Monday, March 21, 2011

Have you watched Anwar's sex video?

Gotta read: Honey, can I have my Omega please?

NO, I have not watched the video. I was not invited this morning to Carcosa for the special screening of the explosive sex video for journalists. And because I have not watched the video, how can I believe that's him on the video thumping away a Chinese-looking woman, said to be a prostitute? But I can't say I don't believe, either. I am skeptical but I can't do YB Nik Nazmi and declare that it's a doctored video even though Nik Azmi has not watched the video. Remember, we thought it could not have been Chua Soi Lek in that sex video from Batu Pahat, but it was. We thought it could not have been Vijendran, but it turned out to be him.

Some of those who watched the video this morning told me that there was NO way it could have been doctored. That's their assessment; they watched the video. Like I said, I have not watched it.

And as far as I know, none of my blogger friends have watched the video. But I suspect that Sheih Kickdefella knows something we all don't. He posted T H I S last night and has been updating it ...


  1. Kian Ye5:17 pm

    Hi ROCKY (oopps sorry....Dato, I mean),

    "WELL SAID"!!!.

    YB Nik Nazmi is slapping his own face to the amusement of us all. His statement clearly showed how STUPID he is...or ....perhaps he thought 'the rakyat' is STUPID. Either way, this VIDEO is surely exciting. I can't wait to see the 'Spiciness' of it but I believe it will be circulating over the net in the coming days.

    It's very easy to determine whether this video is REAL or FAKE. Let's just wait & see whether ANWAR IBRAHIM files a police report pertaining to this video or not. If ANWAR IBRAHIM doesn't file any police report, then I dare say it's almost 99.99% the DIRTY MAN in that video is indeed our HEROIC PORNO STAR name "ANWAR IBRAHIM".

    If it's really ANWAR IBRAHIM in that video, then, we can say he's a DUAL PLAYER.

    Janji ada LUBANG...dia pasti "ON"!!!

  2. Jerry Chin5:19 pm

    Judging from the way things are going, we Malaysians will soon see this 'MAN' in action with animals too.

    From Jantan punya belakang to China Dolls. Ingat next Kambing kot.

  3. Anonymous5:37 pm

    One minute sodomiser next minute fucker coming soon ......... u fill in the blanks rocky.

  4. Anonymous5:37 pm

    CIA did the same thing with Sukarno. If anything, the Indonesian people loved him more! This nonsense won't work with the learned.

  5. Bro..

    I remember asking you about the video a couple of years back. You said that the alleged video never exist. Heheh.. Go figure.

  6. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Boss, yr is not working! Tak bayar ke? he he he.

  7. Miz Love6:21 pm

    Hahaha caught red-handed again. Of course his lovers all are in denial mode.
    They will go for the same excuse - doctored video.
    So much for being a moralistic Muslim leader yeah.
    I wonder what his friends in PAS think of this?
    Time for him to go.
    So those who criticized Mahathir for exposing the fella's womanising, better believe it.
    And pity the wife who thinks he is God's gift. What will she say now.
    Over to you, kak Wan.

  8. Anonymous6:36 pm

    One scandal after another.It is no longer strange nor shocking receiving raunchy revelation about Anwar's sex escapade.
    Can this man really become the President of this nation?. Can we really be proud of him because of his leadership or statementship?
    He has too many secrets that are no longer dark but publicly unmasked.
    Everything and everybody is widely exposed to harm and insecurity. Malaysia's arm can easily be twisted by foreign powers.

  9. "Datuk T claimed he had stumbled upon the video after he was asked by the politician to search for his watch in the room where the sexual encounter had taken place."

    Heh, heh, heh! How convenient!

    Whoever planned it just left it for the innocent Datuk T to wander in just like that and discover the video in this fcuk shop.

    And why were all these Special Branch officers involved in the Press conference?

    My five year old can can come up with a better story and video show!

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  10. Anonymous9:52 pm

    as a muslim nation...what have we become ? sad very sad...

  11. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Alamak, please share the link if you have so. haha

  12. Video nejib dengan ziana bila nk kluar???

  13. Anonymous11:21 pm

    may be the actor's wife is the only person who can either confirm or deny it.

  14. Anonymous11:31 pm

    It is clear what you are insinuating. You are despicable. How will you make up for this if it is a fabrication?

  15. Anonymous12:40 am

    Its not a doctored video.


    He wants the circus. He wants the platform. So he set the whole thing up so he can say

    SEE? SEE? POOR ME!!!

    Surely after all this years you can see through him?

    This is quintessential Anwar!

  16. Even if its real it feels pretty wrong to kills one credibility like that. If it a plan to get people away from that particular party then I'd say it is the most unbelievably stupid plan. I don't know if I'm speaking for the majority here, but me I'm putting my votes when I feels the leaders are doing something for me. When Anwar promised truth and transparency I felt rejoice and I gives him a vote. When Najib has proven himself to be a very capable leader, I praised him to the sky. I'm just an ordinary person with a single insignificant vote but I'm not stupid. So as any other people in this country I believe. I am worried about my job. I am restless when I heard our neighbor had just been rob. If a leader can get rid of my worries, if a leader can make me feels comfortable then certainly he will get my vote. But not by belittling others, sorry.

  17. Anonymous8:47 am



  18. Anonymous10:42 am

    Haiyah..Nik Nazmi doesn't need to watch the video to come out with a denial lah.

    It is like this Bru..somebody said he saw a video of you watching a sex video at Carcossa yesterday. Your PA on checking with you can issue a denial because as you say you were not invited and was not there.

    It is the same thing with Nazmi. He has checked with Anwar whether on 21 Feb he was in a hotel having sex and Anwar had said it can't be him cause he was in his house meeting some staff members.

    If the video is genuine and Anwar was positively the actor, they would have shown it on prime TV1-9 incl Astro.

  19. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Sejak PR ujud ni, apa segalanya dikaitkan dgn conspirasi.. Tu ler Tian Chua, anak Apek pi belajar jauh2 pholosopi kat OX, rupa2nya yg ni depa balik duk ajaq PR nuuuu.

    Lepaih tu depa depa masuk Dewan tergege ajer, sebenda pun tak jalan, makan gaji elaun buta..

    Kurang ajar ler kamu semua ni!Tua tua jadi Monsterball!!


  20. If you got the video please put in the internet so that everybody can see. just like Chua Sooi Lek, Peter Pan, Luna Maya, Chut Tari or Abdul Rahman Wahid with a chubby lady on his lap on the front page of Utusan Malaysia sometime ago...

  21. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Dato watching phongraphic material in public area(carcosa) no offence kah,check section 292 of our penal code.

  22. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Hebat BETUL Bang NUAR,,,,

    Masa memantat bole TWEET with the PUBLIC!!!!!

    Ada Orang kata betulke DATUK T,,,,is X Pak Lah Setiausaha SULIT????

    Since ramai AHLI PARLIMEN tengok FILEM BLUE,,,,,apa salahnya Rakyat and MURID Sekolah melihat!!!!


  23. Surprising!!!!! A Sex's Video Show at Sri Carcosa for the Press. Not so surprising that the Press has become sex craze nowadays. Wonder what will happen to our generation soon. OMG, Malaysian's people are getting overdose by sex news. Sex Tsunami has invaded Malaysia. May Allah save us.

  24. Anonymous4:22 pm

    Anything is possible,

    My Apek Neighbour, an Indon maid, quiet, dedicated and very pleasant disposition, been working with them for 10years!

    Then she got pregnant! How, when, who? The family is always around her, at all times.

    Finally she confessed. (AhKow already vanished). AhKow peddles CD haram in front of Minimarket just next door to their shop near the staircase...(4doors away fm mine)

    Where did it all happen?

    First floor Staircase landing!!! How many times? 8 times!!

    Today, anything is possible..



  25. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Najis, lazak & monggol gal in 3some - Ada ke?

  26. Anonymous4:50 pm

    Adakah ini satu konspirasi yang memang dibuat oleh Anwar supaya boleh menunjukkan dirinya kononnya difitnah. Menyuruh seseorang yang mirip dirinya berlakon dan membuat laporan polis. Polis siasat dan ternyata bukan Anwar. Ketika itu lah Anwar akan berkata bahawa dirinya telah difitnah dan sokongan akan kembali kepadanya.


  27. Mr. T, ok??? Bukan Datuk T5:21 pm

    Kamera intai tak INTAI,
    Rakyat yang MENILAI,
    Jangan sekali kami CUAI,
    Nanti negara yang BERKECAI,

    Mari kami semua sabar MENANTI,
    Tengok Anwar main basah dah PASTI,
    Main betina macam main Saiful BUKHARY,
    Jolok belakang, depan, mulut, kanan dan KIRI.

    Mungkin Anwar bukan sahaja suka LELAKI,
    Bahkan pelacur dari Cina, India dan BENGALI,
    Anwar dah tua tapi nafsunya belum MATI,
    Mungkin lain kali Anwar main sama kambing dan BABI,

    Anwar cakap dia kena FITNAH,
    Tapi beliau takut nak ambil SUMPAH,
    Kalau tak berani buatpa nak cakap SAMPAH?
    Buat malu bapak, keluarga dan NEGARA.

    Anwar selau cakap “Saya tak BERSALAH”,
    Biarpun terkena tangkap BASAH,
    Anwar seorang celik berputar macam ULAR,
    Saya boleh pasti Pakatan Rakyat akan KALAH.

    Anwar dah jelak main sama Wan AZIZAH,
    Anwar cakap pantat isterinya dah KASAR,
    Sekarang Anwar nak main sama betina CINA,
    Cakap Anwar lebih syiok dan BASAH.

  28. anwar has lodged a police report.

    and here is Datuk T's latest press statement:
    "Now that Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim has lodged a police report denying that he is the man in a sex video screened to media personnel on
    Monday, I presume that he and his wife are not interested to receive a copy of the recording from me next Monday.
    Therefore I am calling on the media fraternity and NGOs to immediately form an independent public commission to investigate the authenticity of the tape. The
    commission can engage forensic experts from whichever country to verify the authenticity of the recording.
    I will hand over the original recording to the public commission.
    I will also hand over the Omega watch that was found in the room where Anwar was caught on video with a foreign prostitute. The commission can send the watch to
    forensic experts to find if DNA found on the watch matched Anwar's.
    Let the public and the world be the judge.
    I am not going to hand over this recording to the police as Dato' Seri Anwar would only divert attention claiming that the police are in cohorts with the
    government if the outcome of the investigation did not favour him.
    Therefore I have decided not to hand over the recording to the authorities. I will hand it to the proposed public commission comprising the media and NGOs."

  29. Amir Arshad5:33 pm

    ANWAR used to LOVE Wan Azizah very much. They used to make love 7 times a week. However as time goes by & due to the extreme frequency of their intimate sessions, ANWAR became BORED of Wan Azizah.

    ANWAR then found a new HOBBY. He starts to indulge in DRILLING jantan punya belakang. He drilled & drilled and had just landed himself in TROUBLE with Saiful Bukhary.

    Having FED-UP with jantan punya buntut, ANWAR now had diversified his interest to WHORE DRILLING. It doesn’t matter where the WHORE comes from (whether it’s from China, India, Pakistan or those along Chow Kit Road), ANWAR will willingly DRILL, DRILL & DRILL without mercy. Too bad as he’s now caught in the TAPE. So, the best statement is to merely say “FITNAH!!! Perut saya tak buncit”. Hahahahaha…how lame, rite???

    I kind of pity Wan Azizah & Nurul Izzah. Knowing very well their HUSBAND-DADDY is a SEXUAL BEAST but yet they got to FORCE themselves to be HAPPY & be by his side. What a TORTURE!!!

  30. harap tsunami melanda ke sini, biar yang Jahat mampus semua kena hanyut...

    Celaka kau Batu Bru

    Awak ni layak ker jadi wartawan mahupun editor, akhbar pun mcm berita taik kucing, tong sampah...awak semua suka porno, patutlah ade bangsa kt sini suka rogol anak dan cucu sendiri...

    Memang korang Gila seks, bila Tsunami nk dtg, xper ...xlama lagi radiasi start kt Kuantan.....

  31. why was Anwar not caught red-handed while having sex with the woman ? If indeed that is what you want everybody to believe.
    Our usual JAWI, DBKL, RELA,PDRM would always jump into action with television crew. why not this
    time ?
    A recorded CD doctored or not would not be a solid evidence compared to raiding on time while in action !
    How come Dato T can hold anybody for ransom ? who can have access to Carcosa to watch pornography ? Anybody else peddling pornography material would have been arrested and ransacked his whole house in Malaysia.
    Things don't tie.... They should try other methods to destroy Anwar.

  32. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Pirahhh Dato T... nak menegak kan kebenaran tapi cara salah. Tuhan cakap jgn buka aib orang.

    Kalau betul video tu genuine, sepatutnya Dato T buat:
    1. Bagi video tu kat anwar, then mintak dia resign jadi dari pemimpin dalam tempoh seminggu ke.. sebulan ke.
    2. Kalau selepas tempoh dia tak resign gak, then bagi video tu kat isteri dan anak-anak dia. mintak diorang nasihat anwar supaya jgn jadi pemimpin.
    3. Kalau anwar still tak resign, then baru laa ko beritahu public. Ko upload video tu kat internet, p2p, etc tgh malam, then esok nye jam 10 pagi buat press conference.
    4. Kalau ko kena saman or kena tangkap dgn polis sebab langgar akta, tak pe la. at least ko buat benda yang betul. mintak je laa pardon dgn agong bila hari jadi dia.

    ini awal-awal lagi dah bagi wartawan tgk secara berjemaah. apa ke hal. nasib laa ko Dato T, kalau ko tak dapat berkat, silap silap backfire.

  33. Anonymous7:07 pm

    1moolasia porn movie producer - najis tong rosak...!

    Kah! Kah! Kah!

  34. Anonymous7:07 pm

    1moolasia porn movie producer - najis tong rosak...!

    Kah! Kah! Kah!

  35. Anonymous7:27 pm

    "Sex tape screening is legit - nasri"

    So porn movies is ok ?

    Stoopiddddd gila pundek akal pendek minster!

  36. Anonymous8:44 pm

    i think everyone forgets….. how come you can have a CCTV in a hotel room? doesnt that violate the privacy policy implemented through out all hotels in the globe ?
    How come no one question this fact ??? and it so happens that Datuk T is a trusted person sent by DSAI to pick up his watch from the hotel room, which points that Datuk T is an accomplice to DSAI’s sex scandal (if it is true).

    All this sounds like a NICE SETUP ! dont you think?

    Even if you say that its a typical Anwar facade, but think again... how far would you go to embarrass yourself and your family for sympathy votes ?? Its rather too much dont you think? first sodomy and now sodopussy..

    Rakyat Malaysia mmg bijak..!


  37. Anoy 2:37.
    Dato T Ex KSUS pak lah (skrg Setiausaha MKN)tu mana ngam ngan DSAI ma.. -sekarang ni budak budak nuar dalam circle Najib sdg usaha nak bunuh karier geng geng paklah- Manakan mungkin nuar nak call dia minta carikan Omega dia... tak logik lo...

  38. Anonymous1:50 am

    Saiful told the truth and anwar is facing the consequences of all his lies

    Sumpah laknat is not trivial

    wan azizah and nurul should come clean and distance themselves from this cancer for the sake of their next generation

  39. Anonymous8:22 am

    To my fellow malaysian ppl...cmon lah dont be the stupid typical malaysian to jump onto conclusions before anything has been shown or proven. ALL we have here is another DATUK coming UP with A VIDEO, we all have seen this many times in our ever entertaining DRAMA MINGGU INI malaysian politics. EVERY DAY there is something in the newspapers just to exite our stupid malaysian mentality.

    CMON LAH move on. FEED YOUR FAMILY<FEED THE POOR, look at what you could do to help your country.

    SCREW the malaysian politics and the typical nasilemak yong tau foo and roti canai thinking mentality IF YOU noe what I mean.


  40. Is this budaya melayu or Islam doing this type of thing?? Siapa Hina Siapa?? Syriah court apa macam??...

  41. Anonymous9:03 am

    B ro A nw B in I br said I got proof.He tweeeted and facebooked at the time of the incident took place.Plus he saved them to prevent from hackers.
    This guy is very funny. Tweeter and facebook are more reliable than DNA profiling. Go figure.

  42. Anonymous9:05 am

    Niki Nadzmi should have tweeted that at that time of the incident he was with that guy you know what doing "business".

  43. Anonymous9:29 am

    Hello Rocky,

    Seems quite odd that Anwar's sex scandal is aired out to the public around the same time the Sarawak State Assembly is dissolved.

    I hope the people will focus on what they want and ensure they get it.

    Enough of corruptions, scandal, misuse of funds and for the moment lets do without Anwar and Taib!

    Slowly the rakyat should clean the slate, replace every rotten leader.

  44. anti-moron9:45 am

    Dato T is Anwar's henchman in a last desperate attempt to divert attention from the DNA issue. Later it will surface that Anwar is not the man in the video. He will cry conspiracy and mobilise huge demos ala Egypt.His American pals will ask the world to save him. People will forget about his DNA. Anwar gets off scot free...again. Familiar story right? Enough of this drama queen. We're not interested in your cheap sex video. Just hand over the DNA.

  45. Anonymous10:51 am

    Kian Ye

    Anwar has made a police report. So, what is your next stupid statement again?

  46. Anonymous11:47 am

    Sex ma...what is the problem? Even murderers can escape...even the billion dollar corruption also can escape.

    And Rocky made a big ho-ha here.

  47. insaf3:47 pm

    abang rocky

    cukupla,kita gunala sedikit ilmu yg allah pada kita ada ini untuk bekalan di akhirat.

    dah terlalu jelek permainan umno dan penyokongnya.tak takut azab allah ke?


  48. Anonymous4:32 pm


  49. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Come on lah, if Anwar's the guy in the video, I'll take my hat off and salute this guy ,for at his age, he's still in the groove of things. The real culprit here is the person who secretly videoed the rendezvous and should be caught and charged for entrapment into another person's privacy.
    What's the big deal with having sex?

  50. Anonymous5:11 pm

    rahim thamby kechik, eskay and shuaib lazim - oh my.

  51. not sure about how real the video is, and who is the main actor

    quite funny, the gov had problem with the bible shipment but no problem with porn video being shown to a group of people

    is not doing good to the official religion in this country, is it?

  52. Skilgannon10666:56 pm

    Is "Datuk T" the same guy who is involved in Merong Mahawangsa and the "crooked bridge" saga?

    Which, if press reports are correct, also dragged in the name of a certain VVIP (which was reported in a certain mainstream overseas newspaper)?

    Are there certain parties who are trying to divert attention from the shenanigans involving the "crooked bridge" by raising other issues - a classic "bait-and-switch" tactic? It's not small monies that were mentioned.

    And who are the master dalangs?

  53. Anonymous7:43 pm

    When Anwar says he's playing tennis,he's actually playing with his penis.

    When Anwar says he's tweeting,he's actually twatting.

  54. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

    Awat yg ribut sangat ni? Orang tu dah main, dah selesai, jam dah jumpa, gambaq pun dah jumpa, berilah kat bini dia yang setia jaga dia. Biaq bini dia handle dia lah. Biaq dia & anak dia berdiri tegak sebagai ahli parlimen tanpa ada rasa malu kepada rakyat yang dah memilih mereka. Yang hampa ni kecoh, gaduh-gaduh sama sendiri kenapa? Come on Rakyat Malaysia, let's move on usah peduli personaliti itu, biaq lah kalau ada yang seronok mem..tat dgan pelacur ke jantan ke babi ke, jaga ajelah kandang masing-masing, nanti ada pulak yang mintak 'oral sex' kat kandang korang.

  55. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Tuan-tuan dan puan-puan,

    Awat yg ribut sangat ni? Orang tu dah main, dah selesai, jam dah jumpa, gambaq pun dah jumpa, berilah kat bini dia yang setia jaga dia. Biaq bini dia handle dia lah. Biaq dia & anak dia berdiri tegak sebagai ahli parlimen tanpa ada rasa malu kepada rakyat yang dah memilih mereka. Yang hampa ni kecoh, gaduh-gaduh sama sendiri kenapa? Come on Rakyat Malaysia, let's move on usah peduli personaliti itu, biaq lah kalau ada yang seronok mem..tat dgan pelacur ke jantan ke babi ke, jaga ajelah kandang masing-masing, nanti ada pulak yang mintak 'oral sex' kat kandang korang.

  56. SukaTgkBlu(Ray)Muvi1:02 am

    I've just watched Arabian porn movies .. the actor name is Anwar .. so, yes, I've watch the movie and it's not that horny ..

    btw, so many nice coincidences happen ya .. look at the whole world now .. Libya, Egypt and Japan .. and now, this in Malaysia .. funny though, it seems that Bad Things does have it own consciences .. they have choices when they want to appear and when to disappear .. and they can even made an organized effort to kill good things ..

    Najib wasn't so bad .. but now, all the sudden, somehow, sometime soon, like what happened in Altantuya Scandal .. somebody going to relate him with this latest scandal, and some other people will believe it ..

    I pity Najib ..

  57. Anonymous9:08 am

    Anwar..Dulu,Sekarang dan selama lamanya..He is a fighter.Just a fighter.Remain a fighter.But not a LEADER.He will fight for himself but not for the RAKYAT.He will use all his followers to fight FOR him.
    Thats Anwar.

  58. Anonymous10:18 am

    I think this is a lousy trick to get his DNA sample.. For the other case..

  59. Anonymous10:28 am

    I think it's a lousy circus show to get his DNA sample for the purpose of the other case...

    I wonder, if it's unknown to Datuk Eskay, how he obtains the video??? Why he is asked to search for the watch while the owner is busy in bed?? But the most important, other ppl is doing their thing and why he is in the room?? Hhhmmmm... Why??? He must be a voyeur!!! Or he is part of it and edited his part out??.. Why??

  60. Mazlan10:46 am

    Now we know who the 3 Datuk Tits are - is there any point in believing their bullshit?
    Aiyooo.... one is a recognised child rapist, another a dickhead under corruption probe over the crooked bridge and the last a Perkasa Treasurer. No one could have picked a threesome of such stupidity, idiocy and crookedness if you had dug up the dirtiest sewer.

    Go on Rocky - try spinning this bunch of dickheads..

  61. Anonymous5:20 pm

    I think, think, thinkketing ting, kalau betul, dia punya suka lah, knp choi blh, rahim thamby blh, knp dia tak leh, tapi apa2pun, ini sandiwara dunia la bro. Kita ni pelakon dan penonton. Apa kita ingat kita ni baik sangat ke? Balik pada hukum islam, ada tak 4 org saksi, kalau tak ada jgn cakap banyak.

  62. Anonymous11:35 am

    Rahim Thamby Chik one of the three behind the video being publicised? Enough said.

  63. Anonymous1:25 pm

    celaka lah kpd sesiapa yg mnyebrkan fitnah ini.. Smoga allah melaknatkn syaitan tuhh.. Allahuakbar.. Hidup DSAI...

  64. Anonymous5:17 pm


    I think, think, thinkketing ting,

    ....Pasai duk ajaq anak macam tu ler sekarang berleluasa kes buang bayi.

    Pasai depa tau jemput 4 orang waraq untuk jadi saksi tengok depa bikin kerja tu, mesti sapa pun taknak ikut...

    Kecuali you volunteer, satni you pula kena tuduh bersubahat, abis tu mcam maner?


  65. Anonymous5:33 pm


    Looking at Anwar's supporters comment it seems they will always believe Anwar is a saint no matter if the evidence is right smack for all to see.

    Finally they will say 1. Anwar was drugged to commit the acts. I want that drug anyway if at 61 he can perform like that. 2. UMNO created an Anwar double by getting some joker somewhere to undergo plastic surgery and make him look exactly like Anwar.

    These jokers will never believe that Anwar is a hypocrite really!!

  66. Anonymous8:59 pm

    celaka lah kpd sesiapa yg tak menyebarkan kebenaran ini.. Smoga allah melaknatkan syaitan tuhh.. Allahuakbar.. mampus DSAI...

  67. Anonymous8:25 am

    The issue at hand is the Omega watch, not the video watching.

    How did the watch disappear from Anwar's wrist? Was he robbed? Did he lose it? Was Houdini involved?


  68. Anonymous4:00 pm

    From my information, the video is of high definition. At that time home camcoder could not record high definition video. Must have been done by professional. How could these 4 angle professional video could misplaced in a drawer? Even if it were found, who can play the recording (at that time)? How could anyone preserve this video for such long time? Video tape are prone to fungus if kept for such long time will be unusable.

  69. wtf is this all about? i got some short footage of this video. hope u guys having fun!

  70. Anonymous12:56 pm



  71. Anonymous11:33 am

    the main issue is not whether it was a set up or who is behind the recording (those are still issues, just not the main issue). the main issue is whether anwar is the guy in the video. as for those who keep harping on whether it is lawful or proper to view or show the video, i have only one question: would you use the same "standard" (i use that term loosely here) if it were a BN figure in the video, say the pm or dpm or (put your most hated BN figure here). Would you still cry "fitnah", "konspirasi" or call for the need of 4 witnesses and all that jazz? be honest with yourself and think this over... and we care whether anwar is the actor or not because he wants to lead this country and so far has been perceived as a moral and "religious" person, naturally the standard of conduct expected of him is higher than what we expect from an average joe on the street... merci beaucoup

  72. Anonymous12:49 am

    salam semua.

    jgn di hina Bro Anwar Bin Ibrahim... dia adalah Insan Kamil Anugerah Tuhan

  73. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Nabi mana ajar orang UMNO bikin video seks? Nabi Muhammad ajar kah?

    Bible yang UMNO nak haramkan tu pun takde suruh orang bikin video seks.

    Mungkin al Quran ajar orang UMNO bikin & sebar video seks kot?

    Patut la polis tak berani tangkap Datuk T. Padahal, geng MCA yg sebar video seks CSL dulu gila cepat diaorang tangkap humban masuk lokap...

  74. Anonymous6:44 pm

    Kepada yang mengandaikan adakah penyokong pembangkang akan buat benda yg sama jika yg dalam video itu orang UMNO.


    Sejarah membuktikan video seks politik hanya BN saja yg pernah bikin.

    Pembangkang x pernah buat kerja keji rakam video seks.

    (Kalau pembangkang buat sekali pun, gerenti dalam masa 24 jam semua akan habis kena ISA, OSA, AUKU, PPPA etc. Cuma UMNO saja boleh kebal bila buat kerja jahat.)

  75. IF a murderous power couple can lead the nation, I guess the best bet of having a sex-loving Opposition is still okay.

  76. Anonymous2:58 am

    Datuk T tiga ekor mengaku hanya PDRM dapat video ni.

    Kalau begitu, macam mana boleh keluar?

    Polis yg sebarkan ke?

    Teringat kes video seks DP Vijayandran dulu... bukan bukti video lesap dalam simpanan polis semasa kes mahkamah berlangsung?

  77. Anonymous9:22 am

    watched it already... the length is about 1:47 mins... sadly, the person is really anwar.. sigh

  78. Ayooo...everybody will post whatever their brain told them soo..why so fussy over that person banging that bitch..everyone else is doing it what..Just Ask his wife lah..Datin Seri Wan Azizah, she holds
    the answer meh..which hole did the husband likes the most..easy maaa

  79. Anonymous8:43 pm

    This type of juicy story can only be produced in bolehland

  80. Anonymous7:27 am

    i feel so sorry for people who slaves themselves to the government and made comments on here, saying that they believe the man in the video is anwar. the way you guys wrote things down is also sad. i dunno your background, whether you are professionals or at least had higher education because from the sound of it, you guys seems too dumb (sorry! but im being frank). it;'s sad that no one can help change your mind coz it's so narrowed and too gullible... oh well, if you can believe things like this, i'm not surprised if you guys ARE actually dumb.... hope you can think better in your next life (if you;re granted one)


    The only LOBANG that this man not interested is LOBANG KUBOR.

  82. Anonymous4:31 pm

    ini bukan fitnah...ini adalah pendedahan dari Dato T,kawan baik AnuWar..dia tak kata Anuwar berzina..dia suruh ahli Pkr menilai,sapa itu Anuwar..pemimpin anugerah tuhan..tak timbul soal Qazaf..yg kita nak tahu dlm video tuh Anuwar ke tidak..
    dato eskay bersumpah..dia ada dalam video tuh..jadik,bukak ler video tu balik..ada tak eskay dalam ler, ada.
    saya dah 3kali mengundi..semuanya saya pangkah Tian Chua..dua kali dia kalah dan 2008 tian chua menang..bukan sbb saya sokong tian chua,sbb sokong anuwar...
    disebabkan pendedahan video tersebut...dengan ini saya bersumpah..saya tidak akan memangkah mana2 calon Pakatan Rakyat...HAKTUIIIII

  83. Hei you All whether it is him or not is not for us to judge....islam prohibits slandering...if it is not true tak pasal2 kita buat dosa.....if its so lets Allah decide...for the muslim take yr time a study the qurans teaching...kita mengumpat via online ni dosanya yaAllah amat besar becos the whole world is reading....penat sembahang, pegi hj, buat umrah....

  84. Hei you All whether it is him or not is not for us to judge....islam prohibits slandering...if it is not true tak pasal2 kita buat dosa.....if its so lets Allah decide...for the muslim take yr time a study the qurans teaching...kita mengumpat via online ni dosanya yaAllah amat besar becos the whole world is reading....penat sembahang, pegi hj, buat umrah....

  85. Anonymous1:34 am

    Hoi HAKTUI,
    Kalau kau nak main pempuan sundal, ko bagi ke kawan ko duduk dalam bilik sama?
    Kalau ko nak main pempuan sundal, ada ke bukak seluar macam salin baju tepi sungai?
    Kalau ko nak main pempuan sundal,ko ajak kawan ke? Bodoh punya Hak tuii!

  86. Anonymous10:14 am

    Maybe Anwar The Omega Man....should bersumpah in a mosque controlled by the PAS? After all..the so called Spiritual Leader of PAS has condemned all UMNO people to hell and has siad that those who follow PAS will goto syurga right?
    Has anyone seen The Omega Man bersumpah anywhere?
    What say you Wan Azizah? Or has The Omega Man shut up up?