Monday, February 28, 2011

MACC boss is world's 4th most influential

100 most influential persons in business ethics. Abu Kasim Mohamed, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission boss, has been listed down as the fourth most influential person in the world by Ethisphere. No mean feat. Last year, Ethisphere listed Barack Obama as the 33rd most influential, see here.

The 100 Most Influential Persons in Business Ethics 2010:


  1. Anonymous3:22 pm

    Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Well to all those fools yang dulu bukan main marah pasal APCO, now eat your hearts out man.

    It was money well spent!

  2. Anonymous3:26 pm

    Aik, nape nama Al-Jubor tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    Kah kah kah

  3. abg kuswadinata4:44 pm

    nonsense! apa power yg dia ada...MACC tak tahu malu. lepas kalah dengan shafee abdullah kes dato' norza...ambil shafee untuk kes TBH...stupid move!

  4. taikotai4:46 pm

    Alloo Latuk Blu,

    Fuyoh..wa tabik sama lu Latuk AKM..tapi musti bikin kelija mutut-mutut aa..itu seat manyak hot oo.

  5. Anonymous4:55 pm

    Salam Saudara Rocky, Saya nak tanya sedikit, mengapa Kerajaan Malaysia mmemberi anugerah tokoh mall hijrah kepada Saudara Yusof Qardawi? Sedangkan dalam tulisan yang kamu tulis , mengatakan beliau ada hubungan dengan pihak perlampau atau militant Islam.

  6. Anonymous5:24 pm


    Now can he moves and mobilizes all of the Macc's resources to investigate the Scorpene & Sukhoi corruption scandal and also of the two most corrupt East Malaysia's CMs who had amassed billions of wealth each.

  7. Sorry, I'm not impressed.

    Out of the blue, he was among the top in the world! Questions that come to my mind would include: Who are these people or organization which most of us have never heard of? What are the criteria used? How many were in the competition? So on and so forth.

    Kassim has been head of MACC for only a short period. It seems like a joke to most people who have been complaining about certain big fishes pointed out by people, with proof of wealth way beyond their official earnings, but who appear to be immune to investigation and seems permanently out of their radar screen!

  8. Teruskan. Tugas yang bukan mudah.

  9. A link left on Malaysiakini by user Paddington Bear:

    Read it to understand who the awarding organization is...or shall I say awarding company.

  10. Comgrats..this is like out of the deep blue sea. OK now for No.1

  11. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize early into his presidency so that he could be "motivated" to work for world peace. Same logic here ?

  12. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Abu Kassim the 4th most influental in Business Ethic 2010. Business Ethic my ass, sharing information and giving input to CEO of Tabung Haji on any accusation or investigation on Tabung Haji staff or him. Podah!

  13. Anonymous11:02 pm


  14. Anonymous12:24 am

    Aik, nape nama Al-Jubor tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    Aik, nape nama PM tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    Aik, nape nama Attorney General tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    Aik, nape nama Chief Justice tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    Aik, nape nama Perak MB 'parachute' tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    Aik, nape nama DPM tak ada dalam senarai langsung?? Tak berpengaruh dah ke??

    And the list goes on and on.
    But some only care anything and everything about Al-Jubor....

    Maybe they are used to 'sniffing' him only?


  15. A man whose name 3/4 of M'sians won't recognise is the 4th most influential boss in the world?

    I think it was Najib himself who warned his people against the 'Shiok sendiri' illusion.

    Note too that influential does not equate with integrity, honesty, capablity or a person who embraces great ethics or principles!

    I wonder how much APCO was paid for this plant.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human race

  16. turkey-man1:14 am

    no big fish already get big award. best nye. praise before work starts - i oso want that job

  17. Anonymous1:27 am

    It's hard to satisfy every individual.

    It ain't an easy feat.
    It's not as if anybody would LOVE to shoulder that responsibility.

    Well done, keep up the good effort and REMEMBER: Rakyat ain't just watchers anymore.

  18. So influential and yet without the wherewithals to do anything about Taib Mahmud. Or is Taib in a different country altogether? Maybe Sarawak Report's latest report is just too confusing for him to understand.

  19. Anonymous3:59 am

    Ling liong sik. Chan kong choy. Pkfz. Norza. Nor mohamed yaakob. Robert phang. Mcmc. Rais yatim. Laptip scandal. Khir toyo. Ronnie liu. Pasir. Khalid ibrahim. Nik aziz's son in lae. Tabung haji. Sime darby. And many many more cases of corruption and bribery.

    And this guy abu kasim is just startiing. Later, taib mahmud. Nik aziz. Lim guan eng. Nizar. Mb zambery.

    Nobody has achieved ao much, quietly, in such a short time.

  20. Anonymous8:45 am

    neper dlm link yg diberikan tak dak nama dia pun

  21. Anonymous9:41 am


  22. THanks Anon 3.59 am. I see the detractors have kept very quiet about the MACC's latest scoop - Chan Kong Choy. I have this odd feeling that maybe these guys don't really wish the MACC and Abu Kassim to succeed in the war against corruption. For if the man and this institution do well, it speaks well for the PM of the day as well. And that they can ill afford to happen!

    So belittle the man, these guys will continue to do. Yes, perhaps "3/4 of Malaysians" didn't know about Abu Kassim. They don't need to. What we want to know is if the man put there is doing a good job. Looking at the record, some of which you have listed in your comment Anon 3.59, I have to say that Abu Kasim has achieved a lot in such a short time, indeed.

    By the way, the 1/4 of Malaysians who know Abu Kasim's name by heart must include people who will shiver at the mention of that name. No?

  23. Anonymous11:48 am

    why some people like to link malaysiakini, insider, etc as reference?

    totally not credible at all. sheesh

  24. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Recognized Internationally will open lots of doors for him.

    Ini yang kita mahu,
    as most of the corruptd funds are behind those closed doors, outside Malaysia..

    Empty delums, only know how make make belli roud noise wan, tok tok to ebelione, asch ebelione to luk here luk there, nose pok pok ebeliwhere, kindly go RIP...



  25. Anonymous1:19 pm

    The MACC boss is influential .. but the problem is he is not on the side of the angels but rather he side the devil ........ Thus is he is influential doesnt meant that he wears a white hat .......... he abuses he power for the black hat wearers

  26. Anonymous1:40 pm

    These opposition people. Anyone who is rich must be investigated. So they dont want any rich people in the country. Rich means corruption? They mean nobody can work hard and become rich.

    Narrow minded opposition.

  27. Avantar1:46 pm

    Hi Hang Dato MACC , buat lah tungas kamu tu, jikalau kamu biar mereka raja rompak serperati Taib, Najib, Rosmah mansor dan yang lain lain ,buat banyak rasuah ahir kita nergara Malaysia akan menjadi meskin. Bergarak lah kamu Yang Berhagia Dato MACC. Jangan Takut takut ada anak Malaysia akan sukong kamu .

  28. sam/PRAY, it works4:50 pm

    The Ethisphere Insitute, which describes itself as "a leading international think-tank dedicated to the creation, advancement and sharing of best practices in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, anti-corruption and sustainability," is actually a for-profit company. The institute also lends itself credibility with an "advisory panel" of ethicists, yet several former members say they've had little if anything to do with it. Finally, the institute and an affiliated company sell services to and collect fees from some of the same companies Ethisphere extols.

  29. Anonymous9:07 pm

    why do i get the feeling that everything is a wayang leading up to the next GE.....including our dear dpm saying all the handouts have nothing to do with buy elections and that the pm's and dpm's planned roadshows also has nothing to do with the erections...

    let us see their behaviour after the elections....see the example of the cm penang as described by niamah for people who arereally deserving of awards.

  30. Anonymous11:02 am

    I wonder, was Chan Kong Choy charged with allege corruption, and so is Ling Liong Sik?

    I suppose Chan face alleged charges of deceiving the former PM while he was sleepwalking?

  31. Anonymous6:29 pm

    I hope you have read "Awards" by Art Harun in Malaysian Insider. LOL...

    Dire straits

  32. Anonymous9:03 pm

    Under him our old town was demolished to make way for thousands of beautiful shops..

    And most of these lots taken up within 3 months of their launching..

    And 99% snapped by you know who la.. Then the town for the first time, fell into the hands of the opposition..

    Macam ader yang tak kena nih!

    Investigate, jangan tak investigate.


  33. Skilgannon106612:16 pm

    Perwira 9;03 PM

    "And 99% snapped (sic) by you know who la..."

    Why does this bother you?

    Wasn't the demolition of the "old town" properly gazetted?

    And weren't the new shops put up for open tender?

    Don't moan if you can't compete, la! Better go work for a MNC where your sterling worth will be appreciated!

    But, then, that would involve real effort and hard work. So much easier to wave the racist flag, ain't it?

  34. Anonymous5:46 pm

    International think-tank? Wah, hebat tu! Saya baru pertama kali dengar company ni. Tapi iyalah, saya duduk kampung, pembacaan kurang sikit.
    Walau bagaimanapun, rasanya, bukan saya sorang, orang yang kemain puji-pujiannya kat sini dengan Dato sekali pun first time dengar agaknya.
    Takpelah anugerah apa pun kita ucap tahniahlah kot.