execute script and you can easily manipulate dB content?- Can SPR dB be audited by 3rd party to prevent fraud??


  16. D'Rocky - The system is NOT fool-proof. Being an IT Auditor, I can assure you of that.

    The database used to validate the voter needs to be complete and accurate. If you have non-voters in it...then they can use the biometric system to vote...Stopping corruption I would argue is harder; unless controls are instituted!!

  17. To diploy Biometrics system, you must have the Terminals, Internet access and Network cabling in placed in every voting center. There are also high cost of backend farms of servers, Database system, Applications, Network Infrastructure and etc. Is it proven? Do we have sufficient time to test the system? Will there be a risk of downtime?

    The business rules/logic for the application can be customized/modified and the database can be easily manupulated. Records can be duplicated, copied and edited. will it be more convenient to create phantom voters?
    Can we trust the authority behind the system? Who will be operating the system?

    The Malaysian Immigration use biometic system at all time but EC only need it once in 3-4 years and with more location to be installed. How to justify for the cost? Is the tax payers subsidizing for another unecessary project? Any showcase from other countries? who is developing the system or supplier of the system?
    Can we have the expert view? How much cost involved? the question lists go on .....

    Why not indelible ink? a simple solution.

  18. drMpower1:57 am

    just give biometric a pilot run, will ya?
    the ink no need pilot run, because india done it and u know how it does the job already
    if u want to dig something on anything, look deep enough and definitely u will find one.

    this cannot la
    that cannot lah

    the only constructive critism to the biometric or whatever is, u need to make sure the system is fool proof. for example the system can detect somebody voting twice.

    thats all.

    if use ink oso, for example one poor chap finger marked by ink even BEFORE he goes to vote. dont tell me it is impossible to do because news i heard somebody bought the same ink the EC wanted to use in 2008. and it wasnt EC. so in the example case of the poor chap, then how?

    cut finger?

    believe me. my point is, if u want to see bad of something, u WILL find something bad. third class mentality la, itu la ini la. macam2. kids style la u people.

  19. flowers to m.....? aaah bro u must be joking. they say, what is right is always wrong.

    government is right to introduce the 'wrong' suggestion. deep in the heart, the right suggestion is, they need to tranfer majority of voters under their care. right move. checkmate.

    tok guru has shown strange behaviour lately.... but it seems wrong to them!

  20. surprisingly with biometrics, they still managed to wipe out altantuya's immigration records..unless i read it wrong

  21. Anonymous7:31 am

    If the biometric system at KLIA immigration is an example, it has failed my wife 50 percent of the time and she has to go to the manual counter to pass through immigration.
    Recently the finger print reader at a Maynbank branch failed to read my finger print to verify my account.
    So do you think this is the perfect solution? I doubt it is.
    The biometric system is just a way to enable the incumbent to cheat in the coming election in order to retain power. It is a desperate act and at a massive cost to the Rakyat.
    Pak Tua

  22. Anonymous7:36 am

    Only Najib... UMNO can decide who win!

  23. Dato',
    I suggest we use both the indelible ink and the biometric system and satisfy both side. Only that those stained with the ink can't cast another vote even if the biometric system says he can cast another vote as it is not a fool proof system though it is considered as 'canggih' by the EC Deputy Chairman.

  24. Anonymous8:08 am

    How's this for solution? Use the Biometrics AND the ink. Cost more but im sure it will satisfy both party.

    But... im not really sure about the other party though. Well, with Anwar's Revolution battle cry and all.

    It started already at KL sentral. Although it's more publicity seeking so i can get better position in party kinda thing. Anwar you did see them right? Ambiga? Nicky?


  25. Anonymous8:13 am


    You are so ignorant! any software & database knowledge guys can tell you that the system can be programmed to accept phantom voters.

    Our irresponsible government has been using the High Tech to fool the laymen, What 1 Malaysia emails lah! Curi Curi Malaysia Web Applications lah! now Biometric system lah! We the Malaysians have become the laughing stock due to our own stupididy!

    The whole issue is not about the ink or the finger prints, it is about the creditbility of our BN government. They have spilled the black ink and tainted themselves all over the body, and their finger prints are all over the looted items. Most of us don't trust our BN government including you but majority of the Malaysians are still supporting BN cos' they
    can't afford to loose and they only read MSM and Utusan. very sad.

    Wake up Rocky!


  26. Salam Dato,

    You said the system is fool-proof. Macam DNA.

    No wonder they opposed it badly. Because their supreme leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim does not have faith in DNA.

  27. i think the only reason why the pakatan buffoons insisting on the usage of indelible ink is because the've smuggled some of it into the country already. otherwise why would any sane individual choose ink over biometric? investment made, show must go on.

  28. Anonymous9:58 am

    Neither biometric nor the ink is fool proof. Both are prone to human-intervention.

    But in my experience dealing with our Gov in technology matters, our Gov is very adventurous.

    The ink although cheap, the knowledge stops there. But with Biometric, we get to learn more stuffs. Besides, there are more money in software and middleware development. No one will learn anything techie from dipping ones finger into an ink bottle.

    Plus, the Gov is now really into implementing biometric everywhere. They've got some policy and directives for biometric application.

    Kena jaga muka.... apa kelass guna ink? Fraud can happen with any one of these.

  29. Serious Shepherd10:24 am

    Blackout is one thing.
    Kalau blackout 1Malaysia camne pulak?

  30. Anonymous10:27 am

    Biometric is foolproof???? are you programmer and have you ever created a program using computer language??

    every programmer knows that there are no computer programmes/software that are foolproof and perfect.

  31. Anonymous10:30 am


    Don't you ever watch any movies? We often see actor in movies using fingerprint latex to gain access to the biometric system. And that the same way in reality.

    I think you are ignorance.

  32. Oh Yeah? A piece of 100% fool proof & tempaer proof gsdget that by itself will exceed all the 8 demands BERSIH had asked for a free and fair election?

  33. Anonymous10:53 am

    Don't try to over-spin again Rocky!
    How can you be so sure and know it is so?? "You support biometrics, you stop corruption. The system is fool-proof"

    The way you write macam orang jual ubat kat tepi jalan "minyak ni garanti baik punya, sapu kuat-kuat apa-apa sakit pun hilang!"

    Biometrics itself is quite accurate but the database and the supporting software codes can be easily manipulated!

    Do you have access to the codes to be so cocky sure?

  34. Anonymous11:07 am


    so many substandard brains against the biometrics system

    no wonder anwar/ambiga are having a field day brainwashing all these retards

  35. apa semua orang kecoh sangat ni.
    tak pernah pegi mengundi ka?

    1. pengundi datang bawa ic,
    2. pegi kaunter spr,
    3. spr check nama dalam senarai,
    4. panggil nama kuat,
    5. wakil-wakil calon ada situ,
    6. wakil-wakil calon buleh check kat senarai,
    7. masa tu boleh tengok rupa orang atau rupa hantu,


  36. Anonymous11:20 am

    Kranin@10:54 PM

    and you TRUST ambiga and anwar who has a long record of telling lies and empty promises

    one is an ex-convict for corruption, power abuse and sodomy

    and retards are still trusting him

    alahai apa nak jadi??

    dah "inherit inferior DNA"

  37. Anonymous11:29 am

    I think before we start talking about inks and biometric systems, we should first clean up the electoral list (in a transparent and non-partisan way) and ensure that NRD updates their system. If the list is still filled with people who are more than 100 years old, then whatever method we use will still end up just another waste of money.

  38. Anonymous11:36 am

    Aiya, it's all about giving a contract to a crony lah....biometrics to be undertaken by a Perak UMNO goon. Where got transparency ? Who audits the software, or will be software be written in a manner as to "help" certain vested interests ?


  39. dah dah stop arguing. buat dua-dua senang. biometric ada, ink pun ada. tapi mesti korang taknak jugak kan? alasan sebab makin tinggi kos pru.

    apa pun tak boleh. korang je yang boleh. sigh

  40. Anonymous12:45 pm


    This is another form of control, lah!

    Any form of "for the good of the system or people" always appears beneficial on the surface. When one digs deeper, the control freaks in government, will eventually use Biometrics (or Iris Scanning or RFID chipping etc. for that matter) to keep track of the populace and control their thought, movement, behaviour and money! This way, any form of 'public dissension' will be quickly and easily dealt with. The Hegelian Dialetic (problem, reaction, solution manipulation tactic)and George Orwell's 1984 come to mind. Individual freedom is ultimately at stake.

    There are far too many human failings that need fixing! Corruption is only one aspect. Using technology to curb them is good but the danger is technology will always be abused for the benefit of the ruling elite. So let's be careful in what we support. Be very,very careful.

    - A Malaysian -

  41. Collateral Damage1:55 pm

    Biometrics is not full proof for one simple reason. Older people's finger prints are normally quite difficult to read by scanners. My father's is an example. Can't be read at immigration and at banks. So what happens then? Barred from voting?

  42. Collateral Damage1:55 pm

    Biometrics is not full proof for one simple reason. Older people's finger prints are normally quite difficult to read by scanners. My father's is an example. Can't be read at immigration and at banks. So what happens then? Barred from voting?

  43. Badut Nasional3:22 pm

    Yes, FOOL-proof indeed... just like Altantuya's missing Imigresen entry record yah!!!

  44. Dear Srikanth and those who said biometrics tak boleh pakai because of Altantuya's "deleted" immigration records,

    My answer:

    Biometrics for foreign visitors was introduced only TWO months ago, lar.

    Tsk Tsk. But now you know.

  45. Jangan layan la all these bantut akals. Some people will oppose anything just for the sake of opposing. It makes them feel cleverer than they really are. We dont need their falsampah. Just implement and be done with it.

  46. Jangan layan la all these bantut akals. Some people will oppose anything just for the sake of opposing. It makes them feel cleverer than they really are. We dont need their falsampah. Just implement and be done with it.

  47. Anonymous4:37 pm

    Anon at 11:20 AM:

    wow, here you are, the "if youre not with us, youre with them" member..

    did i ever mentioned that i support ambiga and anuwar? how on earth did you come to that conclusion? read my comment again and check your eyes please..

    im sure anuwar has his bad history, so you're saying the rest in UMNO/BN do not?

    the point of my comment was the lesser cons of indelible ink, as opposed to the biometric system, which like some other commentors have mentioned is NOT fool-proof.

    seriously man, recheck YOUR brain.


  48. Anonymous4:45 pm

    The biometric used by the immigration is not the same used by the NRD. Each biometric provider has their own biometric technology and algorithm. If the SPR intended to use the NRD biometric, then SPR must use the same biometric technology and algorithm used by NRD and not the immigration. If I'm not mistaken the immigration is using Dermalog finger biometric while NRD is using Sagem finger biometric.

    Anyway if SPR intended to use the biometric similar to immigration, then those biometric will need conversion, and this will surely raise some integrity on converted biometric. More issues then .....

  49. Anonymous4:47 pm

    The biometric used by the immigration is not the same used by the NRD. Each biometric provider has their own biometric technology and algorithm. If the SPR intended to use the NRD biometric, then SPR must use the same biometric technology and algorithm used by NRD and not the immigration. If I'm not mistaken the immigration is using Dermalog finger biometric while NRD is using Sagem finger biometric.

    Anyway if SPR intended to use the biometric similar to immigration, then those biometric from NRD will need conversion, and this will surely raise some integrity on converted biometric. More issues then .....

  50. Anonymous5:02 pm

    senang cerita, permanent ink tak payah, biometrik pun tak payah. Pengundian buat macam biasa.

    Kalau guna ini boleh tipu, guna itu pun boleh tipu, apa benda yang tak boleh tipu? Kalau nak menipu, masih boleh tipu.

    Pasal Maybank tak boleh baca biometric, saya pernah dengar satu kes yang sama. Menurut sumber tersebut, MyKad baru punya cip ada problem. MyKad lama ok. Cuma sekarang ramai yang tukar MyKad baru sebab hilang atau rosak. Kualiti MyKad baru tidak sebaik MyKad lama.

    Saya tak pasti apa yang kumpulan2 ni mahukan. Kalau sistem biometrik pun dikatakan boleh ditipu, ada baiknya tukar semua MyKad kepada jenis kad pengenalan lama yang tak pakai cip. Kad kredit yang ada cip pun harus ditukar kepada sistem magnetik sahaja sebab perkara itu semua boleh ditipu.

    Dulu Tun Dr Mahathir yang memperkenalkan MyKad jenis baru ni. Pada asalnya memang terdapat pandangan yang kurang senang dari segi keselamatan tapi lama kelamaan ia diterima. Dalam pada itu, tambah baik seharusnya dilakukan dari masa ke semasa.

    Nak cerita pasal tipu lagi? Internet banking pun boleh tipu jugak, boleh pintas secure line tersebut serta sistem bank itu sendiri boleh diceroboh.

    Golongan pembangkang yang membangkang semua benda ni ada guna tak internet banking? Sauadara Rocky?

  51. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Hey guys, read this!

    Now that should an end to all arguments.

  52. Like you say, DNA is foolproof. Agree,but not to say that it cannot be manipulated. All I need to do is to swipe a sample of your saliva which can be easily obtained from the straw you had and just find the time where you will not be able to provide and alibi and walla!, you are now a rapist or in some cases, a sodomizer.

    Its not a question of follproof, but a question of manipulating the biometrik data.

    Indelible ink, according to EC is a third world mentality and its main problem is when ignorant people duped into getting their finger inked before they can vote. Well, to equate indelible ink to third world mentality, its funny then why people in advanced country still goes to polling stations to cast their votes just like the old days. Why can't they just vote online.

    And who says anything about inking your fingers after you had voted. There are a million other places within the body which you can ink. In some countries, they avoided this by using a specific rubber stamp to ink a voter after voting and only the EC knows the design of the rubber stamp and the specific place to ink a voter. The cost,is way much cheaper and far more effective that using IT.

  53. Anonymous5:18 pm

    Part 1

    There comes a time when all the gutter shit that sluiced out post 2004 and particularly after 2008 need to be dammed up and reposited back into the sewage system for the cleanliness of the environment and the physical and emotional health of the public. In short, the policy of effete engagement must STOP! and all scumballs need to be told pointblank with a Luger jammed into their mouths that their brains will blown to pieces if they aint gonna shut up their fuckmouths and quit stirring shit!

    I demand the duly elected government stand up and firmly say' DAMN' to all the BERSIH proposals: NO to indelible ink; No Biometrics as an alternative pacifier, NO longer campaign period for arsewanking, NO to revision of postal voting procedures. In short NO to pure instigatory cum-puss from any filthy cunted Uncle Sam johnsucking spayed Hindu bitch of a pigslob and her Christo sponsored Chingkie bastard handlers and their cocksuckling arsewhoring pseudo-Malay lackeys.

    The moment spineless leadership was shown that was when these uneducated bastard pigs got their shriveled twisted tails up. If the powers that be had not entertained that march request AT ALL, had arrested the fuckarse slimeball pimpboys and slutwhores at the outset, the whole damn thing wouldnt have spiraled outta control. And if that stubborn 15-20k rabble had been sprayed with automatic gunfire and blasted with dum-dum bullets, the Malaysian electoral system would not have been besmirched and dragged through all thses pigmuck as is happening now.

    EC chairman Aziz had explained with factual logic all the fallacious contentions in the Star last Sunday. He debunked their allegations point by point. 12 elections and countless byelections too have gone by without any post-electoral bitching, so why the sudden barking by a posse of rabid maddogs. And we all know the antidote for mad dogs dont we?

    So why the squeamish puking motherfucking tarrying? If one feels one cannot take the responsibility for that, move the fuck aside. Hand the reins to the military. Let the junta appoint a technocracy to proceed with the adminsitration and let them (the military) deal with the baying dogs! Whatdafuck is so taoistically (to paraphrase Capra) physics in that? In fact, why hesistate to waste at most 20% of the population for the collective good of the remaining 80%? Bludgeon them to submission, torture the life outta them, gun them down in cold blood for the sake of the country and the demands of all peaceloving, honourable Malaysians like yours truly and the overwhelming majority of my brethren MALAYsians.

    We are confronted by coordinated and wellfinanced putsch for power. An illegal attempt to expropriate what is legally not theirs. If they are true democrats as they profess, why cant they accept the verdict of the majority circa 2008 (tenous though it may be to the winning side). Why must they continue to bitch about something freely decided by the rakyat? On what moral grounds can they call themselves BERSIH when their pimpsouls and slutselves are reeking with the shit smell of rigged internal party polls, padded electoral rolls, phantom members, gangsterism and dynastic tyranny? How dare DAPigs talk about electoral integrity when 84% of party posts are appropriated by Chingkie bastards and outright brach manipulation was evident in the Perak party polls? How dare socalled munafucking PASialans question the system when even campaigning is forbidden in their stagemanaged fuckfests? These are not reformists or people with even an iota of good intentions. These people are Jew-Christo backed evil anarchists, the type you find in Conrad's "Sectet Agent". They deserve nothing but death! and I for one call on the government to use most brutal methods to end this nonsensical nonstop bitching.

    Warrior 231

  54. Anonymous5:22 pm

    The signs are replete in everything: Christo instigation, Chingkie collusion for political hegemony, pseudo-Malay shamelessly cockless lackeyism. As I write, a commie bastard plans a hunger strike to escalate the ante. Those eggheads carping about the Tahrir Square effect conveniently ignore this to advance their inane opinions: ( In 2009/2010 the Iranian governement was confronted with internal anarchy fomented and supported by Judeo-Christian foreign bastards as indicated in the section on foreign involvement. If it was a popular revolt by the majority as alleged, Ahmadnijad and the Mullah would be dead by now, ask the Shah circa 1978/79. It wasnt, for the decent Iranian people know a mangy dog and chancred pig when they see one in human visages. The majority of MALAYsia including our Sabah/Sarawak pribumi brothers know that too and are licking our chops. It is just a matter of time we say " ENOUGH IS ENOUGH" for a patriot bermaruah has to be counted when the reckoning comes and the other side bloody well realises that...........

    Warrior 231

  55. Anonymous5:32 pm

    ler....the point about altantuya's deleted records that they've raised here was not about biometrics system per se, but about the tendency for computer systems to be manipulated, which, in the case of this biometrics system, is very very possible.

    tsk tsk tsk, itu pun tak boleh paham ke?

    no computer system in the world, no matter how sophisticated, can claim to be fool-proof

    konon2 negara dunia ke3 saja pakai indelible ink, not us
    konon2 kita negara membangun, setanding negara maju, kena la ikut US, US
    tapi last PRU dulu, biometric system ni takdak dalam perancangan pun lagi sedangkan indelible ink dah diorder dan dah sampai, tapi takmau pakai jugak

    klu this coming PRU pun biometrics tak siap lagi, apa alasan depa nak guna pulak? indelible ink tu ng dunia ke3 saja pakai, kita tak mau pakai, jatuh standard. klu tak boleh jadi setaraf dgn negara maju, biaq hantu2 berkeliaran takpa, asalkan jangan jadi ng dunia ke3.. hahaha


  56. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Two final points:

    1. To all those chingchonging, cocksuckling, brainvacuumed, whoreclit munching pieces of shit calling for indelible (indian...hahahaha) ink, I have news for you.
    It is easily removable as my Chemistry expert pal showed me. Yeah, even if you stamp it like a pundek kalatha thaioli ambiga's pottu on your goddamn forehead.

    2. Technology like all other staff is beholden to its 'controler' as such no method is ever gonna be fool proof. Why even your innocous looking handphone camera can be remotely turned on to catch you buttfucking someone if you aint careful. That partially (for there are other evidence as well) explains the confidence inherent in this excerpt of a particular Wikileak last December:

    “ONA assessed, and their Singapore counterparts concurred,.....

    I was in the US then, coincidentally involved in a hightech project and when this popped on the radar, the Aussie chap on the team just smirked and said...yeah, mate...... ONA's assessment 's essentially incorporate technical evaluation of intel data as well......voice, pixs and stuff.......

    but thats another story, folks.

    Warrior 231

  57. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Just to highlight that all biometric provider has their own proprietary algorithm in reading biometrics. The fingerprint biometrics used by Immigration is not the same as used by NRD. Immigration is using biometric by Dermalog while the NRD is using biometric by Sagem.

    SPR will seek NRD biometric but some news report has highlighted SPR intended to use the biometric technology similar to immigration.Thus the readers of Dermalog might not be able to verify Sagem biometric template. If this is the case then biometrics from NRD will need conversion. Conclusively another integrity issue will crop up. At he same time the biometric deployed by immigration is at the low end and many benchmark results have shown of its poor quality in large scale implementation.

  58. "ink' can also be manipulated. go and read in the net and do your research. jangan percaya cakap ambiga saje. Its not foolproof. and if PM and the BN decides who wins, I dont think wan azizah, anwar and izzah will ever win any election. and i dont think nik aziz and kit siang remains as mps for a very very very very very very very long time.

    i dont think we can go forward with ink but i think we can greatly improve on security, transparency and efficiency with biometrics. ya there are some hiccups here and there like some people prints can't be read but this can be improved with the system.

    with ink??? i dunno.... its more easier to manipulate i think. just look at afghanistan.

  59. Anonymous7:02 pm

    rocky.....blah..blah...blah...stupidity maximus...

  60. Anonymous7:25 pm

    What ???? Listen to the oppositions ???

    Everybody knows that they are stupid. Because of their stupidity, they resort to telling lies. Even in doing that they fail.

    Haiya, please don't listen to the oppositions. They are soo stupid and uncivilised....

    They choose the third world approach over the high tech. That just shows their level of stupidity.

  61. Anonymous8:16 pm

    susah susah bagi aje

    the Quran for Muslims
    the Bible for Kristians
    the Vedas and Bhagavad Gita for Hindus,
    and the sutras for Buddhists
    and so on

    and get them to hold these religious scriptures when they vote

  62. Datuk, I wander why there are still a lot of PRC managed to come into our country with a so-called fool-proof gadget?
    Let's the bio-metric reader proven useful first for the 6-P
    Pemutihan program, why rushing?
    I heard that The company sold The equipment to our goby for 1 billion !

  63. Anonymous9:03 pm

    I am amused to read all the comments on this biometric issue especially the ones who opposed it. Yes, in the information security industry, everything is not foolproof. That is why we have such thing called confidentiality, integrity and availability and other security standards such as ISO, PCI DSS etc. So what is the arguement? Confidentiality? Integrity or Availability? If integrity of the database is in question then why don't you guys give suggestions on how to ensure it can be trusted? I don't understand the guys who wants to use the ink while you lot uses iphone, ipad etc and buying items online using credit card, paypal etc.

  64. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Bersih mahu indelible ink kerana CIA sudah ajar Pakatan Rakyat cara untuk tipu pilihanraya guna ink.

    Lihat sini cara ia diguna untuk kekalkan Hamid Karzai.

    Hidup CIA! Hidup Soros! Hidup Bersih! Hidup Pakatan!

  65. mohamed10:35 pm

    It is a good thing the "ink" method is not suggested by BN goverment. Otherwise pok nik will declare it haram and all the clever commenters will say yeh, is haram.

  66. Anonymous10:46 pm

    What's the problem actually in this ink and biometric system?

    Everyone is not saying it but the actual reason is to prevent fraud ie:

    1. People voting more than once using different fake or manipulated ICs.
    2. People using other people's ICs to vote who are known to be dead, absent, more than 120 years old or created.

    3. People going from one voting centre to the next to vote because their names appear in many voting centres.

    There's no way the parties agents can recognise every person's face and whether they come in how many times even to the same room in one voting centre, and made worse no way if in different voting ccentres.

    So the only way is to mark on the person who have voted so that he cannot vote anymore and commit all these frauds.

    So the only way is to do like the Wild Wild West and use hot branding irons with the mark "SPR/EC" on everyone's buttocks or arms or legs or on the forehead once he/she has voted.

    Now, don't you think the finger mark with ink is less painful and easy to use even though there may be some nuts who before voting allow some stupid idiots to mark their fingers?

    To those stupid idiots who exists, then it becomes SPR/EC job to show on TV and newspapers and tell all don't be idiots.


  67. Totally agree Bro.

    Anybody's who has done over the counter transactiosn at Maybank etc using MyKAD or used the Immigration fingerprint entry and exit system using our International Passport will find that biometrics fingerprint authentication system is reliable and almost foolproof.

    Anybody who still insist on indelible ink,tough,
    they can just stand there while the modern world passes them by.

  68. Well Mr Rocky, all i can is, no matter what the solution Government bring, PR wont accept coz they got this stupid idea that Opposition is To OPPOSE everything. Ink or Biometric, both got its weakness n strength. For me its better if the Government jz proceed with the best idea they. After all did the PR in their state ever listen to BN request? Mr Najib u cant please everyone .So jz do wht u think the~Dont u all ever heard the story of The Father, Son and donkey?

  69. I don't know what exactly use of biometrics entails. But I do know that in a general election yo have thousands of polling stations. And each of the polling stations have a number of streams (or classrooms). Some polling stations may be in areas where there may be no electricity. By biometrics if they mean our fingerprints, then that info is in some main server. Do they intend for our fingerprints to be matched against that stored in that main server of the registration department?

    Or are our fingerprints to be downloaded in localised servers?

    Forget about that. Is the biometric verification one that basically matches the holder to the Mykad that he presents?

    Biometrics is all nice and wonderful. But the logistics is just plain unimaginable.

    So all this talk about biometrics is going to be stretched out until just before the GE13 before they announce that it is not ready?

    I see a con!!

  70. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Good one Rocky,

    You nailed the Mongolomania stupid bastards..

    If your IC cannot match you fingerprint scan, the chance are that the chip already kaput as a result of idiot who cannot takecare & safekeep their own IC/Passport properly & at proper place like others do.. go and replace lah..

    surely the bank or immigration officers will advise them to replace it accordingly with JPN or Immigration Dept...but these fuckers won't mention it here for the sake of spinning their shit..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  71. Anonymous12:14 am

    A hot branding iron with the mark SPR/EC is easier and do not need electricity or battery or computer or manual crossing of voting list.

    It only costs the most RM 4.44 to make one and I'm sure being branded once is good enough. Confirmed there won't be double or triple voting.

    Since when has ink being considered inferior to biometrics just because it is used by 3rd world counries?

    Remember Bush Presidential election they use punch hole machine and cards which are more superior and still got chaff, not clear, nicks, etc.

    Somebody is eyeing for a multi billion project again, la.

  72. Anonymous12:18 am

    Old Fart i see the conclusion you made on the biometric issue is done only in your Old Rotten Brain which is only full of DAP rotten thrash. If however you were to do a little more research you will find the better benefits of this new tech as oppose to (hmphh, he he) the INK thing.

    But of course your OLD (and Rotten) and FART? to boot, so you might not understand new technology, just like Ambiga and Anwar.

    And and because it's fool Proof, u guys are dumbstruck that you can't fool it, right? So what to do now? Inkk... Inkkk... Oinkkk!

  73. Anonymous12:21 am

    Srikanth Siva the new MonsterBall.
    Both low IQ. Both Idiots. Haha ha

  74. Anonymous1:32 am

    A few general observations:

    1. The act of carping about the integrity of the system is none other than a ploy to delegitimise the intended outcome. PR knows it is in for a big thrashing at GE13 so it pre-shortcircuits the inevitable by harping about system integrity or the lack thereof. Once the actual results emerge, it will use this pre-emptive strike as apretext to foment and legitimise social anarchy in order to wrest power.

    2. There is a perceptible melding of extremists within the PR ranks especially between far right apocalyptic obsessed Christians (the Armageddonisst) and the violent Wahhabi/Deobandi Muslim heretics. DAP Chinese Christian warlords dominate the former group while PAS leaders and their NGO acolytes belong to the latter strand. Communists and liberals lurking in the PKR triangulaize this Evil Axis. Believe it or not, the Christians and the Wahabis are being funded by US and Arab money. There are many CIA documents in public domain that attest to CIA funding for Wahabist Osama bin Laden to demonize Islam. Once his usefulness was no more and his influence on the wane, a hit was sanctioned to remove the potential problem of a disaffected 'ex-jihadi' cropping up. Ayman al-Zawahari is also a CIA creature as is Bakar of the JI in Indonesia and the Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines. The ultimate aim: to constantly maintain a bogeyman for the Military-Industrial Complex in the Pentagon, prepare for Armageddon against Islam besides demonising Islam in the propaganda stakes. An additional note to ponder: Nik Aziz Nik Mat received his early Islamic tutelage at the madrasah in Deoband, India. This seminary was the fount for the Afghan and Pakistan Talibans and though Deobandis ( adherents of the Hanafi sect) and Wahabis (admixture of Hanbalis and Taimyites)have differnces, they share more similarities especially with regard to interpretations of Islam.(see:

    For now an uneasy truce exists between both sets of extremists mediated by Anwar, through whom the DAP infiltrated PAS to plant the Erdogans. But once the DAP Christian brigade seizes power, the PAS coterie will be massacred as Osama found out eventually while the supine PKR leaders have to follow DAP edicts as they are finding out in Penang.


  75. Rocky,

    The biometric data gets captured into a system...from the system, people can delete it.

    Biometric is the interface for capturing information....

    My 2 cents

  76. Skilgannon10669:30 am

    Maybe, Rocky, but does Malaysia have a good track record of implementing sophisticated ICT projects?

    What about the recent introduction of the finger print scanning system at the Causeway and Tuas Link which caused no end of grief due to "teething troubles"?

    Or the inability to track Singapore-registered cars which are summoned for traffic offences in Malaysia?

    Does the govt even have an ICT Master Plan for the ministries and the public sector?

    Oh, by the way - non-recognition of finger prints due to ageing is a real problem. Go to any NRD office in Malaysia and see for yourself the problems elderly Malaysians have in getting the machines there to capture their finger prints!

    If you can't get the basics right, like automatically updating the electoral registers with deaths and address changes (surely possible in this age of ubiquitous data comms and cloud computing?), then why bother with playing around with sophisticated biometric systems?

    Typical Malaysian mentality - go for the grandiloquent gestures while neglecting the basics and foundations. Like KLIA, the Bukit Jalil sports complex (didn't the Malay Mail run an expose on the place?), the JB CIQ facility etc.

  77. Anonymous9:44 am

    Rocky says:
    "The system is fool-proof. Macam DNA."

    Once my prints are in the system, it can be copied, it can be duplicated, it can be used to confirm the votes of 200 people all sharing my address, all having and sharing my prints. And chances are it will cause a few 10s of million to set up the system.

    With the indelible ink, it costs pittance in comparison, it is in front of our eyes, and the bunkum that the EC have no power to stop anyone from voting just becos they have a mark on their hand, is just that, bunkum.

    We are talking about fraud and attempt to cheat, not rights.

    As a developing country, lets go for low tech that works and will not cost an arm and a leg to implement.


  78. Badut Nasional10:25 am

    If some top crooks did "wonders" with the Mongolian record, surely FOOL-proof Biometrics database are chicken feeds!!!

  79. Password: @#$%&*$$$XXX
    Vote: Yes/NO
    Delete: Yes/NO

    Tsk! Tsk!

  80. Anonymous10:43 am


    What so stupid about INDELIBLE INK? Seriously, it is because of you guys pro UMNO stupid and make the whole MALAYSIAN looked more stupid because when we can have cheaper source WITH 0% negative feeeback but the stupid "katak dibawah tempurung" like YOU! want higher cost and with few disadvantages

    DO YOU REMEMBER last GE your government wanted to use the ink and cost a few more millions but at the end it didn't use at the previous GE? You REMEMBER? why last time wanted to use and not now! but at the end didn't use that ink...err...probably is it because it can't be fraud?

    How much millions need to spend in this BIOMETRICS? how many more millions you and your government wanted to waste again? I m a tax payer myself and seriously i feel so DAMN STUPID because I need to fund more stupid PEOPLE. Moreover I believe it not open tender and the monies will end up AT your government pocket again.

    People THINK AND THINK AGAIN. Dont get conned by this IDIOTs

    I think i wrote some mean comment. but do you dare to post it?

    Btw how much your boss give you a month ar?

  81. Anonymous11:48 am

    Salam Dato'..

    I am all for using the biometric, however like all technology, we have to choose the correct and most accurate one.Based on the info that we get from imig exit/entry at klia and other ports plus the current legal registration Govt is using Dermalog system which was rejected by Indon govt some years back. This can be verified easily with our jiran..
    Even our proud PDRM which has the same system with FBI and Interpol use different system after benchmarking process . Same goes with JPN..they did the benchmark before they choose ..CAN we do the test and benchmark which system is the best first before putting our future in the hands of few money spinners..?
    The main authority that determine the rank of biometric solutions is NIST- National Institute of Standards and Technology ..they monitor, test and publish to all who want to choose the most accurate and secure solution in the world..
    Based on 2008 listing released Nov 3..the current jim bio ie dermalog and spr planned is ranked no 17 out of 17..DEAD LAST gentlemen..with .61% false 2011, Dermalog was not even in the list..go wonder...NOT even a single ctry in the world use the system using dermalog..yet we Malaysia decided to use them...the largest country that use bio is Mexico with 111 million people..

    My point is that we already have the better and proven system like PDRM and JPN...why are we downgrade ourself to such a low point to force accept much inferior solution. Save the money for other usage like housing etc...

    And for all those who wonder who is nexbis that run the JIM project..just google nexbis..tons of international news on the company..yet we still choose...salam ramadan and hope Dato can make sense out of tis plan...Choose wisely.

  82. Anonymous2:35 pm


    System might be too efficient and fast, may not be too comfortable for some, especially those secretly having dual citizenship kut?

    Mana le tau, tengah scan on voting day, suddenly appears;

    Indian Nationals or
    Citizen of United Kingdom or
    Citizen of Australia or
    Citizen of Canada or
    Rakyat Republic Indonesia or
    National of Mainland China..
    Hongkong/Taiwan etc etc

    Must be the same group of people resisting DNA identification, tengok2 ada DNA persamaan DNA orang2 Dalits, India!

    I am still wondering how the Bala PI and family that easily run back to India?

    he hehe hehehe

  83. Anonymous6:29 pm

    if your bank card or credit card chip is damaged you replace it< so whats wrong if you MyKAd chip is damaged >>>replace it and do your duty as citizen , well you have a choice not to vote as well....not mandatory unlike the southern little red dot

  84. For all you deliberate skeptics and critics. Better not contribute to EPF, can? Can. Ask you boss don't deduct your salary. With all the fallibility and manipulation of the system, EPF must be bankrupt by now.

    Bunch of idiots.

  85. EC Boss12:29 pm

    From the comments, I take it that a lot of you people, specifically Acadia, thinks the ruling goverment have the right to decide on election preocedures and processess.

    Ask yourself this questions:

    1. Whom does EC accountable to?
    2. Whom does EC work for?
    3. Who pays EC employee salary?

    Answer: Rakyat, rakyat, & rakyat.
    Therefore, EC must follow the current wishes of the rakyat of the day. Simple as that.

  86. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Hi BersihBerseri,

    "It's sad to see some good Malays, Chinese and Indians being used to serve the Power Crazy Anwar and DAP by creating instability and chaos".

    Anwar and DAP power crazy? What about umnobn 54yrs? Mabukkuasa? Atau sasaukuasa? Apa you ingat ini negara hanya untuk umnobn saja yang boleh perintah ke?

    You know what? Actually the chinese and indian being used to serve the Power Crazy Najib and Rosmah by creating instability and chaos using the polis, KDN, AG, kangaroo court, SPRM and SPRM..

    By; zuki ahmad

  87. Anonymous8:26 am

    Fucking assholes for those biometrics sondols..

    If you fuckers do not have trust in the technology..why the fuck still keeping your money in banks?

    Keep it under pillow lah & sound..after all, all your money were recorded digitally..and somebody can also erase it or siphoned it.. do you think if the bank were burned down all or collapsed under natural disaster & war, all the data will simply perish?

    they got DRP and plenty of data centre scattered throughout the country for backup.. nothing new in such technology..

    understand Fuckatan cro-magnon assholes?

    ..and pls start riding pigs, don't use cars..someone might steal it also..if the pig went missing, at least we can narrow down the search among the pig eaters..better used the indelible ink to paint your fucking faces fuckatan riot, at least camourflage the pig mutants look..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  88. Please abandon voting system - lets take Saudi Kingdom style? no hassle what!

    Kecoh kalu - itu ini semua tak kena...lets the Raja-Raja Melayu rules the country...tarak pening lorrrr

    Tarak ikut undang2 - kepala potong maaa..ok what

  89. Skilgannon10662:51 pm

    Heh, heh - the warrior wanker is mouthing off again.....

    Must be one heck of an inferiority complex that the poor b***** is labouring under.

    Must also be an awful weight on his shoulders, bearing the hopes, dreams and expectations of the dullards in the 80% (or is it only 60.956%) of the Malaysian population who have yet to be weaned!

    Oh, hey - you were on some top-secret "eyes only" project in the US? Pray, do tell, leh.

  90. Anonymous2:18 am

    Skillyannon 13+

    Tak habis2 duk teliok USD444billion tak sampai2 nih.

    Ancestors run away from Oliginal Mother Land becos donno how to cari makan sendili there.

    Scrambled here scavenging for breadcrumbs fro the British..

    Now, duk tunggu nak kebaih botoi susu from the Bumis here pulak dah!

    Melelong kepala otak, look West, look East, look ebeliwear to survive! No wonder your God make your eyes sepet, so can only look at your own nose!

    he hehe hehehe

  91. Anonymous11:34 am

    Yeah Perwira

    dah lah sepet, jenis tak cebuk sengkelet aje, rugi rugi kan pokok saje

  92. Jangan jadi bangang la Dato'! Baca ni byk kali: "no computer system in the world, no matter how sophisticated, can claim to be fool-proof"

  93. Skilgannon10662:16 pm

    Oi, perwira

    That's the best you can come up with? Poor guy - you must be really scraping the barrel here.

    Wanna debate with me on ICT projects and how they shouldn't be implemented?

    Plenty of case studies in Malaysia, leh - starting with the abortive attempts to implement an integrated accounting system in the Accountant-General's office by certain parties who shall remain nameless.

    Fast forward to the botched implementation of the fingerprint scanning system at the Causeway and Tuas checkpoints and the latest - chaos at the Immigration Department caused by the breakdown of the biometric terminals that are to be used to register foreign workers.

    Hey, Rocky - I note that you have refrained from commenting on such ICT snafus in Malaysia. Why, ah?

  94. Anonymous10:19 pm


    For you takyah ICT or what not,
    Your otak bottom line, only know how much to cekop from others.

    Thats all you are cleber for,

    Sendili, you can do is ciplak rompak or parrot what others say.

    he hehe hehehe

  95. Anonymous9:29 am

    Pigmoron bitching up as if Cinapore is so fool-proof with their high-tech security gigo and snorting on trivial traffic summons case..

    Yet the fools can't even trace one terrorist called Mas Selamat escaping with style from their highly bragged Alcatraz island..

    Pulau kecil pun tak boleh jaga, macam mana nak jaga negara..

    Grand Pigjoke of the 21st century..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  96. Skilgannon10669:27 am

    Oi, perwira

    Apa jadi, beb - tak boleh reply my points about botched ICT projects in Malaysia? About contracts, sub-contracts and sub-sub-contracts?

    I gave specific examples. Boleh rebut if you can, eh?

    Bottom line, is it? At least, I don't plagiarise other's views or commentaries!

    anti whatever

    The Mas Selamat thingy again? Why don't you ask your SB contacts that if it was a tip-off from the Singapore ISD that alerted them to Mas's innocuous presence in a Johor kampung? Bad example, bro - but then par for your intellect!

  97. Anonymous12:01 pm

    So, after he got away easily slip thru from the main door (he didn't swim across selat tebrau lah babibodoh), then only cinapore informed M'sian SB (tell me how many kilometers has Mas Selamat passed stepping the shit face of cinapore security from the point of escape?) to look for him in a 'kampung Johor'? Cinapore police implanted tracking device or what or just pig trailing the truffle in such a 'big kampung' a.k.a state of Johor yet cannot find it in their own tiny-red-dot-kandang?

    What are you trying to say actually? Cinapore police were damn good and M'sian not? Lol! So which kampung (so many of them) exactly pigface, any coordinate to prove? Get you side SB info for us also to substantiate that, mind you idiot?

    What a stupid sour grape argument..

    Are you smacking your own face with feces for letting the world to know that S'pore cannot handle anything to loose from their own hand?? At their tiny home? Bodoh betul cina babi ni..butterfingers.. or i forgot, hoof cannot grip maa..muhahaha!

    Typical..anything deep shit crybaby to Uncle Sam eh? Nice "military supremacy"..pathetic bragging pigbrain from a dying nation, as always..worst when it come from a reject Malaysian cum pig foreigner self-fingering to be cinapore citizen with its big mouth but zero intellect..

    Pls don't pretend smart if you are stupid like a pig lah are a good riddance doing great disservice to both Malaysia & humiliating Singapore itself with your stupid pseudo pigbrain intellect..rubbish pig rejects..the more you talk, the more you look stupig, do you realize that, pigmoron?

    What a pigjoke..

    :D muhahahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  98. Seolferwulf4:00 pm

    anti whatever

    You still harping on Mas?

    His escape into Malaysia did prove the porosity of the country's borders! A fact that the thousands of illegal immigrants in the country will no doubt testify to.

    And it was stated in the Singapore Parliament that the ISD detected Mas in that particular Johor kampung and alerted the Malaysian SB. No one from Wisma Putra or the Malaysian Police issued a statement to the contrary. Why? Reluctance to highlight the close co-operation between the security agencies of the two countries?

    Back to biometrics, if they can't get the basics right, why proceed? It's like promoting cloud computing when your national broadband infrastructure is a shoddy work-in-progress!

  99. Seolferwulf2:40 pm

    Heh, heh - when I mentioned the Ministerial statement in the Singapore Parliament about the Mas affair, everybody seems to have gone quiet.

    Wassamatter, folks - afraid to tread where Wisma Putra refuses to go?

    Like for the alleged "air incursions", for instance?

    I can picture Anifah Aman and Ahmad Zahid facing off...


  100. I agree.
    Thanks for a great article.

  101. Anonymous12:18 am

    U Malaysians better look at Nexbis, there will be no tender for the new electoral system, it will be awarded to Nexbis. Najib is behind this company, the better way to cheat the next election.