Thursday, March 31, 2011

In response to Bishop Moon (Christians are less likely to Riot)

There has been a systematic and progressive pushing back of the public space to practise, to profess and to express our faith. For example, the wearing and displaying of crosses and other religious symbols, the use of religious words and the construction of places of worship have been restricted. - Bishop Ong Moon Hing
Excerpts from Twitterjaya: @hwabeng Why Christian politicians in BN fail to engage with the Christian Federation of Malaysia/NECF about the Al-Kitab issue etc n resolve it in Godly love?@hwabeng @simonsclim I don't see much love coming from the likes of  Bishop Paul Tan or CFM/NECF. They are politicising everything.
Msia's freedom to worship: A global comparison.. In my weekly column in  The Malay Mail today, I was compelled to offer my own modest views on our rights as citizens to religion and worship. The online reporting and discussions on the Christian Federation of Malaysia's response to the Bahasa Melayu Alkitabs was flawed in context and even malicious in intent, in my opinion. I have taken the liberty to quote some tweets on the subject, especially on how the issue is being politicized, and compared the CFM's problems with issues that journalists confront on a daily basis with the KDN. Please read Play It By The Book (it should be up soon).

SatD, the prolific blogger from the spiritual world, takes a dive deep into the realm of research to come up with a study on freedom of religion and worship, comparing ours with some other Muslim majroity countries. He is also responding to the Bishop's press statement, which he carried in full in his posting Flirting with Disaster: An Analysis on the demand for religious freedom in Malaysia.

In, an article taken from Singapore Straits Times headlined Christians less likely to riot drew scores of comments from upset readers. They, too, have their sets of problems and a politician's comment, sometime with no malicious intent, can go very wrong. The newspaper's headline captures the spirit what Singapore is facing -- Maintaining harmony here (Singapore) "a daily struggle". Of course the politician had his own way of putting across his views. In this case, not the best way!

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