Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The war against Yang diPertuan Agong

Days before the Minister in the PM's Department, Idris Jala, issued a statement to remind the Church and his fellow Christians that even the Quran in this country is stamped and serialized and therefore they should not make such a big fuss and just please collect the bibles that the government had released from Port Klang (pls read the full statement h e r e), our intelligent, blogging Monkey by the nickname of SatD had stated the fact h e r e. He even proposed to the KDN the use of the inviisible ink for stamping and serializing holy books so that our Christian friends don't get too upset and pointed out that the Malay-Muslims have been cool about their Kitab being serialized even though Islam is the official religion of this beautiful country.

But that's not the main point about his posting.

SatD's main focus is on what he describes as a war against the Malaysian Constitution, a war against the Agong.

Severe stuff, I tell you.

But if you have the heart for it, and especially if you are Christian "Malay", read on ... The War against YDPA: Forward looking analysis in Christian "Malays"

As always, where SatD is concerned, I have disabled my comment facility so please go over to his site to leave comments. Unlike me, SatD likes exchanges.

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