Monday, August 16, 2010

"Strangely, Malays have become very successful bankers"

Updated to include Dear Jay love letters at the end of this article

Two NEP beneficiaries, two different tales. Nazir Razak's point about a "bastardized" NEP has sparked quite a debate in
cyberspace over the weekend. Nazir, or Jay to friends, is the big boss of CIMB (the 2nd largest bank in Malaysia), son of our second Prime Minister, and the brother of the current PM, so his views count. Unfortunately, despite whatever good intent Nazir had, his statement is being used against him, against the NEP, and will be used against his brother, Najib Razak.

I can agree with Nazir to a certain extent, but when was the road to success ever straight? The NEP has been manipulated by greed in men and women to make themselves richer or more powerful. But after all is said and done, the policy helped keep us a peaceful nation and a prosperous one.

As I wrote in my tweeter yesterday, Nazir himself is the proud product of the NEP. Without the environment that the NEP had created for the likes of him to excel, would Nazir have the opportunity to run a major bank and is today one of the youngest chief executives of a regional bank? I believe he is where he is today also because the NEP made it possible for him to become a successful banker and NOT jut because he is an extremely clever chap, the son of a PM and the brother of the Prime Minister.

The excitement over a "bastardized" NEP led me to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's posting in 2008 entitled Cronyism and the NEP. In para 26, it's almost as the former PM had Nazir in mind when writing:
21. Under the NEP more schools were built in the rural areas and primary education was free. Secondary education was easily available and a lot of scholarships were given for the universtities in the country and abroad.

22. Residential colleges enabled the students to study under better condition than found in their inadequately lighted village houses. They were given better food in these hostels. Junior science colleges modelled after the English Boarding Schools provide ideal environment for selected students to study and play.

23. The results of all these efforts is very satisfying. Thousands of Malay boys and girls from poor village families gained access to better education and eventually obtained university degrees in various professions and fields of knowledge.

24. Many went on to study for post-graduate degrees and doctorates. They now work as professors in universities, as specialists in various fields of medicine, as scientists, engineers, architects, veterinarians, agriculturists etc. They have not been left behind by the advances in new knowledge such as information technology, telecommunications and space science.

25. They have also gone into management, obtaining MBAs from well known universities such as Harvard and Philadelphia. Armed with these qualifications they have been employed as management executives at all levels. Some actually head multinational companies.

26. In the education field the NEP has been very successful. It has helped to correct the imbalances not only in the professions but also in business. Strangely Malays have become very successful bankers.

27. The educational successes of the NEP have been largely ignored and not even recognised as a part of the poverty eradication and the removal of the identification of race with economic function objectives of the NEP. But in fact they are.

28. So think again whether the NEP simply enrich the cronies of the PM and Government.

29. Think of what would be the situation in Malaysia today without the NEP.

30. If there is still doubt then do a survey of all the contracts and scholarships given by the private sector and work out how much they have contributed toward eliminating disparities between races, and who would be the poor in this country. 
Read the entire Cronyism and the NEP. 

And then, there's the account by Liew Kee Sin, the chief of SP Setia, the developer of Putrajaya, the country's largest property project.

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Ogos — Pemaju hartanah utama Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin mempersoalkan kewajaran rungutan masyarakat Cina bahawa mereka tidak dilayan adil oleh kerajaan, sambil menekankan kaum itu telah menikmati kedudukan baik di sebalik persekitaran dasar pro-Bumiputera.

Liew (gambar), yang syarikatnya SP Setia Bhd merupakan pemaju Putrajaya — projek pembangunan terbesar di Malaysia berkata, terdapat lebih banyak firma dikawal kaum Cina berbanding syarikat-syarikat milik Bumiputera di Bursa Malaysia.

“Secara statistik, majalah Forbes menunjukkan masyarakat Cina-Malaysia telah boleh berjaya sepanjang 30 tahun lalu,” kata beliau Presiden dan Ketua Eksekutif SP Setia ini.
Read the Unspinners' spin on Anggapan Cina mereka terpinggir itu meleset. Liew said on the contrary other races, especially the Chinese, have benefited tremendously from NEP.

In cyberspace, Liew has been getting a lot of flak for this statement from the same people who now hail Nazir as their new hero.


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As far as I know, these are all pro-Umno bloggers who are pro-Najib Razak. Mmm ...


  1. Nazir is setting the tone for PM's early departure?

  2. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Cina cina DAP ni mmg akan PUJI abis si Nazir ni...

    Tak timbul soal nepotism ke apa (adik PM jadi CEO CIMB)..

    Tapi cuba kalo si Nazir ni puji NEP...

    Bertimbun timbun caci maki si Nazir ni akan collect pasal nepotism...

    Dasar CINA DAP... mana ada maruah.. lidah pulak bercabang

  3. Anonymous6:48 pm

    Ask Liew Kee Sin who gave him his first big break in the property business. Ask him how many shares he holds in trust for certain UMNOputras. Ask him who put Rashid Manaf as his chairman.

    Yes, non-Malays have benefitted under the NEP. Those are clearly more bumiputra than the Malays like Vinny Tan, Francis Yeoh, Ananda. Untouchables cos of Mamakthir's lopsided implementation.

    Your hero Mamakthir squandered over RM 360 billion in his 22 years. How many rural schools, boarding schools can that build ? How many true bankers can that produce ?

    You skim 90 sen out of every ringgit, and you claim credit for the 10 sen that you spend on the rural Malays ?


  4. Anonymous6:48 pm

    i supposed Malay people (not all) stil lazy, hoping for goverment to feeding them everyday.

    Jangan merasa marah pula jikalau kaum lain mempertikaikan perkara seperti ini, kerana mereka bekerja keras tanpa bantuan kerajaan malah setiap perbuatan orang melayu dari pendidikan, pekerjaan atau politik mereka cukup maklum bahawa orang melayu mudah "rapuh" dan berpecah belah. Tak perlu menunding jari kalau kaum lain maju ke hadapan, kerana orang melayu sendiri mudah lupa serta tidak mahu mengambil segala peluang yang ada, sebaliknya menyalahkan kerajaan daripada menyalahkan diri sendiri. Semasa dibangku sekolah tumpuan pembelajaran tiada, kerana sikap mereka yang lebih kepada keseronokan serta dalam kepala mereka mungkin ada pandangan sekolah darjah 6 pun boleh cari kerja, ibu bapa pula tidak memberi perhatian sewajarnya serta mendisiplinkan mereka diusia kanak-kanak serta remaja.

    So like it or not, Malays should think of it and make changes. Kalau ada orang melayu boleh berjaya maka jadikan ia sebagai contoh kerana setiap satu kejayaan tidak datang dengan mudah kecuali mempunyai pendidikan serta berfikiran positif dan tiada perasaan hasad dengki.

  5. Ya la APanama, looks like it la!

  6. Anonymous7:39 pm

    Early early departure I hope


  7. Anonymous8:06 pm

    what a devillish smile from Jay.

  8. Anonymous8:09 pm

    nazir was given the job because he is a MALAY!the person who should have be given the job is Robert Chiam,the NO.2 to Munir Majid and was there even before Munir Majid.

    good bankers are in demand globally,so nazir if you are that good, how about getting a CEO job at some foreign banks located outside Malaysia?

  9. 'The NEP has been manipulated by greed in men and women to make themselves richer or more powerful. But after all is said and done, the policy helped keep us a peaceful nation and a prosperous one''

    it's not that we haven't got options!
    why settle for something that allow to be exploited by certain group of people to enrich themselves????

    and continue to defend the system even though it is well known that it breeds corruptions, misuse, cronyism, ali baba ....

    btw..reading all these .. i am feeling sad for the Singapore Malays, as they are probably still stuck in ulu kampung playing in the drain without proper education!

  10. Anonymous8:27 pm

    why don't you ever critize your government?

    they did some good but they also did more the ap's the bailouts, the patronage, the manipulation of our institutions that were to provide checks and balances and the list goes on.

    until people like you who are otherwise apparently educated and intelligent can see both sides of the coin, malaysia has not hope.


  11. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Rocky, uash jadi jurucakap Madey....NEP tu hanya memperkayakan puak-puak UMNO/BN saje, NEP juga membiak rasuah,lihatlah sendiri betapa kuat rasuah kerajaan UMNO/BN !!

  12. Anonymous8:42 pm

    don't you know the links between sp setia and politics, like that of berjaya and ytl and tanjong and mmc and country heights and so on...,

    how can they say anything else....

    rocky = it must be nice to be blind and ignorant!

  13. Anonymous10:42 pm

    Rocky, Najib bagi lu peluang kerja di Malay Mail tapi hari ini lu pulak cakap dia buat jahat sama orang2 Melayu....kalau macam tu, esok i suruh Najib kasih buang sama lu, lu boleh pergi kerja sama orang tua madey tu !!


  14. Yes all those benefits listed by Dr.M are wonderful. But wouldnt it be even better if those benefits were open to all malaysians based on financial need?That way more people would have access to better education and opportunities.But it does mean we will see less posh cars and designer stuff being flashed around as those who had "saved" money from the NEP would actually need to pay for their kids education now.

  15. Anonymous11:22 pm

    The irony is that Nasir exemplify the good part of NEP while Liew is the example of the evil part of NEP.

  16. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Nazri is trying to sound like a liberal coz he is trying to get the Chinese to bank with CIMB. CIMB has largely been boycotted after it bough Southern Bank, at that point a Chinese bank. Nazri your self centered desire to end the NEP, is an open secret. Neither am I a chinese or a Malay, but I know that the only reason I made it to the UNiversity is coz of the NEP. Yes, there are many things wrong with the NEP, but most of them is in the impelementation and not the policy. How many Indians, Ibans and Malays who made it to Universities because of the NEP say AIYE, stand up and be counted, and put an end to this menance of a generation that is NOT grateful for the blessing it has RECEIVED. Malaysia BOLEH, if we stand UNITED instead of looking with ill will with what out BROTHERS have without looking at what we HAVE.

    Soldier of Fortune.

  17. Alah orang Melayu ni, tamak lah korang! dah 19% ekuiti tu cukup ah, kesian puak Cina, diorang hanya mempunyai 81% aje, mana cukup untuk makan!

  18. Anonymous11:58 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    Dato' Dr. Awang Adek, the Deputy Finance Minister was a humble graduate of Wharton, Penn U. The NEP make him a grateful malay. Unlike the new breed of little emperors such as KJ, Jho Lo, Ruben G........

    Prof Awe Kecik

  19. Anonymous12:01 am

    "As I wrote in my tweeter yesterday, Nazir himself is the proud product of the NEP. Without the environment that the NEP had created for the likes of him to excel, would Nazir have the opportunity to run a major bank and is today one of the youngest chief executives of a regional bank? I believe he is where he is today also because the NEP made it possible for him to become a successful banker and NOT jut because he is an extremely clever chap, the son of a PM and the brother of the Prime Minister."

    I don't think every successful bumiputera would agree with your statement that the NEP had something to do with their success. It's as if saying they could not be where they are today without the NEP and some would find that distasteful if not offensive.

  20. Anonymous12:18 am

    Dato Rock,

    The more he speaks, the more rots in the government's leaders being shown public and he seems to be right. UMNO who champion NEP seem to be quiet. Is the policy wrong or what.

  21. Anonymous12:27 am

    Does NEP really helps Malay? I'm keep questioning myself. At certain extent, yes, a lot of professional Malays comes from boarding schools, but the cronies earns money & assets multiple times (dont how many times fold) compared with poor Malays.

    From what Tun M wrote, the message is, we have helps a lot (a lot?) of Malays becomes doctors, prof, lecturers, just shut the f**k up, dont question why our cronies become much richer than other Malays, a lot of Malays people also get benefit from it.

    and plz watch Bersamamu if u've got ur time, see how many Malays in the show.

  22. Anonymous12:52 am

    Amin, mudahan doa 'apanama' di makbul secepat mungkin. That will be the most joyous Hari Raya present the Malays will ever get. They are a shame to the father, their race and the nation.

  23. orang kampung1:07 am

    He proudly made an announcement in an international seminar not so long ago that when he was first made the CEO of CIMB he was the youngest in the country, and 'now he is still the youngest.'

    I fully agree with Rocky 'NEP made it possible for him to become a successful banker and NOT because he is extremely clever, the son of a PM and the brother of the PM.'

    Hope he does 'muhasabah diri' before 'musibah politik' is inflicted upon his brother the PM.

  24. Anonymous1:09 am


    This is yet another 'stinking' output.

    The actual Malays are a peace loving generous and caring lot. They are willing to learn the ropes and progress peacefully (not arrogantly), provided they are given enough opportunities.

    I bet you that these real Malays will never be snobs or crooks when they become economically well off the right way as provided for in the NEP.

    They are the ones who should have been constantly guided towards economic success through NEP's original tenure. Likewise both the Muslim and non-Muslim bumpiputras of Sabah and Sarawak.

    But many opportunities of the NEP have been 'hijacked' by the fellows who claim to be 'Malays' just by embracing a faith, a language and customs, (switching from their original identities) as provided in the Constitution.

    See for yourself lah, how many actual Malays in Semenanjung have Money Changer licences and who is financing such business. And also try establish during which minister's tenure such licences were issued.

    We all also know which 'Malay' minister handled this nation's foreign exchange management so well some year's back.

    And then check lah how many 'new Malays' like My-Dins, Honey-Fahs, and automobile dealers have come into the limelight during the last two decades.

    Over in Sabah and Sarawak, has the NEP reached out or embraced fully the non-Muslim bumiputras?

    For that matter, one cannot forget a 'Malay' MBBS who gave a fantastic interpretation of how Kugan journeyed to another world.

    Nazir's observation may also refer to such category of humans who have actually deprieved actual Malays of the many opportunities offered by the NEP.

    Many even state that one ex-PM was also a person who changed identity post MBBS. And a foreigner wrote about how this PM managed 'very well' the country's resources during his tenure.

    "Strangely Malays have become very successful bankers"? Those who captained Bumiputra Bank were also in that league?

    We Malaysians are witnessing so much misery brought on to the actual Malays by these 'new' fellows.

    How long more lah we should see our real Malays suffer?

    For you to say "The NEP has been manipulated by greed in men and women to make themselves richer or more powerful" and then, "But after all is said and done, the policy helped keep us a peaceful nation and a prosperous one" is like 'endorsing' the greedy ones to continue their plunder and deprive the actual Malays of the NEP support.


  25. Maybe Sdr Rocky's Bru our leaders, be they political or business, are no longer able or capable of communicating their ideas (if the have one) clearly, cleverly and intellectually.

    They may be highly schooled and hold important jobs, but they are unable to articulate their thoughts.

    So when they attempt to communicate their ideas, they are unable to do so in the correct form, context and perspective.

    Partly because they do not train their minds to think conceptually. They hardly write and take public speaking for granted.

    Thank you.

  26. Topic: RACIAL DISPUTES (Past, Present & Future)

    1) RACIAL DISPUTE is a SENSITIVE & DEADLY thing. It’s similar to CANCER. You can NEVER get RID of it.

    2) RACIAL DISPUTE had always been a problem of the PAST & it’s still a problem of the present. I foresee it will continue to be a PROBLEM till the end of time.

    3) RACE & RELIGION are issues NOBODY could COMPROMISE on. Not even the MALAYS, CHINESE, INDIANS or lain-lain.

    4) We CANNOT expect the MALAYS to compromise their RACE & RELIGION for other ethnic groups & we certainly CANNOT expect the ‘Non-Malays’ to compromise their RACE & RELIGION for the MALAYS.

    5) The CHINESE, INDIANS & lain-lain ought to be FAIR in their DEMANDS for RACIAL EQUALITY. These ethnic group MUST NOT forget their ANCESTORS came from another country to settle down in this land called MALAYA & now MALAYSIA. It DOESN’T mean if one is BORN in MALAYSIA, one is automatically GRANTED EQUAL RIGHTS as others. People from these ethnic groups MUST trace back their HISTORY before they even STARTING to make any REQUESTS or DEMANDS.

    6) The MALAYS ought to be FAIR. Although the existence of MALAY RULERS are evident in MALAYSIA, it doesn’t mean the MALAYS can TAKE ADVANTAGE of other ethnic groups in the country. The MALAYS must learn to RESPECT others so that others will give them the EQUAL RESPECT in-return.

    7) RACIAL DISPUTES was NEVER hotly DEBATED before 2008. This is because MALAYSIANS are PEACEFUL people who RESPECT each other despite differences in RACE & RELIGION.

    8) OPPOSITION PARTIES especially DAP (Democratic Action Party) is the CULPRIT who started the BALL ROLLING with such RACIAL DISPUTES & CONTROVERSIES.

    9) DAP since 2004 had been using RACIAL DISPUTE topics as their PROPAGANDA in their ‘ceramahs’ & campaigns. DAP conveniently uses words such as CHINESE RIGHTS, NON-MALAYS RIGHTS, ABOLISHMENT OF MALAY RIGHTS & PRIVILEGES as their MAIN TOOL to confuse the CHINESE, INDIANS & lain-lain.

    10) In another words, DAP instigates RACIAL ISSUES to champion their political objectives. This can be graded as “NATIONAL THREAT”.

    11) This could well be the reason why TONY PUA from DAP received a LOVE LETTER with a LIVE BULLET in it. TONY PUA had STUPIDLY pushed one step further than he should. TONY tried playing the role of a CHINESE CHAMPION but only to MELLOW DOWN & HIDE in FEAR upon receiving the said LETTER (It’s evident to see Tony seldom blog & speak so often since the receipt of the said BULLET)

    12) “ANTI ISA” campaign had been very AGGRESSIVE of late & most of these “ANTI ISA” Illegal Street Parades are organized by DAP & GANG (Pakatan Rakyat).

    13) Young LAWYERS too are joining the fray in ILLEGAL STREET DEMONSTRATIONS. This is due to Economy Slowdown & most of these young LAWYERS are OUT OF JOBS upon spending so much time & money just to get their LAW DEGREES. These young LAWYERS then take their FRUSTRATIONS & ANGER to the streets by FOOLISHLY walking hand-in-hand with Pakatan Rakyat in Candlelight Vigils & other silly events.

    14) The main OBJECTIVE of Pakatan Rakyat towards abolishing “ISA” is NOT for ‘the rakyat’ sake. It’s for PAKATAN RAKYAT’s own sake.

    15) Pakatan Rakyat are WELL AWARE they are playing with the FIRE of ‘NATIONAL THREAT’ & the BEST way is to have ISA ABOLISHED so that PAKATAN RAKYAT can pursue their MISSION further by ABUSING “RACIAL DISPUTE” topics to gain political mileage.

    16) ISA must NEVER be ABOLISHED. It will come in HANDY one fine day when Pakatan Rakyat goes beyond the boundary.

    17) Even if Pakatan Rakyat managed to CONQUER Putrajaya one fine day (unlikely though), the problems of RACIAL DISPUTE will still be around & will NEVER subside.

    18) The problems of RACIAL DISPUTE can NEVER be solved as long as the ROOT of the problem is NOT addressed. Sadly, NOBODY seems to have a CLUE where, what & how to get RID of this ROOT.

  27. They say the malays benefit from hand outs by the govt while the non malays work very hard to earn. Fine, but can a malay get the same price for the same goods from the same non malay shops?

  28. Nazir the NEP millionaire whether he like it or not is fast becoming a poster boy for the anti NEP/affirmative action plan movement, its either this or like Dato' Kadir suggest, he is not very good in articulating his ideas in speech or in writing so much so it is taken differently by different audience.

    Any which way he is going to be a liability for PM Najib if he is not already, maybe Nazir should join the ToastMasters its never too late too learn the art of effective communication even if one is the CEO of the 2nd biggest Bank in Malaysia.

  29. Maybe Nazir try to shore up CIMB position from No 2 bank to No 1 by overtaking Maybank by playing to Chinese gallery. After all government deposit had been moved from Maybank to CIMB under Finance Ministry instruction.

    Remember complaint by Petronas Dealers recently to do the transaction with CIMB account only.

  30. Anonymous5:04 am

    I fully agree with Nazir's comments on the NEP. That is why he is where he is today.

  31. Anonymous6:10 am

    Malay Muslims yang have become very successful bankers dan lain2, jangan lupa BAYAR ZAKAT OK nuuuu!

    Beli dacing sendiri senang nak nak timbang ketoi2 mas yang tersorok2 dalam lemari rumah.

    Toileteries dan mangkok jamban emas pun, jangan lupa angkat timbang sama.

    Yang tergantung kat leher berjala2 tu pun, jangan lupa timbang sekali dan bayarkan Zakat OK...kalo tidak bila bergaya, seri tak naik, berak selalu semelit!!


  32. Anonymous6:30 am

    Bila Tanya dato najib, his standard answer is `NEP perlu diperbaiki lagi’ bila Tanya dato nazir pula jawab nya `NEP being bastardized’ tapi orang melayu pulak ingin bertanya when you being elevated jadi CEO@CIMB tu dengan apa? tak pakai tongkat ke? Kalau bagus sangat, jadi CEO bank at foregn county la? Your brother yang jadi arkitek tu dengar nya banyak dapat projek kerajaan? Rosmah pulak apa ke jadah nya ada pejabat di PM offce tu? Tu bukan tongkat ke? Selalu masuk TV & media ikhlas ke kerja tu?

    So Dato Nazir, give your blueprint? Every bumiputra on this country know the key success of Chinesebusiness is not due to hard work but through cheating and manipulating.

    And why the hell you still keep kj, nazri,khaled nordin, zahid hamidi ?

  33. Anonymous8:15 am


    rIGHT, "Your hero Mamakthir squandered over RM 360 billion in his 22 years."

    and don't 273 Billion pockected by your superhero, the 916 PM wannabe, who was taking care of the country's wallet... Close one eye.

    But at least what our Stateman Dr. Mahathir, bring up Malaysia to the world stage as the most progessive Islamic nation. What did you PM wannabe do? Screwing arsehole...

  34. Along8:21 am

    Nazir o Nazir,

    baru ni payment kat petrol station kena pakai CIMB punya gateway

    Lepas tu payment job gomen tiba tiba kena lalu kat CIMB. Selama ni pakai Maybank.

    Hari hari juta juta $$$ park satu malam kat CIMB aje dah banyak awak boleh buat duit.

    Alahai anak bapak. Lepas ni mesti awak kena cuci dek Rosmah.

  35. Anonymous8:41 am

    Nazir si melayu bangsawan. Lahir di atas dulang emas. Mana tahu erti perit dan susah.

  36. Mazlan8:51 am

    Dear Rocky,

    People forget that the NEP was never a 'race' based policy. If you read the policy itself - it clearly states that the NEP's purpose was and is to eradicate poverty irrespective of race. It so happened at the time the largest group in poverty were bumiputras and that was why there were set targets for bumiputras..

    Unfortunately in the implementation the policy has been misused by those in power at any given time.

    And yes the NEP has been 'bastardized' by cronies of ALL races. The Ali Baba mentality springs to mind. Certain groups of Malays have used the policy to their advantage to enrich themselves and certain groups of Chinese has worked with those same Malays to enrich themeselves as well. Thus what is the common denominator between Nazir, Mokhzani, Tun Daim, Tajuddin Ramli, Syed Mokhtar and Liew Kee Sin, Francis Yeoh, Vincent Tan?
    They are all cronies of political patronage who now have made their billions and can now afford to whine about the NEP.

    The problem my friend is not the NEP - but on those who implement it!
    If NEP was implemented fairly and transparently more bumis and non-bumis in poverty and low income would have benefited.

  37. Anonymous9:39 am

    Semasa Mahathir "skim 90 sen from RM1" tu sapa Menteri Kewangan agaknya?

  38. Anonymous9:48 am

    The problem is not NEP pe se. With or without the NEP, if the government is sincere in helping those REALLY in need, Malays, Chinese, Indians etc., my believe is there won't be any racial tensions.
    Help the poor needy Malays by all means, even to the tune of 80%, no need for quotas or NEP. But Make sure its to the NEEDY, not the know who. This I believe everyone will be happy.

  39. Anonymous10:03 am

    To Sdr Sekampung A Kadir Yasin,

    They are intelligent and being given all the privileges to gather as much knowledge and wisdom, guna duit Rakyat OF COS.....

    Malangnya, 99% mereka ini, tak kira bangsa Agama atau apa pun, will apply all the expertise have gained to FILL UP THEIR OWN POCKETS FIRST. Serpih2 1% tu yang agihkan kat Rakyat. Ambik RM100 bagi sekupang!!

    Apapun, takpa le yang jadi kaya raya semacam tu... asalkan MAS ketol2 tersembunyi dalam peti mereka, mereka jangan lupa keluarkan ZAKAT OK?


  40. Anonymous10:53 am

    "It DOESN’T mean if one is BORN in MALAYSIA, one is automatically GRANTED EQUAL RIGHTS as others. People from these ethnic groups MUST trace back their HISTORY before they even STARTING to make any REQUESTS or DEMANDS."

    OK, so Mamakthir doesn't have the right to make demands because his grandfather came from Kerala. Najib has no right to make demands because, as admitted by Nazir, the family's roots came from elsewhere. Nor Mohd Yakcop can't make demands. Shahrizat can't make demands. Toyol can't make demands.

    UMNO is nothing more than a party whose leadership can't make demands because their ancestors came from Arabia, India, Pakistan, Indonesia....

    Truth is, the original people of this country are the aborigines. Where are they now ? How come UMNO has silenced their demands ?

    Kalau nak cakap, kena pikir betul-betul lah....don't talk nonsense.


  41. Anonymous11:12 am

    Dato seri najib,

    If you want to make changes in the country, please do so. The chinese, the perkasa have said their thing. As a leader, you should do the right thing for Malaysia. Stop being indecisive and play safe. Insyaallah, if you are sincere, the people will support you.


  42. Anonymous11:30 am

    Hooi, Anon 6.48 PM,

    At least there are Malays who know English well enough - not like you who does not know grammar etc. Just look at your very first sentence - "i supposed Malay people (not all) stil lazy, hoping for goverment to feeding them everyday." Even spelling berterabor. What the heck, man, you?

    You are plugging the DAP so-called Malaysian Malaysia line, of subverting the Malay Special Position and rude sommore (grammar and spelling deliberately done to suit your level!) minus the word tongkat this time, probably you have realised that the Chinese since the days of Menteri Larut Ngah Ibrahim in mid-19th Century were using the tongkat until Robert Kuok and his sugar importing and milling lisences and Vincent Tan hoping for but didn't get another tongkat - the football betting lisence.

    You don't have a clue about Malay culture, Malay thinking, and that they only had a "berdagang" i.e barter trading culture, not profit and risk-taking and wealth accumulation culture that the Chinese have had for thousands of years. Do you know how hard the genuine climbing-the-ladder Malay businessmen work? You are a Chinese wanting to put the Malays down, aren't you. It's no good to do that for harmony and national unity, do you know that?

    "sikap mereka yang lebih kepada keseronokan" - awak tak sedar ke yang bangsa lain pun ada kelemahan keseronokan, divideo tape dibilik hotel dsbnya? Dimana awak masa berita itu semua keluar - dibawah tempurong?

    Bacalah blog RIDHUAN TEE dimana berkali kali telah disebutkan ada bangsa lain jenis yang biadap dan kurang ajar, tidak dibimbing sejak kecil, dibiarkan mengeluar kata kata saperti awak ini. Jangan awak juga biadap dan kurang ajar.

    Saya sokong penuh komen Dato A Kadir Jasin diatas. Betul kata katanya. Kalau sesiapa mahu kritik implementasi DEB, tidak mengapa, tetapi jangan mengeluarkan kata-kata yang boleh membayangkan bencinya kapada konsep DEB. Itu sudah menderhaka kapada bangsanya.

    Anak orang biasa jadi biadap dan kurang ajar kerana tidak dibimbing. Anak orang bangsawan mungkin biadap dan kurang ajar kerana tujuan politik atau terbawa-bawa dengan pengertian Barat sehingga mengkeji
    DEB yang telah menaikkan kedudukannya, dan mempersendakan kemudahan untuk Melayu dan Bumiputera lain.

    Dia dan yang seangkatan dengannya perlu disingkir.

  43. temenggong11:31 am

    Malays are successful bankers? Are you crazy Rock? Every single one of the GLC bumi banks and equity corporations (PNB, PUNB)have been bailed out out several times!

  44. Anonymous11:49 am


    Agree with your point 5 onwards.

    But the pertinent point is the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution. If every citizen respects that and live by the Constitution, there is no such thing as so-called Malaysian Malaysia. That concept is itself subversive to the Malay Special Position and people should realise that in Malaysia equality has to take into account Article 153.

    And people should not raise the matter or question it 1. because it is a sensitive issue 2. it is protected under the Sedition Act 1948 and 3. it may lead to the Malays questioning (there already are) the citizenship right of the non-Malays (the quid pro quo) and where does that lead to?

    I agree with you that ISA should remain intact but I disagree with you that "NOBODY seems to have a CLUE where, what & how to get RID of this ROOT." They know, my friend, but take the cue from Najib who wants to placate the Chinese so much for the sake of votes. Perhaps even has his brother tell the gathering of Chinese his stand, aped by the brother.

    Perkasa, Gertak, Melayu Bangkit and the over 100 Malay NGOs have voiced their dissatisfaction and UMNO at the lower level and the rank and file should start talking about removing Najib if he persists in not placing more attention on and protect as well as promote the rights and interests of the Malays. After all, the Malays are the majority in this country, far backward compared to the 23% Chinese, and for goodness sake, isn't UMNO about protecting Malay rights and promoting Malay interests?

  45. Anonymous12:02 pm

    NEP is nothing but a tool to make malays lame ducks so they continue to depend on it and to keep the hand out coming, they will continue to vote for UMNO. There are some truly rich Malays because of NEP,however these guys are proxies and cronies of UMNO. Left alone to run businesses they fail miserably, e.g the Malaysia Airline guy brought in by Mamathir, he almost bankrupt MAS, Sime Darby and many more run by NEP products, purely sub-standard and lame all the way. So NEP produces many graduates, how many are truly of quality ? Many products of NEP has become worthless Datuks and Tan Sris, all they do is join UNMO and be corrupt politicians, build mansions and palaces with ill gotten gains. Scrap NEP and maybe we can be proud to call ourselves Malaysians without reservations like the DPM.

  46. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Nazir's income is RM 9+ million a year. I wonder how much of that he is contributing back to society that facilitated him to make such big money. Has he got a Yayasan? It'd be nice to know.
    Or is he going to add to Najib's baggage?

  47. Anonymous12:20 pm


    My opinion is that Nazir was trying to say the NEP was abused by some of the politicians which is true. However, I did not see him saying we should stop NEP altogether. Of course the opposition media like Mkini and MInsider will use his words to their advantage. Thats what they do best i.e spin statements to their advantage.

    We also cannot deny the fact that NEP has help the Malays tremendously over the years and has not hurt the non malays at all. The SP Setia boss can testify to that fact.

    Perhaps what Dato Kadir says is true, some of our politician and business leaders need to be schooled in the art of communication.

    BMW club member

  48. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Masalahnya orang Melayu ni ialah ia mudah ambil perhatian di atas apa teguran, pujian dan kritikan orang lain dalam memajukan diri sendiri.

    DEB diwujudkan untuk kesimbangan ekonomi antara yang kaya (Cina) dan yang miskin (Bumiputera). Niat yang baik ini selalu saja diexploitasi oleh golongan yang sudah kaya ini konon satu regim diskriminasi, aparthied dan berat sebelah. Walhal diri mereka sudah lama mengaut keuntungan sejak British mengkoloni Malaya lagi tanpa gangguan buruk sangka dan irihati dari kolompok miskin daripada orang Melayu/Bumiputera.

    Mereka tidak akan senang sebab orang yang miskin hina ini sudah mula mengorak langkah untuk cuba disama tarafkan penguasaan ekonomi melalui reformasi DEB.

    Sepatutnya kerajaan jangan hirau dan peduli apa orang yang sudah lama kaya ini kata sebab memang pun sifat dengki dan irihati itu sentiasa ada dalam diri orang2 yang biasa mengecapi kemewahan bersendirian, mana mungkin mereka gembira melihat orang susah ini pun turut hendak menikmati apa yang mereka sudah lama rasa.

    Kerajaan wajar mengambil sikap untuk DEB diteruskan sebab ianya banyak membantu mengurangkan jarak kemiskinantara antara kaum jika dibanding ketika segala-galanya dimonopoli orang kaum Cina.


  49. Mazlan12:24 pm


    I may whack you now and again - but I have to say the picture you have on Nazir on this subject is hysterically funny.


  50. Rocky,
    I agree with Tum M that NEP has generated success among Malay-Bumis, but what Nazir is saying is to a lot of extent NEP has been bastardised by unscrupulous people with political connections for their own greed.
    Remember it was mentioned that thise who have succeeded via NEP should then try to help create a spin-off of middle class Bumis, but the way we perceived tycoons like Halim Saad, Tajuddin Ramli of MAS and Tun Daim they couldn't care two hoot about helping others, other than "fattening" their own purses.
    In a big way NEP worked and still does, and in some ways it has been totally bastardised, raped, sodomised and then mutilated beyond recognition! So there!
    P.S. May be as Kadir said, Nazir does not articulate well, or he should really watch what he is saying from now on, since his brother is the prime minister!
    What's in a word, they say? A lot!!

  51. Anonymous12:49 pm

    To all the BN arselickers here:

    Let me remind you that the true Finance Minister during the Mamakthir era was none other than Daim Zainuddin. Daim was also treasurer of UMNO for a long time.

    Daim now owns banks around the world, and his wives run property empires in Malaysia, including Plenitude. In fact, Daim gave the first big break to Liew Kee Sin. Look at where the Daim boys are today - Tajuddin, Halim, Khalil everywhere including London.....

    A few UMNOputras control the bulk of "wealth" meant for the Malays. If you can't see it, it means you folks are really blind and deserve to be screwed royally by UMNO. It doesn't mean that the rest of us must also be screwed.


  52. Anonymous1:09 pm

    Godfather claimed that Mahathir had squandered RM360 billion during his 22 years as PM and insinuating that these went to his cronies. Dear Godfather, you are actually off target. All these went to the Chinese lah. That's why out of the top 10 billionaires, 8 are Chinese and out of the top 100 multi millionaires in Malaysia, 85% are Chinese! Still doesn't understand ah! And they claimed they are being sidelined and marginalised.

  53. Anonymous1:50 pm

    What Malaysia need is a Saddam Hussein.

    Take 100% riches to himself, and Malays, Chinese, Indian etc shall equally content at 0%.

    Any resistence punishable by death especially to those who can not control their mouth or keyboard.

  54. Nazir succeed because of NEP???not because of his PM brother??or his former PM father??or is uber intelligent brain??any half retard couldve figured this out

  55. anon 12:02pm, SCREW YOU, you conveniently forgot to mention PETRONAS, Permodalan Nasional Berhad and many more corporations which are managed by Malays successfully without much interference, don't generalise OK the Chinese have their share of bankrupts as well The 24 Chinese Cooperative scandals in 1986/87 where the Government came to the rescue of the depositors remember. Don't just read the Chinese papers OK read Malay and English papers also. Look in the mirror first before you SCREW anything or anyone else, otherwise you are just screwing yourself.

  56. Anonymous2:18 pm

    Stupid Rock!!
    Nobody is complaining about rural schools and hostels for disadvantaged students even in Towns.
    But the blatant abuses and waste given to people such as you under the pretext of Malay priviledges.

    Money and wealth given to you and nonMalay cronies to waste is a bastardization.

  57. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Well for so many hundred of years the Malays are under occupation of various foreign powers. Whilst these foreign powers defeated the Malay rulers, the Malay were sidelined and banish to live in far out kampong area. The Chinese and Indian were brought in to facilitate the foreign powers to loot whatever natural resources that the land has. After independence and the tragic 1969 event, the Malay is expected to achieve the 30% share of the wealth within 20 years - in a single generation ? The NEP is there to assist the poor Malays to get out of the poverty cycle and get that magic 30% wealth of the country. It has been bastardized to a certain extent and especially from those privilege Malays who are well off to begin with coz links to the corridors of power. There are still plenty of Malays who will still need the help of the NEP policy. The ones who does not need is the ones who has benefited tremendously, well off thro the connections and the bangsawan group. They only talk about not having the NEP after created their wealth. Well for those people, they can shut up and let others have their NEP.

  58. I don't understand why u guys are still arguing, I repeat, the poor Chinese can't be expected to live off just 81% of a nation's economy, please think of them too!

  59. Anonymous4:49 pm

    Datuk Rocky,

    Ini Nazir kata NEP kena bastardised.

    Well ... at one time. CIMB bagi loan to SME with 2% per month (24% per year) tu apa?

    Bapak bastardised ka?

    Lu pegi tanya semua orang bisness level SME, apa jasa CIMB ni pada SME business community. CIMB ni senang ka nak buat loan dengan dia? I bet sama you, 90% will say, ini CIMB lanxxiau punya bank. Mau pikir untungggg saja. Langsung tarak sosial responsibility!

    Kalau personal loan, quick approval tapi at one time, interest 24% per year. Nak mampos!

    Kalau car loan, semua mak bapak dokumen dia nak tengok. Semua cari pasal nak reject loan. Sampai kadang2 tu even gomen officer macam cikgu sekolah pun loan kena reject. Apa benda ni?

    Housing loan? Trade Finance? Semua tak wujud dalam CIMB. Semua orang lari pegi Public Bank lagi baik.

    Business loan. Kalau bank statement tarak 6 digit figure ... bye-bye la. Buang masa saja nak apply. Approval takes years to process.

    Datuk Rocky,

    You know why this CIMB so langsi with us small business people?

    Because they dont need us. Business kecik2 ni buat menyemak business dia saja. High risk, selalu default loan payment. Bagi NPL naik. Ganggu productivity saja.

    Senang la cakap, sebab dia banyak dapat projek/deal from gomen & GLC thru dia punya merchant banking. Dia tengok business yang BESAR2 saja sebab senang dapat. Geli2 sikit, dapat laa...

    1. merger Sime Darby, Golden Hope & Guthrie, berapa ratus juta CIMB dapat?

    2. MAXIS listing on Bursa Malaysia, berapa ratus juta CIMB bedal?

    3. Ini, coming very soon ... two Petronas subsidiaries going to be listed on Bursa .... agak2 sapa yang jadi underwriternya? Bukan CIMB ka? Berapa ratus juta lagi fees dia sapu?

    So, Nazir kata NEP bastardised?

    Well, cermin diri dulu la baXXXxx! Without NEP pun you can still do the bastardising as long as you have the key to power. People like you lah yang banyak kasi busuk nama sama NEP.

    (Nazar Ria)

  60. Anonymous5:51 pm

    Nasib baik UMNO masih ada kuasa, Cina pun bertambah kaya raya(81% pegangan ekonomi)tu pun tak cukup nak tamak lagi.....
    Kalau DAP berkuasa dah pasti Melayu semua mampos(19% pegangan ekonomi akan tinggal mungkin tak sampai 5% dlm satu penggal pilihanraya)
    Semua bangsa Cina akan diberi keutamaan......konon Cina saja yg akan pandai,jujur,amanah,berkebolihan dlm semua bidang dan tahu memerintah.........
    DAP akan tuduh semua pemimpin Melayu korup.......kalu pemimpin tu hebat....maka lebih hebat serangan mereka......mcm Dr M...kerana mereka tahu kalau nasihat DrM dipakai,memang harapan DAP nak bergabung dgn Singapork tak akan tercapai.

  61. Anonymous6:14 pm

    a TOKZ aka Jerry Chin aka...asshole u r paid bloogger with nothing to do ka. going on all blogs n commenting hatred! sheesh...

  62. Anonymous10:16 pm

    Abis nak buat macamana, nama CIMB = Cina India Melayu-Bastard. Pundek to the max!

    Tukar CIMB to CINB - Cina India Nazir Bastard!

  63. Anonymous11:30 am

    Dulu,ada pekerja bank bertanya kepada Nazir, apa agenda melayu masa pengambilahan bank, dia cuma senyum sahaja....Kalau dia anak melayu yang sejati, sepatutnya jika ada kecacatan dan kekurangan pada melayu , dia bertanggung jawab untuk membimbing kaumnya sendiri. Cukup berminat kepada hala tuju bank CIMB..Jangan riuh hendak menjadi bank sedunia , tapi kampung dan bangsa tergadai

  64. Anonymous9:52 pm

    Nazar Ria

    Hang jawab soalan hang sendiri...

    "High risk, selalu default loan payment. Bagi NPL naik. Ganggu productivity saja."

    Kau ingat CIMB charity ke? Manalah ada bank nak buat loan high risk, high NPL?


  65. Paddy1:06 am

    keeps the contry peaceful?? what a load of croc when you have people suffering and living in squaller.

    I wouldn't have issues with people enriching themselves if they were giving a helping hand to those truly in need.

    I can understand someone who earn his money honestly finding hard to part with his money. But when money litterally falls on your lap and you act as the former thats just pure greed.

  66. Anonymous12:49 pm

    I think Nazir ni elok pegi kursus di Kem BTN seminggu. Mcm ramai bos2 pegi zaman Mahathir dulu. Dia ni hidup pampered, so takde credibility utk bercakap pasal social issues.

  67. Anonymous3:48 pm

    I used to agree with Dr M who had used the handicap system in golf as an analogy of making a level playing field and why the NEP is required.

    But as I got to learn to play golf, I realised that the handicap system is only for friendly games to compensate for differing levels of skills. In real competition, there is no such thing as a handicap system. Tiger Woods would not give any handicap to Colin Montgomerie for example!

    So, as Malaysia faces the real global world of fast paced challenges, the Bumiputras must buck up and face it without any handicaps. The country needs the Bumis to perform at its functioning best. Or else 40% of the population of non-Bumis would have to compensate for the lack of performance of the balance 60% who demands help.

    And the problem with affirmative programs for the majority is that you cannot blame the outsiders for questioning your ability or whether you deserve what you have achieved. Whether or not Nazir deserves to be the youngest CEO will always be suspect....but personally, I feel he is nothing but a crony!!

  68. There is a self depricating attitude from some of the apologist Malays so shy and ashamed of their own successes that they are willing to join the mainly Chinese opposition of loosers to label any Malay who succeeds a "Crony" and a beneficiary of the NEP but not attribute their successes to that of a merit class.

    In Singapore in all of the developed world, the use of the "leg up" is a part and parcel of capitalism and commerce. It is about getting ahead using any means except killing, dope peddling and other niceities like prostitution, protection racketeering and theft like the Chinese have become known for universally. Their Triads and their culture is inextricably linked to each other.

    It would not warrant a mention if the Chinese were content with their lot from having bribed government officials (as opposed to government) for their forestry licenses, mining licenses (tin in Perak), building and construction, land grab, banking licenses from Hong Leong and Teh Hong Piau to the exclusive gaming licenses of Lim Goh Tong (bribing the Tengku) to the vast commodities trading exclusive rights like the Kwek brothers. (Read research of Joseph Studwell). None of them obtained their licenses courtesy of a public tendering system. They were beneficiaries and interlopers of the NEP. Not the Malays.

    The rise of the Malay merchant classes of late and under Dr. Mahathir is not a phenomenon of "Cronyism" but an eventual gradual and natural reality. It had to happen. It is happening and it will continue to happen. The rise of Ketuanan Melayu is real and it will eventually be in your face.

    No one calls the Bush family the cronies of George Prescott Bush. The grandfather who traded with the Nazis and made his fortune in stolen and embargoed oil began the political dynasty.

    The Kennedys were the sons of a mobster Joe Kennedy who was a bootlegger and protection racketeer.

    Mark Thatcher who usurped his mothers authority and whose classmates from Eton were all in on the Saudi British Arms contracts were not a merit class, they were corrupt to the core. Yet the Chinese in Malaysia want us to believe that only they have a sense of business. They are nothing more than slave drivers (China is an example) and cheats.

    No one calls the Chinese tycoons in China despots or cronies of a blood money class considering how many they have killed to advance their own political and economic positions.

    No none calls the Tatas or the Birlas the cronies of Mahatma Gandhi or Nehru when in fact they all were by the definitions of your readers, writers and your own logic.

    There needs to be some perspective to your writings. Not just mud slinging to satisfy your Chinese readership and friends.

    There has been nothing more sinister than the asccent of these bloodsuckers and thieves for generations in the peninsula and now in Australia where they will be hunted by the whites once more.

    Never support a bunch of people who seek to put you down as a race. Never. Shame on you.

  69. Whatever one say of the NEP it is no stranger to controversy especially amongst non Malays and those amongst the Malays who believe they have been undeservedly left out of its path. Ther eis another reason some Malays deride the NEP. They do it out of a sense of compulsion in order to avoid the embarrassment they feel when non Malays especially amongst the CHinese complain it is unfair. Most civilized countries in the world with a large powerful migrant population hav the equaliser of a version of the NEP. The US, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, India and Japan all have their equivalent but in unique forms which are not without flaws.

    To suggest the younger older razak cannot be a sucessful banker becaue of who his brother is is a hollow and unmeritorious argument.

    Just because Sien Loong's father is Lee Kuan yew does not mean his rights as a citizen are curtailed in tthe he should not run for high office and succeed. The same can be applied to the Bush family, the Nixons, the Kennedys and Eisenhowers (married into the Nixon clan) the Nehru dynasy and at least 25% of Austrlaia's parliamentarians.

    The NEP is not a perfect system. But the views of the non Malays whose illicit corrupting of government officials to bag some of the largest benefits of public property like the Casino licenses, private banks, public utilities and others is legend.

    We ought to go a little softer n this argument which is becoming like a broken record. Success by any means will attrct its detractors. The tall poppy syndrome.