Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TBH: Why the A-G was not holding back evidence

The Document believed to be a Suicide Note. I am guessing it's a suicide note, or a document that could be deemed as a suicide note, because the papers and the portals are all hinting that it is, but I'm not Gobind Singh and I'm not Tan Hock Chuan so I won't know for sure. 

What I know is this "mystery" document must be very compelling. Gobind, who is also MP for Puchong (DAP), who is still suspended from Parliament for a case of verbal diarrhea, stormed out  of Coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas's chamber after a meeting with the MACC lawyers over this note yesterday and needed an hour to cool down. 

After which he called on the A-G to step down for withholding evidence. 

And reminded the A-G that "we would not bow to any sort of pressure" and that "if necessary we will file an application to ask the AG to explain his conduct".

But was the A-G holding back evidence?

The answer is NO.

The lawyers I spoke to said to me that this is because the inquest into TBH's death is STILL on-going. 

"You can't be accused of withholding or holding back evidence when a hearing is still on-going. It's very basic, Gobind knows that, too," one lawyer told me.

If the inquest is already over and someone were to leak out The Mystery Note (someone always does these days), then Gobind can happily accuse the AG of withholding evidence. And the AG will definitely fry for it.

BUT not while the inquest is still on-going.

If Gobind thinks that the AG should be called to "explain his conduct", then by all means file the application. But there is now new evidence that the Inquest must first admit in order to help us find out the truth. We don't even know if the document is authentic or if the handwriting was TBH's. 

For most of us, we don't even know if it's even a suicide note in the first place. 

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  1. Anonymous2:42 am

    To answer Big Dog:
    'From his father'..hahaha ROFL.

    Apparently this is the last throw of the dice by Gobbing to forestall the inevitable. It is all beginning to add up:

    a.The salacious speculations surrounding his private life.

    b. the distraught nature of his last hour as witnessed by his friend Tan Boon Wah who reported seeing TBH pacing back and forth in the pantry.

    c.the shocking revelations in the Truth For Teoh Beng Hock blog.

    d. the expert testimony of Pete Venezies.

    The MACC grilling must have been the last straw as it seemed to have unhinged his mind's door sufficiently enough for him to throw himself out of the window of life.
    Gobbing was possibly clinging onto the hope of putting Pornthip on the stand and rekindle the dying embers of his pet murder theory. Imagine his and the DAP's frustration when their well laid plans unravelled which explains Gobbing's childiah tantrum and unseemly gangstalike threats.

    Gobbing can still hang on to his idiotic reality using his "experts" to coccoon himself and the DAP from the hard facts but I think its time for closure. TBH's parents etc should accept the inevitable and move on. They owe that much to TBH and his offspring??. Perhaps distancing themselves from the DAP gangstas would be a good start.Getting a competent lawyer would be another step in the right direction as Gobbing, Malik Imtiaz et al have proven themselves to be buffoons, hardly cut out for this sort of thing. Give it time and everything will heal in due course and the spectre of an admittedly tragic suicide will eventually fade from our collective memory.

    Warrior 231

    P/s: Kudos to Gani Patail for his astute and decorous handling of the fresh evidence.Hallmarks of a judicious legal mind and a gentleman there not that of a legal lout with a cowherd mentality. You are right, bro, only evidence adduced/produced after an inquiry can be construed as being "suppressed".

  2. Gobind represented the late TBH's family in the inquest to find the truth and closure for the family.

    When the truth is staring Gobind in his face in the form of the "note", he suddenly went ballistic. Gobind is a deliberate lawyer, he does not do things for the hell of it. I hope all this very unlearned tantrums of Gobind against the AG is not a plan to delay the introduction of the "note" in the inquest next week.

    The "note" if authenticated and accepted by the coroner and then combined with the evidence from the forensic reports of our Local, Indian and the British experts will finally end the speculations and allegations against the MACC and the Government.

    The question is can Gobind and his team of DAP lawyers handle the truth. Lets not talk about a RCI unless and until they can show that they can handle the truth and nothing but the truth.

  3. OK... so if the 'mystery' document indeed has some very compelling detail about this case ... then what does it say about the AG ??!?!?!

    that they took such a loooooooooooooooooooong time to review this piece of document privately while people were arguing in the INQUEST over suicide / murder etc...

    AND ... who is AG defending? defending the JUSTICE or defending TBH or defending MACC by keeping away this piece of 'evident'

    AND ... what other evidents have yet to surface???? i.e. TBH's gut that still in AG's possession?

    AND ... how did Ezam know about this piece of new evident at the first place

    tell you what... seeing you, bigdog and avoice singing in tune, makes me think that AG is pulling off something greater than Saiful

  4. Anak Permatang Pauh7:48 am

    Gobehind Liar is not interested in the Truth. All he and all PR scumbags want is to tarnish the image of AG Chambers, MACC and PDRM by all means. But, that's the quality of Malaysian opposition leaders. Pemimpin bengong, pengikut bongok!

  5. Wow

    We have an expert here who by just talking to another lawyer would be able to predict so much.

    Common on, this is pure rhetoric blogging. Do you know the law or not. If you don't, please for heavens sake, during this Ramadhan period, just be truthful to ourselves that we do not know much or rather at all. All these are just pure hearsay only lah, fren.

    Your captioned title seems to suggest that the AG was not wrong. Bullshitting to skew it for UMNO. Too presumptive typical of Malaysians.

  6. Anonymous9:13 am

    Gobind is politician first, lawyer second.

  7. Anonymous9:51 am

    How big is the bag? How many items were in it? And how "small" was the paper? Was it the size of a pin head? If MACC cannot or failed to find something so important in a bag in their possession, how can they find evidence which people try to conceal?

    The MACC's incompetence is clear!

    What ha

  8. Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Sudah 50 tahun Merdeka tetapi tahap Institusi yang mesti dilihat sebagai jujur dan adil makin melarat dibawah tajaan UMNO yang makin lama makin tertekan.

    Semua rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan negara mengharapkan dan mendoakan supaya negara kita mendapat seorang Peguam Negara yang berwibawa untuk menggantikan Tan Sri AG yang kita ada sekarang.

  9. Anonymous10:25 am

    Call the AG to "explain his conduct"? Waaah, ini sudah keras ini.

    As someone said, dia sekolah loyar mana dia? Bukan dia tak tahu ada two sides to the coin, bukan AG buat sewenang-wenang sahaja, ada justifikasi baginya. Tengoklah apa itu surat, boleh percaya tak boleh percaya boleh argue in court. The Inquest belom selesai lah.

    Mahu cakap bodoh dia tak bodoh. Hanya keras macam bapak dia. Mahu tunjuk dia pun Singh is King ke? Ada limit lah kawan. Mahu tunjuk gah saja kapada pengundi yang tak faham undang-undang. Nak tunjuk dia hero. Apa jenis ini orang? Macam gengster saja. Mahu main kasar saja.

  10. Anonymous10:27 am

    The lawyer that I spoke to said that for an inquest, EVERYTHING must be declared even if it is only a piece of chewed gum found in the briefcase.

    Anyway it's a funny place to leave a suicide note, almost as if TBH didn't want it to be found. I would have thought his pant's or shirt's pocket would be the most logical place.

    Malaysia boleh! Apa pun boleh!

  11. Anonymous11:56 am

    Utusan knew this on july 25, and how come Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM)knew about the letter much earlier as well... Call syahrir.bakar lah mr NPC president...

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Siasat surat terakhir Beng Hock

    syahrir.bakar@utusan.com.my This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

    KUALA LUMPUR 24 Julai – Pihak berkuasa diminta segera menyiasat kewujudan surat terakhir tulisan tangan dalam bahasa Cina oleh Teoh Beng Hock sebelum dia ditemui mati di bangunan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) Shah Alam, tahun lalu.

    Yang Dipertua Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM), Azwanddin Hamzah berkata, kewujudan surat itu penting kerana ia berupaya membuktikan bahawa Beng Hock pada waktu itu menghadapi tekanan serta diugut bunuh oleh pihak tertentu dan bukannya SPRM.

    ‘‘Kewujudan surat tersebut perlu disiasat supaya mendiang Beng Hock dan SPRM mendapat inkues yang adil sementara peguam-peguam yang mewakili inkues tersebut tidak dipengaruhi oleh agenda jahat yang mahu memecahbelahkan perpaduan dalam negara.

    By Daily Utusan reader

  12. Anonymous11:59 am

    Criminal in charge of law. This what it is.

  13. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Rocky... lu punya argument tak boleh pakailah !!

  14. Anonymous2:19 pm

    spin doctors of the lowest degree - rocky

  15. Eng Hui,

    Bar Council chairman Ragunath quoted in the Star today: The Public Prosecutor can still introduce evidence at this stage of the inquest, which started a year ago. Ideally, the disclosure should have been done at the start to allow for witnesses to be cross-examined BUT the point is the Prosecutor is NOT out of line.

    Hope you understand, coz saying that Big Dog, A Voice and I were "singing in tune" shows that you didn't read or tak faham. A Voice, in his Gani Why Gani? was very critical of the A-G while Big Dog and I happen to be supportive of him in this case. Big Dog, of course, is more ruthless in his attack against Gobind but that's probably because he's an Umno man and Gobind is D.A.P.


  16. Loyar Buruk Kale Chepo2:50 pm

    Anonymous said...9:13 AM

    "Gobind is politician first, lawyer second."

    NOOOO! Gobehind is LIAR first, Lawyer last. In between, he is loya, liar (malay word), lancxxx la (chinese word). Is he a politician? Oh yeah, he was pushed out of the august house for losing his decorum. Someone should push him out of the 17th Floor of the Parliament Building!

  17. Your credibility is at stake Mr. AG !Should have been more transparent !Too much power has been arrogated by you; the judge and not you should be the one to decide whether the document is admissible as evidence !

  18. nursakeenah4:16 pm

    i dont know u in person but i have high regards for the 'perjuangan'/ integrity that i believe is in u as a person for the past few years/ since ur 'departure' frm nstp group few years back. (was studying that time n m.mail was a must read. then la. now no longer.)
    i really do hope u are among the few bloggers yg SANGAT jujur, telus, tekad, nekad n tegas dalam berkata2/memberikan pandangan.
    ===to cut the story shorT:===

    i could be very wrong in my view here but honestly, it's a true lawak with ALL that is happening now wth TBH case. katalah that lawyer that u were consulting with says that, "it's ok for the prosecutors to keep the evidence bcz the case still belum habis..". THEN., what about AG's own word THAT, "he(the AG himself) was 'equally startled'" with THE finding??

    i just so happen to start read 'blogs' for the past few months. before that, tak pandang pun. as a youngster (thirty; young la kan)
    my whole point is, most of the blogs around (politics) berada dalam 'kebodohan' yg 'keamatan' n they assume we, the readers would 'buy' everythg that they r 'selling'. ===AS IF WE MALAYSIANS ARE THAT STUPID??????===

    nak cakap lagi panjang, but i'm one who is not good with words. my hope, u'd understand the point i intended to convey.
    all in all, do ur best to tegakkan perkara yg benar no matter how hard/ high the price that u gonna hv to pay. have no fear in doing all that u r doing except to ALLAH SWT. N I REALLY DO HOPE, THAT U'D BE A MAN OF INTEGRITY N GUT THAT I HV ALWAYS ASSUMED U AS ONE, TILL UR LAST BREATH, INSHA'ALLAH.

    salam ramadhan 1431h n may it be the best to date for all of us.

    p/s:my english very 'kapor'. (sekolah tak tinggi.)

    best of regards to u bro.

  19. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Don't get why some people easily doubt the authenticity of the note.
    Is it so hard, to believe that one can be driven to commit suicide under immense pressure?
    Some think its becoz MACC has been quiet on YB Ean (his boss) and if Teoh indeed said sorry to him for having to tell MACC all, Ean would be in trouble already.
    Apparently the lawyers on this side tried submitting the MACC IP on Ean but was rejected by Coroner on ground that its "irrelevant". if only the world could hear what the IP said about Ean, all this would probably make more sense.

  20. Anonymous4:46 pm


    Your blog used to be a credible one, but now sad to say, it has degenerated into a blog of SHIT, yes UMNO shit passed out by the likes of their wild pigs like Warrior 231, eddy and others. It is now extremely nauseating to read the postings in your blog especially on the so-called TBH "suicide note" which you are trying desperately to justify on the part of the A-G whom everyone knows is nothing but a super lap dog of the Najis. I'm sure you are aware that if A-G can fabribcate evidence in Anwar's sodomy I trial, there is nothing to stop him from doing the same in TBH to save MACC severe embarrassment when Dr Porntip testifies on 18 Aug. Once again, shame on you for the despicable depths you have descended just because UMNO gave you a lifeline in Malay Mail.


    PAKATAN RAKYAT is just trying to CAPITALIZE on this episode to gain POLITICAL MILEAGE.

    While TEOH's family members are suffering from GRIEF & SADNESS; PAKATAN RAKYAT is REJOICING from the constant MEDIA headlines they are getting out of this case.

  22. Anonymous7:39 pm

    da cakap dah dari dulu lagi TBH bunoh diri,,,,macaam lah ALtantuya,,,,ONLY the 2 Malay idiot dilibatkan bersama,,!!!!!!!

    Mamat 2 orang tu da MATI ke,,,or DAH di hantar ke LUAR NEGARA,,!!!!


  23. Rocky, you sound like you are debating if Paris Hilton might be a virgin. Someone who does not know might actally believe what you are writing and that you honestly believe and you want me to believe as well that Paris Hilton is a virgin. Tell you what, I'll do one better than you. I know Paris is a virgin!! Beat that!!

  24. Dato Rocky, to unravel the mystery behind this cas, one needs to take all biases they have (difficult, but try)

    First, who would benefit from TBH's death?

    Would MACC benefit from TBH unfortunate death?

    The answer is a resounding NO! TBH is a key witness to indict Ronnie Liu and other DAP personnel in a corruption case (and as we can see, Liu is one very corrupt individual)

    Then who would gain from his death? For one, it would be the likes of Ronnie Liu and the DAP. Ronnie Liu could cover his crimes while DAP would avoid having its image tarnished

    Lest we forget, Ronnie Liu is heavily linked with Chinese Underworld figures which explains why so many 'rumah uruts' (with a happy ending) have cropped out all over Selangor

    And together with the British expert testimony of TBH's suicide and Pornthip's cowardly excape after realising she got no case against the MACC, we can see clearer now

    TBH could have committed suicide due to the stress accumulated from the investigation or he could have been forced to do so for he might fear harm being done to his family by the Chinese gangsters

    Or he could have been murdered by someone linked to some corrupt DAP politicians and Chinese Underworld

    Either way, I am pretty certain, MACC who has no good reason and in fact has a lot to lose by TBH's death, was not involved in it

    But try telling it to those poisoned by the allegations and rumours

    May God save Malaysia

  25. Anonymous12:27 am

    As usual you're full of shit...a person with a very elastic principle!

  26. Anonymous12:59 am

    The issue here is - Why NOW a document believed to be suicide note surfaced? Such an important document yet it has to surface only NOW???

    Who would believe the authenticity of such document after such a long inquest?


    Let's keep a mental note
    Of what's found in a tote
    That will influence the vote
    Of all inside and outside the cote

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 120810
    Thur. 12th Aug. 2010.

  28. Anonymous9:43 am

    i believe they come up wth ths so-called suicide note of tbh because dr. pornthip has finally agreed to appear in the malaysian court for the 2nd time despite receiving threats by the malaysian govt. she'd be here soon right?..seeing this, AG saw no way out rather than to fabricate the suicide note with the hope that by doing so, dr.pornthip wouldnt be as confident as she would have been with her claimed of the case.
    most funny of all, according to AG press release 2 days ago, the 'suicide note' would be kept by the AG until 'all doubts about it are over-ruled' by all party involved.

    din merican summed it up beautifully in his blog.

  29. Anonymous10:52 am

    I hereby demand that LKS/DAP demand a Royal Commission be set up to look into the conducts of Lawyers in Malaysia.

    Banyak dah jadi Lawyer buruk..



  30. Anonymous12:13 pm

    “I cannot understand why a suicide note was found in TBH’s bag, purportedly apologizing to his boss for disclosing important information,” Gerakan leader Hsu Dar Ren wrote in his blog.

    “I thought all belongings of his were kept by the department the moment he was called in. His hand-phone was with the department and was not returned to him, so did the department keep his bag too? In that case, how could he write something and put it inside the bag if the bag was already in the custody of the department?”


  31. Actually if the Coroners Court of England & Wales, as well as the Scottish Court - any tendering of 'evidence' at this stage without it having been disclosed earlier with all other documents at start - the court would stand down and investigate the veracity of the Crown Prosecution Service as well as to see if Mala Fidea was involved.

    The issue here is the credibility of the AG and his officers. This sounds highly incompetent and suspicious.
    A 'note' to be suddenly discovered 2 months after an initial search and the fact its takes another 8 months to disclose it to the court and TBH's family raises not just an eyebrow but the compelte incredulity.

    Coming after an affair between one of the DPPs and the key witness in the case just makes many wonder what sort of office is the AG running.

    Is it any wonder the world looks at our judicial system as a laughing stock.

  32. Thank youm Nursakeenah.

    Which is why I will continue what I do. Too many of us are too happy to go with the flow. It's trendy to whack Najib and BN but let's not forget, we must watch our new politicians and pantau.

    Tengok kat Selangor saja -- isu pasir, guna letterhead untuk curi duit rakyat, pasang kamera nak intip MB sendiri -- takkan kita nak tutup sebelah mata dan hentam BN saja?

  33. Anonymous12:59 pm

    It's like this, Dato, let me give a chronology event so you all understand what actually happened ==

    1. The Investigating office Nazri (polis, ASP) reported the discovery of the "Goodbye note", i won't call it sucide note, in October 2009 to the Attorney General

    2. The inquest started in July (29th if Im not mistaken). that means the AG could not have tendered the Goodbye note at the start of the Inquest (simply because the existence of the goodbye note was not known at the time)

    3. AG told IO to investigate further, send to chemist, forensic, etc. Interview other officers who tagged and bagged the evidence related to Teoh's death, plus his sling bag, etc

    4. Goodbye note is 95% in Mandarin so that's probably why IO had classified it and other notes belonging to Teoh as his "personal effects"

    5. IO reviewed the personal effects after psychiatrist told hm that if it's suicide, there usually would be a letter or note left by the suicide victim

    6. Chemists and forensics reports said could be genuine. the Romanised characters, especially, were defintely Teoh's

    7. When those reports came back to the AG, he had to file the Goodbye note to the Inquest. No 2 ways about it.

    8. So AG is doing the right thing on all counts. First he told IO to investigate the note and send follow up with forensics. Second he told his team to tender the letter once the reports from forensics and the IO were given to him.

    9. Now it's for IO to explain to Inquest what happened, how he found the note, why only now he's the chance to talk about the Goodbye note

    10. Why only now?
    a. IO is usually one of the last to take a stand in hearing/inquest
    b. Inquest was postponed many, many times and for the longest time postponed because Dr Pornthip can't come here, supposedly cause there was a threat to her life, or sometjing like that.

  34. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Rocky wrote : Tengok kat Selangor saja -- isu pasir, guna letterhead untuk curi duit rakyat, pasang kamera nak intip MB sendiri -- takkan kita nak tutup sebelah mata dan hentam BN saja?

    Why not man. Tutup aje lah. Tak bole kah? Kalu tutup, gatal kah mata?

    ehhehewkkwkwehehhe hahahah

  35. Anonymous6:06 pm

    to rocky/big dog and all your like - can you guys sleep at night? Do you all have a conscience? Enjoy the riches now, cos you and your UMNO cronies will surely burn in hell.

    introducing 'evidence' at this late stage is ok? suddenly a note appears?

    Anon 12.59 - where the hell do you get your info - you Ezam and JMM must have super natural powers. Amazing.


  36. Anonymous8:07 pm

    it doesnt matter how will it takes to cme up with evidence. it’s normal process. it happens everywhere, in US, EUROPE and many parts of tyhe world. evidence surface at later stage. doesnt matter after 2 month 2 years 2 decade. evidence is still evidence. gobind ana kepada karpal singh should hire the best person to verify the authencity of the written notes

  37. Anonymous9:33 am

    To Anonymous 12.59pm:

    Who is the best person to check the authenticity of the note? The answer is TBH family members. They are the one who recognize his handwriting style. However this was not done by AG dept for the whole year in their course of investigation. In fact, they were not been informed of the existing of the note.

    The point is, it is not the AG dept to determine the authenticity of the note, it is the inquest court.


  38. Anonymous11:13 am

    if I have to take sides, I'll take Rocky and frenz

    know why - they come across as more sensible and rational

    heh heh

  39. Anonymous11:34 am


    Wow...look at all the blind people here...

    Not that many are really interested in the fact that the note could well be the TRUTH...

    The issues for them are:

    Why keep it for so long?
    AG should resign.
    Suggestions that the note could be fabricated.
    Utusan knew about it beforehand :)


    You guys are full of bullshit.

    I bet you, none of you said anything when Gobind produced that poison letter claiming the head of Selangor MACC had something to do with TBH's death.

    The coroner's court looked into that immediately.

    Lagi obviously hearsay punya document..."Somebody sent it to my office"...Con job...

    This note was found in TBH's bag. With due respect, it was the IO's carelessness that led to the document being overlooked.

    He must have thought that it was just another piece of paper. It was, after all, written in Chinese.

    Screw whatever incompetencies in-between. If it was written by TBH, then all of us should then accept the truth.

    If the note needs to be verified by an external party, then by all means, send it to the handwriting experts. This time, both parties mutually agree to one or two experts (CIA ke, apa ke), before sending the note for examination. That way, it won't turn into a circus. Wait...of course, it will still be a circus with Gobind around...

    At least, we are assured that we will not have to deal with some cheap-looking pathologist who can deduce things from looking at pictures, and then, creating such a drama about her life being threatened so she wouldn't have to defend her error...


  40. Anonymous3:43 pm

    I think every honest and objective person reading Rocky's posting can sense some people are feeling jittery with the TBH issue. I do hope the Truth will come out soon. But again, the issue has been politicised right from the beginning, and people are not interested in the Truth but simply looking for opportunities to bash the MACC and AG. So,even the `goodbye note' (as someone calls it) is found to be authentic, they'd raised a different issue. LKS has already set a new agenda by saying that MACC is responsible for the TBH suicide. So you see, LKS knows that the suicide note is authentic, and he quickly start a new psywar to continuing bashing MACC.

    So, for all right thinking Malaysians, and especially PAS members, know what DAP is up to. Masih nak bersekongkol ke dengan parti yang akan menjahanamkan negara!

  41. Anonymous6:24 pm

    "Remember what Mahathir said? If they can come up with Avatar, then they can do anything – and this Mahathir should know."

  42. Anonymous2:14 pm

    If the note is so authentic, why take so long time? You have never seemed to answer the question. Neither does Rocky Bru?
    The purpose of Inquest is to determine the cause of TBH's death. It seems that AG has become another Judge Dredd.
    The greatest joke why last time he thinks it's not good enough proof & now suddenly decided to deem it to be authentic.

    Are you a human being? Do you have a brain? If you do, use it & think

  43. clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose1:23 pm

    rocky, this in response to one of your comments in this thread where you argue that the prosecutor has the right to introduce the suicide note as evidence in the trial.

    i'd like to first say that the argument is valid, and you're not out of line to write about it on your personal blog.

    i'd also like to say that you're getting senile, or just full of sh*t. pick one.

    come on! not only was the note found 2 months AFTER the suicide (bloody zimbabwe has better CIDs than this i tell you), but the prosecutor chose to keep it under wraps for another 8 months. how do you find it in yourself to ignore this dodgy sh*t ?? tak kan your journalism school didn't teach you to question everything?

  44. Anonymous5:21 pm

    Lets think of a rape case.
    a rape case had been in judge for a year... In this year, the AG/prosecutors used up lots of police force etc to collect evidences and submitted
    lots of so called edvidences, and the the lawyers had being fight in court for a year so many rounds....the purpose Just to find out the truth. But suddenly, the prosecutor said that they found a NOTE in the lady's jeans saying that, She had the intercourse willingly with that guy.....
    You r laughing right?

    As what that lawyer that u were consulting with says that, "it's ok for the prosecutors to keep the evidence bcz the case still belum habis..".

    How much time and tax-payers money wasted!!!!!!

    I agree prosecutor got the right to keep, and MUST use their wisdom on what type of evidence, and how important the evidence is. Furthermore, they are spending tax-payers money for nothing!!!

    Imagine, if the note is true and the truth is "there is NO rape case, and that lady is having sex willingly as the notes" then, if this note is submitted from the beginning, how much tax-payers money can saved in investigation? and court expenses??
    Opposite, if the note is fault, then is it fair to the victim for the AG to throw this out suddenly AFTER 1 year?which AG had found it year ago. You are torturing the vistim and the family's emotion.

    Furthermore have you read the NOTE of TBH? you can look for it online. Please ask your chinese friend to translate for you. you will surely laugh. and brother, a guy who intended to commit suicide will not write a note that way.
    Today, Prontip, the expert forensic from thai, is holding still her finding that TBH is murdered.

    Our justice died from the day AG submit the note. The Lord of Darkness is covering over Malaysia Justice.

    TBH's case is so openned to the public and the mass media is covering it 24hours. Is discussed thoughout the country in kampung, in kopitiam, on the street, in the school ..... yet still our AG is sooo careless and irresponsible....
    what about other small small cases ???? which we, normal rakyet
    is facing.

    We all Malaysian, Lets all fight for a brighter, transparent Malaysia future. and a true Malaysian nation, for our next generation.