Tuesday, August 10, 2010

After the Raja Permaisuri Agong, they now snub a Sultan!

Updated: Chua claims banner is the work of Umno, from Free Malaysia Today

Original article
Revenge of an axed-Dato. Jimmy Chua may still be very sore about losing his Johor datukship. We can understand that. But using Sultan Ibrahim's portrait on his banner to campaign for himself, knowing very well he's not in the good books of the Sultan, is deceiving and insulting. And we can't understand that.
The Sultan is not amused. Read here.
For context on the Royal snub involving the Raja Permaisuri Agong, read yesterday's report by The Malay Mail on how Selangorians want their MB to apologize for the fiasco.


  1. Anonymous11:30 am

    salam tok

    makin lama makin biadap perlakuan DAP ini, lagi2 ada sokongan dari melayu PKR dan Melayu PaS....

  2. bastard jimmy!!
    using SULTAN JOHOR to promo himself, juz to show to people that SULTAN still supporting him??
    F**k Chua Juboq AnuWAR!!!

  3. Datuk,

    These Parti Kumpul Reject people are simply too much. As elected laaders, they are demonstrated bad example how HRHs should be treated.

    As I hv always iterated that they are new form of 'anarchists' nd 'anti establishment' that is structurally destroying the political, social fabric and heritage with examples such as this, the attempt to bring back Chin "Butcher of Malaya" Peng, the resentment they propegated against HRH Paduka Seri Sultan Perak Jan last year and of course all the legal circus-mumbo-jumbo we are seeing demonstrated in Anwar "Mat King Leather" Ibrahim's sodomy trial, the TBH inquest, the shooting of 14 yr old Aminulrasyid and the latest, the sue against FELDA by 766 settlers yesterday.

    On the otherhand, PKR-managed-Selangor-Govt has been plagued with the mega pig plant, multifold increase of vice related activities in "massage, health and entertainment centres", the ultra excessive sand mining (which no one can realistically explain where the sand actually went), the refusal to resolve the Selangor water project.

    Of course, HRH Sultan Selangor was even murka on the PKR Selangor MB who intended to use tithe collected by Baitulmal for development purposes.

    Lessons needed to be learned, quickly. They shouldnt be given the mandate to lead. They are very abusive and rakyat is the last in their minds.

  4. Anonymous11:52 am

    ai that fat dog still on the gravy train,wait till it stops bet u he will lose 30kilo when the fulus dries up kahkahkahkahkah.

  5. Anonymous12:28 pm

    budushlaa kalau sapa percaya ini PKR yg buat...
    memang kpala bannna kalu percaya lebih lebih lagi org yg bertaraf datuk...shame!
    politik maaa...

    ordinary people aka original pipel

  6. Anonymous12:51 pm

    It's plainly biadab and kurang ajar. Their kind tak tahu tata tertib, adat kesopanan, hormat kapada raja. Dah diberi kerakyatan tak berterima kasih, tak ikut ada kesusilaan.

    Then dia kata bukan dia buat. Penyokong dia buat. Badak punya orang.

  7. Gambaq Anwar dudok di atas dari Sultan Johor.....mungkin dia ingat jika DAP berkuasa dia akan jadi Presiden Malaysia yang pertama kot.

  8. Anonymous1:00 pm

    On the otherhand, PKR-managed-Selangor-Govt has been plagued with the mega pig plant, multifold increase of vice related activities in "massage, health and entertainment centres", the ultra excessive sand mining

    I am sure you guys believe that the BN run states and FTs do not have the above activities as quoted by BigDog. Maybe allowing underage marriage is the newest innovation in town

  9. Anonymous1:04 pm

    Melayu / Pri Bumi Undi Melayu / Pri Bumi, Cina Undi Cina

    Tapi inilah orang yg PAS nak sokong. Se-bahagian Pas nak sekutu dgn Umno siang hari, malam hari dia nak asmara dgn PKR, DAP. Skrng negeri Selangor dan Pulo Pinang sudah di tawan oleh Ah Pek camni juga.

    Lihatlah sendiri kerenah Cina Ah Pek ini. Sanggup letak gambar Sultan kat kain rentang dia. Kurang ajar.

    Malangnya lebih ramai lagi Ah Pek camni sekutu dgn UMNO juga. Ah Pek ini pun dulu MCA, kawan baik UMNO.

    Lebih elok Umno sedar skrng. Lupakan saja Ah Pek ni semua. Tinggalkan mereka.

    Kita sokong penuh kempen Melayu Undi Melayu, Pri Bumi undi Pri Bumi.

    Biar Cina undi Cina.

    Jika Melayu Undi Melayu, kuasa politik negara akan kekal dlm tangan org Melayu & Pri Bumi.

    Antara Melayu/Pri Bumi & bukan Melayu/Pri Bumi, undilah Melayu / PriBumi dulu.

    Antara Melayu / Pri Bumi BN dan bukan BN, undilah Melayu / Pri Bumi BN. Senantiasa undi Melayu / Pri Bumi sahaja.

    Org Melayu / Pri Bumi tidak perlu undi Cina lagi.

  10. skilgannon10661:47 pm

    So, what are "they" going to do to Jimmy Chua? Lock him up under the ISA for sedition and throw away the key? Invite him for a polite "one-on-one" session where he can be "re-educated" on the norms of what constitutes acceptable behaviour? Revert to the days of the Mandarins in China when punishment with heavy rods was the norm?

    Or will he be disowned and sanctioned by the PKR for actions that tarnish the dignity of the monarchy?

    If Jimmy Chua is really "biadap", let him face the rakyat in the next General Election so that democracy can be served and he can be sent home, if he is defeated, with his tail between his legs.

    It is the rakyat that get to decide their choice of representatives in a parliamentary democracy. Not "trial by media".

  11. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Where got snub Sultan ? Jimmy Chua is saying that he still loves the Sultan ! Can you BN apologists see the positive side and not the negative side of this matter ? The poster was never meant to be stepped on. It was supposed to show reverance to the Sultan.


  12. Anonymous3:33 pm


    Please tell others,

    You can (PKR,DAP, PAS)play with anything to confuse people..but NEVER EVER use SULTAN OF JOHOR for you dirty tactics..

    We love so much our SULTAN OF JOHOR..

    Rakyat Johor

  13. I don't know about others, but the poster could have been made to embarrass Jimmy Chua and PKR, because it seems so unlikely that PKR would include the Sultan's picture for this purpose, at a time when Jimmy Chua had been stripped of his datukship. It seems so incredible!

    I would wait for an explanation from PKR or Jimmy Chua.

  14. Now you all finally UNDERSTAND why CHUA JUI MENG couldn't make it any HIGHER in MCA, rite??? That's why he gotta JUMP BOAT to Pakatan Rakyat.

    After all, PAKATAN RAKYAT is FAMOUS for taking in any DOG, CAT & DONKEY without PROPER SCREENING & EVALUATION process.

    PAKATAN RAKYAT will SINK BADLY come the next G.E. Why??? Becos' this BOAT is too SHAKY due to allowing any DONKEYS to jump into its' BANDWAGON.

  15. Selangorians or just your UMNO goons?

  16. Anonymous5:01 pm

    r u sure zorro and patrick teoh still want their names in your socio-political list???

    i mean there are two sides to most if not all issues.

    but this is super-low; this article.


  17. Anonymous5:31 pm


    If they can snub the Permaisuri Agong and a Sultan, then anytime they can snook us

  18. Anonymous5:54 pm

    How sure are you that it was Jimmy or PKR who does it? They are not that foolish to do it. Someone is trying to set them up.

  19. Pantat Ang6:37 pm

    Rocky, continue to lie. Your lies have reached stratospheric levels. You are doing a great job. Keep it up. Send my regards to your good friend Ahmad Talib, who is doing a swell job in the New Shit Times.

  20. yg celik7:33 pm

    elokla rocky spin la lagi.

    mana pkr ada duit nak buat banner sebanyak itu dan di gantung di seluruh johor,dan bole tulis jui meng sebagai mb selangor.
    kau org cerdik pandai dan sebahagian dari upahan umno untuk jadi pemikir BN bersama apco,tapi takkan la di alam maya yg rata2 manusia boleh berfikir pun kau nak spin.

    fyi pkr johor awal lagi dah buat lapuran polis.sultan johor well.

    cumanya bro rocky esok ramadhan,elok kurangkan sikit fitnah tu,sekurang2 jika kamu berpuasa dan bersolat,dapatla pahala sikit.

  21. Anonymous7:40 pm

    Hello, you have played prosecution, witness and judge here without investigating nor seeking the other side of the story to decide on the ACTUAL TRUTH.

    And you conveniently did not link http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/fmt-english/politics/pakatan-rakyat/9033-chua-umno-out-to-incite-malays-against-me to your your 'masterpiece.

    This is how Singapore education has nurtured you?

    Malu lah


  22. No Hyprocriscy8:14 pm

    Rocky as a journalist you should know what goes on behind the scenes in royal circles and the huge amount of scandal and irresponsible behaviour that is never reported.

    I wonder if our view would be the same if everything was exposed. They aren't angels but are being promoted as such.

    I lived in Johor. I know what these guys do....

    Thank god we have a constitutional rather than absolute monarchy.

    Saying that, the pic of the Sultan should not be used in political banners.

  23. kiasu8:35 pm

    Gambar Anwar diletak lebih tinggi dari Sultan Johor…..mungkin dia ingat jika DAP berkuasa dia akan jadi Presiden Malaysia yang pertama kot, dan kominis Chua dilantik sebagai Gabenor Johor.

  24. dude,this is not cool.you know this aint you.

    clearly umno is desperate.find another way to outmanouevre pakatan.

    awww cmon man..u r bigger than this

  25. Anonymous8:48 pm

    Salam bru,

    I don't see any wrong with the banner. Just because its PKR that insert the sultan face on the banner it became like a big sin as though the sultan is exclusive for BN. Come on BN goons grow up and stop behaving like numb-skulled kids.

    Good job PKR, with this fuss I reckon its a clear indication of BN fears.

  26. Anonymous9:22 pm

    Rocky you are very silent on TBH?

  27. Sayang Tuanku9:33 pm

    Tak sedar diri kawan BABI ni.
    Tuanku dah tarikh Datukship.
    Terhegeh-hegeh letak gambar Tuanku apa ke jadahnya.
    PKR has no place in Johor.

  28. Anonymous10:06 pm

    'desperadoes do desperate things'

    Yo Rocky great piece of article.


  29. Sayang Tuanku10:09 pm

    anon 8.48

    It's the Tuanku who is angry with PKR for using his photo.
    It's not the BN.
    Get it into your stupid head.
    Typical of Anwar man to simply jump at others.

  30. Anonymous10:09 pm

    skilgannon1066 oiii

    jimmy chua should just "potong" coz he loves Sultan Ibrahim so much

    oh ya his name should now be Mohamed Juremi


  31. Good effort; syabas UMNO and Dato Rocky for propagating it loudly. It helps and promotes 1Malaysia!

  32. Umar Rentaka10:48 pm

    Chua: Umno out to incite Malays against me
    Tue, 10 Aug 2010 15:12
    E-mail Print

    By G Vinod

    PETALING JAYA: Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng today denied using the Sultan of Johor's name in his political campaigns in the state and blamed Umno for scandalising the royal household.

    Chua said Umno is trying hard to curb Pakatan Rakyat's popularity in Johor by producing banners of him as the next menteri besar of Johor, with the ruler's picture attached to the banner.

    “Last Saturday, one of our youth wing member showed me a banner depicting me as the next menteri besar of Johor during a talk in Gelang Patah,” said Chua.

    “I have nothing to do with the banner as I believe it was placed to incite the Malays against me. However, Sinar Harian carried the news on Monday without any clarification from me.”

    The Star today carried a report that Johor's Sultan Ibrahim ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar issued a stern reminder to politicians not to use his name in any political campaign.

    The ruler had pointed out that a politician in Batu Pahat had tried to cause problems among the people by using his face in a banner.

    Umno inciting the Malays and the ruler

    Chua, the former health minister, also explained that it was counter-productive for PKR to come up with such banners as it may irk the Malays and the palace.

    “Why would we do such a thing when it will not bode well for us? It is done in order to incite the Malays and the palace against us. Only Umno is capable of doing such as thing,” said Chua.

    He added it is ridiculous to pit him as menteri besar material in the first place.

    “Article 3 of the Johor constitution clearly states that a menteri besar must be a Malay and a Muslim. Even if I'm a Muslim, I cannot be in the position as I'm not a Malay,” clarified Chua.

    Chua said that he may consider filing a civil suit against Sinar Harian inspite of the daily carrying his clarification today.

    Police take statement from 39 people

    Meanwhile, Bernama reported that the Johor police have recorded statements from 39 individuals, including politicians, to assist in the investigation on the use of the sultan's photograph.

    Johor police chief Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff said the statements from all the individuals concerned were taken shortly after police received nine complaints from several parties.

    "Batu Pahat OCPD and the special branch have been assigned to investigate the complaints and to detain the parties involved," he told reporters in Johor Baru today.

    Mohd Mokhtar said police viewed the move to drag Sultan Ibrahim into politics as a serious matter and would initiate investigations under the Sedition Act.

  33. Umar Rentaka10:49 pm


    By G Vinod

    PETALING JAYA: Johor PKR chief Chua Jui Meng today denied using the Sultan of Johor's name in his political campaigns in the state and blamed Umno for scandalising the royal household.

    Chua said Umno is trying hard to curb Pakatan Rakyat's popularity in Johor by producing banners of him as the next menteri besar of Johor, with the ruler's picture attached to the banner.

    “Last Saturday, one of our youth wing member showed me a banner depicting me as the next menteri besar of Johor during a talk in Gelang Patah,” said Chua.

    “I have nothing to do with the banner as I believe it was placed to incite the Malays against me. However, Sinar Harian carried the news on Monday without any clarification from me.”

  34. Anonymous11:14 pm

    Actually bro rocky, you are right about one thing - it is just so ridiculous he will do this it can't be... some of yr umno buddies' handiwork and you the part of the spinning crew...?

  35. Kau orang yang pro B end memang pendek akal. Dengar, lihat dan fikirkan. Ape-ape ajer dia orang boleh buat untuk kekalkan kuasa. Lihat saja di Perak. Apa yang dah terjadi. Buat baik untuk satu Malaysia. Tetapi perkara yang buruk tetap buat jugak. Jadi LU FIKIRLAH SENDIRI. Kita mestilah pro rakyat dan jangan mudah terpedaya dengan tipu muslihat. Tak pasti siapa yang melakukannya. Duduk diam-diam cukuplah. Biar pihak berkuasa yang menyiasat. Tak perlu buat dosa kering dalam bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini. FIKIRKANLAH (katakan dalam hati 'ya, tak ya jugak tu. bodohnya aku. buang masa ajer. apa aku dapat?)

  36. Blogger Maverick SM said...

    Good effort; syabas UMNO and Dato Rocky for propagating it loudly. It helps and promotes 1Malaysia!

    10:25 PM


    Bro Maverick,

    Don't know if it does anything to/for 1Malaysia, but the Sultan's angry and that's news.

    Jimmy Chua has since denied that it was his banner, so the police has got another job to do and yet again it involves politics, not crime.


  37. Tak perlulah buat dosa kering di bulan Ramadan yang mulia ini. lapuran polis telah dibuat. Biarlah mereka yang membuat siasatan. Usah terpengaruh dengan dakwaan yang dibuat terhadap pihak yang tertentu. Kau orang tak nampak siapa yang buatkan? Jadi cuma dengar, lihat dan fikirkan sudahlah. Buat apa nak kecoh-kecoh dan memecah belahkan masyarakat? Kalau rakyat nak pilih PR dalam PRU13 nanti, hormatilah. Sebaliknya jika BN yang dipilih, biarkanlah. Rakyat lebih tahu. Orang politik hanya tahu untuk berkuasa dan kekalkan kuasa. Juga ada agenda-agenda tersembunyi. Negara kita mengamalkan prinsip demokrasikan? Jadi mengapa nak takut jika kerajaan bertukar. Adakah takut jika mereka memerintah lebih baik lagi? Lihat di Britain dan Amerika. Kerap bertukar parti pemerintah. Negara mereka tetap maju dan jauh kehadapan. Jadi fikirkanlah. Bagi peluang pada pihak yang terpilih memerintah meneruskan kerja mereka sehingga tamat tempoh. Jangan jatuhkan kerajaan yang dipilih oleh rakyat. Juga beri peluang rakyat mendengar ucapan para pemimpin dan membuat penilaian sendiri. Jangan dihalang. Kalau di Selangor baik BN mau pun PR sama-sama dibenarkan buat ceramah. lebih demokrati. Mengapa harus takut. Anda semua FIKIRKANLAH ya!

  38. Anonymous12:26 am

    chua jui meng, u fikir2 lah berucap dalam ceramah2 di johor selepas ni... jangan lepas cakap pasal org johor tahu siapa u. selama ini u jadi pemimpin bakri pasal melayu/jawa bakri sokong u.. sampai jadi menteri... bila kalah lawan jawatan president mca u belot... u kata mcm2 kat bn dan umno... u lupa satu hal, jawa air hitam dalam bakri pentol2 jawa.... jgn sampai mereka marah kat u, ya. air hitam dlm bakri satu2 nya kawasan 10000000% melayu/jawa.... ingat sikit jui meng. jgn sampai tak berani nak balik ke bakri pulak nanti...

  39. Anonymous12:37 am

    Kena ada Sultan ke negara kita? Banyak negara lain tak ada Sultan, ok juga, malah lebih maju. Negara lain yang ada Sultan (keluarga diRaja) pun, tak macam kita, punyalah ramai.

    sri hartamas

  40. nstman1:32 am

    Rocky, you are implying Chua is guilty as hell. What type of journalist are you? Lying seems to be your stock-in trade. Or rather, lying is in your DNA. You are not giving Chua a chance to defend himself. Instead you and your ilk like Junkyard Dog and Ahmad Talib are unanimous in finding Chua guilty. Pse stop lying less for once. Search your conscience. You are fast becoming a figure of contempt, like Ibrahim Tongkat Ali.

  41. Anonymous1:59 am

    There are the ubiquitous telltale lies in the Chingkie's clarification pasted under Umar Rentaka's comment:

    1."Chua said Umno is trying hard to curb Pakatan Rakyat's popularity in Johor by producing banners of him as the next menteri besar of Johor, with the ruler's picture attached to the banner.

    Last Saturday, one of our youth wing member showed me a banner depicting me as the next menteri besar of Johor during a talk in Gelang Patah,” said Chua.

    My observation: the banner contains nothing to the effect that Chua is being lobbied for as the next MB. It merely says : "Pengerusi PKR Johor"
    which is light years away from Menteri Besar Johor. And for a tincan Napoleon PKR post, why drag in the Sultan unless the fella has an hidden agenda.

    2. In his clarification, Chua lambasted UMNO for setting him up. This harangue is redolent of Chua's anger when he was unceremoniously stripped off his Datukship. Then he said this:

    It is clear to all that the embarrasment caused by the revocation still rankles Chua who has now resorted to stirring up anti-royalty and anti Umno sentiment in Johor with this asinine act (provided the ongoing investigations find him to be responsible)

    A scounderel can equivocate for all he wants but a filthy mind that harbours the devil is always liable to churn out evil antics no matter what.

    Sections 3(1a) and 4(1c) of the Sedition Act 1948 is clear regarding the ramifications of lese majeste. Maybe to keep things simple, the authorities should just detain this 'woeman' of "hell hath no fury than a woeman scorned" fame under the ISA and throw away the keys for good measure.Only way to teach unwelcome interlopers of Tanah Melayu the niceties of marauh behaviour.

    Warrior 231

  42. Si Jimmy Chua ni baik pencen sahajalah, mantan menteri MCA dan recycle frog politician ini tak dapat sokongan dari orang Melayu dalam PKR Johor pun. Sekarang bila buat banner, tak mengaku pulak, mesti spin nak salahkan UMNO juga.

    Wei Jimmy, lagi baik kau pergi jumpa DYMM Sultan Johor daripada berdolak dalihlah. Takut ka, your balls just got shrivelled in your pants, is it.

  43. banner tu sama la jugak macam hangpa dok bubuh gambar sultan dalam blog hangpa... iaitu nak tarik sultan ke kancah politik.... lagipun sapa pun boleh buat banner tu... tak semestinya PKR yang buat... mungkin puak puak UMNO pun boleh buat....

  44. Anonymous7:54 am

    Latuk Locky:

    Just like Moo Hee Din and Utusan flaying Lim Guan Eng for victimising the Malay traders at Komtar - only to find out later that the accusations were so far from the truth.

    Got apology from Utusan ? Takde. Got apology from Moo Hee Din ? Takde.

    Shameful lah you UMNO apologists. Luckily we have the alternative media to spread the truth otherwise the folks in the kampungs will still think that Utusan is the best source of news.

    Remember this is the fasting month. Anyone telling lies or spreading lies would be held by Allah to account in the afterlife.

    Maybe the UMNO goons semua tak takut lagi.


  45. Anonymous10:03 am

    Why is that, Johor state, rich in natural resources has still not developed to it's full potential? Is it the Sultan who is not progressive or the Menteri Besar who is under his thumb not doing his job. Maybe the Sultan should display his collection of 200 luxury cars to the rakyat when he's doing his round of " watching rakyat struggles with daily life".

  46. Anonymous11:48 am

    Do you really belief that Chua Jui Meng or PKR really instruct to put this kind of banner that will surely anger the Sultan? Please lah UMNO, cerdiklah sikit, this kind of low IQ hatred inciting action tak boleh pakai lah, budak sekolah rendah pun tak percaya. UMNO is giving bola tanggung to Anwar to smash UMNO goons masuk longkang.

    Pakai otak lah, bukan semua Rakyat bodoh seperti UMNO goon inginkan kami bodoh.

  47. Anonymous12:43 pm

    only bodoh ppl believe it is the work of chua jm and pkr..in that case all malaysian must believe PM is involve in atantuya murder

  48. Bunnies12:56 pm

    It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out la...

    Why would someone as foxy and savy like Jimmy Chua make such a mistake? He should know that Sultan by now. So, if you ask me, I dont think PR or Jimmy Chua is that stupid to make such a move. Obviously, this is a coward act and such acts are reserved for...... (drum roll please).. no other.. (louder drum roll)....

    Think a bit la.. Nobody can beat BN in making stupid acts and coming up with the most failed and unbelievable stories or act or actions. One more wont hurt.. BN IS already there!

  49. In PKR, political frogs such as Jimmy Chua are indeed sacred cows. Just look at the vehement defense that Anwar sent in to spin for Chua in the blogs and alternative media.

    The sad fact is Anwar's appointee, Chua, is not accepted nor welcome as PKR Johor Chief.

    No amount of spin can help Chua in PKR Johorlah. Simple test, beside the usual suspects did anybody prominent come out in defense of Jimmy Chua...Azmin mana, Zuraidah mana even Shamshul mana, Chegu Bard? No, zilch, tidak adalah.

    Jimmy Chua could do all us Johoreans a favor, go seek the DYMM Sultan appointment and apologise and then just retirelah from politics for good lah your days are numbered. It goes without saying that you will never be MB of Johor of course.

  50. Anonymous5:00 pm


    Biasa la pembangkang..bila kene muka dia cepat2 dia kata UMNO punya keje...ingat UMNO Johor bodoh ke nak pakai taktik bodoh pembangkang tu...

    semua taktik tu org dah tau la Anwar la penciptanya..bila dia buat dia kata org lain yg buat...ha ha ha..

    satu lagi..kepada yg kepala otak bodoh sangat tu (especially otak pembangkang) tau tak org UMNO and BN (especially melayu Johor) is really busy mentadbir negara and handle pelbagai projek utk negara..ada yg jd menteri, CEO, business man, etc...takde masa la nak pikir taktik kotor ciptaan Anwar tu..kitaorg sangat sibuk tau...bukan mcm korang...24jam buat ceramah lepas tu kutip derma....jual air liur je la keje korang...satu benda sumbangan pd negara pun takdak....balik malam habis bini kene layan...tu je la rutin korg tiap2 hari..negeri lain bolehlah bro..Johor sorry!! kitaorg tak layan ceramah2 ni..buang masa!!

    Taktik UMNO konon..sekali lagi diingatkan..kitaorg dah tau la trick korg...bila jd apa2 cepat2 tuduh kerajaan , UMNO dan BN...TAKTIK LAPOK la bro...!!

    kat negeri lain bolehlah korg tipu rakyat...in Johor no way!!kami anti stupid!!

    Rakyat Johor yg pandai..

  51. Anonymous5:24 pm

    you are the expert spinner. Of course you do this to please your boss. Who do you think you are after being paid fat VSS and yet re-called back to work. All because you can paint a deer yet call it a horse.You think that Chua Jui Ming is such an idiot like you.

  52. Silferwoeulf7:19 pm

    Anon 10:03 AM

    In connection with yr posting, there were reports recently that the Sultan is claiming S$329,000 from a Spore car distributor, Hong Seh Motors, for damaging HRH's Spyker Convertible sports car during servicing. HRH is using a Spore law firm, Allen & Gledhill, to pursue his claim.

    I believe that a Spyker sports car is priced at close to S$1 million, more than a Lamborghini LP640.

    And Allen & Gledhill has a co-operation agreement with Malaysian law firm Zaid Ibrahim.

  53. Anonymous11:24 pm

    Seeing all the comments 'hentam'ing BN/UMNO....think, berapa senang PKR nak buat all this junk and mesti ada Malaysian yang akan salahkan BN/UMNO.
    I'm not supporting any party....Malaysia politics sucks big time....Kaizen theory is well applied here.....for that I salute Jimmy.....


  54. Anonymous8:11 am

    i think the person who make the fake banner is also the same bastard who ask the sultan johor to remove jimmy chua's datukship. where's the logic did jimmy chua make this banner?what to gain?(after taking away datukship ,still support ahhh?,dont make people laughlah,bullshit!!!) the kerabat dijohor should have known that this might be the work of somebody who maybe had been punished by the sultan in the past. so now the bastard take oppurtunity for revenge.the johor sultanate had been famous for slapping and beating anybody who wont listen to his order. once a few years back UMNO ask all his member and governmet staff not to attend royal function because the sultan johor cancel the medal to them. the sultan johor should make public on why he took back jimmy chua's datukship in the first place, this the 21st century and now people aint scared of being whacked by this sultan! why anwar ibrahim datukship wasnt take away??? let the world see the double standard those malay bastard branding all the chinese are communist and pendatang!

    Tan Hai Liang and Gooi Mong Ling
    AmMerchant Bank, KL

  55. Anonymous8:55 am

    Bro, you're leaning much to the dark side. Come back to the middle path before its too late.

  56. Anonymous9:24 am

    you wanna believe the dethroned frog who didn't turn into a prince

    or the rock-steady UMNO and the Sultan

  57. Anonymous4:45 pm

    Well, truth will eventually dribble out, no matter what.And it cuts pretty close to home I guess,
    much to the chagrin and horror of small time charlie pollies like the stripped datuk, rabbits, wannabe mafia idiots, bamk janitors and toilet cleaners, anonymous faggots and the rest of no intellect low lives. Guess, either, henceforth, silence would be a virtue or this report must be the work of UMNO including all the earthquakes, tsunamis and famines of this world, hahahahaha....ROFL.


    Warrior 231

  58. Seolferwulf8:01 pm

    Well, duh...a Spyker sports car is like so yesterday.

    Now, if it is a Bugatti Veyron, then whoa, hormat banyak-banyak!

    So, whoever sold this Spyker was not aware of bragging rights in the exotic world of supercars.

  59. Anonymous12:37 am

    One sure thing about everybody connected with PKR is that they can never admit a mistake. They're always perfect. They want credit for everything. All mistakes are BN's. Come on lah....

  60. You must be rather naive as a veteran newspaper man to think our friend will shot himself in the legs.

  61. Seolferwulf3:50 pm

    Hey, Warrior. Is Johor still running a budget deficit?

    Surely the powers-that-be should be calling for austerity, financial restraint and safeguards on how public funds are spent?

    Or is that too anti-Keynesian for peoples' stomachs?

    Which is why the Jimmy Chua sideshow is heaven-sent for distracting the rakyat from roti-&-mentega issues.

    Whilst the Johor MB has to grit his teeth and embark on yet another investment promo mission!

  62. lets wait for next general election lah to solve all these problems

  63. Anonymous9:31 am

    Anonymous @12:43 PM said...
    only bodoh ppl believe it is the work of chua jm and pkr..in that case all malaysian must believe PM is involve in atantuya murder



    only BODOH people believe that cjm ala Mohamed Juremi did NOT do it

  64. Anonymous9:35 am

    aiyomanaboleh @2:08 PM said...
    You must be rather naive as a veteran newspaper man to think our friend will shot himself in the legs.


    you know somting, the sodomite-led opposition pack have been conning the people for so long, they believe in themselves TOO much

    so much so that they will go on and on spreading LIES even til today

    but poor chaps, they forgot they are dealing with blo-enlightened rakyat

    tsk tsk tsk

  65. Anonymous11:15 am

    Most of the comments here comes from non-Johorean people..

    They think Johorean are stupid to believe Chua Jui Meng?other state can la bro..but not Johor..!!, if you have friends from Johor try to ask them..either they will say something just to please your ear or they just ignore you..

    morale of the story..
    We love our stability and not wasting time hear some stupid ceramah 24 hours..we love productivitiy la bro..that's why we're quiet and move forward and not backward like some other state..if you never visit Johor ..please go and see what kind/type of stability we have


  66. Seolferwulf6:57 pm

    Hell hath no fury like a rent-seeker exposed!

    Kudos to the IMF for calling on Malaysia to show it's ace card.

    Will the Warrior step up to the plate & hit a home run or will he be called out by the umpire?