Friday, July 29, 2011

"Dad, beware, the world has gone right-wing!"

UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL. A group of Indonesian journalists flown in by Sime Darby to KL for the Nattional Press Club-Naza Awards Nite recently had the opportunity to be introduced to Najib Razak, who graced the event. They shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. The following evening, over dinner hosted by Musa Hitam, the leader of the Indonesian delegation said they were surprised by how accessible the Prime Minister was. Translate: ... how lax the PM's security was. Not in Indonesia. Not in many countries. 

It has been like that for as long as we remember. Many of us who were reporting when Dr Mahathir was PM had found ourselves practically standing nose-to-nose with the man when we swarmed him for his quotes. Often, the PM would have to practically dodge the microphone that someone was shoving into his face, or he'd get a bloody nose! Yes, that close!

Mahathir's successor must have been like that, too, as Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was usually an accessible man. Or not (I can't remember much of those 5 lost years!). And so is Najib, as the Indonesian journalists have discovered.

But, perhaps, it's time we stop taking things for granted. With all the lunatics around the world shooting down innocent people like flies and bombing their PM's office, maybe being accessible is not too good an idea anymore.

Just look at this still shot:

Right leg out, left arm out, shoulders tight .. Perhaps this guy is trying to kiss the PM's hand, eh?

The PM froze.
Good thing his men were quick.

Watch the video, HERE.


  1. Anonymous3:15 am

    Some nutter answering Anwar's Revolution war cry.

    HishamPONDANmuddin must be planning to do something to keep this nation safe by locking up all the nutters every passing second.

    He must be thinking about it even just now while watching our football team lose.

    Yep, he's cooking something, i can sense it.

    I mean this has gone on long enough. Even the bar council is full of shady creepy characters nowdays. And it gets creepier by the minute.


    Elooo?? Hisham? Hishammmm?? Are you there?


  2. Anonymous6:48 am

    Using C4 is a common way to greet people in Malaysia and erasing immigration records is possible too.

  3. Dear Datok,
    Read the link, x hormat langsung bulan ramadan.

  4. This guy should be thrown in the police truck and taken anywhere and teach him a good lesson in civility for a month! He does not seems to respect the police, and the police were too worried about public image as not to handcuff or mishandle him, if this had happened to the US president this guy is toast!

  5. We usually wait for something to happen, because it is the very strong reason for doing something, almost all people would agree and not challenging. Other countries do a stringent guardings after certain events that make people feel the need of such guardings. We hope nothing happen so that we can see this malaysian speciality continuously.

  6. I'm agree with you Dato,
    These culprits dah mula naik lemak.

  7. Salam Datuk,

    Even after the ignominious BERSHIT attempted putsch, DS Najib could still do a walkabout.

    But with pathological Christian fanatics ala 5xmom, the deliberate play for dead and life on the line antics of the PKR ex-con contrived to incite, socio lifestyles have to be changed?

    Yes, anything can happen any which way or side one comes from.

    Thank you

  8. Anonymous9:49 am

    the fat in yellow has no idea how much we all hate him.he think hes a hero,obviously not!once u eat like a pig,u will behave like a pig.

  9. Anonymous10:01 am

    For show lah!!!!!!

  10. Bro,
    1997, saya jumpe Tun M di The Mines. Saya tak nampak guard2nya di sekeliling. Yg saya nampak, guards mines. Itu pun jaraknya 10meter dari Tun M. Tun jalan sana sini, Masuk Xtra SMarket. Semua org terpaku, tak percaya. Itu PM.

    Tun ambik apa yg dia nak beli, dan bayar sendiri. Bila terlalu ramai org semua mahu bersalam. tun kata... "Minta maaf, saya datang nak berbelanja. Tumpang lalu" sambil tersenyum. Kemudian Tun pergi ke suzuki vitaranya. Dan drive balik sendiri sambil diikuti 2 motosikal pengiring.

    Begitu mudah PM kita di rapati...

  11. The yellow shirted guy a rightist? I would have thought he was a leftist!!

    Recall once at a dinner with my family at Pan Pacific Hotel, Mahathir, wife and a son had finished their dinner and passing by my table stopped to talk to one someone who he knew. He was within ear shot and could hear almost every security around as well.

    That should continue at all costs.

    Oh..Leftists are usually non-violent!! so what you talking about?

  12. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Ever wonder what is in the knapsack the man is carrying?

  13. Anonymous1:36 pm

    bodoh punya gemok..


    kalau lu berdiri belakang line polis, kemudian lu rempuh masuk polis barrier dengan bag belakang badan and cuba serbu PM macam tu... APA LU FIKIR POLIS AKAN BUAT???

    SKILGANNON, OLD FART, PARAMESWARA, cuba lu buat itu macam sama Lee Hsien Loong sama OBAMA...

    Lu boleh kena taser tau!!!!!


  14. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Accessible my foot!

    Just that we don't gave a fuck ! Think he is Obama or the Pope ke. ?

  15. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Dear Bro,

    I think you have a bigger stature than writing about this sort of thing.

  16. In another country that fat fella would have been unceremoniously wrestled to the ground with his hands behind his back and his head palmed to the ground by bodyguards. Lucky for him this is Malaysia. OK lah tu.

  17. Anonymous12:53 am

    The man in yellow looks like a Mongolian Mafia to me.

    Is his immigration record erased already?

  18. Anonymous3:45 am

    "...Perhaps this guy is trying to kiss the PM's hand, eh?"

    No. He was trying to hand his elected representative a letter. That was clear in the video.

    But I forget. This is a country where police shoot 14-year kids with machineguns first and then ask questions later.

  19. Charlie Oscar4:49 am

    One of the Opposition blog, “Group wearing yellow T-shirts”
    Content : "Ten Malaysians detained at KL Sentral as Najib arrived were taken to the Travers Police Station for their statements to be recorded."
    Title Of The Video Clip on the blog "Seven (7) PKR Youth Arrested at KL Sentral"
    Which Is Which??? Mana Yang Betul??? Typical!!!
    Syabas to the Security Personals!!!

  20. Don't know whether to laugh or cry when this man said he has the right to approach the PM the way he did because he is a citizen of M'sia. Empty or half-filled vessel always sound the loudest.

  21. Anonymous12:15 pm

    This just show how desperate and stupid the oppositions are.

    Dia ingat negara ni takde protokol ke ? Come on lah... This is Malaysia mate. The police are very efficient.

    If this is happened in US or UK, the guy would have been shot to death.

  22. Anonymous1:20 pm

    Wah ! U make him sound like a very important fler.

    The truth - he is just an impotent leader.

  23. In the US he would have already eaten the floor and spitting out his teeth by the time the PM reached the end of the flag waving line. Fatty should thank his lucky stars that the police were gentle.
    I think the police should be even harder on these Pakatan people. More than usual. Tasing them would be a good idea. The US and UK police frequently use tasers to quickly end a dangerous situation. It's high time the PDRM do too. I support 100% the use of tasers.

  24. Uh! This guy name "namalilee". Entity - no rightwing nor leftwing. Member of plain colony of siamang group. His Duty - ballcocks

    'deii, anei..lai ci kang said, no need la latok lokky, for lajib got gard. dont wolly lounabout. u know la, ley all belesih...'

    cayaaang this guy...they surely sing aloud - he aint heavy, he's my brother ....


  25. I'm happy to read sooo many people blame and hate this yellow fatso guy....

    Hehe.. He thought he is a hero. But... He is a loser.

    Good to see Malaysian against such stupidity act.

  26. Anonymous9:15 am

    Lain kali Dato Najib beri laluan, bergambar dengan si bulat ni..

    Lepas tu dia balik, lekat rata celah dingding rumah SO siBulat boleh tayang kat semua orang..

    Alahai... macam ACI AMBIGA, rasanya kat wiki pun tempek gambar dia dengan Clinton n Mrs Obama.. kELAKAR!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

    Orang ulu macam tu le.. menjaja gambar, syiok sampai ke cucu cicit!

    he hehe hehehe

  27. You can spin all you want, but to the people who cannot be hoodwinked, it seems the PM looked AFRAID in front of the real rakyat! (not the fake people forced to wave flags)

  28. there is a huge difference between Najib and other world leaders.

    Dont even compare. I wouldnt give a rats ass to see najib....other world leaders I would.

  29. Anonymous9:52 am

    ....and he said "apa salah saya?" to the policemen who apprehended him.

    Sabarje lah.....

  30. Anonymous11:02 am

    These are the malaysian cops who got caught....


  31. Anonymous7:28 pm

    Srikanth Siva,

    Hang ni takyah le duk cerita kat orang.. semua dah tau.

    Usung gambar Gandhi, Obama, Mandela, Luther King sana sini, tapi mau makan makan muruku kacang putih kaloo, tengek kat Najib juga.

    Air Asia to Mumbai one way murah aje, living cost kat sana pun murah, why the hell are you still here? KASI ELEK?

    he hehe hehehe

  32. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Wow... We have another moron here. Haiyaa aci srikanth siva... Ini negara bukan india tauu...ini malaysia.

    India kalu, lu boleh bikin macam-macam. Kalau tak tahu ini Malaysia, sila blah balik India. Sana lu boleh buat apa lu suka....


  33. Anonymous1:00 am

    Orang fuckatan nak main fizikal ke? Tak cukup dengan ayat-ayat pedas kat web, Malaysia Kini/ Malaysian Insider, etc?!!! Kalau main fizikal, yang batil tetap batil, peliwat tetap peliwat, gemuk tetap gemuk.

  34. Anonymous5:56 am

    "U help me I help U" sebut 100 kali boleh jadi macam Perdana Menteri Malaysia....

    haha...........hidup Malaysia.
    Shame on you XX