Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chinese-style internet censorship: Where does Malaysia stand?

Vietnam, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and the Philippines have all moved or are moving towards Chinese-style internet censorship, Ben Doherty of The Guardian of London writes. In his interview with me, I told journalist Ben Doherty that Rais Yatim's recent crackdown on bloggers was not representative of what the Najib Administration stands for as far as the Internet is concerned. I told him that Malaysia has one of the freest Press on the Internet and Najib Razak has continued to pledge greater room for freedom of expression to grow [check out his remarks at the end of Umno's general assembly today: Embrace the New Media ]. Rais Yatim's action - to lodge a police report against bloggers and made use of his MCMC to lean on Big Dog and I - runs totally counter to what Najib wants to achieve.
Unfortunately, Bin Yatim is not just a minister in Najib's Cabinet but he is THE minister in charge of the New Media!
Fortunately, Ben saw the point and had done his research: He does not see Malaysia as one of the countries in the region which have moved or are moving towards Chinese-style internet censorship.
For now.

We may not remain so for long if the likes of Rais Yatim and his band of YES men at the MCMC and the Information, Communications and Culture Minister are allowed to continue damaging the status quo. The RM50,000 fine the MCMC slapped on TV3 for their Christmas-like Hari Raya ad is truly high-handed. Someone in the Ministry really, really hates Santa Claus!
 Read The Guardian's special write-up on Silence of the Dissenters and Censorship in Asia: following the great firewall of China.

Ben Doherty made it into my latest weekly column in the Malay Mail - For the Freedom of Expression


  1. Mustapha Ong8:08 am

    Salam Bro,

    Good story lah but let me refine it that Minister or MCMC cannot repeat cannot apply censorship or meddle with blogging, surfing, etc in MalaysiaBolleh.Hidup bloggers.

    Being ex MDC, just ask PM whether the recently concluded so called HighTech Summit had deliberated on the issue? How could we sabotage IAP ICT experts whose advice was sorted when the 10 BILL OF GUARANTEEs were formulated by MDC then, the principal regulatory authority under mantan PM Tun Mahathir, way back in 1996,97,98, onwards, blah,blah,etc. Prof KHAW where are u? I heard u are now one of the new SUHAKAM experts to assist TS Hasmy Agam. Congrats to u lah.

    Tanya PM siapa salah dan mana silap nya. Don't play, play with IAP Members. Malulah goven Malaysia! Maybe our top ICT Gurus should respond. Bukan salah PM atau Menteri Pegawai GLC atau BOD
    k? siapa lah salah.bila dah berak cari air atau kertas!!

    That's my few sen worth....

    2. Wow, quote KOSMO 23rd Oct...#keputusan kes Khawat Norman- April tahun DEPAN?????.kesimpulan diMalaysia nak nikah pun susah, cerai lagi susah, tetapi tangkap khalwat spin in circle for certain people only. Rakyat tak ambil kira k? Tolong siasat lah Pejabat Mahkamah Syariah OI! Rakyat tak faham penjelasan DPP yang bertanggungjawab berkait isu ni.#

    3. Aku dahlah pencen nak buka pusat Reflex otak dan kaki few years ago. Depa (MPPJ) kata pada masa itu kata: "Tuan di hotel aje boleh ada lesen MPPJ!!!!"sekarang Selangor dan WP penuh dengan macam2 barbie dolls disana sini.

    Itu maksiat atau keseronok2. setiap hari ada raid atau tanggapan paksa sana sini. Salah goven juga dan PM/CM/KM kena jawab k??? Polis Imigrasi bingung, rakyat lagi bingung dong2.

    Itu renungan kita Ahad ini dan lupakan wayangkulit politik atau apa yang akan berlaku di kawasan ku di Gua Musang dan Bt.Batu (Cina) Sabah. Tahniah PM,DPM dan sekarat AMT UMNO for the best 61st AGM.ada yang nampak termenung komen Pengerusi Tetap Brother Bad.

    Also tahniah to PWTC Maxson from pelayan to CEO PWTC. Raggs to riches success story from all sort of Melayu!!! can achieve more than 30% jika rajin, NO TO ALI BABA BUSINESS.(How i wish i was the pelayan jua but now only POP sampah)......

  2. Anonymous8:25 am

    asak, bro! ASAK.

  3. Anonymous9:34 am to publish racist comments against non-Malays, without the fear of being detained. Free my ass.

  4. Rias Yatim trying to score big to shut bloggers mouth.
    He will never succeed with his suggestions and planned actions.
    13th GE is few months from now.
    What can he do?
    Relax and enjoy exposing this toothless frog...that have no backbone.
    Glad both sides of the political bloggers do not like him.
    Come 13th GE....he is not wanted.
    Trying to leep frog back to join PR...will not work too.
    He has enjoyed years of makan gaji buta carrying balls.
    Who pays his salary?

  5. Those are not Chinese Style.
    Those are dictators style.
    Shall we talk about Arab styles and start poisoning minds on races?

  6. Couldn't agree more. We could end up becoming a rebellious & aggressive society for a wrong cause.

  7. My prediction is that Rais will no longer be deemed fit to remain in his present Ministry when the PM does his expected reshuffling. The probability of his being dropped for a more up-to-date leader is more than 70%.Rais belonged to the past...a has-been like Albar who was shown the door when Najib took over from the hapless Pak Lah !

  8. Anonymous2:33 pm

    china-style : they shoot people who take bribe, you know?

    amno follow, all the kayu in the cabinet all oledi gone la!!!

  9. Anonymous2:50 pm

    What Rais does at ministry level, policy level, one must assume, Najib as head of cabinet, has gvn his okay. Its hard to believe Rais can run rings over Najib. Najib must assert himself, or like Tan Sri Muhyiddin said when commenting on Najib's speech at UMNO general assembly -people mite think we (he) is a BACUL.

  10. Anonymous4:05 pm


    Once you scare all the crows away, you wallop all the PADI.



  11. I think Anon 2.50pm is right.
    Rias have no balls and cannot do anything without consulting Najib.
    Najib is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea..flip flopping...wheeling and dealing hoping to know where the winds blow to guide him away from court cases.
    As he also knows next to nothing about animals..plants .nature and their is all guess work.
    Just look at all the ministers talking with disunity in the a bunch of clowns..talking cock most of the time.
    Now they must unite for better or 13th GE...must not show disagreements.
    Bottom like...all are rooks trying to cover their arses not to be charged for CORRUPTIONS.
    So...with their lives..they must make sure PR do not govern at PutraJaya.
    Hope that "Darling" arse he/she..PERWIRA learn something from me everyday.
    All pro UMNO B balless and faceless weird buggers can talk cock and bull...but getting rid of corrupted crooks is no laughing matter.
    Since Rocky never put out a post on "CORRUPTIONS..true or UMNO B"...lets enjoy his smart and witty posts...with eyes wide open.
    Friends we are...but poisoning minds is a dangerous and irresponsible matter.
    The head-line "Chinese-style...." is purposely put out that way.
    No one seems to care to correct it.
    PS: "nstman" commentator......where are you?

  12. Anonymous6:09 pm

    how is RM50,000 fine high-handed? if anything is not nearly enough. They'll recoup it back in 30 seconds advert aired during Buletin Utama or something. if you remember during EURO2008 8TV was also fined RM50,000 for airing ad with alcohol element.

    This two tv stations belong to the same company and those people at top management have little understanding on what is acceptable and what is not to the rakyat of this country. as a unit they have been twice slapped with the same amount of fine. will they learn?


  13. Charles F. Moreira7:48 pm

    While these articles focus on Asia, they don't mention more subtle forms on Internet surveillance in the west, for example:-

    Do we Asians need these condescending saviours to rule us from their judgment halls. Why don't they talk about their own backyard first?

  14. Anonymous7:56 pm

    Betoll ke Najib bacol? Hidop Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

  15. Rais Yatim sepatutnya "change his mode" heh heh

  16. Dear Datuk Seri Najib,

    I like reading blogs and sharing my views via them.

    I am eligible to vote in the next General Elections. I have 1 vote (1 each for Parliamentary and State Seats)

    72% of Malaysians earn RM1,500 and below. Those who are eligible to vote, they each have 1 vote too.

    34% of Malaysians earn an average of RM700. Those who are eligible to vote, they each have 1 vote too.

    Mat Rempits, those who are eligible to vote, they each have 1 vote too.

    Those who did not do well academically, after they left secondary school, they were not given opportunities to develop further. (They may not have done well in school but they could have excel using their hands / creativity etc if they were given proper training) They each have 1 vote too.

    Income Earners who cannot afford to buy a house due to current prices, driven high by profit focused Developers and people who speculate. These Income Earners each, have 1 vote too.

    A fresh graduate could command a starting salary of RM1,900 with Shell in 1989. A fresh graduate today commands more or less the same starting pay. There are many companies that offer fresh graduates a lesser amount, today. Fresh graduates each have 1 vote too.

    Many Malaysians (Low Income Earners / Middle Income Earners / Retirees) who cannot afford the simple pleasures they desire in life, they each have 1 vote too.

    Consider all of the above though. If your circle of Advisors are made up of people who're not in touch with the grassroots, who are not aware of the hardships faced by ordinary Malaysians, who have never had to go hungry before, going without food for 2 to 3 days in their lives, then, they will never understand the sentiments on the ground.

    Try talking to Malaysians from all walks of life in their 'respective languages' and explain to them your efforts, in a language they understand.

    We may all speak the same language but there's no guarantee that all of us understand your efforts.

    Go to the ground and personally ask what Malaysians from different walks of life want. Don't just rely on your circle of advisors.

    If your Advisors are 'Orang Tak Pernah Lapar, Orang Tak Pernah Susah' or mostly 'Orang Hidup Senang', you may not be getting the complete picture then.

    I sincerely believe that you've done a commendable job leading Malaysia so far.

    Many are eagerly waiting for the next General Election, to cast their votes.

  17. Anonymous9:11 pm

    Monsterball , you are a numbnut. When the West writes Chinese , its means China nationals .

  18. Rocky yes! If there ever going to be a mini cabinet reshuffle I believe Najib will have to forgo Rais Yatim as a minister in charge of the new media!
    He was smug enough to brag he had once serve under Tun Razak, no internet and new media then, and now under Najib! What irks me is that he had the audacity to give Najib "an ultimatum" by saying it was up to the PM to do what he think is right! I think the best thing for Najib is to just let him go before more damage would be inflicted under him (RY) in view of the coming general elections!

  19. Anonymous10:59 pm

    The crux of the matter is, why has Najib allowed this to happen in the first place? i.e., the 'non-representative-action' of ministers such as Rais Yatim on the internet issue. Not to mention other issues where Ministers simply get away with doing things that are contrary to what the PM preached.

    No matter how hard we are trying to defend Najib by saying the actions of these rogue ministers do not represent the policies of the PM administration, at the end of the day all this accomplish is to show how WEAK the PM is, who is supposed to be IN control..


  20. Anonymous11:46 pm

    Sah depa bacolLLL

  21. Anon 9.11pm..Look smart ass.

  22. Are you a Barbarian...Anon 9.11pm?
    Why look West?
    Waste of time to teach a racist nincompoop like you.

  23. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Wonder why some fuckhead still so much "terasa" whenever people mentioned the word "chinese",
    is he/she actually sub-consciously self-admitting to be a true blue pendatang? Still thinking China is their birth nation?

    WTF anything chinese got to do with these people if they regarded themselves a Malaysian...why we're still talking half century basi stories..Malaysia is a Malaysian country, not other simple yet unable to understand..what's wrong with them?

    Why only now care? why not half century ago or before that..? Why abandon your own nation and only crybaby about it now?

    better fuck off to a no-man-land you lost soul identity freak scums.. stop polluting someone else nation pls if you don't know your own place on earth, you lowlife freak and let live..or get simple as that.

    p/s:nice umpan RB.. look, the biggest racist ate the bait..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  24. You should tip your hat off to ultras and smart assess that can write and twist like Chubby Checker.
    Ultras are all in UMNO B and with their supporters.
    Others are placed with no choice to defend in the past..but no more after 12th GE.
    Don't try that out-dated play both sides.
    Stand firm and write clearly to be counted.
    Fishermen must know the right bait for right fish.
    Full of anger and insults with no voom power is exactly like Najib blowing hot air.
    A scum calling others scums are welknown from UMNO B toads and maggots.

  25. One want to defend PutraJaya with his life.
    Another telling Malaysians of other race get grandfather stories.
    Lets see who will get lost after 13th GE.

  26. Faceless and nameless are trully brave F others in blogging..feeling no shame whatsoever.
    You see..when you want to need to show your face and name.
    Be commentator...offending none OK as non.
    Monsterball is not faceless and nameless....and do walk the talks too.
    Therefore...I qualify to F as I see fit.
    for country and people...with no fear.

  27. UMNO B love to talk like Malays.
    They dare not declare they are Malaysian first and Malay second...yet we have Najib's "1Malaysia" nonsense.
    I opposed the posting..."Chinese-style......bla bla bla"....and ask Rocky to post an that all minds can be poisoned...making Najib extremely happy.
    Out come...labeling me as a racist ..trying to fool Malaysians.
    Rocky and Syed Azizi of "kickdefella" blog.. ...Hisham Rias...Amin many more Muslim bloggers and freedom fighters know monsterball .is not a racist...nor belong to any political party.
    I support change of government and will comment till 13th GE..hoping to covert more Muslims to vote change of government too.
    As for other races...all can feel the change is good and to get rid of massive corruptions.
    Ultras can keep trying to shoo and insult without a face and a name.
    Lets see who will the silent readers trust and follow.

  28. Some of the 'pendatang' can't even speak proper Malay, what more to understand what the Malays are talking about.

    If that is the level of their so called loyalty to Malaysia as their country now, I do not think that they are not patriotic.

  29. Anonymous1:57 pm

    selambe je die panggil datuk "Bin Atan".. ahah..

  30. Why should others must understand how a Malay think or talking about?
    Why not understand Ibans....Kubus...and all the true original Malaysians...the orang asli think and want?
    You want others to understand Malays? Then why not the UMNO B Malays understand others?
    Yes...when you read a can quickly identify a half past six from UMNO B is talking like a true racist here.
    We are all equal as Malaysians.
    Do not twist and the Constitution according to your whims and fancies. Does Mycard give Malays special colour?
    Does a passport for Malays have different colour from others?
    Why not...if you are so sure Malaysia belongs to UMNO B Malays only.
    Belonging to a majority race does not give you the right to impose anything on the minorities.
    Only in Malaysia...a government keep defending the majority race and not guide them to be at par with all through proper education system.
    Without race and religion politics...UMNO B is dead....yet so many UMNO B supporters in this blog accused others to be racists..and even dare to tell others to get if Malaysia belongs to one race and not to Malaysians.
    Najib even declared to defend PutraJaya with his life against traitors..without clearly telling all Malaysians who they are.
    If he is accusing PR ...then he is also accusing all PR supporters.
    What kind of democracy we have under UMNO B and Najib government?

  31. Anonymous6:20 pm


    Look..whose talking back & scum twisting now?
    tadaa..the return of the senile-o-fuckin-swine..welcome back to blogsphere rotten pork..

    Hey, stupid freak..what is the name of the language stated in Article 152..
    Which one come first..?

    Answer this simple question, pigbrain..

    Mana dulu..Presiden Cina or Raja Cina? Ohh lupa..Raja Mongolia, Raja Tartar, Raja Manchuria..
    in the old days, you all were submissive choice at all like us here..remember? your culture, your language, your writing, your clothing, your everything..everything belong to this raja-raja of yours..why brag, struggling so hard to erect all those 'vernacular' things in this country again, hah?

    If you fail to understand this or even the Federal Constitution..pls do not ask something to confirm your own stupigdity.

    maybe your pigbrain could only digest that you first fuck your own momma and then came you out from her cunt, is that the way to defy logic, hah old swine..?

    Dah nak mampos pun still don't know your place on earth, eh? pity you.. where is your own pigsty, old swine?

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    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies

  32. The host are the Orang Aslis..and there is no such thing as a Malay race.
    Speak to racists..waste of time.
    Lets make our voices loud and clear at 13th GE.

  33. Anonymous3:58 pm

    So, who are the host of China..?

    and what ethnic was the China Emperors? They all have beard, thicker eye brow & mustache, taller, sharp figures and look totally different unlike you fur less southern pinky kandang piggies..they built the Chinese civilization..not you piggies..perasan mcm bagus, tetapi bodoh sebenarnya..

    Base on this senile-o-pork logic, if there is no such thing as Melayu in Tanah Melayu and the Chinese were not pendatang, then the chingkies must admit that they're a local jungle pig..and you fuckers better start learning how to live in the jungle by now..

    hey, babi tua..why your verbal diarhoea getting shorter & shorter..
    your kandang babibrain bankrap already??
    Yes, let the voice coming louder in GE13..what? you babi think you're the majority here??

    This is a democracy democracy MAJORITY win..and majority here do not like babi or babi like behavior & creature..that included you, idiot..
    so stop your perasan lah..go out from your stinky kandang babi & mix around with the majority, not minority, and figure it yourself.


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  34. "This is a democratic country"...and that racist idiot said that based on his so call majority race logic..with no shame that millions of his so call majority race is not supporting UMNO B.
    I say...there is no such thing as a Malay race...concorted by the British few hundred years ago.
    Race are by few thousands of years history...not by few hundred years.
    Majority rules ....minority follow..correct....EXCEPT not by race distinctions ...but by votes.
    This is a typical idiot that have not awakened to truths and dream a fool's dream.
    Faceless and nameless...he/she spoke like a gangster...."babi this...babi that"...shaming Malaysians...thinking how great he/she is.
    When his/her face seen...he/she will pee in her/his pants.
    So many does in police stations.

  35. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Babipek..why divert the 'majority & democracy' facts?
    you sudah mau jadi lawyer keling ka cinapek babitua?

    Are you telling your very own personal experience in police station?? kesian lu babipek..

    Its babipek tua like you, zorro with big swollen prostate, big mouth but dead small dick and puny brain that would likely to piss in pants inside the lockup..not us lah bodoh!

    cina babi only talk big..kena tangkap polis kecut kote hilang sampai jadi lubang puki..kah..kah..kah..

    btw..who are the majority workforce serving the PDRM & Army..?
    think first lah you cina babi bacul before generalizing the insult to all the malay..they are also normal human being with insult their race & yet expect to earn their support? bodoh betul balaci DAPig ni..

    everybody have patience and the malays are the best of the summit of it compare to other races..don't let your fucking pissing words flood over that'll regret it for sure..when the going get tough, we'll have the last call and last laugh.

    If another 13May occur do you still think they'll spare you with all those insult yet behaving as if they are your slave with the typical chingkie paymaster mentality.. as if chingkie tax money proportion is so damn big..hahahaha..

    As usual..cinapek babi like you memang bodoh..nevermindlah.. i forgive you coz lu sudah tua mau mampos..enjoy your last moment of breath in the ambient of my beloved nation called Malaysia, ok pendatang? once a chingkie pendatang forever doomed as a pendatang.

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-