Wednesday, September 01, 2010

IGP Musa Hassan to retire after 41 years with PDRM

Ismail Omar is new IGP.

Tan Sri Ismail Omar  (pic, right) will have a tough act to follow. In his 4 years as IGP, Musa Hassan has set the template for the rebranding of the PDRM. He's had to battle not just corruption within the force but also growing contempt from politicians - both in the government and the opposition - and a pressing need to improve the lot of the policemen. Musa remains an unpopular individual to some politicians but to the cops, especially at the grassroots level, he is a hero respected and loved.

To the rakyat, an IGP is measured by his track record of fighting crime and making their environment a safer place. And to Musa's credit, the crime rate has dipped tremendously, especially in the last one year. One of the highlights during Musa Hassan's tenure as IGP is the capture of Mas Selamat, the alleged terrorist who escaped Singapore's inescapable prison. Mas
Selamat was planning an attack against targets in Singapore from his hideout in Johor when Musa's men arrested him. Johor, of course, was where Musa made his name as a CPO earlier this decade, during which he launched a massive crackdown on crime, especially gangsterism and made-for-Singapore vices in and around JB.

Ismail will be assisted by Hussin Ismail (pic, left), who'll filled the position as Deputy IGP.




  1. Encik Ismail Omar,


    Do Your Best To Make Malaysia Safe.

    For those who have anything bad to say, should crime be committed against your person or family members, don't call the police then.

    With Best Regards

  2. Anonymous5:04 am

    Latuk, you are being selective. Why don't you mention other highlights during his tenure include the death of Kunga in police custody? The list is as long as the North South expressway.

  3. Anonymous5:19 am


    Malaysians owe Tan Sri Musa Hassan a debt of gratitude. It was CID Sr IO ACP Musa Hassan in 1998 uncovered that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Anwar Ibrahim abused his power and instructed the Special Branch to 'torture' Azizan Abu Bakar and Ummi Hafilda to reverse the confession of the Mat King Leather's sordid sexual romp which include sodomy.

    Anwar was sacked exactly today 12 years ago from Cabinet. Within days, the culture of mob street politics which sometime turned ugly and damaging property, 'Reformasi' was given birth. Anwar conveniently via his systematic 'politics of maniuplations and 'politics of hate' leashed the animalism of young Malaysians, especially the Malays to be political-anarchists.

    Malaysia was saved from the Darlings of the Jewish Neo Con.

    Under Musa's leadership, the fight against terrorism in Malaysia was contained. The arrest of Mas Selamat and recently Mohd. Fadlullah is the proof of the Police's great intelligence work in combating terrorism.

    Just to demonstrate the seriousness of the fight against terrorism, Musa's initiative brought upon the inception of the Special Task Force for Anti Terrorism two years ago, which a Commissioner of Police (a three-star-officer) was appointed as a Director.

    Musa was a true blue CID man. It is not common for a non SB being promoted to the Top Cop post (Unlike his predecessors Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Ismail, Tun Mohd, Haniff Omar, Tan Sri Rahim Noor and Tan Sri Norian Mai). Regardless, under the circumstances, variables of threats and weaknesses and limitations that he faced especially in terms of resources and Government's bureaucracy, which include the Government under PM 'Flip-Flop' Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi administration made it more difficult, Musa Hassan did exemplary well. Combating crime did show result.

    Borrowing war time British PM Sir Winston Churchill's immortal words, "Never before so many owed to so few".


    From BIG DOG via email

  4. Anonymous7:31 am


    I prefer to look at the former IGP in this way. As a head to a department, a person can only enforced certain rules and regulations but in no way he could guarantee that his subordinates will abide the instructions. If the subordinates failed to follow the lines, they are the one that suppose to face the music but not the head.

    Same thing in politic, a leader can only expect the best of conduct coming from his 'chengkai' politician, but if the colleagues still misappropriating the official letter head for personal gain, he (the haprak head) still have the right to hold on to his position.


  5. sudin8:08 am

    Congratulations Ismail Omar.. and au revoir musa!~ May God bless the two of u..

    p/s: Rocky, I'll bet sooner or later anwar ibrahim will accused Ismail Omar as part of the conspiracy theory in his sodomy case..

  6. Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Setelah membaca catatan Dato mengenai Tan Sri Musa, saya kurang pasti samada Dato menuliskan satire atau ikhlas mengenai sumbangan Tan Sri Musa.Tetapi sungguh lucu apa yang dinyatakan mengenai tahap jenayah yang menurun dan sebagainya.

    Saya risau kawan baik Tan Sri Musa, Tan Sri AG mungkin akan mengheret Dato kemahkamah atas tuduhan yang serupa dengan Hassan Skodeng.

    Diharapkan IGP baru akan megembalikan PDRM kepada prestasi yang dibanggakan seperti era 70an.

    Selamat Berpuasa.

  7. Anonymous11:26 am

    Congratulations to Tan Sri Ismail Omar on being appointed the new IGP!

    Best wishes to Tan Sri Musa Hassan in his new portfolio whereby he can still effectively continue to share his experience and knowledge in making PDRM more efficient and lethal!

    We take cognizance that Tan Sri Musa has been lambasted by the public and more so politicians for the policies that he has implemented and that did not augur well with them. However, Tan Sri Musa persevered.

    Our fervent hope that Tan Sri Ismail Omar could further enhance the good work that Tan Sri Musa had started with the view to redeem the integrity and pride of PDRM!

  8. Anonymous11:50 am

    "And to Musa's credit, the crime rate has dipped tremendously..."

    kah! kah! kah! latuk, you vely humourous la!

  9. Anonymous11:55 am

    40 odd years of fucking up PeeDickRM good & proper!


  10. Anonymous12:02 pm

    On Najib calls to wipe out racism...

    To the new IGP, go get this bastard...

    " Beer guzzling Cum Minister sank to a new low when the bastard called Teo Nie Ching "dirty" and likened her presence in the surau to a "disaster"."

  11. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Replacing one lap dog of UMNO with another lap dog of UMNO, nothing to celebrate. Musa was caught lying in court in Sabah in the case against his ex-colleague Ramli Yusuff. PDRM is politically bias, quick to arrest opposition politicans but slow to act against UMNO politicians.

    The only way to really make Malaysia safe is to throw UMNO out of govt and restore the independence of the courts.

    An ordinary Rakyat

  12. Anonymous12:29 pm

    One more going to... RTM!!!

  13. Anonymous2:28 pm

    good riddance to bad rubbish

  14. Anonymous2:53 pm

    All the best to the previous one, and also to the new one. it is not easy to be in their shoes, and we, the people of Malaysia will play our role, to make it work. Its our house, we livin in it together anyway.

    selamat raya, maaf zahir batin to all especially abg rocky! i saw this video clips adik kepada arwah ustaz asri rabbani, (yg still azan in tv), ustaz ghazali ibrahim, dia nyanyi lagu raya, sebijik macam arwah! gaya bersahaja...

    all the best to us all, Malaysia bumi bertuah, lets keep it that way...

    -salam raya-

  15. Anonymous3:34 pm

    Nothing will please Malaysians.

    Just watch it. They will allow the new IGP a few months to warm his chair and then, the usual demonising campaign begins. They will dig out his old photos etc and ask him to resign etc.

    Wanna bet?


  16. This is the man who in just take 6 years from DSP rank carrying mattress during DSAI trial in 1998 rising to became IGP and along the way trample many senior officers including his ex boss Dato Ramli from Commercial Crime.

    See how trump up charges againts Dato Ramli to supress him from becoming IGP and the man himself stand up in witness stand.

    See what the judge in KK court during Dato Ramli trial describe him. That sum-up his character.

  17. JustTruth5:02 pm

    The illustrous writeup of the out-going IGP is a joke ..... right?

  18. Anonymous5:28 pm


    Sincerely hope that PM Najib will take more words and advices from the new IGP and the PDRM's Intelligence Organisation in order to secure and free the country from all form of overt and covert threats internally and externally thwarted by undesirable elements with intend to disturb the peace and prosperity, the political stability , economic well being and the solidarity of the raayat.

    Do not repeat the mistake by The stupid "Slumberjack" who was of opinion that KDN and Police Intelligences were inferior and had no substances and it should not be heeded at all.

    Why TUN Mahadir appointed himself as Minister of Home Affair after being Minister of Defence for short while.

    It is believed that Tun Mahadir then realized the importance of him as PM to overseeing national security and being advised by professionals Intelligence Organization. But the stupid "Slumberjack" took the reversed action that led to his own down falled.

  19. Anonymous6:36 pm

    Atan, you are bais, never mentioned about his cruel deeds, I know you are looking after your rice bowl but you are not honest.

  20. Anonymous7:10 pm

    Dear Rocky, I'm disgusted NST had wrote that Ismail Omar was TRAINED by Musa. When I was in Standard Two in Alor Malai, my cikgu bahasa Encik Jamil said only ANIMALS such as apes, cats, rats and dogs are TRAINED. Humans are thought, coached. I dont know for sure if Encik Jamil is correct but if he is, then NST has made a LAUGHING stock of Ismail. This is purely the fault of Ahmad Talib, the head honco of NST, for allowing people to now look at Ismail in a brand new WAY.

  21. bigdog: 'Musa was a true blue CID man'

    najib : 'trust the mainstream media'

    enough jokes in a day!!

    ... can't stop laughing!

  22. Anonymous12:46 am

    So he was TRAINED by Musa, says NST. NST, hang bel'ajar sampei tadika kah? Cuma binatang buas, blh di TRAINED. Kahkakaweee hehehe, surak'abar inggeris yg x paham English. NST, hang pi tuli PRESENT IGP. Mangkok patot hang tuli CURRENT IGP. Ni pulak k'uar muka hadapan, tak erti malu langsong. Lepai tu, nake bemesyuarat pulak, buang masa org. Semua pakei steady, minum tohdi, maken gaji buhtaaaaa . . . .

  23. how do they measure crime rates these days?

  24. Anonymous4:05 pm

    According to Thesaurus TRAINED means conditioned or disciplined by training; often used as a combining form; "a trained mind"; "trained pigeons"; "well-trained servants"

    Again, those arent my words, I googled it.

  25. dua sen11:06 pm

    Crime rate is directly proportionate to the no. of gated community. Before Musa's time, gated community is exclusive to the elites. But today ??? Achievements ????

    It is the same with our education system. If the education system is good then tuition industry will down south!!!

  26. Anonymous2:58 am

    The capture of Mas Selamat proves that Malaysian Malay police force is one up over that 1st world tiny nation, supposedly 1st class infrastructure and 1st class procedures

    Hahaha, the citizens had to suffer months of inconvenient checks with the army, police, dogs and what-have-you

    and still NO Mas Selamat, even after thousands of his posters were put up all over the island

    P.S. no prizes to guess who capture the one-eyed dragon??