Friday, September 03, 2010

Did NMY create the Halim Saad scandal?

Final Update:

Halim Saad: Last Man Standing (?).
A study in contrast with Lehman Brothers' Richard Fuld by The Edge, here.

A case for the government to set up a financial/corporate mystery inquiry committee to find out the truth?

With updates!

UPDATED 12.30am 4/9/2010:
Halim's revelation of Nor Mohamed Yakcop's "sin" against him and Renong opens a Pandora's Box as A Voice unleashes other sins in Feeding Burung Kanari out of protected birdcage.

The Malaysian Insider, which is said to be backed by people close to NMY aka Top Cat, fires back on behalf of the Minsiter in the Prime Minister's Department in Halim Saad opens up to soften ground for UEM, Plus?

Don't ask me how I know, but I know that's not the case but TMI's spin is interesting, nonetheless, if you consider that the very ambitious Asas Serba proposal to buy out the toll concessionaires, which was linked to Halim Saad, had been rejected by Nor Mohamed Yakcob even before the proposal had been seen by his bosses. Read my Oct 2009 posting How to Preempt Your Boss.

Original Article
“In no uncertain terms are you to continue with your proposed GO or proceed with the put option.” - Nor Mohamed Yakcob aka Top Cat to Halim Saad sometime in 2001

Nearly 10 years later, Halim Saad tells us of what, or rather who, created the one of Malaysia's biggest corporate scandals that has since been credited to him time and time again. "I'm sick and tired of it,' he told some people over post-terawih coffee several nights before the NST came out with this EXCLUSIVE interview.

The question on many people's minds is, Will Halim stop there or will he tell ALL?

Read HALIM SAAD'S REVELATION, NMY'S GAMBIT for NST's exclusive and Big Dog's analysis


  1. Not too late to rehabilate Halim saad
    after all Azman Mokhtar still struggling even with his WAU, Nor Khazanah do not build anything ?

  2. JustTruth9:02 pm

    Its pointless going round in circles asking silly Qs like who created this or that scandal. Whats more important is not the scandal. Its WHO is responsible for the millions of rakyats money down the drain - WHO should be ACCOUNTABLE, held RESPONSIBLE and how to RECOVER it.

    You obviously know more than you let out. Why dont you go witch hunting and stop the plundering by the previous and current BN crooks? You will be doing the poor Malays a huge favour. The country is going bankrupt, no investment means no jobs for our youths. The govt is being bleed dry by the thieving umno crooks. Are you sleeping with them?

    Do pls use your intelligents God has given you and your leadership and charismatic qualities for the betterment of this nation rather than just making silly stories.


  3. Anonymous9:10 pm

    why this halim mangkok made this statement. there is no 2nd chance for you la lemmm. you better go sleep on yr money. you're history lemm.

  4. Anonymous10:27 pm

    Hey Rock - all of a sudden Halim Saad has become a good guy and NMY the bad guy to some bloggers......shouldn't you ask what gives?

    Me thinks that NMY is blocking something like the sale of the highways to certain parties especially those with previous experience of building these with huge cost overruns.....

    Surely you can see through this or don't you have vision 2020 and are blinkered like donkeys that worked faithfully for their masters


  5. Salam Bro.,
    Very revealing indeed! What beats me is how come TDM get to trust this black maria during his days despite knowing fully well his forex track record at BNM? And now Najib seems to trust him too? I got this nagging feeling that NMY got his hands firmly on someone's very, very expensive pair of balls (kalau ada lagi tinggal lah?)... otherwise how are we to explain his daring, corrupt-to-the-core free-wheeling dealings, and smelly and crony-laced moves? Someone has to get rid of him and his bands of bean-counting boys at GLCs and Khazanah before the whole country is sold to the wolves!!

  6. Anonymous6:56 am

    another piece of news which will have no bearing to Najib. At least Najib should replace this NMY and other corrupted members of the cabinet including those who always give NATO's (No action talk only) comments.
    Yuhoooooo!! Najib!! Are you there?

  7. Anonymous9:47 am

    Pelik sikit bila baca cerita Halim dalam NST tu.. tiba2 timbul cerita halim saa. Cuma nak tanya. Rashid Ysuof yang interbiu Halim Saad tu Rashid bekas setiausaha akhbar tun daim dulu ke? klu rashid yg sama, ini semua plan tun daim le. cerita halim tu nak jage TD punye kepentingan le tu...

  8. Anonymous5:27 pm

    Halim really didn't need any bailout then. It was more of a sabotaged! Melayu dengki Melayu ramai...

  9. Anonymous8:40 pm

    Dunia Halim Saad and NMY..."Anjing Makan Anjing". Tapi depa baik berhati hati, bila anjing tuan "loose control" macam ni, baik saje kena"put to sleep".

    Anjing Pembangkang

  10. Anonymous1:45 am

    Correct, Correct, Correct

    Betullah tu. Tun Daim punya setiausaha akhbar dulu.

  11. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Daim's boy is now on a media offensive to re-invent himself. What a joke. He tried to distance himself from the Asas Serba proposal when the whole world and its dog know Halim is behind that company.

    Halim is no honest guy, having the same genes as the old fox Daim, so I wouldn't be so quick to support him and his new found adventures.


  12. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Asas Serba and Syed Mukhtar are testing on Najib. They are not competitors at all...


  13. Anonymous5:29 pm

    Sudahlah Rocky, ini semua agenda Tun Daim Zainuddin. Wahyu itu diturunkan kepada Rashid Yusof, yang kini seorang editor kanan, yang akan menyebarkannya kepada umum.

    Siapa tak tahu Rashid ini dulu setiausaha akhbar Tun Daim? Dan siapa tak tahu bahawa rashid ini masih rapat dgn Tun Daim? Siapa tak tahu rashid ini juga bersekongkol dengan khairy jamaluddin, seorang lagi bekas majikannya.

    Dengar khabar rashid ini sedang promote dirinya jadi Group editor NST, menggantikan Syed Nadzri yang akan bersara tidak lama lagi.

  14. Please don't insult and embarass Halim saad or Daim.
    They are saints when comes to money and women.

  15. Anonymous12:27 pm

    The story wouldnt come out without the blessing of najib. The question is…to what extend. The economy is at critical stage with govt having no money for growth and NMY along with his cronies are not capable to push the economy. Under NMY, instead of govt becoming a catalyst to boost the economy… NMY have turned GLC into his private business venture thus expectt that no way common business man could compete with govt that attempt to seize control. Worst..NMY cronies could not deliver. Look at Nusajaya movement. On the other hand, Halim saad could deliver. Despite the politics surrounding him, good or bad…he still delivers. Politics mix business never a good idea but no way of running from it. The problem is UMNO would never allow anyone successful to be out of their hands. Creating unwise intervention. To me, projects to cronies exist since ancient china, but what really matter is that if they can/could deliver to the public. You must meet both of them NMY and TSHS and study their character…u will know/find… one is master of speculation while the other is master of delegating resources. Which would you prefer? A genius man might take advantage to his side, period… but a man, master of speculating will take advantage of you forever. U mentioned of getting another person who is capable, who understands the hidden hand behind the world economy, who have the connections with the outside world, who have the experience first hand to handle malaysian gangland of cronism. Perhaps you should ask the workers in khazanah, uem, plus….which leader they prefer…either being under NMY or TSHS. And yes it was mahathir who blocked the attempted ‘rescue’ of UEM by TSHS. But lets see…who were the person suggesting it to mahathir in the first place. It was NMY no doubt. We all know… mahathir is no smart man in business.. but he have good advisors. It just this time.. he did a huge mistake trusting NMY coz certainly…NMY cronies cannot deliver. So if mahathir can be fooled by this NMY into believing that he have the capabilities, im sure paklah is much an easier target to be toy-ed around.