Saturday, September 04, 2010

SOS: Monkeys and Morons are watching us


"There's still time for good sense to prevail.

Don't make a monkey of yourself!"

- Nuraina A. Samad's The Satire is Lost on the MCMC, the A-G ...

I am waiting for someone to send me a logo that we bloggers can publish in support of Hassan Skodeng and in disgust with the AG's move to criminalize satire on the Net.  WATCH THIS SPACE!

DUREX Survey: Malaysia's AG Chambers ranks highest in the world!


  1., what was it? When they came for the Gypsies and the Jews, I said did not concern me.bla..bla..bla...And now that they come for one is left to hear my screams for know the story la Bro!! I know I have written this here before....and you know that passage very well too. So Skodeng needs my sympathy? What else?

  2. Anonymous9:38 pm

    Oi.. Cina, tak tahu bahasa Malaysia, balik Cina lah.....

    - Ditujukan kepada orang yang mejadikan ini sebagai isu, sebab memang patut pun.

    link - >

    - Sejak bila kita kena bawa jurubahasa bila cakap dengan korang?! Orang marah, buat report polis?! Sepatutny kita boleh buat report polis untuk lucutkan kerakyatan kau!

  3. hope this one helps...

  4. Skodeng, you forget that you live in 1Malaysia !The country is unique in so many ways... the only country of its kind in this world!My prediction is that there will be no trial.Period.Unlike Anwar, you are not a threat ! This is just a warning for all bloggers lah to be careful when criticizing or making fun !

  5. Anonymous2:12 am


    AG has to convict bloggers for writing satire. His corruption cases are being thrown out one by one. A desperate case. Reflects badly on 1Malaysia when we have too many corruption case lost by the AG.


  6. Anonymous5:53 am

    Finally, the phoenix rises from the ashes of non-retaliation.

  7. Anonymous7:49 am

    Hassan Skodeng - in the public or national interest? Who interprets national or public interest? Govt? U bloggers? Politicians? Public at large or class of public? Victims? Anything that suits u will be fine but not against. Whose interest we are protecting? Individual or national? or certain classes of individuals? Whose view/views should we take into account? :)

  8. Poo Fighters3:57 pm

    Aiyoyo, Old Farttt ah, don't kid yourself laa oi.

    Talk is cheap. And all you have done, I've noticed in Bru and several other blogs, is leave comments, your holier-than-thou comments.

    Peeeleeez. We don't need sympathy from your type. We have people who walk the talk, broooo.

    Please vanish into thin air. Or maybe I should say, please get lost in your own hot air.

  9. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Rightly so! Morons and monkeys to watch over wild boars and snakes :)

  10. Bolehan5:00 pm

    Don't lah call people like KJ monkeys (altho' he was the one who 1st started calling bloggers so, and soon after made himself one too).