Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bolsover Revolution, against Taib Mahmud

DISCREDITING TAIB. A group calling itself Friends of Pakatan Rakyat will be hitting the Bolsover Street in London on 28 February (Monday) at 9 am in the hope of starting a revolution against Taib Mahmud, the chief minister of  Sarawak.

I received this e-mail today:-

On 26th March 2011, it will be 30 years since the Sarawak Chief Minister, Taib Mahmud, one of the most corrupt politicians of South-East Asia came to power. On the 28th February concerned Malaysians and friends would like to highlight Taib's personal responsibility for the chopping down of most of Sarawak's rainforests at the expense of the indigenous communities. We would also like to protest against the international community's inaction with regard to Taib's blatant corruption and his placement of assets worth millions of dollars in Western countries.

With the impending election, we aim to:
- discredit the Taib reign internationally as a corrupt kleptocracy that has earned its riches through logging and corruption.
- Pressure the authorities in Malaysia (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission MACC) and western countries (Canada,USA, UK and Australia) to start investigations against the Taib family. 
- In England - assets of Ridgeford Properties Ltd, belonging to the Taib family, should be frozen. The serious fraud office (SFO) should determine if the Taib family financed the real estate swindler Archilleas Kallakis.
Lee and Nik, two long-serving leaders
The agenda is very straight-forward: help PR unseat BN in Sarawak. And the way to do it is to get very personal and by telling the people of Sarawak that they can stop being cowards and start being as brave as the people of Egypt. It is no secret that the Oppostion will be using Taib Mahmud's long tenure as CM of the state as a weapon to anger Sarawak's people. Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim, although embattled in his own state and party, set the ball rolling by telling Sarawakians to bring down their Chief Minister, read HERE.

Taib has to call for a state election by July this year.

ps Nik Aziz in Kelantan is the second longest-serving chief minister in Malaysia. He must be watching reformasi Bolsover with great interest.


  1. Anonymous7:57 pm


    the opposition does not need to use "Taib Mahmud's long tenure as CM of the state as a weapon to anger Sarawak's people".. the long tenure is not a problem; his blatant corruption is.

    You'd have to see him in person, or better yet, attend any functions that feature his speech; you'd immediately notice how arrogant this old chap is. the fact that BN wins big in Sarawak does not indicate Taib's popularity; rather, it indicates his willingness to do "anything" to get the votes.

    Just ask my uncle, who lives in one of the remotest area in Sarawak; these people have no choice but to vote for BN. and my uncle is not even interested in politics, let alone has any preference to political parties. The repercussion in voting other non-BN candidates are dire for these people..


  2. Anonymous8:52 pm

    you forget to mention that Taib & family is also immensely corrupt, with billions of dollars of assets. His (& family) incredible corruption dealings is well known , you need to do a series of article to clear his name.

    good luck doing that you shameless hypocritical spinner

  3. Anonymous9:23 pm


    and to solve all these "so-called" corruption is jeng jeng jeng

    to vote in the most corrupt politician and the de facto leader of the messiest party, the PAKATAN KIAN RUNTUH


    P.S. this one has been given defence by nine great lawyers and you know what?

    drum roll ... he was found GUILTY of corruption, abuse of power and sodomy_1 and will soon be found guiilty of sodomy_2

    how gullible can followers of desperate politicians be, hullo??

  4. D'Rocky,

    Actually it is not about the length of the tenure as u implied./...its about the level of corruption....that most anti-BN are pissed off....see egypt

    btw Tok Guru is NOT corrupt by any measure....unsure what the picture of him and LKY means?...

  5. George Choo10:08 pm

    My friend Rocky, BN will win in Sarawak because in Taib Mahmud,BN have the RICHEST man in Malaysia.(Not Robert Kuok as stated by Malaysian bUsiness).

    With the billions that he have,he will be able to BUY all the voters in Sarawak just like the way HE BOUGHT HIS 28 YEARS OLD Syrian wife.
    Do you know why Umno did not go
    into Sarawak?

    It is MONEY. He pay RM 400 million to Umno with the approval of Old Man DR M so that Umno will only go into Sabah and not Sarawak.

    My source told me that DR M appointed a Private Investigator (PI) to investigate Former Selangor MB Mike Taib Tyson who at one time was "KURANG AJAR" with the old man.
    The PI who is a Mat Salleh came back with a report in ONE file with the huge financial of details of not only of Mike Tyson but also of Taib Mahmud because the Mat Salleh thought that Mat TAIB and TAIB MAHMUD is the same person.

  6. Start a revolution in Sarawak from the comforts of London? Hmm...interesting development, wonder if RPK has something to do with this development.

    Besides PAS's MB Nik Aziz and while they are at it, they should also be looking at the VERY,VERY long iron grip reign of another dictator, in the DAP...Lim Kit Siang lah.

  7. Balls over what street? Lol!

    we are all of1 Race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous11:49 pm

    The problem is, PKR De facto also doing the same thing as Taib..even worst than Taib when we talk about morale. Most of Swak opposition had no principle, season politician & their morale can be questioned. To change the present govt is not that easy like eating 'kacang'. Swak still need the funding from Fed. Govt. To Sarawakian, each vote is as valuable as diamond. We dun want to be like Kelantan, Penang & Selangor. Iam a Swakian, born in the 1950's..Swak are vast develop compared to several states in S/jung & Sabah..And Swak still need aids from Fed. Govt.

  9. Haslinda The Cutiepie12:17 am

    Nik Aziz may be the second-longest serving, but he has not siphoned of billions like Taib. Nik Aziz lives a simple life.

    Nik Aziz also hasn't blown RM100 billion of public funds like Mahathir, the longest-serving Prime Minister of Malaysia. Mahathir hasn't dared to sue Barry Wain for this assertion for fear of opening up a huge can of worms. Or else, a suit would have been easily submitted for this.

    So, down with Taib and the corrupt BN regime.

    Let's start afresh, whether PR or a more indigenous Borneo movement.

    Simple as that.

    What say you all?

  10. You might also be interested in publishing this, as a post, in your blog:

    John Mallott responding to the NST/pro-UMNO bloggers accusations.

    IF YOU INDEED STAND FOR BALANCED REPORTING, ROCKY, THEN YOU WILL POST THIS for your readers to read and consider alongside the other anti-John Malott postings you have put up.

    I dare you.

  11. Anonymous1:18 am

    Overheard conversation I:
    "I wont disturb your turf if you give me your people's solid vote"

    Overheard conversation II:
    "I promise you my people's solid vote but don't disturb my turf"

    Bijan Hamsor

  12. Lets compare Sarawak's development track record and achievements for the last 30 years with Taib Mahmud has been Chief Minister WITH Nik Aziz"s Kelantan.
    The agenda here is to unseat a strong Bumiputera politician with a DAP/PAP lackey!
    Just watch the game unfold.

    p/s I hope the Home Minister doesn't just sit and watch (or merely warn) when subversives start playing in the open.

  13. Saudara Apaname,
    Saya sungguh menyokong saranan saudara..

  14. Saudara Apanama,
    Saya sungguh setuju dan menyokong comparison saudara. Kih kih.
    Tak pasal pasal my schedule topsy turvy..

  15. Anonymous3:12 am

    apanama- adapikir ka dei? rather see an immensely corrupt malay than a DAP politician in power.

    no wonder 40 years of spoonfeeding tarak cukup. cheh ketui

  16. Anonymous3:26 am

    Sarawak people are not stupid.. if Taib is rich, so what, dia olang SARAWAK jati, jealous ker?

    His name was not listed as the richest man in Malaysia anyway,

    PR.. all waiting anxiously to get their hands on the timbers...and sand, just like what theY are doing to all the other states under them...

    1year.. botak SARAWAK..

    Haiyaa... all going to woof woof wag wag their tails in UK?

    itu UK lagi dari keturunan penyapu sampah, angkut segala harta karun Negara2 bawah jajahan mereka..


  17. Bro (Datuk) Rocky,

    Great spinning on Nik Aziz... but sorry I'm not keen to be spinned :-)
    Gee, you're such a wuss....


  18. Anonymous6:15 am

    The irony of it all, TAIB was not in the list of TOP richest man in Malaysia.

    Are all the LISTED richest man in Malaysia from UMNO and BN?

    Or are these people so jealous to see Bumiputras become rich in our own motherland?

    How come they only are interested in Bumiputras, what about those NON BUMIs top richest in MALAYSIA? Are business men clean from all acts of corruptions?

    Dah naik pelik pulak..
    DAP tak investigate ker how these people became super rich from rags to riches? Segan sama kawan atau maluuuu?

    Waaaa ini macam tamau laaa, tamau main main sama kami Bumiputras OKAY!


  19. minime7:34 am

    true as all of you said, it is not about the long tenure of any politician, but it is also not just about corruption. it is also about the inability to perform for certain politician, i.e. nik aziz.

    people are tired of promises such as direct ticket straight to heaven if the people vote for PAS. voting for umno is haram, and pas is halal. people are also tired to see, that in order to please his fellow non-muslim politician counterpart, he has to come out with crazy, out of this world fatwa.

    people are tired of this so-called 'tok guru' who thinks he represent god directly.

    it is high time the people of kelantan takes it to the street. the blatant stealing of natural reserve in the form of logging and the lack of increase of quality of life in all areas in kelantan and the mushrooming of prostution houses in kota bharu although it is said to be an islamic city are just unacceptable.

  20. Money speak louder than words.Taib and BN will win.The ragtag and bobtail will get the crumbs from Taib's table.

  21. Anonymous9:07 am

    Perhaps Rocky is waitng for another state title from Tiab....

  22. Rocky I have seen Tamils, Yemeni, Omanis, many Middle eastern countries citizens, and now Malaysians demonstrating against their home politicians in the streets of London, and something is not right! If only they can hear what the natives of England are saying about them and I did and I am sorry how demeaning these demonstrators were being described as!
    It is easy to be a Bolshevik, communist, liberal, or am socialist inEngland and after your demonstrations you go to the next nearest pubs and actually believe you are doing something meaningful!
    For the disgruntled Sarawakians go home topple the government but not via London! Be a man march through the street of Kuching!

  23. Which one comes first?

    Corruption or CM for 30 years.

    If you choose corruption, even he took .10 sen, each and every one of us to should not vote for anyone because he cannot be trusted to be the trustee of public fund.

    However, If being CM for 30 years is the reason, what happen when he decide not to contest, will it be ok for all the 'corruptions' ???

    I wonder, how most people think???

    Is it ok ...

    if the PEOPLE you LIKE and SUPPORT, "steal", "a crook", "gets rich through corruption" and yet does 'good' things they are voted in.

    Remember, they are paid for their services, not only in allowances, but other fringe benefits. You even show respect to them with YB and so on.

    Therefore ...

    If a Malay, Chinese, Indian, Iban, Kandazan or any other race ...


    those who says their religion is Islam, Christian, Jews, Buddhist, Hindu or no religion ....


    they call themselves Egyptian, Malaysian, American, British, Chinese, Indian, Japanese or Singaporean ..

    an yet entrusted with Public Office and they do the does wrong,

    Is it ok????

    Think people ... think.


  24. This is really sad.Let's hope the people of Sarawak vote wisely and for the betterment of their state.

    I wouldn't listen to Tan Sri Khalid. Look at what he's doing in Selangor. Screwing things up.

    If I want Taib Mahmud out, it's because I believe that he is no longer good for Sarawak. Not because some half-baked leader tells me to.

    Cheers to the people of Sarawak!

  25. haslinda the uglypie,

    since when did Tun ever sued anyone..tara otak la lu..

  26. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Certain race in Sarawak will start demanding things like free land from the CM to take advantage of the current situation. Whether they will continue voting for CM or not, it's a different story, this is the time to "make demands" in Sarawak. They've succeeded in Semenanjung when UMNO was seen quite shaky after the election, and they will do the same in Sawarak.

  27. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Leave London for the Englishmen and leave Sarawak for the Sarawakans. Outsiders should go smoke them cigars.

    Likewise, leave Nik Aziz and Kelantan to rot in heaven.

    It is what the people in those areas want, not the dictates of outsiders.


  28. Haslinda The Cutiepie2:07 pm

    Those who ask "if Taib really stole Sarawak's money, why isn't he in the top richest man in Malaysia list?"

    Simple answer --> The money is undeclared, cannot be estimated by known stocks and holdings, and is hidden.

    IT IS FOR THE SAME REASON that Hosni Mubarak, with his estimated US50 billion, is not No. 1 on the Forbes Billionaire's list. In fact, he is not on that list at all.

    Similarly, Taib stole the nation's wealth through Sarawak for decades.





  29. Haslinda the Cutepie,

    Three words:

    You're no lady

  30. Anonymous2:27 pm

    BN is most likely to retain power. at best for opposition is win more seats. Malaysians are famous for forgetful...we re too conformtable to rock the boat of live. While there are some Malaysians who are either blind in making critising anwat ibrahim anonymous who reminding people about that he was defended by 9 top lawyers..maybe he forgot to mention, no matter how many top lawyeers defended him, if the judiciary is tainted...its just shameful. What we malaysians want is just Fair and our rights are preserved and respected. You dato while at one time much respected by many Malaysians, but for reasons only known to you have opted the popular path.
    May god protect us.

  31. Anonymous4:42 pm


    You got it wrong when you say the opposition is using this to unseat BN.

    I suggest you make a personal trip to Sarawak and talk to people from various backgrounds and professions.

    After which, all I ask of you is to honestly write what you hear.

  32. Anonymous6:27 pm


    Haslinda the Cutepie is a lady...boy.

  33. Anonymous7:04 pm

    Latuk Locky,

    People can protest using whatever means -- marching, walking or even crawling -- but the most acceptable and legally right form of protest is by going to the polling booth.

    Padlock Homes

  34. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Haslinda sounds more like a jilted softie.. he he, the Al-Jub kindda kopiOkaripap kindda softie.

  35. Taib family owned Bank Utama... and i still remember reading Rashid Hussin was in tears after being forced by Mahathir to sell his RHB Bank to a smaller Bank Utama... and makes RHB is under datuk seri Sulaiman, Taib's son who had a case with Ava Vanja in Jalan P Ramlee...

  36. Anonymous8:57 pm

    Bro semua yang corrupt salah lah. Tak kira Barisan Nasional atau Pakatan. If you have exceptions sampai bila pun jadi third world.

  37. Miz Lavender10:19 pm


    Good reply Rocky to Haslinda.
    She/he is too clever by half.


    You are so right. These people are not conscientious demonstrators.
    Some are just joining in for fun. Some of course are RPK's friends or admirers who are itching to be like the Egyptians.
    And some are the JPA scholarship holders.
    Wah parents very angry, going to CSL to pressure the govt to give their children the scholarships.
    And they turned traitors. And these types are not coming back. Ungrateful wretches.
    Balik naik belon ya kalau mahu tumbangkan Taib.
    But let me tell you they are not Sarawakians and not voters.

  38. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Since when you guys care about Sarawak and our people? Keep your own business and pls don't bother. We can take a good care of ourselves.

    Oh ya, thanks by the way.

  39. Tricky Dicky11:06 pm


    Why are you avoiding Haslinda's question?


    Kalu Taib itu perompak maka perompak ler. Be a man. Call a spade a spade. If not just shave off your janggut la.

    Why wanna sapport Taib who is Barisan Nasional's star billionaire Menteri Besar?

    You dapat any 'cut' ke?

    Or tryin your bestest to make Barisan Nasional look good for the coming elections?


  40. Anonymous11:14 pm

    tan sri taib mahmud we are proud of you, the richest and strongest melanau on earth, congratulation for your excellent service to sarawak

  41. Anonymous12:10 am

    Ah, the defender of corruption speaks again.....the White Hair Rajah got give you a datukship for spinning ?

    Carry on stealing, all the UMNOputras and Taib Mahmud and his may not have your hands chopped off for stealing, but everyone will have to face his/her Maker.


  42. Dear Datuk Rockybru;

    Maybe he is a most corrupted bastard in the whole universe but who cares? As long as he is in power the people of sarawak will enjoy the money from the federal goverment for it's oil rich resource.Just look at trengganu when it falls to PAS rule , the people don't receive any oil royalty from the feds , as a results they suffer from their own foolish action.

    He is a dictator ,or is he? Well if this dictator falls I bet that 1000 dictator wanna be will come and replace him.

  43. pompom4:43 am

    umno supported pro BN bloggers. corruption puts food on the table and feeds their self esteem (read datoships). no self respecting person would sokong a known corrupt, except a corrupt himself. malu!

  44. Anonymous9:07 am


  45. Anonymous10:35 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Why are you defending the indefensible ? Taib Mahmud is one of the most corrupt leaders in Malaysian history and you are trying to defend him ? If you don't know what the average Sarawakian knows, go to the State and find out lah.....


  46. Anonymous2:24 pm

    Sarawak is so beautiful with their own colorful ethnic groups, unique cultures, and the place is so mystical and special.

    Jangan benarkan orang luar MASUK MEMBAWA budaya asing yang akan menCEMAR kesejahteraan Negeri kamu. Protect your heritage, protect your land, protect your people.

    Jangan sekali-kali mula kasi muka.


  47. Anonymous3:45 pm

    itu latuk tua..brp lama mau perintah...tanya itu dulu punya piem dah...

    makin byk rahsia..sila la latu idup selama-lamanya...latuk kan immortal?

  48. Anonymous3:52 pm


    If you are from UiTM or ANY other very selected special schools from Malaysia, no need to go to Sarawak to know whats on the ground laaa..

    Since 1965, we go to same schools, tak kira Muslims or Christians laaa, our networking is way much too strong, BELI BELI CLOSE sampai dah ke anak cucu, they are part of us.

    No need for Rocky to go there wan..


  49. Anonymous4:09 pm

    "no self respecting person would sokong a known corrupt, except a corrupt himself." anon 4:43 AM

    So homosexuals and their likes will support that homo leader, the crazy seniles will blindly support that strange old senile man and racists will give heartfelt hateful support for that ultra racist father and son party.
    Ish ish ish shame on all of the above.

    Did I correctly described the entire Pakatan Rakyat coalition?

  50. Safiyyah Sepaun5:29 pm

    Kitak orang Melayu-Melanau.
    Kitak sayang sama Pak Taib.
    Orang Malaya jangan kasi sibuk.
    Jaga itu Anwar jangan kacau samak Najib. Boleh??

  51. jojo stone6:22 pm

    Eh, can you please ask your "blogger" friend Akamsyah Muammar Ubaidah Sanusi, why aa his "blog" is really cringing! tulis panjang gila, irrelevant postings, comments ada ler 3-4 aja everytime. It's really sad. a bit pathetic really. pls advice him. - jojo stone

  52. Not An Idiot12:00 am

    Haslinda the Stupidpie seems to prefer a person who does NOTHING like Nik Aziz. A person who does NOTHING will SURELY make NOTHING.

  53. Anonymous12:50 am

    aduh datuk more and more ppl can see through your smokescreen lah. how?

    who cares right, as long the job pays.

    -spinnin' aint easy

  54. Anonymous2:20 am

    I don't know about Sarawak since I'm not a Sarawakian, but I'm a Kelantanese and the way I see it, Nik Aziz whit is suppose to be "clean from corruption" and "religious" administration. Kelantan not really develop, my town today is like my town 20 years ago. The young still run away to Johore, KL and Selangor, the state that was and is (except Selangor) rule by supposedly corrupted and non-religious leaders.

    For what ever those PR sucker and BN loyalist said, the truth is in between. The different with PR is that, they can't accept other's opinion.

  55. Anonymous2:31 am

    @Haslinda the Cutepie

    undeclared = assumptions with no one can bring prove (yet...even by your god LKS).

    sperm on saiful's ass = fact testified by a courages doctor that dare show his face on national tv.

    Which one do you take?!

  56. Anonymous9:34 am

    You don't know the sarawakians well!One day I tell you this natives will rise and start a little Tunisa and thats when those dayaks will draw first blood!
    How long can that thief cm last then!

  57. Anonymous12:35 pm

    You're right, length is the only measurement. Hence BN has been in power for way too long then....

  58. Anonymous5:24 am

    Bank Utama:

    U ntuk TA ib MA hmud...


    - Hehee...

  59. Anonymous11:08 pm

    The TEN Tawau DAP quickly quit because when they check their membersshipS, 50% are non citizens..

    Haiyaaa they all have belly peliti wives pelom Hongkong and China but cannot vote!

    Go to the towns of TWU/SDK and LDU, these wives help lun the business for hushben, husben only go play play golf and bring siPolan swimming in bedloom wan make hapi hapi..

    MAS & especially Air Asia fly dilect, so cheap .. their wives go home, some, monthly to do their shoppings n visit their families in Hong Kong wan.


    See la... Sarawak aloso many flights from Hong Kong and Macau dilect to Kuching..Haiyaaa they all have belly peliti wives pelom those cuntelis, but cannot vote!


  60. Jintan Manis5:12 pm


    Latest news!

    At least 46 companies overseas in 4 continents can be linked to Taib being their owner.

    A request is being made to 'freeze' Taib's assets in Europe.

    So Rocky, how can you defend a corrupt oppressor like Taib, can you tell me?

    Still gonna support Taib after this? LOL

    I truly pity all you pro-UMNO people who defend corruption just so that your party can stay in power.


  61. Anonymous11:46 pm

    He could not have cut all the trees by himself.The Foochows of Sibu alias the timber tycoons even DAP of the Penisular are jealous of their sprawling mansions/castle in Sibu abet him. Why blame a single person. It always takes 2 to tango.

  62. Anonymous10:44 am

    "I truly pity all you pro-UMNO people who defend corruption just so that your party can stay in power." Jintan Manis

    No, they don't defend corruption. They just pretend it never happened. Or they plead to be given another chance at the next GE.

    "One for you, Ten for me" is the motto of UMNOputras.


  63. Anonymous4:48 am

    Haiyaa Godfather,

    Last time Belitis time and many years apter Belitis all Balik kampung, Mallot's pelends all Sapu ebelitin and share share with their wag wag coolie dogs.. 90 to 10 oloso ker?

    Waaa, lu tok tok felom expelience or?

    Haiya... apasat sendili punya olang bikin lu tiam tiam ajer or?


  64. Anonymous10:08 am

    What has happened to you Rocky??? Sold yourself to the Devil. For how much? and is it worth the price? Its not about supporting UMNO or PKR - its about having the balls and integrity to call a spade - a spade - whether it's the shit about UMNO or PKR. Whatever happened to you....

    And ApaNama, you can support the Man and the Government of the day - but the way you turn a blind-eye is inexcusable.

  65. Anonymous12:56 pm

    He will offer those PR leaders & journalists $$$$$$...& state datukships then everything will be forgotten. After all the ppl in Sarawak are happy with the facilities given by the BN govt. That's the reality. Revolution like the Arabs? PR are not revolutionaries, they are politicians. Malaysian politicians. That's the reality.

  66. Anonymous2:05 pm

    Majority of BN also wanted Taib to step down. Taib should step down. Don't make himself as a liability to BN.

  67. Anonymous6:57 pm

    See how stupid PERWIRA is ?

    So the British share share with their coolie dogs, so now it is OK for Taib Mahmud to share share with his relatives and cronies ?

    That's the typical BN excuse - last time it happened what, so what's wrong with it happening now ?

    We will see whether the Malays will rise against this sort of tyranny and theft.


  68. Anonymous3:22 am


    Noone should be exempted from koluption, may it be 50yrs or now..

    Go after ebelione..
    Why selective?
    Go beling out the other crooks too, as if you don't know who they are.

    Only then you can kelim yourself as being belly keleber..


  69. Even foreigners watching have enough of these crimes. A registered letter, which we sent in December 2011 and was signed by 15 NGOs from eight countries calling on Malaysia’s authorities to arrest Taib and 13 family members, has been left unanswered. Has the PM got any trace of moral, dignity and sense of shame left? Watching from NZ, rated top for democracy, and transparency, this is despicable, this is a disgrace to the whole Country Malaysia. Why are Sarawakians & Malaysian tolerating this rot & stench? Nothing will be done, unless Arab Spring type pressures are mounted beginning with:
    Blockade of all logging & oil palm accesses. Blockade of all CMS & related companies’ access & movements.
    Work stoppage. Sit-ins in offices, transport hubs & airports. Everyone has enough! If Sarawakians are so cowardly, then let’s cut a long strong short. Let’s call the darkest and most deadly curse on the these criminials, including cronies and supporters of evil. Shame on them, curse and retribution be on them soonest.