Friday, May 20, 2011

Suicide Watch and the RCI

My last posting on "Suicide Watch" has brought this article onto my radar. It is based on a Nanyang news report published on May 17. It seems that while we wait for the verdict on the RCI on Teoh Beng Hock, his death continues to churn stories of moral decline among our politicians. This report, in my view, is damaging to the DAP, especially, since it has from the start openly accused the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) of TBH's murder. It would seem now, nearly two years later, that some people stand to lose a lot if TBH's death was anything but murder.

DAP MEMBER SEEKS RESIGNATION OF LEE KEE HIONG. A DAP Serdang member has urged Lee Kee Hiong, senior member of DAP and ex-political secretary to Lim Kim Siang, to resign from all the party positions she holds.
Yap Guang Ming alleged that Lee was guilty of abuse of state funds for certain constituencies and for misleading the public and DAP members about her involvement in the award of contracts to her family members.
He urged Lee to do the responsible thing and resign from all party positions.  He also called for DAP veteran leader Lim Kit Siang to sever all ties with Lee and take action against her.
Lee was also responsible for Teoh Beng Hock’s involvement in the cooking of DAP Seri Kembangan assemblyman’s books. Yap said that Teoh used to complain that he would be implicated by Lee’s misconduct.
Teoh was aware of these misdeeds and had said he would resign soon after his wedding.
Citing former Klang councilor Tee Boon Hock who was sacked for issuing a support letter, Yap said Lee should face a similar fate for abuse of power.
This call comes on the back of more DAP members voicing their dissatisfaction on how state constituency allocations were siphoned off by third parties and cronies.
As a refresher, let’s flash back to year 2008 long before Teoh Beng Hock was found dead outside MACC’s building a year later.
Lawyer and former Hulu Selangor district councillor K.A. Ramu lodged a complaint with the Selangor DAP against Kajang councillor Lee Kee Hiong over the disbursement of funds for the Kuala Kubu Baru constituency, but no action had been taken.
Ramu resigned from his councillor’s post in October that year following alleged interference from Lee in the management of allocations for that constituency. 
He said he was unhappy with the disbursement of funds by Lee to three companies, adding that he had given the names of the companies in a letter he wrote on Dec 19, 2008 to Selangor DAP secretary Lau Weng San.
No action was taken.
Then Teoh died, which opened up a can of worms though Lee was still untouchable. 
Back to the present. The Royal Commission of Inquiry on Teoh Beng Hock’s death has confirmed Lee’s misdeeds.
Yap said Lee had previously denied her relationship with contractor Lee Wye Wing until the RCI hearing where she finally admitted that Lee Wye Wing is actually her uncle.  
Unbeknownst to many, Lee Kee Hiong manages all of Selangor Seri Kembangan assemblyman Ean Yong Hian Wah’s allocations for his constituency.
“Most of all the projects below RM20,000 had been awarded to Lee Wye Wing’s wife under the company WSK Services and Teoh was the one who was in charge of Sri Kembangan‘s allocation.”
Yap stressed that Lee owed Teoh’s family an explanation, especially about Teoh’s involvement in the alleged misuse of state funds.
In response, Lee clarified that Ean Yong had never delegated the authority to a third party to manage state allocations. She herself had no control over the allocations.  
“Teoh wasn’t responsible for Seri Kembangan’s funds. He was only involved in paperwork, preparing the documents and forms.”
Lee said Teoh didn’t consider Yap as a friend because he disliked Yap playing mahjong in the party’s clothes.
“Teoh and Yap were not on good terms and Yap didn’t attend Teoh’s funeral,” she said.


  1. Anonymous11:57 am


    Boleh percaya ke? Kita ingat how the authorities will investigate till the cows come home if it involves a DAP or PKR mmember.
    We still remeber Khalid's donation of cows for Korban was investigated and investigated and investigated...

    It is a matter of credibility la Bro!

  2. Jamie1:15 pm

    It must be tiring for DAP- having to take the moral high ground all the time. Someday, somehow, you cant help but show your true colors.
    Ive always agreed with the Russian who said "Virtue is not dignity. Its a lack of opportunity".

  3. Anonymous2:02 pm

    I think the bread crumbs lead further down the road back to HQ.DAP top brass defening silence on this matter is prove. Corrupt practices know no 'political party, race or religion' so I've been told. But in M'sia we all know who are the 'big' givers and who are the the 'big' takes.

    Sadly this Teoh guy's family are but pawn. Why, cannot trust other malaysian to do the right thing by them, must be some ah piew from DAP to fight for their rights..

  4. Anonymous2:36 pm

    To me all our politicians are devils. I mean ALL. But I have to vote for somebody. So whom should I vote for? Of course the current devils I know. Anyway, how long can they live? One day they will all have to answer to GOD.

  5. Anonymous3:00 pm

    I still think some one in MACC is responsible. No matter what is the conclusion.

  6. Anonymous3:20 pm

    "PKR mmember. We still remeber Khalid's" - from anon 11:57 AM

    boleh percaya ke budak ni eja member dan remember pun tak tahu

    habis tu nak komen pulak, aisehman

  7. Looks more like a DAP-GATE ... deep-throats in the queue

  8. Anonymous5:03 pm

    oi.. remember, this is RCI.. PR guys ask for it.. so if any of the result does not bring good to PR then it was a conspiracy?.. face the fact la

  9. Truth has a way of evolving in democratic Malaysia, which DAP's ancestry - we can see now - does not prepare it for.

    In little Singapore truth is what the PAP says, and the rest have no power.


  10. Anonymous9:30 pm

    GAJAH depan mata tak nampak,
    kuman di seberang laut BOLE..

    Corruption is a way of their life.
    Makanan harian, dah jadi darah daging
    and deeply implanted inside their DNA

    HELLO Apek..

    Sikalang mau KASI lasuah mayak susah.. cilaka lu mayak tukar taktik or?

    Baling batu sembunyi tangan sum more!

    Once a parasite, forever will be..


  11. Anonymous10:45 pm

    yeah praxis

    truth is defined by the pap but then again the last election when almost all constitutencies were contested

    what do we have only 60% of valid votes, wonder if tanjong pagar was contested and the spoilt votes were included

    pap might just grab only 49%

    so the truth prevailed and spoken by none other than the people

    so mm lee, sm goh, wong kan seng (mas selamat fame) mah bow tan (hongkongers will rush to red dot fame) HAVE TO GO - no choice

  12. Anonymous6:26 am

    Maybe this is what we call cronism & nepotism. But, if there is any element of corruption involved, i am sure the MACC would have taken some action. U should also check how big najib's cable is:)

  13. fikir8:36 am

    the oppositions do not care about the truth. To them, finding the truth is not important. The most important thing is to get the power by hook or crook.

    The intention is never about finding the truth but just to blame UMNO,BN.

    Anwar sodomy case was exposed by his staff... but he said its a conspiracy and the oppositions believe him without asking any proof.

    Anwar sex tape scandal was exposed by his friend... but he said its a conspiracy and the oppositions believe him without asking any proof.

    Even when their cats die, they said its a conspiracy from UMNO....

    How can you trust such hypocrite.

  14. Anonymous8:40 am

    A man died while under investigation for what ? For having RM 2,000 in his account ? The UMNO thieves have millions and billions and nothing ever gets investigated.

    Shameful lah, all you supporters of thieves. Cakap tak serupa bikin. you will steal until there is nothing left to steal, and then you will turn on your own kind.


  15. Anonymous9:00 am

    Who reported this? Utusan?TV3?
    Oh!! its Nanyang .Nevermind tomorrow Nanyang will be banned in Selangor & Penang . Kelantan & Kedah.. ban also laa...


  16. Anonymous10:16 am

    Chronologically, here's the modus operandi of the Cinapek-DAP-PAP-Komunis mindset:-

    (i) Firstly, when they were just making it up, the tocangs not yet severed and the tongkangs still harbored on the coasts, they would resort to all sorts of dubious "ways" to make money: Extortions, Kongsi Gelap, Larut-style Gang Wars, Opium and Drug Trafficking plus some more.

    (ii) Come the next Era: the Kit Siangs, the Eric Chias, etc etc. Their businessmen now resort to more organized albeit less savory money-making ways: corruption, prostitution, gambling casinos, DAP-style underworldings, Massage houses, Money laundering. Just about every white collar crime that you can think of, there's one of these slitted-eye guys behind them.

    (iii) The Gen-X generations. And now due to the wealth created by their fathers and forefathers before them, these people had everything they want. Bathed in luxury, they go to restaurants without looking at the right-side column of the menu and drive German-made cars. They now look at others not as rich as them, as something disdainful. They now view misdoings of some small sector of the govt, like corruption and inefficiency, as something they frown upon, as something that their holier-than-thou flesh would not tolerate, thereby conveniently forgetting their origins and the things their forefathers had to do to bring them to where they are now.

    (iv) The Gen-Y generation. The ones who read this. The ones brought up educating themselves in Politics via reading Malaysiakini and Malaysia today lies (when Raja Petra was still in the dark side of the Force) after surfing their facebook messages. These people suddenly look around them and thought (as they have been wrongfully taught) that history is all wrong, their forefathers came here as VIPs of the British to part-own Malaya, the malays are of no consequence, Chin Peng was a hero memperjuangkan kemerdekaan and May 13th was started by Harun Idris. Or Tunku. Or Tun Razak. Or Tun Mahathir. Or whoever, as long as it is the malays.

    Their bane? Malay bloggers who put things right through well-researched postings. Their greatest bane? Malay intellectuals who suddenly wake up from slumber, and now make an effort to affirmatize and enforce the teaching of TRUE history in schools, thereby disallowing any attempt to purposely faze-out, blur-out the history of this Tanah Melayu to suit the political aspirations of the PAP--- I mean DAP agenda.

    And you all thought the vigor with which they wanted to pin the murder/suicide of TBH onto MACC was purely coincidental?

    Marking Bagpie

    "Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."
    -- Ronald Reagan

  17. Anonymous11:06 am

    What is the moral of your story?
    Umno and Macc like angels!
    Come on still defending Macc like that Shafie chap? If stories need to be dug on you they can find it , so its the same....Tbh is dead , stone dead let his soul rip...
    No point deriding this and that!!!
    The truth is you must comment on those chaps from MACC who were resposible for TBH death.
    Give them credit for being closely knitted in their defense and loyalty to their boss ....RCI was pussyfooting with them.....Had the SB or the police really did their job like they did to Kugan without thinking they were abang adek case would have been solved long ago...
    So much for justice....Write not about coruption in Dap but why cases are simply difficult to solve among malays? Remember that Samad guy and ABdullah were made commies overnight ????They were deprived of sleep and the rest is history...

  18. Anonymous11:53 am

    Hey guys and gals.....someone died while in custody, not as a suspect but as a witness.
    Why are we cometators bickering about DAP this, DAP that, UMno this and that and everything else except the main issue ie. How and Why TBH died???

    TBH family want to know,I want to know, you want to know, hell whole world, especially Malaysian wnat to know. Don't you.

    So keep your partisan political commnents for some other related issue's. Listen to the RCI findings and use your god given brain and think logically. What is the most plausible cause of TBH demise.

  19. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Godfather@8:40 AM

    spoken like the unofficial lawyer of ALL corrupted dap goons

    deny deny deny lie lie lie cover-up cover-up cover-up

    too bad the rakyat ain't so GULLIBLE anymore

    akan datang - all the dirt, slime, stench, trash and garbage from the pakatan rasuah will be exposed

    and the world will be witness

    eat your heart out godfather

  20. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Godfather 8:40 AM

    Hello there!..

    nak kata buta tapi "godgave" you eyes...

    Probably why "godgave" those special shaped eyes.. so that you all can make all sorts of excuses, susah mau lampak sendili batang hidung!

    Haiyaa, eyes not wide enough or, angle only can see your own tummy and your own pockets!

    But now got plastic surgery sum more... go make them wider la..



  21. DAP it seems has bitten more than it can chew.

  22. Wow its all linking this what we get from $15,000 Ringgit PER Month Journalist?? Meanwhile the so called POOR malays trying to survive on $300.....Malaysia sure have progress as 1 Lifestyle for me and 1 Lifestyle for you POOR Soul!!....we need to make you poor to make so that we the RICH can struggle with you Poor people!!

  23. Taikotai3:12 pm

    Alloo Latuk Blu!

    Wa mau stoli sikit sama itu Anon 2:36PM..apa pasat lu kasi vote sama itu "kui"(devil)..Olang cina sulah lama chakap "Lang boti lang kui boti kui" (soli aa..wa hokkien punya olang mukan Hailam). Wa setuju..apa macampun kita musti kasi kita punya vote..tapi ini PRU 13..wa ingat mau vote sama itu DAP kui kalo BN talak angkat Latuk Blu jadi calon. Apa pasat? Ini satu Malaysia punya dalam..Latuk Blu satu olang saja banyak belani tiow sama itu Abang cali sapa manyak belani itu macam? Hilup Latuk Blu!!

  24. Politics would be a helluva good business if it weren't for the goddamned people.
    Richard M. Nixon

  25. Anonymous3:31 pm

    rci my foot...

    just a bunch of idiots hired to do amno dirty job instead of finding out who killed teoh.

  26. Anonymous3:52 pm

    latuk, you ain't mariam mokhtar la !

    you wrote & got sued by a minster... & crawl away with your tail between your legs, no?

    guess whacking & spinning on dap is a much safer thing to do, ya?

  27. Anonymous3:56 pm

    rci ?

    kah! kah! kah!

    kah! kah! kah!

    kah! kah! kah!

  28. Anonymous4:13 pm

    stupid dap chinaman!

    steal 2k, 10K, 20K only

    learn from amno la ! want to steal oso steal hundreds millions or billions la!

    bodoh punya cinapek!

  29. Anonymous12:13 am

    May Allah bless UMNO coz UMNO is the only stumbling block that kept dap goons at bay

  30. Salam Bro,

    Mereka semua kaki PELETOK. Lepas itu secara publisiti murah, tuding dan letak salah pada orang lain yang lakukan (bantai musuh mereka ala 'american style')

    Pasti nya lakonan wayang cino, boleh terbang, lompat gunung, jalan atas angin, sorang boleh bunuh 100 orang, dll. Hebat !

  31. Anonymous8:02 am

    The clown Perwira doesn't understand anything about biology. It's a given in the animal kingdom that extinction occurs when a species consumes so much that it ultimately turns on itself (cannibalism). Read more on Darwinism, or is the English too difficult for you ?

    Yes, UMNO will continue to steal until there is nothing left to steal, then it will turn on itself. Inevitable.


  32. Anonymous9:46 am

    macc investigators watching porn video in govt office computers and while on duty. boleh ke...they should have been can only happen in Malaysia govt office

  33. Anonymous10:35 am

    I wld still be gobsmacked if it can be shown that DAP knew it was suicide but for political mileage concocted a murder scenario.

    My opinion of DAP wld go from " mengada-ngada drama queens" to an absolute low of " beings disgustingly devoid of any conscience".

    If so - to amass public sympathy thro sheer lies, one wonders whether you are so arrogant that you feel you do not have a God to answer to one day.

  34. Anonymous12:13 pm

    So wat u trying to imply ?

    DAP damn corrupted & BN is damn clean as a whistle ?

    Arlo tuk ! have your brain shrunk to the size of a testicle ke?

  35. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Owh you aloso keleber about animal kingdom?

    When there's not enough food to go around, animals wander to places where got water and plentiful food, some got belains even know how to travel in Tongkangs?

    But animals eat to survive, like dat nebermine wan!

    However Parasites, haiyaa, they attach themselves onto others, belli nicely consume and sucks their host dry, and finally even kill the host. Haa...

    Like orchids, beli beautipool, but loots only know how to dangle all over the place, hang here and dare.

    Waaa Godfader, I keleber or not?



  36. Anonymous3:56 pm

    dedicated to anon 9.46 AM

    Washington Post: Chinese Government Discloses Corruption, Mismanagement in Mining SectorChina Labour Bulletin appears in the following article. Copyright remains with the original publisher.

    Chinese Government Discloses Corruption, Mismanagement in Mining Sector

    By Edward Cody in Beijing
    Washington Post
    23 December 2005

    The Chinese government announced Friday that it found "astonishingly serious" corruption, chaotic management and lax enforcement of safety rules in investigating coal mine disasters that have killed thousands of Chinese workers this year.

    Li Yizhong, who heads the cabinet-level Work Safety Administration, said at a news conference that 96 people have been turned over for criminal prosecution this year for their role in the explosions and floodings that occur with relentless regularity in the coal industry as mine owners race to keep up with demand.

    In addition, 21 mine managers and 105 government and Communist Party officials were sanctioned administratively, including two deputy provincial governors, he said.
    More than 6,000 miners perished in Chinese coal shafts during 2004, making mines in China the world's most dangerous. More than 4,000 were killed in the first nine months of this year and the rhythm has continued unabated, including 171 who died one month ago at the state-owned Dongfeng Coal Mine in frigid Heilongjiang province.

  37. Anonymous4:02 pm

    waahhhhh suddenly godfather is so learned.

    Darwin's 2nd theory which is Common descent states that every group of organisms descended from a common ancestor, and that all groups of organisms, including animals, plants, and microorganisms, ultimately go back to a single origin of life on earth.

    yo godfather, your ancestors could have been UMNO Malays


  38. Anonymous6:19 pm

    Since when DAP is clean ? The whole world know DAP is corrupt..

    And one more thing they are good at, telling lies.

    They will lie at everything. They will create a story that umno steal billions even when they don't have proof about it.

    They will always lie.

    Cina maa... Kalau tak tipu, bukan cina namanya.

  39. Anonymous8:02 am

    It is the same ol' thing.

    In any business, the cash till is managed by a trusted crony, if you like.

    In any organisation, only trusted cronies manage the business.

    In the army, only trusted personnel build up solidarity.

    Moral of the story, there is no such thing as cronyism or nepotism. It is just a slogan. And the opposition made smart use of this slogan to their advantage.

    If the opposition is true to their words, why do they appoint only their types? Why does DAP not appoint an outsider but only birds with the same feathers? Likewise, why does UMNO not appoint a DAP treasurer?

    Analyse that.


  40. Anonymous7:03 pm

    To Marking Bagpie @ 10:16 am

    I could have sworn that you were talking about the MCA.

  41. Anonymous7:19 pm


    I have to qualify my comments on Darwinism. You will turn on your own kind only if inbreeding doesn't cause you to go extinct first.


  42. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Perwira - it is funny that you should mention parasites when your lot obviously are the biggest of the kind. Fucking 30% - 7% subsidy..fucking tuans who need crutches...Step out of Malaysia and see how the world laughs at you.

  43. Anonymous9:08 pm

    Malaysia No 1 paid blogger is spinning news

  44. Anonymous11:36 am

    Anon 8:29 PM

    Waa.. lu keluaq dari Negala sendili, pasai lu mau tayang sama cousins dari Mainland or?

    Haiyaa sikalang apa maciam? Negara China sama India sulah mayak progress dan maju pasai lu olang sulah tarak luluk sana or?

    Mana tempat pon olang tatak suka PARASITES... tau mau culi lain olang punya balang, jam Omega olang Alab kasi pon mau culi jugak..

    Ini maciam ker suluh keluaq and compete on global basis?

    Haiyaa.. mayak penyakit punya otak!.



  45. Anonymous10:37 pm

    All over the world there's chinatowns - proof that chinese are clannish and also like weeds they breed anywhere and everywhere

    most times at the expense of the host race

  46. Anonymous1:28 pm

    yep...and UMNO/BN is clean as a whistle! No corruption there at all!

  47. Anonymous8:28 pm

    wooiii anon 8:29 PM

    the REAL parasites are the pendatang tribes that got FREE citizenships

  48. Anonymous9:27 am

    I must say that this is a good post from you, Bru. Thanks!


  49. Anonymous3:58 pm

    The worst of all is to have fucking pendatang that wanted to leech all sort of subsidies more than host since the British old days..

    still not enuff from petrol, sugar, gas, gambling license, prime land developement, satellite, flesh trade & cartel business et. al.. still wanted more & more.. pure greed.

    Pure parasite.. Uncle Mao would definitely shoot this decendant of runaway excreta if he ever see them unshamely trying to claim the pride or step foot on their self-abandon homeland today..bunch of rejects cying baby coz stranded & cannot anymore migrate unshamely like their pathetic more gwailoh ass to lick & trail or to offer free pussies anymore this time..such a no maruah materialistic species.

    these parasites where got any real talent or brain other than just their cheating, kelentong besar & big mouth..