Thursday, May 19, 2011

Suicide watch

Huffington Post has the story on the IMF Chief, to be charged with attempted rape of a 32-year old chambermaid, being placed on a suicide watch. The article offers many comparative studies we could make between Kahn's case and the cases we have at home * - from the arrest of this high-profiled man, the treatment he received as a suspect and the isolated cell they put him in a New York jail to the intense attention cast on his accuser from Guinea, Africa, Kahn's history with women, and the unfettered media coverage. 
However, the "suicide watch" facility attracts my attention most because I think it is about time our authorities have such a facility, too, given their recent history with deaths of suspects and witnesses (though not in the thousands as claimed by some) and the increase in number of cases involving high-profiled personalities.

Find out how they treat their VVIP suspect in a rape case: DOMINIQUE STRAUSS KAHN: IMF CHIEF ON SUICIDE WATCH IN NEW YORK JAIL

* Kahn and Anwar: A Study in Parallels by The New Ledger


  1. Anonymous2:28 pm

    die die you must link these two!did the hotel maid talked to Pres. Obama prior to this?

    pls la, it's getting too obvious. we all need to cari makan also but tak kan la buat jijik macam ni.

    try doing your dirty job a little more discrete, we might still give you a little respect.

  2. Ayah Man3:19 pm

    IMF chief has something useful to learn from Anwar ie how to stay calm and cool.
    Anwar has developed and effectively practicing the law of staying conscience-free and not feeling guilty of the sins and immoralities he committed.
    No suicide needed as an act of redemption under the malay and Islamic traditions.

  3. Kian Ye4:23 pm

    Why cant ANWAR IBRAHIM follow suit? Isn’t this the same?

  4. KY Ong4:58 pm

    When I see KAHN, I see ANWAR IBRAHIM. I rather call this "BROTHERS IN ARM". Melayu cakap "SAMA GENG"

  5. Anonymous5:18 pm

    before enter politic you either be a monk,pastor or ulama, as clean as bleach, but how about anwar


  6. FeastoftheGoat5:41 pm

    Wah, so fast already want to compare?

    If there's any politician with a history with women, it's Najib. Anwar only takes advantage of "helpless" men.

  7. Anonymous6:07 pm

    The IMF chief should learn a thing or two from Malaysians. DNA or Do N Anuar. Hire some Penang lawyers and accuse the woman of being in cohorts with UMNO/BN. Then scrape some paint from the prison wall, mix it with breakfast and shout Arse-nicked.

    Sure boleh buang kes one.


  8. Anonymous7:57 pm

    As a sidenote, in at least the UK and US, there is a tendency for the defendant to claim that he or she is suicidal either to garner sympathy from the public or to somehow infer that they were not of sound mind when committing the crime of which they are accused. I am not sure whether this behaviour is prevalent in other countries.

    In most likelihood, suicide watches are a "better safe than sorry" approach, rather than an understanding that that accused is definitely a suicide risk.

  9. let think conspiracy......

    French President want to retain power.....IMF Deputy wants to be chief.......maid wants money....

    How much can we raise? To make maid happy...$ 1 Million, $2 Million $5 Million, $10 Million.....In case cannot work again..... Meanwhile French President and IMF deputy thinking ...How much ROI I can get from investment...$1 Billion, 5 Billion...

    Back to Malaysia Katak 3 in Perak..... Jelapang Hee...

    Now that this has work...lets think BIG and Finish off Pakatan......How Much Saiful need for lifestyle of no job??

  10. Anonymous3:13 pm


    as if anon @ 2:28 PM is a respectful fler, pegi dah, macam bagus aje

    respect from you is like fatal infection that leads to a long and painful suffering and a distant death

  11. Anonymous3:15 pm


    thou speaks so confidently - so cocksure in your words

    you must have been one of his rear admirer

  12. Anwar should sponsor his defence team to represent Mr.Kahn as a sign of solidarity with the IMF, his buddy-buddy organisation.

    But First they have to think a defence of conspiracy, tough call for the defence team though, as they have been using Najib and the BN Government as scapegoat for the last 14 years. Can't use the same defence for Mr.Kahn.

  13. Anonymous10:13 am

    Best kan the legal system.

    All u need to do is squeal like a little girl that u wld die living in a 'harsh' environment (that phleibs are used to) and the authorities will say 'There ! There ! no need to fret yr pretty head. We'll gv u a charming ankle brace and u literally can go about doing yr usual routine.

    Most wl try to split hairs about sexual harassment is such a minor offence and some wl argue that prisons are overcrowded while state is virtually bankrupt.

    And all these excuses just underscore that the state (no less) makes a compromise about the care and dignity of women. Small wonder that men think nothing of harassing women.

    - Melayu fed up (about the general legal system)