Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rais Yatim's son to sue the Paper That Cares

Please read Big Dog's posting THE SON ALSO RAIS., a posting by Big Dog, the blogger who is also under investigation by Rais Yatim's Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, or MCMC, for the original posting on the Information, Communications and Cultural Minister. The article is about the RM5 million letter of demand sent by the Minister's son, Dino Rais, to the Malay Mail.


Anonymous said...

Why is Rais yatim's son, Dino suing the paper that cares? Does he want the paper NOT to care?

Anonymous said...


did you realise that under rais Yatim, MCMC will be coughing out RM4 billion plus of the USP fund?

even previous ministers did not spend that much.

i realise that Rais is still hiding who were the contractors securing the contracts to supply the netbooks?

Why the secrecy? I read in NST today that the MCMC officers only revealed the brand names of the netbooks.




Anonymous said...

baca blog ini wahai Rais Yatim


dan tolong jawab

monsterball said...

I think Malaysia have the most suing cases in the world.

the witch's broo said...

ooooh...let him. then the worms will come crawling out....

Anonymous said...

Bapak hanthar polis, anak hanthar peguam pulak. Bini nak hanthar siahpe? Rosma kot

Anonymous said...

Rocky, sue the paper? He should sue the chief editor!! Hehehe


Rasputin Beliong said...

Rampaging Rais and Junior!

Anonymous said...

Rais Yatim's son to sue Malay Mail.
That is the fact.
Paper that Cares?
Thats just a tagline - more of a 'syok' sendiri thing.

Stick to facts lah.

Lets see how the independent courts interpret and decide.


Rockybru said...

Yo Param, bangun tidur la dei. Mana ada "independent" court dalam ini lu punya negeri. Hehe.

Dear Zambri, any suit against a newspaper would usually name the chief editor as well. In this case, Dino even named the printer as a defendant. And guess who prints the Malay Mail? Answer: The New Straits Times Press.

Taikotai said...

Allo Latuk Blu,

Apa macam mau bikin ini negeli punya court bebas? Suma ada kowtim maa..Lu mau lawan sama Lais sana court aa..wa ingat shikit shusah oo..gelenti ada kowtim punya. Tapi wa tau..lu Latuk Loky Blu..apa lu peduli itu kowtim..mutut aa??

Anonymous said...

Dulu2 Chairman Moa to silence his learned citizens, either will bury them alive, or sliced from waist, bukan pancung kepala.

21st century modern sikit, send police to seize your properties, then saman, seperti pepatah melayu "biar tinggal seluar dalam".

To help the Paper that Cares, I suggest adakan pertandingan video clip mengenai kempen kesedaran "RASUAH dan SALAH GUNA KUASA" and sell the rights to CANDID camera. Sure laku... and the money to be used to buffer against all the future samans..

Gang anak2 I serta rakan2 dah excited, duk tunggu, nak jadikan class projek, dah ada banyak idea nak keluarkan video ni.


mr kah kah kah! said...

bru, next time when someone says you got a big round arse, sue him!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

salam datuk!

apasal my komen tak display??? haiya, sekalang musim sue sana sue sini.

sambil tu nyanyi lagu sue wa sue way good morning laaaaa, melayu kan boleh!!!! PAK BRATA.

Unknown said...

hai ya... ini boss paper ahirudin ha...sudah tatak caya sama court malaysia, ini macam ha...susah hoo....kalu lakyat ha sudah tatak caya court ini dalam dia pun sama juga tatak caya sama sistem kelajaan ooo...hai...ya...

Anonymous said...

That is why UMNO is a party where 1% Malay rob 99% Malays and all non-Malays.