Monday, October 25, 2010

A case (or two) for the anti-corruption men to investigate MCMC and its Minister

The MCMC sits on a gold mine. A RM5 billion gold mine called the USP fund. And YB Wee Choo Keong's posting MCMC: How is the USP being managed? reflects not just the parliamentarian's but also the industry's concern that the unscrupulous could have been mining the gold for themselves. If the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission or MCMC does not respond quickly to YB Wee's questions then others, especially the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission or MACC, should do it for them.

A day after YB Wee's article appeared, I posted a comment which consists of even more questions. I wrote:
Dear YB,
Please do, bring this up in Parliament. They dont call you Yang BerWeebawa for nothing.
Re Tuan Syed Akbar’s comment on the RM1 billion netbook scheme, actually the first phase of the scheme involving over 100,000 netbooks for rural folks is under way. Second phase involving 500,000 netbooks is coming soon. Questions to ask are:
1. Who are getting the contracts to supply the netbooks for phase 1 and phase 2.
2. What is the progress of phase 1 (ie how many recipients of the netbooks have sold it back to Low Yatt for a few hundred ringgit?)
3. Has the MCMC been churning out new licenses to companies without track records?
4. In view of the Dino Rais’ civil suit, has the MCMC investigated to ensure that no other family members of those who are in position to make decisions about the netbook scheme are involved with the companies selected?
And YB, the biggest question…..
5. Is not the USP fund for the government to address the “digital divide” by building infra and providing education and training? Who gave the directive to use the RM 1 billion to buy netbooks?
YB, there is now in excess of RM 5 billion in the USP. That is something of pkfz proportions!
Thank you, YB.
Yesterday, a corporate leader told me that he was offered the netbook and out of curiosity filled up a form and sent it in. To his disbelief, he was offered RM500 in cash for his trouble. But no Netbook!

The MCMC pays out RM1000 for each netbook!

If the MACC doesn't think the above are good enough reasons for them to muscle in, there's another compelling reason why the MCMC and its Minister, Rais Yatim, must be investigated by the MACC. This has something to do with the MCMC's on-going investigation into me and fellow blogger Big Dog following the police report lodged against me on Oct 12.

 From Husin Lempoyang's Jembatan Bosi, Jembatan Kayu


  1. Rasputin Beliong2:04 am

    This is a case of giving a man a fish (netbook) vv. teach him how to fish (infra and training). Anyway, in these times of uncertain future for BN, why not make as much hay as if there's no tomorrow while the sun has not fully faded? Make the last kopek a really big one to last a few generations.

  2. nampak gayanya, tamat lah riwayat politik si Rais Yatim ni. time to change the mode!

  3. Anonymous7:08 am

    Wow! A historical view of why Malacca lost to the Portuguese.

    Nowadays, whenever you enter Microsoft Net network, the only news about Malaysia are derogatory ones, anti-government ones, anti-malay, anti-Islam ones. Same methodology, same perpetrator. Is history in the process of repeating itself?

    Difficult Questioner

  4. what happened to project monitoring and evaluation? plus, was it even justified to provide personal netbooks when the emphasis should be on community ownership? lastly, these programs should be complemented with group training sessions on how to utilise ICT as a tool to specific ends, not a means in itself ...

  5. Anonymous7:47 am

    Were the netbooks supplied by these 9 companies the Idola by MIMOS. It will be extemely strange if a government agency like MCMC does not support local companies. And why need to appoint 9 local companies, can't MCMC pay MIMOS to supply the Idola netbooks !!

  6. Anonymous7:48 am

    AGAIN what does the supply of netbooks got to do with USP Fund and MCMC ?

  7. Jolobak Jolobu8:00 am

    Siasat si Kamaruddin Siaraf.

    Ramai percaya dialah KSU yang lebih berkuasa dari Menteri. Rais tidak berkausa dalam Kementeriaannya kerana Kamaruddin tidak mahu bekerjasama dan potong cakap dia.

    Jangan hanya kejar Rais, tetapi kejar sekali Kamaruddin Siaraf.

    Tak sodar muko bopeng. Tapi nak samo pembaco berito.

  8. Anonymous8:01 am

    PKFZ proportion or PKFZ ... hehehe

  9. Mata tak Sepet8:26 am

    Giving laptop and broadband access to the poor is a waste of money.

    Not only will the pakcik2 start to learn how to surf pornography sites, you are looking at worse, not better academic performance from their kids.

    You can read the NYTimes article on this matter -

    p/s In my kampung, CyberCafes are the new get together place for these low income pakcik2. They gather at around 7p.m, until late at night. Guess what they are looking for?

  10. Anonymous8:34 am

    i loike...well done bro

  11. Anonymous9:58 am

    Rais drew first blood so you getting back!If you want to be fair and regain your reputation then go for the wrongs of the government, all those corrupted guys including those VIPS who support your meals!
    No use to have your personel vendetta!Its good you now realised what the fallen guys goes through .Now you know what pains is!
    For now you cannot do much against a Minister and that an umno one!

  12. Rocky, do go ahead with your expose' here I thought at this time in my life many Umno leaders would have learn! Obviously not! I remember how Umno leaders squandered KUB (or KUBB?) fund in the 80's and got away with it!

  13. Anonymous10:15 am

    The road lead's to a home in Putrajaya. Its not Rais home. Rather the occupant is a fat lady, past her prime, who looks like a hag.

  14. Anonymous10:57 am

    Oh no not MIMOS again...... Remember the School Computer Lab Project undertaken by them, I think it was in the early 2000. The oversize computer table which cost about RM 850/unit was sold to the government at a price of about RM2,500.00/unit. A total rip off.

  15. Corruptions starts from awarding tenders secretly to UMNO B cronies.
    This gas been going on for decades from small tenders to huge billions.
    Even if known by Malaysians who won the will quickly is one of UMNO B's trading arm.
    UMNO B is corrupted to the said UMNO B's old guard... Tunku Rhithauddin.
    Tunku Razaleigh also confirm corruptions is great in UMNO B.
    Will MACC dare to investigate MCMC?
    Don't waste your precious time thinking about it.
    This just but one of the many....such as the RM1 billion note book deal.
    It reminds me...vendor keep supplying...signed and acknowledged...recorded...and "insider" keep returning keep retuning...on and on...and that's why phase 1 and phase 2 must be created....for such kind of corrupted acts.
    Perhaps someone can prove me wrong like a classy commentator?
    No F-king. You F me ..I am not faceless...I F back..who?...a hantu Jelita..calling me darling?

  16. PutraJaya belongs to all Malaysians to decide who should occupy it after 13th GE..and not for Najib or UMNO B or anyone to say...politicians own this and that public property.
    For Najib to shout like an idiot in his AGM speech...taking Mahathir's advises...he will help destroy UMNO B ...which in a way...does show Allah do work in mysterious ways..even though taking no sides in politics.
    'AVATAR" movie gave Mahathir nightmares...why?

  17. thundercat11:33 am

    kesian pak rais,

    dia dah jadi mangsa konspirasi bigdog and his Ansara buddy di Bernama

  18. Anonymous11:59 am


  19. Anonymous12:07 pm

    MACC langsong x berwibawa pasell tu, Khir Toyo, Tiong King Sing, Kalimullah, Khairy Jamaludin, Shah Hakim hidop senang sampeiiii bole berak atas kepala warga Malaya saban hariiii.

    Dj Remy

  20. Anonymous1:23 pm

    There seems enough indication that something filthy is going on in MCMC. No stone must be left unturned to find these finger licking thieving hands.

  21. Mr Kolo Klawang1:26 pm

    Jolobak Jolubu,
    Ekau tak dapek si pembaco berito, eko jeles man win la....
    eko habok pon tak do, pelacur pencen pun tak ndak kek ekau...

    Anyway, why keep on spreading lies. It looks like you are just one sore loser in the kementerian who cannot stand as tall as Kamaruddin Siaraf, hence resort to fitnah

    Jolobak Jolobu
    Tuai Padi Tigo Tangkai
    Fitnah la orang selalu
    Lamo lamo badan Merasai

    Ambik kau...loser!

  22. Anonymous1:30 pm

    Rocky tolong hentikan semua ni. Terimala tawaran Blogger Bujai, menjadi org perantaraan antara hang dgn si Rais. Menjatohkan mentegi Umno, take menguntongkan sesiape pun. Tolonglah Rocky, terrrimelah tawaran ikhlas Blogger Bujai, agar anda dan si Rais bole bersalam salamaan, bersilaturahim.....

    Dj Bujai

  23. Anonymous1:39 pm

    Bila rocky jadi kupu kupu, rais ingin jadi bunga
    Bila rocky jadi bunga, rais ingin jadi kelopak,
    Buat apa jadi bunga bila kelopak menggugurkannya.
    Engkau rocky jadi batang, rais jadi pisang,
    Buat apa jadi pisang bila masak batang ditebang.
    hehehehkekeke jejeje weeee


  24. Anonymous2:11 pm

    Go Rocky Go!!!

    Get them ALL by the short and curly(that's downstairs) or by the jugular (that's upstairs)

    Good Luck and Best Wishes from the Jurong Mafia GodMother.

  25. Anonymous2:55 pm

    AUDITOR-GENERAL'S REPORT Schoolchildren are being fed with unhealthy food under the government's Additional Food Programme, says Auditor-General.
    OH, gini rupa rupanya konsep RAKYAT DIDAHULUKAN iye. Gini rupanya wira BANGSA yg pinta kami rakyat marhain perpertahankan PUTRAJAYA bermati-matian.
    Celeka punye manusia. Curi duit aje tao!!!!!

  26. Anonymous3:03 pm

    I was told by my daughter currently studying at a boarding school that next year 2011 they will be taught using computer/notebook and had to pay RM1000 for that. Now I know the scam.

  27. Anonymous4:28 pm

    Alamak Kamaruddin Siaraf?

    Orang Lenggeng Nogori9 anak bekas Arwah Tok Imam ker?

    Gua kenal sangat perangai dia ni.



  28. Somebody better sack his advisers, it seem that somebody has bitten more than he can chew. Next cabinet reshuffle somebody will lose his job.

  29. Anonymous7:34 pm


    Reminds me of the ODA SAJA Computer skim to withdraw RM5,000 ringgit from EPF. The EPF contributor cheat themselves by withdrawing RM5,000 and only get back of RM2,500 for themselves. In this case the govt funds and indirectly Rakyat who is getting screwed.

    Never cease to amaze me of the scamming that goes around wether at government level or the rakyat level like in the face book mcm mana nak buat duit senang. Are we so gullible as a group of people or just plain not bothered anymore?

    Keturunan Jebat

  30. Anonymous7:47 pm

    Pemberian netbook ini memang satu pembaziran. Tak membawa faedah banyak. Membina infrastruktur lebih baik bagi rakyat.

  31. It shows Rocky do not support corruptions.
    He is heavy tax payer now...and user of high tech facilities.
    He is no yes man.
    Lets hope Rocky stay on course for TRUTHS all the way till 13th GE.
    Salam brother!

  32. It shows Rocky do not support corruptions.
    He is heavy tax payer now...and user of high tech facilities.
    He is no yes man.
    Lets hope Rocky stay on course for TRUTHS all the way till 13th GE.
    Salam brother!

  33. Anak Ex-Perwira Lenggeng10:42 pm


    Don't pretend that you know KSU KPPK. His father, yes an ex-Imam, is NOT arwah. See, that shows that you don't really know him as what you claim. May be, most of the thing you think you know about him, are simply lies.

    Dasyat manusia, manusia durjana di akhir zaman.

  34. MC Hammer12:15 am

    Dear Datuk Rocky,

    I don't see any sense of intelligence in your blog except hatred and vulger words thrown out by your visitors. As a reputable blogger I don't think this is what you want. But some bloggers have yet to reach level of maturity in expressing their opinions. There's no difference between blog and poison pen letter nowadays. Minister Rais has explained himself but it seems that everybody ignores him. On what account everbody can be a judge? As a matter of fact, you have invited everybody to prove to the world that Malaysian bloggers are actually goblokers. Shame on you.

  35. Anonymous4:10 am

    Helo bruder dan sista, mentegi mane yg x ammbek rasuah. Tak kira Melayu, Cina dan India. Semuo samaa je daa ! ! !. Semuo mentegi ade skandal $. Kalu ade mentegi yg berseh tlg namakan.

  36. Aiya, just let him be la. He too got to make his shit isn't it? Otherwise what is the use of becoming a Minister? Especially an UMNO Minister at that. Where got respect if he did not make his hundred's of millions? After all why does anyone want to become an UMNO leader for? Anyway, that is what I believe.

  37. Anonymous7:36 am

    MCMC should be transparent like PM's statement of transparency. MCMC should list out the companies awarded the supply of the netbooks and background of each company. Also where has all the rest of the USP Fund been used and the effect to the rakyat.

  38. raden mas ayu9:28 am

    I am going to study the powers of MCMC and the extent to which they can use their powers against netizens and cyber users...and i am going to study whether under the LAW, the MCMC can be prevented from harassing MALAYSIANS...

    ok they are doing their job. That's just it... If we can seek justice even for ISA detainees...what more the MCMC.

    SO i appeal to lawyers and those in the legal profession to scrutinize the legal provisions covering the powers of the MCMC...

    Rais Yatim has clearly crossed the boundaries. Of course, duuuh.. his right to make a police report. Is that the right thing to do to clear your name? The bloggers wre not accusing you-lah. They are telling you that PEOPLE ARE SAYING THAT YOUR SON is one of the beneficiaries of the grant.

    Ini bukan soal borani kerana bonar. Ini melatah dan menyalahgunakan kuasa. Pasal menteri macam rais lah orang undi pembangkang.

    Ini soal langkah yang bodoh. dan bongkak.

    Sekarang saya juga minta para bloggers menyiasat syarikat-syarikat (yg nama nampak macam RM2 company) yg dapat bahagian dpd grant RM1 billion tu.

    Dan rais patut buat MACC report sekarang juga!

    jangan takuuut!

  39. lapek9:35 am

    HAHAAAA...apa ni... bagi netbooks pada orang kampung macam tu aje.

    Saya yang bukan expert punt ahu itu bukan cara nak melatih dan mendidik rakyat supaya menjadi digital literate.

    Tak habis habis diorang ni....NAK KALAH DALAM pilihanraya?

    Buat lah macam ni.

    MCMC bagus tapi harus di ubah supaya tidak di bawah menteri atau ahli politik. Dan mesti ada check and balance. Takkan lah MCMC ni power sangat... kuasa untuk apa?
    kalau untuk kebaikan NEGARA, okay-lah. Tapi untuk disalahgunakan oleh ahli politik, baik menteri atau sipolan sipolan, HELLO....rakyat bangun bangun dan DEMAND untuk transparency dan REVIEW of MCMC.

    soal nya: ada kah MCM wujud untuk menjaga pengendalian cyber dpd perbuatan khianat terhadap negara? atau untuk digunakan sebagai alat politik...?

    Rais kalau rasa diri dan imej dia tercemar...ada undang2 untuk mempertahankan hak2 dia.

  40. Anonymous9:47 am

    mmg betul,..semuanya pembaziran wang rakyat.. yg dpt bukan pihak yang sepatutnya.. pembahagian tidak telus..tidak terancang dengan rapi... boleh bagi gitu je pada sesiapa yang daftar nama pada hari NB diedarkan oleh YB BN..ada yang dapat sampai 2 buah.Apa citer ni? - Hulu Selangor

  41. Rocky,

    Dig Deeper.

    Look at other spending by the Ministry of Information Communication And Culture.

    You, Syed Akbar, Big Dog, Wee Choo Keong are standing up for the Rakyat.

    Dig Deeper. We want the truth.

    God Bless And Protect All Of You And Your Loved Ones.

    With Best Regards

    Ayam Human

  42. Anonymous12:52 am

    Anak Ex-Perwira Lenggeng said...

    Eh? kenapa terlompat nih?

    I said nothing except for hmmmmmm. It could well be kenangan2 manis masa zaman bujang2 dulu? Masa rambut masih steady panjang2 lagi..

    Sensitip tak kena tempat ler kamu ni. Apasal?