Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sarawak Reports vs Sarawak Report

Also readable: Foreign-funded RFS under MCMC probe

The difference one S makesReading Gordon Brown's Double Talk on the Evnironment in the Sarawak Reports, I was overwhelmed by sweet surprise at the portal's ability to be fair in its report on Sarawak. I soon realized, of course, that this was Sarawak Reports with additional S (thanks Magpie for the alert and separating the two) and not Sarawak Report

The one with one S is run by one Clare Brown, the otherwise obscure sis-in-law of failed PM Gordon Brown (as exposed by Sarawak Reports), who should really go after her own bro-in-law for failing the Britons with his environmentally UNfriendly policies when he was PM.


  1. Anonymous6:24 pm

    PERGI Jahanam Serawak,,,,,,Undang - undang apa kat Malaysia ni,,,,ADUN PKR takleh enter Sarawak!!!!!

    In that case apa jadi dengan 1 Malaysia concept,,,,,!!!!

    - SERA wak SIAL-

  2. This Clare woman bak pepatah modified saya "Kuman diseberang Laut nampak, Gajah depan mata kat England tak nampak".

    Berapa banyak agaknya perempuan ini dibayar untuk melalak pasal Sarawak agaknya.

    note: Bro kena printer's hantu ka; "evnironment".

  3. Anonymous6:42 pm

    bruno manser. where lays his body? who is responsible? rocky

  4. Anonymous5:24 am

    how much taib and najib paying u?

  5. Anonymous9:22 pm

    This is modern day missionary bro rocky.

    If they can't get you by your balls, they will try your arse.

    B.A.B.I. should know better.

  6. Anonymous11:54 pm

    SERA wak SIAL,

    Maybe they want to protect Niah Caves and ensure that it will always remain as a famous archaeological site?

    Cuba tengok kat Semenanjung, apa dah jadi..


  7. ADUN PKR takleh masuk...keh keh keh. Sapa-sapa pun tak boleh masuk kalau kerajaan negeri tak bagi masuk. Ingat perjanjian sebelum Malaysia dibentuk? Lupa ker buat-buat lupa? Tak setuju dengan perjanjian tu? Maknanya tak setuju dengan pembentukan Malaysia. Kalau tak setuju tak payah harapkan undi orang Sarawak yang ko panggil sial tu vavi.

  8. Anonymous11:53 am

    So What Datuk Rocky? I am rather exasperated that you're not looking at the main issue here..
    Whether or not Clare or the ex-British PM has their share of dark histories, I'm rather surprised that no action has been taken on Taib by the MACC; not a case opened.. instead Radio Free Sarawak is now being investigated. In the interest of justice and fairness, why not investigate BOTH RFS and Taib?

    On a non-related issue (though in the interest of a fair trial) I do not care for Anwar nor his case. Anwar is never a good politician in my book. But what makes me doubt the fairness of our judicial system is the simple fact that even though multiple DNAs were found in Saiful's anus, no one seems to care that by all accounts, Saiful has engaged in homosexual activities, and should be charged as well? Is he not a Muslim? is not sex between homosexual (please, let's not pretend that it is not consensual) illegal in Malaysia? Even if Anwar DID sodomize Saiful, according to the logic of the trial, those other male DNAs indicate some other males have also sodomize Saiful; don't tell me he is the victim ALL the time? why the double standards?

    in both cases, what is wrong with investigating both sides? Taib should have been investigated first because he is a politician, whose name MUST be cleared in the interest of good and transparent governance of Sarawak..

    i dont get your angle, Datuk.. why the lopsided view?


  9. Anonymous12:03 pm

    To "- SERA wak SIAL- 6:24 PM"

    Memang ko dah dikaburi sejarah yang dimodified UMNO..

    the actual truth:


    all four parts were meant to be equal, and without Sabah and Sarawak (to balance out the bumiputera numbers), Malaysia as envisioned by Tunku would never have been formed.

    so what happend to us (Sabah and Sarawak) now? just one out of the 13 states, when we are supposed to be one out of four entities, and our 18 (and 20) Points Agreements ignored, thanks to the machination of UMNO and their puppets in Sabah and Sarawak (Taib's biggest CRIME)

    1Malaysia concept is noble and all, but it seems to be a political rally-call rather than an implementable tool. Najib says 1 thing abt 1Malaysia, and his underlings would do (and say) a few more racist things just to unravel it..


  10. Skilgannon10662:45 pm

    Has Gordon Brown been investigated for, say, bribery, corruption, illegal enrichment, tax evasion and the stashing of funds in overseas tax havens? Or does he own substantial real estate assets outside the UK which cannot be justified on his salary as British Prime Minister?

    Seems to me that the "garang" British media, spearheaded by the rightwing-leaning Rupert Murdoch's newspapers, would have gone after any such allegations, and exposed them with glee.

  11. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Menantu saman anak RM400 juta. Bukti apa lagi yang Yang Berbahagia Datuk Rocky mahu.

  12. The report to the MACC seems to have been made some time ago.

    The allegations seem factual and conclusions or status of investigations should have been made public before calling for elections.

    How can one investigate truth of RFS without MACC conlusions?

    If he is guilty he has to pay. How much does one need?

  13. Anonymous3:01 pm

    A "fair report on Sarawak" - I laughed when I read that comment. You show a real lack of understanding on environmental issue, when you suggest this.