Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Are MCMC's RM1 b netbooks ending up in the wrong hands?

The above was taken from the last para of a Farrah Naz's article in the NST. She was one of the reporters who attended the MCMC's media briefing on the USP fund on Monday. The question that came to mind is, shouldn't the MCMC ensure that the recipients of he scheme cannot sell their Netbooks for a quick buck?
Tony Yew the blogger also attended the briefing. The piece he wrote - USP: What it is supposed to do and where it is now - is accompanied by pictures of a lovely-looking, pearly white MCMC Netbook, still in its packaging, that he claimed had ended up in the wrong hands!

"So how then did this net book reach this blog, and it certainly wasn't from somebody that
a. lives in a remote coverage area
b. falls into the definition of any of those that has been spelled out above ..."
Well, well, well .. All can't be well, can you see it?


  1. Anonymous1:37 am

    Why is it so difficult for mcmc to reply one pertinent question?

    The question is Where in the MCMC Act which says MCMC can use USP fund to buy net books?

    Pls rais yatim. Show me the provision.

    Or nab razak should ask rais yatim to pluck out the provision and read it to the cabinet.

    Are we running a jungle or a we running a country? If we run a jungle! I will accept Rais's explanation that he uses the law of the jungle to dish out the USP fund.

    Rais, just say we live in the jungle. I will be fine.

    Because we are jungle people anyway.

    Tolonglah kekanda rais. Tolonglah terangkan kepada adinda. Kekanda sell menu adinda. Itu madalahnya kekanda rais.

  2. Anonymous3:20 am

    Hi datuk,

    Each time mcmc and the ministry open their mouth on this issue they contradict themselves.
    So just in case mcmc denies saying there's not much they could do to ensure the netbooks are not sold off, we shud all know that zulkarnain was taped saying,
    -we all know even if gomen gives subsidized fertilizer they sell, give low cost house, they sell. At least the netbook cost only 800 plus each..

  3. You can't give cash so you camouflage the "gift".

  4. Anonymous7:47 am

    Please publish the Kampungs that benefit from this distributions of notebooks..

    I nak pi check mana tau nama Arwah Nenek/Atok, Arwah MakAyah, saya, anak serta cucu2 ada dalam senarai..

    Tapi setakat ini tak sorang pun terima, senyap saja kat kawasan ni, takut nanti lost in transit..

    Sayang pulak.

    Just hope the product handed to these poors are not like the hampers they used to get, expired dates selalu, biskut lemau2 dah masuk angin.

    Rocky dah dapat unsigned love letters belum?.


  5. the technology is available in the market , with set top box ( without OS) and TV ( vdu) , you can get access to internet. the price is half the price of netbook and no commercial value for resale.

  6. Anonymous9:27 am

    The USP fund is to provide rural telecom infrastructure. Not Netbook.
    This is abuse of tax payers money. Bloody hell. When will this ripping off the taxpayers stop? Kick the buggers out of Putrajaya! I am so angry.

  7. Anonymous9:49 am

    Most Malaysians are such a shameful lot!! They will find every opportunity to misuse and abuse..

    I have to buy my own netbook.. if I knew I could easily get one for free.. I would apply. At least I will be using it instead of selling it for a quick buck!

    Gomen pun satu, don't you know that most people do not appreciate things that they get for free? How many times have we heard answer to "Kenapa membazir?" is "Ala... benda free..".

    The netbooks shd be sold (with maybe 50%-60% discount)so that only people with real need will apply for it.

    Malaysian Malay..

  8. salam rocky,

    u'r definitely right about the netbooks falling into the wrong hands. when we first knew who were the students receiving the netbooks from the first namelist given by the department, the teachers were horrified as many of the names didnt deserve to get them. first, many students were irresponsible towards their own learning, incompetent, lazy, playing truant all the times and the most shocking is, there were 3 siblings receiving the netbooks where all were very low achievers & dont have the capability to handle such thing at their age!! we dont mind if one of them got it but all 3!?

    then the school reshuffled the list & had a new set of students who are more diligent, performed in their exams, well-behaved, more responsible & most of all, low income but high achievers...

    by right, the government should let the schools i.e. the class teachers decide which students to receive the netbooks because they know their students...

    i dont know about the pary/parties who deal with netbook business at the top level but as the people who are involved at the recipient end, we know who should or should not get even though we cannot control/guarantee their perusals...this the authority should come up with a kind of device to track down their activities

  9. Anonymous10:01 am

    Would like to have 1 unit for my daughter....FOC right? Saya penduduk luar bandar......

  10. I am lost for words, the sheer stupidity of this netbook scheme giving things for free without any proper vetting procedure defies common sense, unless, somebody is out to make a quick killing on the humongous agency fees and commission.

    The MACC should investigate the MCMC, something is very wrong somewhere in the direction of this hand-out policy.

  11. Doktor Kampung10:23 am

    NAjib RaZAK (NAZAK), please attend to this issue B4 it becomes another C4.

  12. Anonymous10:51 am


    kalau satu netbook cost rm1,000 funding for netbook rm 1billion...shouldn't there be at least 1 million of those white netbooks be on the streets or with ppl rite now... I dont see it anywhere except on this blog as a pic....where in the hell are all those physical netbook?

    GIVE ME ONE!!!!!!!!!

    Keturunan Jebat.

  13. no... they just want people to go online to read blogs, malaysiakini, harakahdaily and other alternative media/news so that coming next election they will not be in Putrajaya... being in Putrajaya is really a hard task.. tanggungjawab berat oooo .... that's why they want people to kick them from PetronasJaya...

    Thanks Rais...

  14. This is but one of the many complaints made to open the eyes of MACC to act with so many witnesses...yet MACC keep both eyes closed all the time.
    CORRUPTIONS are OK and encouraged by Najib..and MACC sucks.

  15. I have a strange feeling Rias Yatim shivering from his pants and his loving son..suing one of the people that is CEO for a newspaper that cares. care too are going to jail.......hahahahahaha

  16. Anonymous11:47 am

    anon 1.37

    i wonder how commission is being made by some "people" tru this netbook programme.

    read kickbacks..

  17. So many posts made by Rocky on this matter and his blog is second to none for most visited blog in Malaysia...yet the said complaints directed to Rias Yatim...keep escaping Najib's attention?
    What is Najib reading everyday?...comics?
    First PM to have a clever wife to assist...yet also see nothing...but when one article wrote by a journalist...that does not pleases our poor journalist.
    However...this subject is pleasing hubby and relax and do your good work that you are paid for.
    For so long...I have never seen Rocky so possessed with one subject pertaining to corruptions.
    I sincerely hope he will keep on going... until actions taken.
    If he suddenly stops...he can bet it is an order from his Commander.

  18. Mak Nyah12:01 pm

    Satu Lagi Projek Telan oleh Kera BN.

  19. Anonymous12:07 pm

    I think everyone who can, should grab whatever they can fast. Screw the country it is going to the dogs.

  20. Anonymous12:36 pm

    No wonder I noticed in a friends house kat stor dapur, ader 4unit microwaves, siap dalam kotak belum bukak plastik lagi.

    Campoq yang duk tengah bakar ayam, semuanya 5unit, same brand, same model, same size.

    Mintak2 benda Allah ni tak terima nasib yang sama, hmmmmmmm,


  21. Anonymous12:59 pm

    Wrong interpretation of arahan always happen in govt service and due to ego the wrong is no righted and when caught fingers start pointing

  22. Anonymous1:46 pm

    I can't help noticing that your Blog has now taken on an original kind of posting, of the Rocky we know so well !

    As long as you don't talk BN/UMNO matters you are damn good. Go for the current criminals now !

    Keep it up !

  23. Kajian sepatutnya dibuat terlebih dahulu bagi melihat di mana ada keperluan sebelum dilaksanakan. Bukannya main tabur je...such a waste!

  24. Anonymous3:10 pm

    Aiyah, 1 billion only la! Why all the fuss?

    Just follow what the beruk hamidee said la! join the gomen & then sapu all you can! That is patriotic !

  25. The rural folks will not benefit from the so-called program.The bulk of the money will end up in "somebody's" greedy hands.Your guess is as good as mine ! The questions to be asked are : Can the USP fund be used to "give away" netbooks/notebooks ? Who are "entitled" to receive the gifts?
    Can the receipients make good use of the gifts?Can the receipients "transferred" the gifts to others who are "not qualified for the gifts"?The questions are very similar to those one can post for the allocation of shares with one exception.As far as shares are concerned only the "haves" among the bumiputras can apply.For the notebooks, the requirements are obviously less strict.I suppose any Ahmad, Muthu or Ah Chong can apply if they are from the rural areas!

  26. Anonymous4:19 pm

    DATO' ROCKY! if u stand in my area. i want u to be my MP, even better PM!

  27. Anonymous5:29 pm

    This is another one of those episodes where Malaysians will just shrug and say ' be expected' since it is already common for such practices to occur. Mention a big contract being secured by some company and chances are, the man on the street will say 'sure got someone making money for himself out of it'. And you know what? Most of the time, it is true! Only people can't be bothered to make a big noise since those in power will use all their influence to sue/jail/intimidate anyone who tries to expose such corruption.

    That is Malaysian culture now and foreign businessmen see things that way.

    Proud to be Malaysian?

  28. rocky bilbao9:03 pm

    come on rocky,

    your good friends two blogger buncit also got it.

    so, what is wrong with that? apa salah kerajaan bagi notebook pada blogger prokerajaan yang banyak membantu dalam beberapa hal.

    few journalist also got it. i dont see any wrongdoing here. dah biasa dah kerajaan melalui agensi dan kementerian bagi sesuatu kepada bloger dan wartawan. ia bukan rasuah tetapi satu bentuk penghargaan demi memudahkan kerja they all.

    come la bro. let's open up our mind. just because you are having a row with rais, you condemn the whole ministry and its agencies. not fair la macam ni.

    what about 'competitions' organised by the msian press institute, few ministries and agencies in giving awards to best journalists of the year, give them money and other things. salah lagi ke?

    i know ada bloger yang tak mampu beli notebook, asyik duduk di cyber cafe kalau nak buat posting. they are good bloggers, bro.

    but i agree with the fact that the notebooks given to luar bandar banyak yang tak sampai ke tangan yang sepatutnya.

    jangan kerana nyamuk seekor, kelambu dibakar.


  29. Yesssireee, I second the motion... Rocky for PM or at least to replace Rais. Senator Datuk Rocky... hmmm I like the sound of it.

  30. Anonymous9:37 pm

    Dear eddy n anti bohmau,

    The idea of this net books is not to improve computer literacy or broadband penetration rate as claimed by rais yatim.

    Believe me the idea was to rake up as much commission from the usp fund.

    That was why the netbooks are being dumped like nobody business including to uninterested students.

    That was why the usp fund was used to buy computers instead of improved connectivity in underserved areas.

    That was why the minister is putting his innocent officers on the firing line. Just look at the picture in the nst. Where was rais. Where was khalid the mcmc chairman.

    They chickened out becoz they cheated.

    They cheated on the people. Rais didn't even have the balls (if he even has one) to appear in parlianmemt to face wee chee keong.

    And yet rais has the balls to ask why msians hate the govt.

    You know what rais, it is a minister like you that make people hate najib and the govt.

    It is you, rais, the thorn in the flesh in the govt.

    Ask any staff in your ministry, mcmc, etc and they have nothing good to say accept that your are bloody ungrateful minister who has forgotten your roots.

    I take this honor to say fuck you rais.

    RTM staf

  31. Anonymous9:50 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    I have not seen your valid questions being fully answered. At least not reported in the MSM.

    Many would be interested to know, what kind of anti virus software is MCMC purchasing for RM2. No recurring fees?

    I for one interested to know, in remote places where there is no streamyx or land line, are the folks getting service via 3G/4G/HSDPA? If so, who pays for the monthly service fees? What are the % OPEX in relation to the total allocated budget.

    For the matter of fact, there are many unanswered questions which MCMC must explain to public to demonstrate their professionalism.

  32. Yes Rocky help Malaysians get rid of CORRUPTIONS.
    You need help...just say it.
    Do not be like P.Ramlee...needed help so much...yet kept quiet and died a pauper at age 44.
    UMNO ignored him when he was alive.
    Why made him a Tan Sri when dead?
    Aiya..for Malay votes fishing la.
    UMNO was a hypocritical party all their lives.

  33. Anonymous1:23 am

    squandered all the money meant to uplift the poor in the kampong-kampong...

    and them buggers in putrajaya using perkasa to pinned the blame on the non for the majority malay sufferings.

    tell najis & his 40 thieves go fcuk themselves,

    in their general assembly, telling the whole world they want to liberate the malay from poverty... ptui!!!

  34. Anonymous8:56 am

    How can you say MCMC is professional. It is a bunch of crooks. A shame to the real professionals.

  35. Salam Datuk,

    I had to pay rm100 for each of my kids for computer classes. I did some maths and concluded that the school/pibg were flushed with funds. I never took the time to ask for the statement of accounts.
    What I thought at that time was how parents with 3 kids or more from the lower income manage this.
    I can tell you that I myself at one time could not afford the fee. Imagine those isolated from these classes becoz parents could not afford the fees.Rm 1bil could have been used in this respect to relief us of these exhorbitant fees. By the way, I am very much against school imposing this "extra" fees. Guess thats another issue.

  36. Anonymous11:08 am

    I think most people are not ware what the netbook program means;

    1. The schoolboy who used to depend on RTM1,2,TV3, for content, can no use his netbook in the community broadband centre and access content that used to be a world away

    2. His parents can see the possibilities with the access and flow of information and also provide them a window to what cyberworld has to offer

    3. small business can grow from this, evident in the budding commuinity centres (successful ones that is)

    4. Unfortunately, not enough thought was given to this, on how to RETAIN the BROADBAND penetration that it can achieve

    5. Why are there similar Netbooks floated around? If CSR program by MCMC is to provide communication tools, then opt for other netbooks, NOT THE SAME ONES that is being used for the NBI!

    6. Like what Tun Dr Mahathir did to expose Anwar, Rais should not be afraid to expose the list of distributors, and the kinds of margins that they are expected to make. After all, this is supposed to benefit everyone, NOT OVER BENEFIT!

    7. No one can fault businesses in doing business, but dont be like the Ali Baba that Malaysia has come to know so well about!

    'Good plan by Najib, bad delivery by Rais'

  37. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Najib is also involved, that is why bin Yatim still has a job in Putrajaya. Yes, Rocky 4 PM. Rocky is taller, have more hair and his wife is pleasing to the eye. Dig it P I n Ky.

  38. thinking citizen4:48 pm

    monsterball.. monsterball..

    you must be really sick in the head..

    here rocky is doing a good job in his attempt to expose the bad guys.. still you mau hantam sikit2 about konon2nya his bossla.. his commander la.. etc.. Ini aa.. kalau perempuan.. orang panggil mulut cibai.. mulut bau longkang punye..

    bila orang buat jahat.. please.. go ahead.. condemn and critic all you want..

    but bila orang buat something good.. credit must be given where it's due..

    it's very obvious to the majority of the citizens of Malaysia (may be not to you).. bn government is not even half bad..

    grow up or just drop dead..

  39. Seolferwulf6:46 pm

    Another instance of the subsidy mentality gone rogue or amok?

    When will these people ever learn that subsidies are like ganja - once the addiction is there, rational thinking goes out the window?

    But they don't care, because it's not their money. It's just public funds which can be abused in the great scheme of things!

    You can bet your last ringgit that the Utusan Malaysia will not publish an angry editorial about this. Why bother when it can elevate May 13, 1969 to the realms of the sacred?

    What a bunch of wankers!!!

  40. Anonymous7:41 pm

    my name is chee kok weng, and I know how to play mcmc and Ng Yen Yen at the Shanghai EXPO.

  41. Anonymous8:04 pm

    UNDER Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak Malaysia will have its first gay-themed film, which will open in cinemas in February entitled“...Dalam Botol”.
    Hey wasnt Najib also there at the French ISLAMIC fashion show, that had scantly dressed women, and the PROPHET's name spelled UP SIDE DOWN?

    SAY NO 2 NAJIB!!!!

  42. hey.. "thinking citizen"..Rocky and I understands each other and we talk far more intelligent than you.
    I pointed out tom Rocky much much more CORRUPTIONS by UMNO B thieves and robbers and want him to reveal or support wholeheartedly to stamp out or exposed ALL CORRUPTIONS..not just one case.
    By focusing on one case...I am suspecting he is doing a job for Najib..and not really exposing for the benefits of all Malaysians.
    Rocky does not mind my opinions for or against him...for deep down inside he and I are much smarter than you.

  43. hi "thinking citizen"..idiot...did you not read Rocky wellcome me to his join bunch out to fight bullies from the Govt.?
    Change to "thinking cock citizen" la.

  44. Anonymous9:51 pm

    SALAM TOK...




  45. Hidup MM11:34 pm

    reporters never invited for such do. reporters only get show cause letter from management.

  46. Anonymous1:06 am

    In a connected world Can you communicate without a device? shout at the towers, shout at the WiFi AP will it reach the internet cloud?
    Do i have to remain computer illiterate until the network is available in my area? No network no problem at least i don't remain an illiterate and my children know how netbook looks like. So when they go to town he will not be ridiculed by his friends of being "alien". Not so long ago some people mistaken "Acer Ferari" as Ferari car

  47. Donkey Kong
    Without Lim Kit Siang exposing corruptions for more tan 40 years...some of you donkeys with cow brains would be farmers for life.
    Without Lim Kit Siang...Anwar...Raja Petra..BALA..Karpal and Lim Guan Eng open their big mouths...and all prepared to die for the kucin kurap that dare not talk straight will be road side shoe shine boys and one I suspect is a pondan pretending to be so brave worrier.... can earn a living selling her backside at balakan mata there everywhere..and run like hell..when police come...looking fir free rides from this fella with no balls..yet claiming to be a worrier.

  48. Aiya, give net book but didnt give lesson to use net book similar to give a car to a untrained driver lor. Also in future expect rural folk will have access to porn side again i bet u increased in sexual related crime lor . Why dont set up internet center in every kampong rather give them the internet .Even the buta will know it is a left pocket and right pocker thing. Sometimes i wonder if our country CEO doing the right thing or not by appointing many joker who can bankrupt our country .