Thursday, March 31, 2011

Must Die a millionaire!

JEBAT MUST DIE. Most people who have read his blog thinks JMD is an old, wise man. He is wise, yes, but not old. The first time I met JMD after March 8, 2008, at an at the Perdana Leadership Foundation hosted by or in honour of Tun Dr Mahathir, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the author of the blog's well-researched postings is a dude over a decade younger than myself. A fiercely proud Malaysian, loyal to bangsa dan agama, lover of his country's diversity, the dude lives up to Jebat's reputation. (Incidentally, Jebat, according to Sejarah Melayu, is extremely popular with the girls).  
Screenshot at 410pm, 1/4/11
His latest posting, Of Alkitab and the petty people behind it, will make JMD officially a "millionaire". There are quite a few Malaysian bloggers who have gotten more than 1,000,000 unique visitors now but they are still in the minority.  
Congratulations, JMD. Click H E R E to cross keris with the dude, or if you wish to congratulate him.


  1. Dear Datuk,

    Thank you for this honour. It is a pleasure to be amongst the 'millionaires' of cyberspace.

    Incidentally, today 31st March is exactly the 3rd year annivesary of this blog.

    It was renamed JMD on 31st March 2008.

    Things have changed a lot. But the battles and tribulations as well as the thrills remain more or less the same.

    It is absolutely a worthwhile adventure and I must thank you for allowing my blog to be associated with yours.

    Rome wasn't built in a day. A blogger wasn't born overnight. But friendships can be built in split seconds.

    Thank you and have a blessed journey ahead.

    Warmest regards,


  2. Anonymous7:02 am

    Datuk Rocky,

    Khabar angin mengatakan kos haji Muasasah akan naik 30%-40% dari RM10,000 ke RM13,000-RM14,000. Jika ini berlaku, diucap terima kasih yang tidak terhingga kepada pengurusan Tabung Haji kerana menambahkan beban kepada pakcik makcik di kampung yang berpendapatan rendah. SIla baca lapuran Bernama di bawah dimana Menteri di JPM telah memberi HINT tentang perkara ini.

    Ahad Mac 13, 2011
    Kos Tunai Haji Akan Diumum Dalam Masa Terdekat - Jamil Khir
    YAN: Kos mengerjakan ibadat haji akan diumumkan dalam masa terdekat, kata Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Jamil Khir Baharom pada Ahad.

    Beliau berkata, kerajaan telah meneliti kajian mengenai cadangan itu yang dibuat Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) tahun lepas.

    "Tunggulah sama ada berlaku kenaikan kos atau tidak. Semua faktor yang mempengaruhi kos menunaikan fardu haji diambil kira, namun kerajaan manilai tambang yang bakal diumumkan nanti sebagai sesuai dan tidak membebankan jemaah," katanya.

    Beliau yang ditemui pemberita selepas Majlis Jalinan Rakyat Bersama Menteri di sini, berkata antara faktor yang diambil kira TH dalam cadangannya ialah pembangunan yang berlaku di sekitar Masjidil Haram dan Kota Mekah.


  3. Anonymous7:56 am

    You , as a typical UMNO stooge prides in the superficial & superfluous thrills such as page hits and style & shouts of bluff insider scoops

    Its the real contents readers that matter are interested in.

    For that Rockybru plus a few more connected to the top Blogs are just a bunch of shameless Malaysia traitors disguised as Ketuanan Melayu 1Malaysia champions

    the know all

  4. Salam Datuk,

    Yes, JMD is painstakingly well researched and one of the few who will find the time to reply to comments. Always very courteously I hasten to add.

    Thank you

  5. Anonymous9:57 am

    Salms Dato,
    Well done JMD,but please don"t b a Hero Bunga!


  6. Anonymous10:30 am

    What so great about Jmd ? You tell me! Another umno spinner twisting the TRUTH...Jebat would turn in his grave to see him disgraced with what this Jmd guy is cabable off twisting ! Perhaps Hang Tuah would befitting him !go back to the Segerah Melayu to see what was Jebat and what he did !!

  7. 1. JMD wa caya lu Bro.

    2. Bishop Moon should try go to China or Egypt to realise how heavenly Christians or any other non Muslim religions are treated in Malaysia.

  8. Hang Lekiu Must be Hanged3:22 pm

    What's so great about Jebat Must Die? Like the anonymous poster above says, he's merely another umno spinner. To which I must add, he's merely another Mahathir licker. Quite a few of these irritating Mahathir-licking bloggers around.

  9. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Dear Rocky,

    In the first place, why Jebat must die in the first place.

    He is the one who have the guts to stand up and fight injustice and to avenge his companion death and the dishonor of his companion's wife.

    This attribute is an honorable one.

    In the end Hang Jebat is willing to sacrifice himself by giving the Taming Sari to Hang Tuah.

    Who is actually the hero here. In my book and I'm sure there are a lot others, Hang Jebat is my hero.

  10. Rocky,

    May I suggest that these anonymous losers set up their own blog and see if it's worth reading by anyone.

    The words used are typical of those species who were born with stunted intelligence and imcomplete upbringing.

    They are destined to be pathetic whiners and losers in both the cyberworld and life.

    Things speaks for itself, doesn't it?

  11. Anonymous4:47 pm

    Bird of a feather flock together...

    So what?

  12. Anonymous5:17 pm


    Yes, JMD is an unabashed Mahathir fan. I'm not however (used to be).

    However, I take my hats off to him for his well articulated & researched writtings.

    He & the Kelantanese guy, Sat D are one of those few bloggers who take time & effort to substantiate their views. Though Sat D needs to do away with expletives.

    But agree or disagree, we do it in a civilised way & credit must be given whenever due.

    It's sad however, that you don't see this civility & objectivity from those who claim to be fighters for justice & good governance.

    Their hatred & bigotry has truly blinkered them & as such, despite my grievances with the ruling regime,it is they who are a bigger & worse threat to this country


  13. Dear LOCK,

    Thank you for the soft-boiled kind thots. It means a lot to guys like us who still try. Sometimes I wonder why people like JMD and SatD do it; there's absolutely no money in it for them. For guys like me, we grew up with pen, typewriters and keyboards. Sudah darah daging.

    Thank you again.

  14. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Salam Dato.

    Yes JMD is extra ordinary.His articles and rebuttal are great.Demi Negara and Pure Shiite are great too.Just love reading their articles. Their knowledge are amazing.

    But Dato'... You are still Penghulu segala bloggers...


  15. Anonymous8:51 pm

    Your're most welcomed Dato'

    I think those guys are decent family guys who deeply care about what' gonna happens to their children & their peers & by extension , to this beloved country.

    Of course, all of us have different views on it. But I think they'do it again for free -- as I would, if I had both the time, patience & flair - a hundred lifetimes if they felt it mattered most.


  16. Hi Tron,

    I'm sorry to say but you are a whiner yourself. Asking the "anonymous losers" to set up their own blog and see if it's worth reading is like suggesting "he's a millionaire blogger, so just shut up". The other comments may have their own point (in this case, they accuse JMD of being a spinner), so if these "losers" do blogs and not get good pageviews, should their dissent be ignored altogether?

    It's like telling off a person who criticized a football team for playing badly by saying "if you think you're that good, why don't YOU do it?". Now whether the critic is good or bad in football has nothing to do with, and doesn't change the fact that the football team played badly.

  17. Skilgannon10663:14 pm

    Some idiot went and
    burned the Quran in the US.

    In retaliation, some other idiots in Afghanistan torched a UN compound in the country and killed a number of UN staff and their Nepalese guards.

    All in the name of the Almighty!

    I don't see JMD or SatD, for all their reputed eloquence, commenting on these topics.

    Why? Is it because in the US, people can burn the Bible or the Quran, while both holy books are freely available there without restrictions?

    Is it because in countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, "blasphemy" laws are used to target non-Muslims and threaten them with the death penalty, with nary a peep from Islamic intellectuals?

    If you want to debate, be intellectually and morally honest, at least!