Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Forget Dato T, the question is who is Dato S?

WANTED BY INDIA. A Malaysian tycoon has apparently been interviewed by India's Central Bureau of Investigation in relations to an on-going corruption probe on India's former telco minister. The red IC-ed Dato S, who operates from Brickfields, is said to own US$500 million worth of properties in India. An accountant by training with strong links with Tamil Nadu, Dato S also owns several commercial properties in KL.
p.s. But if Dato T is still your cup of tea, do read Firdaus' take An I for an I .. 


  1. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Darjah Indera Mahkota Pahang????

  2. Anonymous6:59 pm

    dia peguam kah, akauntan? Atau dua dalam satu

  3. Anonymous6:59 pm


  4. Anonymous7:03 pm

    KFM , u ade kenaal same ini org kah!!!

  5. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Ini pasti belaci John Soh. Finger Lickin Good'ah!!!!!. Anon 6.59, u r rite, wat de F is Income Tax doin!!!!

  6. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Krishna Kumar u punye machan kah!!!!!

  7. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Hmm Dato R trying to bring Dato S to the forefront, so people will forget Dato T's fuck up!!! Very Interesting

  8. Anonymous7:07 pm

    Siape kelling ni

  9. Anonymous7:09 pm

    DATO R S AND T. Malaysia Bole!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous7:13 pm

    The company kept depositing the rent but the plot was sold by Saravanan to Shangkalpam Industries Pvt Ltd, Coonoor, for a sum of Rs. 25 crore, much below the market price, which is estimated to be around Rs. 200 crore. The land deal was struck just before the 2009 Lok Sabha elections. But Voltas never pursued the case and the court never sent notices to the respondents. It’s clear that highlevel mediation silenced the company and prevented it from actively pursuing legal proceedings. Now it’s up to the CBI to find out how Saravanan was able to get the power of attorney of 18 persons and execute the land deal.

    Shangkalpam Industries, which now owns the property, is run by Dr Shanmughanathan Vellanthurai, 45, a Malay – sian auditor and businessman. He is also director of Shan & Co, an audit firm which has close links with Raja and Ratnam, who is Rajathiammal’s auditor. Shanmugham is a tax expert who once worked with Ernst & Young. It’s a mystery why the Income Tax department didn’t bother to probe the prime land deal in Chennai — normally, its intelligence wing does routine checks on big land deals. Only after the Radia tapes were leaked did the CBI interrogate Ratnam and raid his residence. The CBI is exploring whether any spectrum money was used for the land deals.

  11. Anonymous7:14 pm

    According to a business associate, Dr Shanmughanathan has close contacts with Raja and is an influential businessman in Malayasia. He is also on the board of Kamdar Group (M) Berhad, an investment holding company, and engages in the import, export, retail and wholesale of textile and textile-based products globally. The Kamdar group has operations in South Africa too. It is said his close relatives are manning Shangkalpam Industries in India. Dr Shanmughanathan was introduced to A Raja by his relative, Dr Kumaraswamy Shanmughanathan, who heads the Colacumby tea estates in the Nilgiris and is a PhD in dairy science.

    SHANGKALPAM LTD has an office in London, registered at the address 188 Royal College Street. The company was incorporated in 1993 and Shangkalpam Ltd owns a tea estate in Nilgiris, the constituency represented by Raja in the Lok Sabha. The company has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Dubai, the countries to which Raja and his men travel most frequently.

  12. Anonymous7:21 pm

    wah macam cherite hindustan je

  13. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Is he the Shan of Shan & Co? He became a millionaire overnight. And he has tremendous link with MIC. Talk is that he paid more than half a million to get Malaysian citizenship recently.

  14. his millions are in india.. anon 6;59 , how malaysia can collect?

  15. Anonymous9:43 pm

    Xkisahlah sape-sape!!!!!

    Kebenaraan nya SARAKAK jatuh kepada OPPOSITION!!!!!


  16. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Another diversion story once the Datuk T story backfired.
    What sort of journalism is this. Real Pariah style.

  17. Berani ke keluarkan dalam Malay Mail esok sebagai berita utama berkenaan dengan cerita tiga Dato (T}erlampau taukeh blue video yang buat tayangan perdana di CSN tu..

  18. Anonymous10:54 pm

    Wah, ic merahpun bole jadi kaya raya

  19. Anonymous10:55 pm

    samy vellu ke

  20. Anonymous10:57 pm

    dato T is a joke n dato S is patsy

  21. Anonymous11:04 pm

    dato saravanan ke?

  22. Anonymous11:07 pm

    Datuk Trio?? All that money to consultants and you clowns come up with Trio? Sigh, if only there was a word beyond lame to describe you people...

  23. Anonymous11:24 pm

    By the way, is it not time for Fatimah Zuhri to resurrect herself and provide valuable distracts for the Pakatan, in view of the forthcoming elections in Sarawak?


  24. Anonymous1:02 am

    hahaha...forget Dato T when it is so clear now that UMNO is behind the video ? True or not, is this the Islamic way ? Ask yourself Rocky if and when you go to the mosque this friday.


  25. Anonymous7:35 am

    Sure it is Dato S?

    The biggest con man from brickfields is Brickfields Kannan.

    Telco deal is linked to ratna vellu

  26. Anonymous9:53 am

    yeah. we need to forget dato T. what an anti-climaks...

    good luck najib.

  27. Anonymous10:34 am

    siapa dia, cakap lah bang

  28. Anonymous11:19 am

    must be SANTANA

  29. Anonymous11:22 am

    dato samy ka?

    -m fadhil yahya

  30. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Maybe Free Malaysia Today can do a follow up

  31. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Biar seluar dah terlondeh, senang je suruh orang lupakan. Alih ke topik lain. Peduli apa dengan orang yang kena zalim tu. Lagipun bukan 'geng' kita. Inilah yang kita orang Melayu banggakan.

  32. Anonymous12:40 pm

    An Indian federal minister received hundreds of thousands of dollars by allocating 2-G telephone licenses to firms that had no experience in the field. It is known as the 2-G scandal!!!!

  33. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Looks like somebody has been cleaning money for Andimuthu Raja or is it the Tamil CM's daughter???

  34. Anonymous12:48 pm

    wow tis is a US$40 billion scandal

  35. Is he also Finance Director and Shareholder of a Malaysian Public Listed Company?

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  36. Anonymous2:57 pm

    AN I 4 AN 1, tulisan SB kah

  37. Anonymous3:11 pm

    and one of the latuk T is one sick marderfarker who buggered & ravished a 15 years old child... ???

    all the sickos in amno only have one thing in their sick mind... sex, sex & more sex!

    no wonder the country is so fcuked-up!

  38. Anonymous4:12 pm

    " Anwar should step down in the interest of the nation"... says one thamby guy?


    One darn blardy funny thamby fler !

    BTW, any idea what happen to that 16 years old girl?

  39. Anonymous4:15 pm

    Seems like Najis & Mamak Kutty cannot get him by the arse !

    Now trying to grab him by the dicky!

  40. Anonymous4:37 pm

    This Latuk T thing...

    Other than cutting-ribbons & taking oversea holidays, it looks like he got nothing else better to do...

    Pity you people having to bear with stupid & incompetent leaders.

    KiasuBoleh & 1Kiasu

  41. Anonymous4:37 pm

    This Latuk T thing...

    Other than cutting-ribbons & taking oversea holidays, it looks like he got nothing else better to do...

    Pity you people having to bear with stupid & incompetent leaders.

    KiasuBoleh & 1Kiasu

  42. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Dear Rocky, I have a question for you. The Malaysian Insider wrote : Abdul Rahim had also promised to bring Johari to see Najib after he had viewed the sex video.

    Why must he meet Najib, immediately after viewing a sex video . . . . ha ha ha ha nak melepas kot!!!!!


  43. Anonymous5:04 pm

    Donplay, why dont we check out KFM Bhd and Kamdar to find out more

  44. Anonymous5:06 pm

    Glassman, how bout the properties in Malaysia. These are commercial buildings, which also comes into RM100's of millions. Income tax, over to you

    SxAx & Co

  45. Anonymous6:11 pm

    Alamak, belum habis kisah hilang dan bakar, dah yang ni pulak. Macam mana Hindraf, geng hangpa boleh jadi tycoon nih?.

    Yang betina2 Cina Doll tak habis2 jadi alat jolok2, sejak zaman MatSalleh, sampai Adun pun kekalkan tradisi kangkang dijolok2.

    Anyway Datok A, soon will be auctioned off to the highest bidder macam lembu. Jo & 5, kalau ikut TS Rahim and theory Tuan Syed, dah mula letak bid.

    DAP dah sediakan Melayu celop dakwat, incase somethg goes wrong.

    TGNA and Hadi dah sebut cara Syariah, hah hukum hudud - rejam smpai mati

    Anugerek - Nala duk spare puluhan tape lain for highest bidders

    Ummi siap bara api nak salai hidup2

    Skillyannon duk mengelabah, cari passpot mana nak guna nak lari naik submarine..

    Zizah will breakdown and join UMNO to spike Datok A.. Datok A akhirnya akan jadi nyanyok macam Monsterball, menjaja batang kat trafic light SubangJaya.

    Macam2 ending bole.



  46. Anonymous6:51 pm

    ye ne dei dato S(hit).

    no wonder the estate indians are so poor and less educated. you took all the money back to india.

    wonder what the fcuking HINDRAF got to say about this. these fools have been barking the wrong tree all these while.

    wonder how many more like this dato S(hit)are siphoning and amassing wealth back to india.


  47. Anonymous7:03 pm

    so this what the barisan najis been spending all their time...

    into making and watching sex movies.

  48. Dato T, Dato' S, Dato, Z ... to help you out, Leman has simplified things in a most easy-to-read reference here.


  49. Anonymous7:18 pm

    kepada anon 6:59pm

    bodoh ke apa kalau dah ada properties kat india tu takde kena mangena dgn INCOME TAX la bongok..

    hang ingat senang nak pantau 3 juga org kat malaysia...

  50. Anonymous7:22 pm

    dan korang ingat INCOME TAX bila siasat nak heboh macam ayam bertelur sebijik riuh sekampung??pergi baca akta (undang-undang) sebelum menyalahkan pihak lain..

    Yang lagi bodoh dan bangsat adalah orang yang ada maklumat (bukan tuduh rocky) tapi tak nak hulurkan maklumat.

    Ini lah orang paling tak guna kerana hanya pandai mencari kesalahan orang tetapi langsung tak bertanggungjawap membantu

  51. Anonymous9:25 pm

    Agak-Agak POLIS tangkap tak Bang Nuar untuk siasatan!!!!!

    UMNO,, Bila lagi nak buat REPORT POLIS!!!!


  52. Anonymous10:24 pm

    LHDN only 'berani' to the small fish lah...if they kacau these wealthy people - they might lost their job beb..i just receive 'Anggaran Cukai Pendapatan Tahun 2006'..and ask me to pay hefty sum..PCB pun dia tak kira...kapla but*h punya LHDN

  53. Anonymous7:26 am

    The best and most factually sound explanation so far:

    Dato' SK

  54. Anonymous8:58 am


  55. These are entirely different matters.

    Dato S I trust the authorities will pursue and not lose sleep over.

    Dato T's pursuit of the truth is of a different class altogether that we should be eternally and gleefully grateful for and assist with our best efforts and prayers.

  56. tan siri tan3:04 pm

    Forget T for S? Oho no... nice try R, but no way. Who can forget T's massive screwups by appearing in a press con still looking like A? And his suspicious actions too

    Why was T (former consul to Thailand), so fixated on Thai intelligence getting the tape? Why not Singapore or Indonesia?

    Why did T runaway when reporters asked to see the tape?

    Why is T story about finding tape when looking for the watch, when he admit he was in video himself?

  57. Anonymous3:19 pm

    akhirnya akan jadi air mani

  58. Jinjang Jill4:53 pm

    Anonymous 8:58 AMsaid...


    Dei Tambi, cannot even touch one piece of your bulu - you straightaway get hysterical is it? You people go bashing other races on the heads- its ok is it? Waa, can dish out but cannot take it? Like that, better ask Queen Elizabeth to adopt you quickly. Off you go!

  59. He is small balls..huge belly...can never see his own prick and balls for life...aiyoh yo Samy Vellu la.

  60. Anonymous8:02 am

    wah rm500 mil n can get blue ic. thats corruption. NFA frm police, immegration or tax department on his massive wealth or hoe he got his citizenship. undilah BN

  61. Anonymous8:41 am


  62. Anonymous2:23 pm

    anon 7.22 pm, habe harta kat malaysia tu mcm? mane depa dpt rial nake beli bangunan disini. income tax take payah periksa iye. koa ni kerja dgn shan iye. isteghi hang pun bawah si india tuu iye.

  63. Anonymous3:07 am

    Pasai Omega Datuk A, mereka sewaktu dengannya semua nih tak selekeh beli kat KL or Singapore..

    Usually dijadikan macam souvenir bila shopping kat Paris or London.

    Biasanya set his and hers. Leather, Red gold, White gold semuanya ader, nak padankan dengan cufflinks, hehe

    Selalunya, will also buy similar sets for anak2 menantu2 mereka termasuk cucu.

    Just imagine, kalo kita kita sekadar mampu beli souvenirs keychain ajer klo shopping kat sana!

    Syiok nu depa ni duk peghabih duit rakyat, betoi hamsap ler mereka semua ni..


  64. DatoSean1:36 am

    Anonymous said...
    Siape kelling ni
    7:07 PM

    haram jadah yg guna perkataan perkauman mcm ni mestilah jenis sembah syaitan....dasar bangsa bangsat.

  65. Anonymous4:58 pm

    He had office in sun plaza Chennai and lot of fraud was committed from there.

  66. Anonymous2:01 am

    hurm, i kinda don get the story! can someone please tell me what's the real story?

  67. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Dr. Shanmughanathan--- want to know who first leaked information about you ? Not only lunches-- not a cup of tea is free in this world today

  68. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Dato S, Respond to this mail.