Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"My friend Din Merican ..."

So Din Merican is JR Malott's friend and Malott is Din's friend. That's OK and that explains why Din Merican is putting his already-shortened neck at stake to defend Malott's rather awful piece on Malaysia, which has riled so many Malaysians. Din said Malott's intentions were good. That may be so, but as a former ambassador surely Malott is aware that good intentions are not good enough. You have to deliver them well. Din Merican has the benefit of being Malott's friend so he can say he knows where the man's coming from. The rest of us are not as lucky. But we do understand English.

The mainstream media's response to Malott has been quite sober, I must say. The New Straits Times produced articles by Azmi Anshar (Malott trying to distract us from Anwar's woes) and Shamsul Akmar (Get your facts right, Malott!), among others. These are not friends of Malott but professional journalists who exposed and discussed Malott's flawed assessments. No names-calling, as far as I remember. The Utusan Malaysia also came up with editorials to correct Malott's harsh description of Malaysia. Sometimes they are a little harsh, too, but not more harsh than Malott had been about us in his article, surely.

None of the writers in our mainstream media called Malott Anwar's pet as Rachel Motte did in her article, though. The NST and Utusan reproduced Motte's article simply because it would be of interest to read what an American blogger thought of it all, but that's now being used against them by both Din Merican.

I thought nobody read NST and Utusan anymore; guess I was wrong!

It's interesting to note that Rchel Motte's article has now been brought down by the New Ledger and I'm not sure if NST and Utusan are going to do the same. Malott seems to be putting the pressure on our papers with his threat of a legal suit, and Din Merican in his latest posting  Mainstream Media and Umno Bloggers seems to be providing Malott the justification to sue the Malaysian papers.

I don't think Din and Malott should get too worked up by the whole thing. It's not like the papers started it, too, y'know. When Malott wrote the offending article in Wall Street Journal, I'm sure he expected -- hope for -- some backlast. Let's continue with the debate and not resort to legal suits.

p.s And Aang Din Merican, please advise your friend lah. And also, I strongly urge you to take alternative-stream media Malaysiakini to one side, quietly, to set the record straight. They can't still bedescribing you as "a close associate of Anwar".
"According to Malott's latest article which appeared on Din Merican's, a close associate of Anwar, blog, he said that he is now contemplating legal action against both dailies."
The fact, as I know it, is Din Merican is no longer a close associate of Anwar Ibrahim. In his political ride, Din is now in "N" mode (that's "Neutral", not necessarily "Najib"). Yes, he used to be in "P" (for Pak Sheh aka Anwar) gear but that was another lifetime ago.


  1. Skilgannon10663:48 pm

    Nazri wants Malott banned from Malaysia??? Oooh, and Malott is supposed to be running scared over the antics of a wannabe Khairy J (without the attendant benefit of an Oxonian education)?

    Why not refute Malott by writing your own commentary and rebutting him point by point? There would be no dearth of media outlets in Malaysia who would be willing to publish such a piece.

    Heck, you can even send it to the Wall Street Journal Asia and the Singapore Straits Times and scream "selective censorship" if they refuse to publish it.

    But, alas, that would be too much like real work, wouldn't it?

  2. Malott is credible and his eloquent piece is believable.My Senior Cambridge-level of understanding of the English Language enables me to come to this conclusion.

  3. It's clear OUR politicians, MSM and bloggers feel free in dishing out comments and criticisms on the internal affairs of Singapore, Thailand, Burma, Indonesia, Isreal, USA, UK etc as and when they like. But when they are on the receiving end of "awful" criticism, they tend to lash out at any foreign critic and try and dismiss it (usually unsuccessfully) as the work of an Anwar/Zionist/USA lackey and sympathiser.

    They do not understand the concept of debate and if they succed in banning Malott from M'sia, guess who will end up the laughing stock? Does Narzi seriously think Malott will care two hoots or that he will be scoring points in the international arena?

    Malott is no mere ex-diplomat; he actually served under 7 USA Presidents (over 30 years) and three years here and is quite well informed about M'sian politics and policies. And it's not as though he consults Din Merican before writing his piece; he's his own man, which cannot be said for most of our MSM which are no more than mere mouthpieces for UMNO/BN!

    So, if they wish to debate Malottt and rebut his criticisms, they should prepare well and get their act together first instead of ending up looking like schoolboys! What ever happened to $100 million spindoctor advisors APCO? Were they not consulted or is it yet another case of water down the drain?

    As you will already have noted, Rachel Motte's (Rachel who?) attempts to discredit Malott backfired when she hastily withdrew her blog after Malott pointed out to her some defamatory lines. So much for that!

    Nazri had better know that when he takes on the big boys, he should exchange his shorts pants for long ones. Otw, it would all be NATO (No Action, Talk Only)! Or is it all talk and no trousers? Lol.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

  4. Ningrat5:29 pm


    malott's denial of being Anwar's whatever is laughable.
    EVERYBODY knows he hates Dr M and wsa so so so so close to Anwar.. that explains all the bad things about Malaysia while he was ambassador. And i can tell you, he stood up and walked out at one event when Dr m was guest of honour.

    Come on,....maybe those newbie PR supporters know nothing of this. But heck, it is common knowledge that ambassador Malott hated/hates Dr M for dr M's bold and no-holds-barred criticisms of the US.

    Malott's Wall Street journal piece? We all should get upset. Just because one hates the BN and PM Najib does not mean that we have to take all the crap said of Malaysia.

    Malott wants to sue hte NST and Utusan.. I think they'll welcome it because, they can gather all the printed stuff that Anwar said of Israel etc...and ties with some Arab groups... people who know of Malott's close assoication with Anwar...and how Anwar's family has been benefiting from all this...


    Odd: i remember Dr M was accused of being anti-semitic...

    Anwar ni tak ada kerja lain -- nak sue sue sue..


  5. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Ni orang yang nama nazri. Orang yang mempermainkan lagu negaraku dan bendera Malaysia pun dia tak boleh buat apa apa ada hati nak ban bekas duta. Pooorah

  6. some of my friends from penang were so worked up when reading Utusan's slanders on Penang's gov.

    But at least the Penang gov didn't propose to ban the sale of Utusan in Penang

    or ban any Utusan editors from entering Penang...

  7. Anonymous6:02 pm

    Nazri. You got no balls to take action against wee meng chee and you want mallot banned from Malaysia? You just like karpal - no bite, talk only.

  8. Anonymous7:14 pm

    mana ada professional journalists di msia ni bro... semua kena bayar.. ha ha

  9. Anonymous8:32 pm

    Rocky Bru is good at what he does. He has my respect for that. He is honouring me by giving my piece in defence of Malott some publicity. However, I will not going to follow his style. Let me say I am nobody’s poodle. I have strong views about what I see is happening in our country and will express them with courtesy to all. Rocky is a good friend and we will have tea tarik some day soon.

    If Najib does a job, he deserves to be complimented. It would be foolish on my part to do otherwise. I think, Malott has not said anything that can be said as attacking Najib’s government and I stand by it.–Din Merican

  10. Anonymous9:34 pm

    You lot are so stupid it's almost funny....

  11. Professional clerk9:38 pm

    Anon yang kata ... "mana ada professional journalists i msia ni bro... semua kena bayar.. ha ha 7:14 PM"

    Alamak bro Anon 7.14pm, professional tu maksudnya dibayar lah. kalau tak dibayar, kerja free, kuli batak nama dia.

    ha ha

  12. Anonymous10:17 pm

    so Malott the pet want to sue NST and Utusan. so anwar la you.

    why don't sue rachel motte as well.

    freedom of press malott and anwar style, and also din merican

  13. Bekah Pah11:16 pm

    Donplaypuk wrote:
    "Malott is no mere ex-diplomat; he actually served under 7 USA Presidents (over 30 years)

    So what he served 7 USA Presidents? Who cares? His allegiance is for the US.

    "...and three years here and is quite well informed about M'sian politics and policies."

    That's where and why he can manipulate, because he knows too much about our politics and policies. But does that say anything about his intention, if all that he knows and intention is to help bring down a legitimate government and to install a puppet gay leader of his choice.

  14. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Din Merican is a wolf in sheep skin. He sings the song of leaving Anwar and got his new job with the help of the government. Deep down he is still an Anwar pet after all>

  15. Anonymous11:34 pm

    nazri want to mallot banned from m'sia?

    why? the truth hurts?

  16. Anonymous11:34 pm


    Please tell us which part of Malott's article is not true? Truth hurts, isn't it?

    Why don't you refute Malott point by point by writing your own commentary?

  17. Anonymous12:27 am

    Haiya Latuk,

    Nowadays you don't have to attack your political opponent by using sharp weapons coz there is much better weapon (sharper indeed) and it is referred unofficially as Words of Mallote.

    Padlock Home

  18. I wish to refer to Shamsul Akmar's article, specifically his 'The affirmative action in Malaysia is targeted at the majority while in the US, it is for the minority'.

    It is amazing how he could be proud of this fact when normally it is politically correct to help the minorities rather than the majority. We have enough of information pointing to the poor record of the government in addressing the imbalance as well as the hijacking of opportunities by the well connected under NEP. The percentage was debatable and those under GLCs not included.

    The other point is his 'Compare this with the American affirmative action, which is targeted at improving the less than 15 per cent African-American population. Despite the small target, the minority is still the most disadvantaged with an economic equity of about seven per cent.'
    The fact that the President come from this minority group speaks volume about the maturity of US democracy. In Malaysia? The insecurity of the majority race is unbelievable.

  19. Classic case of a turncoat, or the 'Datuk" a traitor?

  20. Anonymous1:04 am

    Haiya Skillyanon,

    Why bother answer this man.. He once served under Clinton and Bush?

    You go ask him what Lewinsky did under his Boss desk, working hour sum more..why he not shame wan, still work for that type of boss?

    Iraq Mass weapon of destruction maniac, no pelove aloso cheat wan to go to war..talk so big about Amelican intelligence, like that boss aloso he work with ar???

    Haiya.. you go ask him about guatamelon Bay first, then come and talk big here..


  21. Anonymous3:21 am

    pemimpin hebat mendengar kritikan dan membalas nya dgn ilmiah dan fakta. bukan dgn cara BAN , Ban, Tangkap , tangkap.
    Allah pemberi rezeki dan bukan nya puak puak zalim

  22. Anonymous3:24 am

    “Sesungguhnya orang-orang yang suka terhebah tuduhan-tuduhan yang buruk dalam kalangan orang-orang yang beriman, mereka akan beroleh azab seksa yang tidak terperi sakitnya di dunia dan akhirat, dan (ingatlah) Allah mengetahui(segala perkara) sedang kamu tidak mengetahui (yang demikian)”

  23. Anonymous3:47 am

    And Skillyanon,
    Why u want to waste time on this Mallot lau ren, his place worse, wan to talk talk bad about uder people? cannot like dat wan laaa.

    Go wag wag your tail and ask him to look into the mirror first,

    ....Mr. Doudou Diène, a former United Nations Special Rapporteur on Contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance, stated after visiting several states in the U.S., "Racism and racial discrimination have profoundly and lastingly marked and structured American society....

    woof woof wag wag wag...


  24. Fauziah7:19 am

    If that is the case, why Din Merican bother to mintak duit pencen dari Najib untuk kerja di MIER.

    Mintaklah dengan Mallot untuk kerja dengan mana2 American firm.

    Masaalahnya ... Mat Salleh ingat dia pelakun dan pelawak Ahmad Daud.

    Dah tua pun

  25. Anonymous7:20 am


    Minda seorang hamba dari sub continent memuja tuan orang putih

  26. Anonymous8:48 am

    It's just one side of the coin.

    We should view it as a football match between two rival teams.

    Both sides have certain agendum, but more people prefer to believe the unbelievable.


  27. Anonymous9:04 am

    Typical of umno puks and bloggers to get wild up but they cannot see the truth .Well they have been spinning and spining they themselves get screwed and cannot see what is truth! from their eyes.
    Why don't they admit it that Malott is right!You can't fool people in this age of internet .

  28. Engku Ali9:28 am

    Malott's correct, to a large extent, you know. The so-called professional journalists who spoke out against Malott's piece were anti-Anwar in the first place and connected the two without much provocation.I am not an Anwar supporter but I have to speak up for him. Your post is largely biased.

  29. Parameswara9:57 am

    Rocky bro,

    I want to sue teh Wall Street journal adn John Malott for, respectively publishing a damning article on malaysia and our leaders and for writing the article. Tehre is MALICE.

    I can name several organizations that would LOVE to take a kegal suit against the Wall Street Journal and Malott.

    they may or may not be able to prove Anwar's links with terrorist groups but they can obtain enough information to meet that burden of proof....

    And Din Merican? Less said of him the better. But he's not important here.

    Nak main LIBEL? the tables can be turned. remember, not everyone has a short memory. With Malott, there is MALICE.

  30. Sayang Bangsa10:40 am

    Din Merican and his band of fans are a screwed-up lot. Anyone who posts differing comments from them are dubbed scums of the earth or paid UMNO cyber-troopers.
    Unlike you and other pro-UMNO bloggers, they are intolerant of UMNO or BN praising commentators.
    I had a bad experience with him and never again. I cease reading his blog a long time ago.
    At first, he allowed me to post my comments for a week and made me subject to commentators who chided me as Melayu UMNO bodoh pariah, Melayu idiot and other unsavory names.
    Later five of my postings he deleted. Instead Din himself wrote pieces attributed to me as though I am also like them praising Anwar and PKR.
    At first I let it go thinking that it was garbled. But after 5 repeated twisting of my comments - spinning words I didn't say, I have had it. It was not the age of teleprinter where stories can be garbled.
    Then I knew he played a dirty trick on me. I protested. And two or three knew that Din had played me out. Later he deleted my protest.
    Some saw my protests which was put on for a few minutes. They remarked Din that was unfair. Have you gone round the bend.
    He replied Sayang Bangsa is a scum of the earth. I pressed the delete button.
    Its okay to press the delete button. But putting words when I did not at all said it and posting it as me, was the lowest of the low.
    He is especially rabid when you praise Tun M. He and his commentators have got a big grudge against Dr M.
    I am not the only one. There were others lika Ilham who always bear the brunt of hatred among the people there. He will delete Ilham's comments but will allow others to take a stab at Ilham.
    There were commentators like La-Di-La, Bumi Boy, Asril Sani who were all banished from the blog. He will delete their comments but will allow comments against them. Really nauseating when the original comments were deleted, but the response from commentators were used.
    His wife also posted a nasty comment to Bumi Boy, a young college boy which was later withdrawn by her.
    Such stupidity from her, quarelling with a budak hingusan.
    It's no wonder PKR is not in power. If Din & Co run newspapers, all stories for BN will be deleted.
    That's for certain since with just a small blog, they can shut up commentators.

  31. Bunnies10:43 am

    I must say that Malott's observation of us is very true.. of course, there are those who refuse to believe or rather, is all worked up by Malott's observation. I wonder why?? In such instances, I must say, siapa yang makan cili, dia la yang rasa pedas.

    If we are not as Malott portray us to be, than why all the angers? Banning him from entering Malaysia?? What is that?? Can someone please go tell nazri to grow up??!! Always putting us all to shame... Please!!

  32. Anonymous11:33 am

    professional clerk prof bermaksud sesuatu perkerjaan yang dibuat demi ilmu, sejagat dan saksama bukan dibayar, jika dibayarpun bukan kepada diri empunya badan tapi atas nama fellownya atau pengurus.... ha ha ha

  33. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Sri Lanka gain independence around the same time as Persekutuan Tanah Melayu.

    Philipinas gain independence long before Malaysia and was way ahead of Malaysia at the time of Merdeka.

    Both are currently a fucked up country, yet all these ang mohs never bother to hilight the success of affermative action in Malaysia in cumparison with Sri Lanka and Philippinas. A case of selective myopia...

    Mat Bonk

  34. Jebatmustdie1:07 pm

    It is amusing that Mallott chose to rebut Rachel's article but failed to rebut Azmi Anshar's and Shamsul Akmar's take about him.

    Made me believe, it was Mallott that drew first blood, and not the other way around. Please don't portray yourself as a victim, Mr Mallott.

    He was the one who made the biased, insidious and outright malicious opinion about Malaysia in his original article.

    And now crying foul over the right of others to speak against him?

    Liberals are all fascist in nature. Crying for freedom of speech but would be the first to silence critics if they are against them (the liberals).

    Thank you.


  35. Anonymous1:10 pm


    Mallot's article has been rebutted by Azmi Anshar and Shamsul Akmar.

    Please click on the links provided by Rocky.

    Or would that be too complicated by you?

    Thank you.

  36. Adipati Anom2:31 pm

    Din Merican? Is this turdpile news?

    This vain, fat slob Anwar poodle is a joke lah bro. Even plagiarised Kijangmas' writing some time back.

    He's probably looking for a new master now that anwar is going nowhere in Msian politics.

  37. http://al-kaedah.blogspot.com/2011/02/pelik-tapi-benar-dinasihatkan-agar.html

  38. Based on the figures - hardly anyone reads Utusan and NST anymore. Because a couple of NST journos actually wrote on NST does not mean the others do....

    If you read the Malott piece it was not an indictment on Malaysia but on the current government.

  39. Jakarullah7:52 pm

    here's the thing, bro. malott has maligned the country and the government. he wrote it in the wall street journal. that is his view. we can agree or disagree with him.

    it does look like we CANNOT disagree with him.

    honestly, i think the facts he stated as in specific facts, are factual but he misrepresented them to support his claims or he interprestes them to support his claims.

    also, i read the Rachel Motte's article -- the original (before it was taken down) and the one that was republished by the NST.

    The nST took out all those remarks by Motte about Anwar and terrorism and also some so-called flattering bits about Najib. Din Merican was quoting that ONE line in the final paragraph.

    I am no lover of the NST although I do read it because it is a newspaper and I have been reading it since i was young - i read the Star too, the Sun etc).

    i do believe that the NST was not malicious because it took out all those contentious parts about Anwar and terrorism.

    it looks like the NST had overlooked that one line quoted by Din Merinca. if anything, the NST was careless...

    The entire (published) Motte's piece is simply a rebuttal of Malott -- which is so harmless and i am sure allowed under any law.

    So NST can prove that it had NO malice...simply careless...and if Din had not pointed it out...you'd miss it completely -- which I did..

  40. Ibrahim9:33 pm

    Sayang Bangsa is so right about Din Merican. When I first entered a comment on the blog, folks there asked how come Din so many UMNO paid cyber-troopers here.
    He said he will delete me. I posted another three more. And I got comments like Bodoh punya Melayu korup and other nasty comments.
    Most times it was their reply to me that was approved. But my comments were deleted. One wonders why the replies when there are no comments.
    And I know about Sayang Bangsa's predicaments. Din wrote several pieces and attributed it to Sayang Bangsa as saying.
    Someone there remarked hey Sayang Bangsa has changed tack. When Sayang Bangsa protested, he deleted it.
    That is very, very cruel of Din.
    In his blog there are Malays who are against NEP with one lady calling for the abolishment of the term Bumiputera.
    And to think that they called themselves professional.
    Din will simply let go people who are insulting the Malays.
    He calls us scum of the earth. He is that.

  41. Salam bro,

    1.Would you like to be my friend? I'm a friend that is not capable of giving you anything.

    2.Rujuk Ayat Al-Baqarah ayat 57 - 61 dan fahami tafsir nya.

    3.Persoalan manusia dulu,sekarang dan esok.Imu Allah meliputi segala-gala nya.

    3.dakwah sikit ni...ok tak?

  42. Anonymous1:01 am

    In the recent news,Mallot repented and converted to Islam.He adopted Mohd Maulud Abdullah as his Muslim name,has taken over Ridhuan Tee column in Utusan.

    After a year he was awarded Tan Sri,marry Rosmah's distant cousin to her nephew on mother's side uncle..

    'Promoted' as Petronas Chairman,FAM advisory board,FAMA,Felcra,MARA,kedai karpet..o..my..god

    In 2022 he retired and written a memoir/AUTAbiography which blame 'other races' for the downfall of Bumiputera..and he even blame Anwar for the recent flood in Kota Bharu..

    Bijan Hamsor

  43. george lau11:00 am

    malott took liberty to attack malaysia. why?

    so, some malaysians took liberty to respond to him.

    Tidak boleh, ke?

    you mean to say: he can say whatever he likes about malaysia, and malaysians cannout turn around and tell him that 1. his assessment is not accurate 2. he has an agenda because he is Anwar's good friend 3. he has no right to be attacking malaysia the way he did and/or 4. he can F off.

    anyone of these or all of these.

    and we are bad?

  44. Anonymous11:01 am

    aiyaaa...never mind about nazri-lah.

  45. @ george lau

    1. his assessment is not accurate

    I don't agree. It is glaringly not accurate.

    2. he has an agenda because he is Anwar's good friend

    I don't agree. He has an agenda because he is Al Gore, William Cohen, and Paul Wolfowitzes' friend.

    3. he has no right to be attacking malaysia the way he did

    I don't agree. He has every right because he is an American.

    and/or 4. he can F off

    I agree.

  46. Skilgannon10662:04 pm

    Anon 1:10 PM

    So, did Messrs Azmi and Shamsul send their rebuttal pieces to WSJ Asia and the Singapore ST for them to publish?

    After all, it was those 2 papers who published Malott's commentarya Arguably, they have a wider circulation in the region than the NST or Utusan M, and are read by a wide spectrum of people in the business, financial, legal and government communities. That matters, does it not?

    Or why not pick up the point about asking AmCham Malaysia if it supports the views expressed by Malott? Should be simple enough to do, yes?

    Thank you.

  47. Anonymous3:29 pm

    This MALLOT fellow serving as Ambassadors in foreign land FOR 30years, must have lost touch with what is actually happening in his own country..

    Top Ten Racist Incidents of the Week

    Kalau dia dari keturunan RED INDIAN, jadi Ambassador to represent America, nak buka mulut luas2 baru ler cun sikit..


  48. Seolferwulf5:30 pm

    It's instructive how the pro-govt media changed the tone of their coverage of the uprising in Egypt after Mubaruk was forced to step down.

    Comments, Rocky? Doesn't the Egyptian media have the courage of their convictions or are their agendas dictated by political winds?

    Much the same could be asked of the Malaysian media that are controlled by political parties or beholden to racists and demagogues.

  49. Anonymous7:18 pm

    Haiyaaa skillyanon,

    Look here, look there, Always acheking ebelione.. this cunteli lich, dat cunteli setelong, why so busy body wan?

    Hey you no have cunteli wan or? Your gelenpader from which Plovince? Go ach him la.

    Today got take your bath alrealy?


  50. Seolferwulf4:00 pm


    In a word - "bollocks"!

    Debate on the specifics, if u are man, woman or doubtful enough, instead of resorting to crassly infantile humour.

    Yesterday, it was Tunisia and Egypt. Today, it's Bahrain, Iran, Yemen, Libya... the dominos are teetering.

    Once the Egyptians go after the Mubaruk family's ill-gotten gains, what's to stop other activists from other countries doing the same to the corrupt in their midst?

    And Malott may have done corporate America a favour by forcing them to focus on where to invest and do business in.

    Else why would the govt be desperately chasing after free trade agreements after disdaining them during the Mahathir era?

    Nope, we haven't heard the last from Malott. And threats of defamation or libel suits ain't going to shut him up.

  51. Anonymous11:44 pm


    Wa.. lu aloso belly busybodi wan like Skillyannon..

    Arch ebelyone ebelythin.. Go ach your gelenpader why dey boat to Malaya can or not?. Why he don like to setay in ROC, why he lun felom dare? Dont like Moa oloso, who you like?.

    Waa you aloso dont like Mubarak?

    Only Mallot? Wag wag woof woof.. here doggie doggie come fetch your bone,
    wag way..


  52. Anonymous7:38 pm


    ..Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Iran, Yemen, Libya...

    Sssshhhhh sssh ssshhhh..
    don wan tok tok so loud wan.

    After Arabs aloso arch about your gelenpader last time lun pelom Cina Rebolusion, tongkang ebeliwhere?

    You tiam2 just sip Chinese tea and count your money OKAY?


  53. Skilgannon10663:19 pm


    Let's see who laughs the loudest when the country goes out to chase FDI and global talent!

    And in Africa and the Middle East, the people are calling time on corrupt oligarchies.

    Hmm...did someone mention "constitutional monarchy" in Bahrain and equal rights for the country's Shiite majority?

  54. Anonymous5:31 pm



    You not flom Alab cunteli wan... no need tok tok about lem.. You tok more about your gelenpader's kampung, OKAY lor..

    Haiyaa, why your gelenpader's place, lice aloso mix with pelastik? Melamine milk, pelastik lice, why like dat wan? Can ask him why or not?



  55. Anonymous8:50 pm

    Hello Rocky,
    There is a well founded stroy making its rounds that Yang Berbahagia Dato' Din Merican has been appointed to the Borad of MIER.

  56. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Rocky Bru org yg terhebat di duinia ha ha

  57. Anonymous8:46 am

    I now have a headache.