Friday, July 22, 2011

Ambiga's Suhardi who died twice

The following video may contain material that will make you feel stupid, especially if you had believed that all that yellows is gold.

Is that Sivarasa in the video? I'm not certain but first thing I notice is this guy's scuba outfit. How he came very well prepared. Well, Suhardi may or may not know it while he had fun with his not-so-bersih antics, but someone really did die that day of a heart attack.


  1. Dato, I noticed that this guy was surrounded by Opposition's Top Gunners including Sivarasa Rasiah, Ngeh, Rozan AMK.

    Seems like he had been given a special task.

  2. Bedul2:12 pm

    Very happy bro that two lies have been cleared.
    1. Teoh Beng Hock committed suicide. 2. The real video from the police.
    Congrats to the police, the government and the MACC.
    You have exposed to the rakyat the ill-intentions of those who want to bring down the institutions of the Malays.
    Haha, police have blown the cover of the sodomy king, Mat Sapu and
    achi tua Ambiga.
    We know you all are pelakon antarabangsa third-rate. Mat Sentulpun tak ndak ambik berlakon.
    Police must take action against them for takig part in the illegal demo.
    Also those who spread false U-tube on the net.
    Sekarang mereka nak tuduh apa lagi.
    BN, police and MACC rule okay.


    1) Why does PDRM release GAS & SMOKE near Tung Shin Hospital???
    ANSWER: To get rid of a type of insects or better known as PEST. To be exact..."YELLOW PEST".

    2) Why does BERSIH MARCHERS shout while marching???
    ANSWER: Becos' these Stone Age BARBARIANS never saw a HELICOPTER before & when they saw one flying above them....they thought they saw TUHAN & this is why they are shouting out of sheer excitement.

    3) Why does BERSIH MARCHERS fancy YELLOW colour???
    ANSWER: Becos' they are MONKEYS & by seeing YELLOW might help them think of BANANAS.

    4) Why does BERSIH need a big group of monkeys to gather???
    ANSWER: They hope they can engage in ORGY SESSION. It's MONKEY MATING season.

    5) Why does PDRM shoot WATER at these BERSIH MONKEYS???
    ANSWER: Weather is very HOT & MONKEYS require a BATH.

  4. Jerry Chin3:13 pm

    Only COWARDS shed shelter from COPS in a HOSPITAL. Bukan JANTAN!!!

    Maybe those YELLOW MONKEYS dropped their BALLS upon seeing the COPS just before entering Tung Shin hospital.

    Macam mana nak lawan bila aje tahu sembunyi???? Ada SATU SUHARDI yang aje tahu PURA-PURA MATI macam ikan bilis.

  5. letihlaa3:17 pm

    makin hari tengok puak-puak bengap ni, makin kesian kat diorang. ape laa main sentimen. bukankah negara kita ada undang-undang? ambiga yang bekas presiden majlis peguam pun macam tak faham undang-undang.

  6. TOKZ the MAN3:34 pm

    Hi ROCKY (Oopps sorry, Dato' I mean),

    This is the PROBLEM with BERSIH MARCHERS of whom are built up of 99.9999% of PAKATAN RAKYAT supporters. These YELLOW MONKEYS are plain IDIOTS causing NUISANCE to the public simply becos' they LOVE shouting & screaming on the streets like BARBARIANS who never saw a helicopter before.

    I simply CANNOT understand why we should blame the POLICE for all the road blocks & roads closure inconveniences when it's BERSIH (sorry, I mean PAKATAN RAKYAT) the one of which first started this WANKING IDIOTIC MARCH. There wouldn't be any traffic hassles if this BERSIH BARBARIAN MARCH hadn't took off.

    I applaud the POLICE for firing tear gas & water cannons to disperse these YELLOW MONKEYS from causing ANARCHY. Force gotta be used upon ANIMALS such as these MONYET KUNING from the species of PAKATAN RAKYAT. If I were the POLICE, I would just use LIVE BULLETS. "Kasi tembak sekali, MATI selama-lamanya".

    What's even more HILARIOUS is to see 1 IDIOTIC YELLOW SCUBA JOKER by the name of SUHARDI faking DEATH just like that "MAMPUS bin BAHARUDDIN" from PKR who so-called KAPUT due to a WEAK HEART. The deceased should have stayed at HOME watching UPIN & IPIN when he has a WEAK HEART (Barbaric acts are NOT for weaklings). Now that he had MAMPUS...Hahahahahaha "Padan Muka"!!! Ooopps dah MAMPUS lah, mana ada lagi MUKA, kan???

    As for SUHARDI a.k.a SCUBA JOKER.....this dude MUST be HIGH on somekind of DRUGS. Either GANJA or METH or KETAMINE (your guess is as good as mine). He was HALLUCINATING
    as if he was SCUBA DIVING in SUNGAI GOMBAK then. The reason why he FAKE DEATH several times was because he was TRIPPING (sedang BERKHAYAL) by pretending DEAD hoping he could FOOL the IKAN GUPPY he saw several times in that LONGKANG GOMBAK.

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Thanks for the VIDEO!!!

  7. Khoo Kay Ping3:41 pm

    The only thing I REGRETTED which was NOT done in the recent BERSIH march was why didn't the COPS use "Live Ammo" to get rid of all these YELLOW PESTS???

    What's even more AMAZING to me was that the COPS didn't even use any "Live Ammo" but still 1 YELLOW PEST DIED. If I;m NOT mistaken that PEST belongs to the species family of BAHARUDDIN or something like that.

    What's MEMORABLE to me is to see 1 YELLOW PEST dressing in SCUBA OUTFIT pretending DEAD several times. Kelakar gila!!! What the HELL is this PEST wearing a SCUBA OUTFIT for??? Ini sudah CONFIRM dah "HIGH" tengah layan.

  8. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    Could this be true? I was told that old lady by the name of Anne Ooi or something like that who participated in the Bersih rally was "PAID a hefty sum" by Pakatan Rakyat to do it.

    Could this be true?

  9. btw where is suhardi now? After having so much fun in acting. Lol making fun playing death~ than god u r not my father. else for sure aku malu nk jumpe kawan². Bwatnye di tanye bapak kau terrer btul leh mati hidup balik =.=

  10. Seolferwulf3:56 pm

    Your point being what, precisely? That Ambiga is a tad liberal with the truth? Or that she is, horror of horrors, a closet Trotskyite or a contemporary Madame Defarge?

    I know that you are a master of "spinning" a la the journos at the NOTW, The Sun etc, but in this case, be so kind as to enunciate precisely what you want to put across.

    After all, given the virality of the social media, you should be used to being dissed and flamed online by the trolls, gnomes and fairies out there...

  11. Mari monyet kuning BERSEMARAK,
    Jalan dari Klang sampai ke GOMBAK,
    Jerit dan lompat macam hilang ARAH,
    Contoh Pakatan Rakyat yang tak BERMARUAH.

    Ada basah ada yang MATI,
    Syiok saya tengok dalam T.V.,
    Baharuddin mati tak payah SIMPATI,
    Padan muka dia kat neraka MENANTI.

    Ada basah ada yang nak RENANG,
    Pakai baju Scuba otak tak TENANG,
    Asyik pura mati dekat LONGKANG,
    Memang bodoh lagi BANGGANG.

    Saya respect polis tembak MONYET,
    Monyet kuning yang asyik MENJERIT,
    Jerit bagai sedang kena CEKIK,
    Macam mana nak lawan si monyet LEMBIK?.

  12. Anonymous4:09 pm

    This is a good example to show everyone how one would behave if one takes too much drugs!!!

    Even the correct attire to wear can go haywire.

  13. Anonymous4:12 pm

    When you have monkeys, you will have laughter.

  14. Zollo Khoo4:13 pm

    I call this a fake dead ham (in scuba outfit of course)

  15. dear firdaus,
    dead men are their playthings. in london, recently, they displayed photos of kugan, the suspected car thief who was bludgeoned to death by a cop while in detention. kugan was suspected to have belonged to a syndicate that killed to get their cars, but that's another story. i was wondering, looking at his posters, if this kugan had ever been to london when he was alive ....

    and dear sealferwulf,

    So what is wrong with my attributing Bersih to Ambiga? Everyone is insisting it is hers and it was not hijacked by the politicians ...

  16. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Let me guess....

    1 nasi lemak for the 1st fake death.
    1 bowl of bak kut teh for the 2nd fake death.
    1 tong of char siew pau for the 3rd fake death.

    So, how many prize did Suhardi get in the end?

  17. BN still the best4:31 pm

    If Suhardi can fake it like that.

    Don't be surprise to find out Baharuddin's death is also fake. It could well be a kosong coffin with crocodile tears surrounded.

  18. Anonymous4:48 pm

    Don't blame Ambiga. She was just used by Pakatan Rakyat.

    In Chinese face reading, it says if a person's forehand is "Low" or "Shallow", it means that person is NOT a smart person. Ambiga's forehead is noticeably very low & I believe she's not a smart person after all. Thus, Pakatan Rakyat took full advantage of her low intelligence by hijacking the entire Bersih thingy.

  19. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Trust me, most Pakatan Rakyat supporters will be shouting "Video Tipu" here.

  20. Anonymous4:54 pm

    I simply cannot understand why people are still supporting Pakatan Rakyat when their leader is ANWAR IBRAHIM. Haven't we been fooled enough by this JANTAN ARSE BANGER with his "916 Crossover Fairy Tales"??? Now, we are being fooled further by him via Suhardi video as shown here.

    I agree BN should NOT be the Govt & I too will NOT support Pakatan Rakyat as long as ANWAR the MALE ARSE DRILLER is still around.

  21. Bakunathan4:57 pm

    If I were Suhardi, why wouldn't I do it?

    RM 1K each from Sivarasa Rasiah, Ngeh, Rozan AMK for each performance. So, 2 performance will earn him almost RM 10K.

    Easy money for the afternoon.

  22. Lim Kit Sing4:58 pm


    I'm being paid to say this *Sorry*

  23. Anonymous4:59 pm

    I like the trivia & poem written by commentator TOKZ. Damn kaw funny.

  24. Anonymous5:02 pm

    The only way for the rakyat to run back to BN is for BN to be toppled completely & Pakatan Rakyat to run the country.

    It's then, the rakyat will finally understand they had been fooled by Pakatan Rakyat all these while.

    Sometimes we must taste the bitter first in order to taste the sweetness.

    Sad but true.

  25. Skilgannon10665:04 pm

    Really, ah, bru?

    I thot the gahmen is insisting that Bersih 2.0 is a front for Anwar and the Oppo?

    You mean to say that all along, Bersih 2.0 was merely a tool for Ambiga to forward her nefarious ambitions? A la Madam Defarge, if the Utusan Malaysia is to be believed?

    Come on, bru. You surely can be more precise than that. Or are you worried about the Rais Yatim syndrome?

  26. Anonymous5:06 pm


    It's all a propaganda to confuse the rakyat. It's really sad to see there are indeed so many naive & ignorant takyat who fell for this trick. Hmmmmm, or they paid to take part?

    Why not? Sounds good for a Saturday activity & getting paid for taking public shower splashed by the cops, right? Weather is hot too.

  27. Oren Sport5:09 pm

    I was told the businessman who sold the Bersih shirts had just made a fortune by selling that yellow baju. He's currently on holiday travelling around the world (thanks to all those dumb buyers).

  28. Saiful Bukhary5:23 pm

    ***BERSIH TRIVIA(Part 2)**BERSIH TRIVIA(Part 2)***

    1) Why is it called BERSIH???
    ANSWER: Becos' Anwar Ibrahim hijacked it & Anwar's favourite phrase is "BERSIH dulu" whenever he makes his regular BACKLANE ENTRY.

    2) Why did BERSIH MARCHERS want to personally submit a memorandum by hand to the King???
    ANSWER: Becos' YELLOW MONKEYS haven't heard of something advanced called POST MAIL (let alone E-MAIL).

    3) Why did MAT SABU fell down from his bike???
    ANSWER: Becos' he heard Anwar Ibrahim shouted "BEND DOWN". That's why he instantly bend down & fell from his Ducati.

    4) Why did SUHARDI wear a Scuba Outfit???
    ANSWER: Becos' he thought it was supposedly "BERSIH SUNGAI GOMBAK". That's why he came prepared for the clean-up dive.

    5) Why did SUHARDI faint so many times???
    ANSWER: Go & ask a DRUGGIE. Only a druggie can tell you what another druggie would hallucinate when they are HIGH.

  29. Anonymous5:39 pm

    liar liar his butt in fire.

  30. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Am Pig'as Sujahatdi

  31. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Betul lah ROCKY,,,,Dia orang semua tu,,memang di BAYAR!!!!

    Banyak betul duit PAKATAN,, yek! yek!!

    Bole tak suruh Najib,,lekas-lekas call for election!!!!!!

    BIAQ MATI terus BN,,!!!!!

    Puasa left a few days to go!!!!
    HARGA kelapa parut RM2.50 sebijik,,!!

    Bagus betul GOMEN,,,,BIAQ mampus RAKYAT,,!!!

    SHARE market,,INDEX da mula turun,,HARGA barang mula naik!!!! APA petanda tu!!!!!

    LINGKOP lah MELAYU,,!!!


  32. Anonymous7:58 pm

    The video was doctored. The scene from "4.00 p.m" onwards actually took place earlier before he was handcuffed and taken away in a car. Otherwise the police would have come out with this video earlier. Don't be too quick to believe spin by UMNO bloggers.

  33. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Yo Darth Bru,

    How does it feel on the Dark Side ?

  34. Anonymous8:14 pm

    If people are faking injuries to garner sympathy or political leverage, such behaviour is irreprehensible. Surely one who wants to be a leader should set an example to the rest of society, irrespective of political faction.

    It is a shame that some commentators, pro-BN, pro-opposition or neutral, use the anonymity of the internet to mock the death of others or wish death upon their fellow Malaysians. Such people consider themselves to be witty and clever, and therefore believe that their opinions have more value over others. It's a shame that they do not devote more energy to providing ideas with more substance and thereby contributing positively. Instead they revel in their role as armchair generals in front of their PCs in the comfort of their own home.

    The relentless support for the present federal gov't is pretty surprising. It is clear that those at the forefront of the federal gov't have displayed at least incompetence, if not corruption, in their roles as our leaders. This is evident from their "cincai" and "don't challenge me" attitudes, the latter attitude being particularly prevalent in bullies.

    I would be happy to see Pakatan Rakyat take power, just to establish a system of check and balance in this country. If PR proves to be just as incompetent, then vote BN back into power the next time round. Without check and balance, BN would simply become even more complacent.

  35. Anonymous8:58 pm

    He was contracted as an agent provocateur, with peanuts as a fee

  36. Anonymous9:03 pm


    and why do monkeys need a bath? coz they stink to high heavens from all the lies, conspiracies, hasutan, fitnah and duit haram

    and why was the stench terrible?? coz they pakat pakatan with the kafirs

    Astaghfirrullah ...

  37. Anonymous9:10 pm

    the maharani is ambiga
    the maharaja is anwar
    the king is mat sabu
    the queen is marina

    together they are the circus that comes to town

  38. Anonymous9:41 pm

    Someone died for a cause. You Umno eunuchs will forever remain that. Rocky you are a shit hole. You know it too

  39. When you are faking death the best way is to wear a scuba body suit so your breathing will not be noticed since your breathing and puffing and panting will be constricted within inside the scuba gear, so stupid Malaysians or so the opposition would like believe, will believe what they see, no "breathing"! They never thought why an idiot would wear a scuba suit demonstrating under a hot sun?!? Do you have any idea how hot it is when not wearing it underwater! But, Malaysians, especially Malays, are so stupid that they believe anything!

  40. death metal....

  41. Anonymous6:21 am

    We are so fucked .

    BN are lazy , sleepy , incompetent , taking bribes .

    PR guys are bunch of cheaters , lying twats , pot smoking conspiracy theorist .

    Both of hardcore supporters from either side will draw the line , with us or against us .

    Can I nominated prostitutes as MP ? At least they are proven to give much better service then just ORAL .


  42. Anonymous8:03 am

    malaysian puppets
    american sponsors
    neighbourly spies
    twin towers venue
    "honourable" aims
    herd mentality

    ... third rate drama on the streets

  43. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Ambiga's Suhardi?

    Gua caya sama lu brader?


  44. Anonymous1:13 pm

    Kugan oh Kugan - you an idol-lah machan!!

    the country's top lap-dog just gave credit to a 23 year old school dropout macha.

    Even if you were the master mind behind the car theft syndicate - not sure why they had to kill you in custody?

    Plus - kill to steal cars?

    Gua caya sama lu la brader!!!

  45. Wearing a SCUBA OUTFIT under the scorching SUN????

    This DUMB HAM must be either:

    A) One stupid DICKHEAD hallucinating K.L. is going through WINTER.

    B) One DUMB PRICK who is thinking is currently diving in Pulau Ketam.

    C) One WASTED CUNT who had just got his fix behind CHOW KIT BACK LANE with jabs of HEROIN.

    D) Paid by PAKATAN RAKYAT to potray STUPIDITY without a CAUSE.

    E) All the above.

    ****BINGO!!!**** Congratulations!!! Your ANSWER is CORRECT.

  46. Golden Screen Cinema1:35 pm

    ###@@@ SHOWING SOON ###@@@

    Malaysia BIGGEST FILM ever porduced.


    Main Actress: AMBIGA as Sundal Keling.
    Main Actor: ANWAR IBRAHIM as Mat Kena Tolak masuk ICU.
    Co-actor: SUHARDI as Mat Sering Mati

    In CINEMA near you on 9th JULY 2011.

    "You can afford to miss TRANSFORMERS but you CANNOT afford to miss this"

  47. Anonymous1:39 pm


    1) What does OSTRICH do when it sees a PREDATOR???
    ANSWER: Bury its HEAD in the GROUND.

    2) What does FROGS do when being threatened???
    ANSWER: It make itself as BIG as it could.

    3) What does ANWAR IBRAHIM do when he see a HANDSOME BOY???

    4) What does SUHARDI do each time he sees a COP???
    ANSWER: Lie on the ground. Don't move & play MULTIPLE DEATHS.

  48. Sherlock Holmes1:44 pm

    Malaysiakini published...

    "Auntie Bersih 'peeved' by police's indifference"

    Rumours are circulating she owed AH LONGS money & had NO CHOICE but to take up this role as instructed by PAKATAN RAKYAT for her to settle her debts. AUNTIE BERSIH is a compulsive GAMBLER & often can be spotted in GENTING CASINO.

    Let's INVESTIGATE!!!

  49. Anonymous1:54 pm



    PAS is very firm on this decision but DAP rejected. Reason so is becos' LIM GUAN ENG (Penang CM) complained that he & his COMMUNIST comrades would have to TRAVEL to as far as DANOK (Thailand) for their usual weekend SEX adventures.

    Guan Eng understood to have his SEX adventures in PENANG is far too risky & KEDAH had always been the safest spot all these while. If KEDAH bans all entertainment during Ramadhan....."IT WOULD BE NO LIFE FOR THESE COMMUNIST DICKS".

    The BAN would cause GREAT HASSLE & INCONVENIENCES to DAP itchy FUCKERS during weekends.

    Do you now understand why DAP rejected???

    & as usual PAS 'bowed down' to DAP instruction but "WHY?".

    Answer: Becos' DAP agreed to 'KAW TIM' all SEX BILLS for any PAS members submitted.

  50. Anonymous3:08 pm

    skilgannon hahahahah

    is that how you counter this whole article?

    hahahahah running out of ammo ka gannon???

    when the whole viral video of bersih which show that buffoon had faked death, the unravelling o the lies and the bitter taste of your own medicine musta made skilgannon become stupid...

    doest matter if its ambiga bersih or pakatan bersih.. they are just three peas in the toilet bowl.

    skilgannon.. u can eat their shit for a living but please grow some conscience and criticise your paymasters when its due.

  51. Ayah Man3:25 pm

    He did die finally at the second time. Or else we would all witness the third faking death.
    On the death issue, he participated actively in an illegal walk or procession to the full and complete interest of Bersih.
    To keep up with KEADILAN noble principle, PAKATAN should compensiate the family. It should be expanded also include TBH family as well . A house each souds resonable.
    Otherwiswe people kata mati katak. They therefore had sacrificed themselves for nothing.

  52. Anonymous3:59 pm

    What MOVIES normally have similar scenes? Guess, guess..

    Directors dia pasti ada kaitan dengan;

    Solat atas jalan (Islam)
    Mati hidup semula (Reincarnation)
    Tipu Kelentong (Tongkang)

    Supardi is a Malaysian Malaysia.

    he hehe hehehe

  53. Rocky supports DOCTORED video too!!
    I wonder why he never take up politics and stand for election under UMNO B banner?
    I guess his bullshitting and balls carrying not good enough.

  54. Anonymous5:53 pm

    because of all these stupid antics by the opposition, i find it more pleasurable to poke fun at them.

    fighting corrupt governments is so yesterday. today we fight silly opposition! and uhm, they're corrupt too.

    next, the impressionable liberal kids!

  55. dato' rocky,

    good journo la you ni right.keep spinning

    allow me to enlighten and show how simple media could manipulate us. 1st,where is the timeline stated in this wonderful crafted video.i cant see i wrong?how can we make any conclusion when there were no any timeline evidences to show the real consequences of the event?go through to the first death of mr suhardi.behind him we can see one line in the middle of the road there?to be exact at 0:28.please refer to the subsequent video of the first death.behind his head there is a double line of the road.thats mean the consequences of the event is not right.wrong.tipu.spin.then proceed to the second suhardi was did a star exercise on the road.behind his head is the double line.isn't it?so is it a real consequences video?or the blogger trying too hard to change the history?the blogger only show about 5 seconds of the event.and simply a ceo journo uses it as a reference

  56. refer to the video of 'truth cannot be covered bersih 2.0 07/09/2011 at​ch?v=vCetbFLceFI

    jump to 8:47.the 'death of mr suhardi'.from your experience,can we say that the recording made by a single cam?behind his head is a one single line.he was pick up by a proton waja.refer to the video "bersih 2.0 anugerah pelakon terbaik".the first death and the second death are in the same suhardi was pick up by waja in the first death.while the second death only shows for about 5 is it the former video is really the answer?

    punggah malaysia media guna reference macam ni

  57. 'tak tahan" commentator told me Rocky banned him commenting.
    I am the first to comment in this post ans few other posts and of late...never seen them posted out.
    Rocky said he never banned anyone.
    He is a LIAR!!

  58. Anonymous12:11 pm

    I think some of the comments are a bit unfair.

    Please respect the arwah. And amongst the marchers there are those who did not belong to any political parties too.

    Shame on the Pakatan for their antics. They've deceived many. Even using the dead. With all the acting I'm even doubting those who attended the funeral were sincere, haihhh~


  59. Anonymous3:22 pm

    The Mokeees would say 'we don't believe our eyes, if Anwar said otherwise'



  60. Anonymous6:12 pm

    at minute 1:59 you can see the part where "polis malas melayan" the scene was reused from the '1st death' scene (watch the truth cannot be uncovered video and see proper video continuity)

  61. Anonymous9:56 pm

    We shall overcome, we shall overcome,
    We shall overcome someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We shall overcome someday.

    The lord will see us through,
    The lord will see us through,
    The lord will see us through someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We shall overcome someday.

    We're on to victory, we're on to victory,
    We're on to victory someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We're on to victory someday.
    We'll walk hand in hand,
    We'll walk hand in hand,
    We'll walk hand in hand someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We'll walk hand in hand someday.

    We are not afraid,
    We are not afraid,
    We are not afraid today;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We are not afraid today.

    The truth shall make us free,
    The truth shall make us free,
    The truth shall make us free someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    The truth shall make us free someday.

    We shall live in peace,
    We shall live in peace,
    We shall live in peace someday;
    Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
    We shall live in peace someday.

    The truth shall make us free TODAY.
    The truth shall make us free TODAY.
    The truth shall make us free TODAY.
    The truth shall make us free TODAY.
    The truth shall make us free TODAY.

  62. Anonymous6:57 pm

    saya nak komen ayat mudah sahaja..
    memang kaum Melayu saya ni dah terlebih hanyut..
    Jati diri dah tiada..
    nak dikatakan bodoh tapi cerdik..
    nak dikatakan bangang tapi pergi sekolah..
    Hari ini sayamalu dengan kaum saya sendiri.