Sunday, August 15, 2010

Another rogue councillor in Selangor?

Councillor in gang fight. Bernama has the story here, pic is of Mr Sooriya Narayanan, one of the suspects picked up by police in relations to a fight in Ampang that left a man seriously injured.

Syed Akbar Ali, who does not live in Selangor like me, says Selangor is really going to the dogs and is blaming the Pakatan government. Syed has warned the authorities about the proliferation of massage parlors in Selangor and is now predicting that ..."We are going to see more "pergaduhan samseng", turf wars and gang fights.The "OMG the real culprit" has walked away with a "reprimand". He will be issuing even more massage parlour licenses now. He will be even more careful. Harder to catch."

The Bernama story:


  1. Anonymous10:56 pm

    I bet Zuraidah PKR will say he was fixed by UMNO goons masquerading as a Chinese and restaurant operator.

  2. Anonymous11:31 pm

    Oh yeah?

    Did you say the same thing when Mokhtar Hashim was arrested?

    How come a murderer was not hanged then?

    What law was that?

    And did the country 'go to the dogs' then?

    Apa cakap ini?


  3. Ooh, Param ... Really going down memory lane, uh? Chin Peng murdered 10,000 people and still you and your ilk want him to come back like a hero ... amacam? See, 2 wrongs don't make it right mate BUT 2 rogue councilors make one think ... if one can think, that is.


  4. Anonymous12:31 am

    Poraaah la lu Rocky special Bru...

  5. Anonymous12:56 am

    MPAJ councillor full of criminals and no wonder laa PKR members full of gengster taik kucing around ampang , if monkey from DAP dan PKR want talk about corruption . They better see their dogs first !!! so ironic !

  6. Anonymous1:08 am

    Ah Rocky

    Apasai Chin Peng masuk sini?

    You know very well how one 'rouge' councillor was dealt with by Selangor after internal investigation by the party and the state government.

    Expelled by the party and removed from the councillor post. Now its up to FEDERAL authorities to deal with him for the wrongdoings if there was any element of corruption.

    OK, OK, these are nowhere near to the swift actions by BN and the enforcement authorities in the case of Zakaria Deros (till there was a declaration that he died of 'heart attack').

    Anyway, so far no news what the authorities are doing as follow up with the first 'rouge' councillor who was expelled. You have any updates? Is he being conditioned by anti-Pakatan folks to spring a surprise later?

    In the case of the guy detained in Ampang, the onus is up to the police to prove him guilty. Till then, still brand him as 'rouge'?

    Granted that the law is sometimes very strange, as in the cases of Eric Chia and Tan Sri Katisah - has it been already DECIDED that the guy detained is guilty?

    Why so quickly brand this Ampang guy as 'rouge' when it involves a police case?

    No need lah for someone else to do the job of the police and the courts.

    And, such branding did not surface when a Tun was charged in court. In his case he is innocent till proven guilty and hence no branding like 'rouge' or things to the effect?

    Hmmm... 'Rogue' seems to be a 'vouge' for anti-Pakatan folks.

    No need lah to ACT prosecutor and judge. Leave that to the 'able' AG and the judiciary. They give us surprises at times. Don't spoil the fun bro.


  7. Anonymous3:53 am

    Apa bole buat Dato Rocky, they need to be more samseng than their voters to be the leaders!

    Macam kes dumping of babies, their Leader unashamedly practice free sex with married Muslim some more, and the PAS fellas gave full nak salah sapa kalo anak buah mereka ikut teladan pemimpin mereka?.

    Just hope the teachers don't follow the footsteps of these politicians, habis rosak satu negara mereka kerja anak2 muda kita!!


  8. Anonymous5:42 am

    Hahahaha....good reply Dato'.....a very good one....let's see what's the PR goon (Parameswara) gor to say......

  9. Anonymous5:45 am

    These PKR bloody fools will not stop at nothing. To them money is everything, flinching sand, prostituition, massage parlour and even sale of illegal DVD, CD and what have you not are emerging again under FUCKATAN RAKYAT administration especially leads by DAPigs.

    These buggers given the power cares for themselves only. Come next PRU13 these buggers aka bastards should be sent back to their dens forever.

    - pundekchibaipukimaklubabiharamjadahFR.

  10. Anonymous8:38 am


    Once a while you surface with your stinking comment, the stench is you don't deny the existence rogue PR councilors...

  11. drMpower9:27 am

    and these are the people who bluffed the nation about their transparencies/ sense of responsibilities/ maturity etc etc?

    its not me who say that

    its them.

  12. Anonymous9:43 am

    BN ke, PR ke ... semua tak boleh pakai.

  13. Anonymous9:43 am


    They always said that you like to spin..ok try this one folks..

    1)This PKR samseng is UMNO spy
    2)UMNO ask police to ask this guy to act like a samseng
    3)DS Najib ask this samseng to behave like a samseng
    4)This is the highest level of conspiracy by UMNO
    5)Ampang is a fantasy place created by UMNO for new samseng games
    6)UMNO is behind this one..that chinese is actually an UMNO members wearing a mask of a chinese guy
    7)UMNO is having secret plans with PKR to tarnish PR image in Selangor
    8)you as a PR supporter can add wahtever bull**** you want.

    kah kah kah...

    I'm not a PR stupid supporter as usual

  14. Anonymous10:17 am

    The way I see it the whole country is going to the dogs becos of all the shitty politicians we have. All they do is squabble. And this includes that stupid fellow Ibrahim Ali - I'm so sick and tired of his croakings. No one seems to really care about our country and how to move us forward as a WHOLE - it's not just about race you know.


  15. Anonymous10:43 am

    Mokhtar Hashim was given royal pardon la Param. So now you want to question royal prerogative?
    I live in Selangor. Noticed so many spa's lately. Among them foot reflexolgy centres that open up to wee hours of the night.
    What foot massage are they providing..
    First the right leg..then left..then...middle leg..
    Betul ka Param???


  16. Anonymous11:13 am

    even in Shah Alam has massage parlour nowadays...entah lah apa nak jadi dengan Selangor nowadays.

    -Rohana, Ibu Muda-

  17. Anonymous11:22 am

    Come on Rocky. Even I have difficulty stomaching your latest post. Selangor is better run then before. On the ground the improvements can be felt. The BN had a free hand in doing what they liked previously unhindered and unwatched. Today there are 2 clear camps watching both BN and PR. Which is good because issues can be highlighted and the government performance can be evaluated. Unlike before when everything was done on the quiet. Take a dig at Ibrahim Ali for a change on his latest outburst. The man is a menace, especially for the Malays. Always insulting the Malays by implying they are 'weak' and need the NEP. Really, if that is not insulting what is? Get your thinking cap on. I thought you were fairly objective as a journalist. I would still want to think so. Malaysia needs objective views not partisan views. Take care.

    Be Fair

  18. Anonymous12:05 pm

    Ha..ha...ha....ha..Parammmm....what a joker....

  19. Anonymous12:13 pm

    there is shit both in BN and PR, and who suffers we the rakyat! Do we have to choose a camp to survive in this Bolehland! You did, did you not Rocky?


  20. Anonymous12:13 pm

    There's the blatantly rogue and then there's the elegantly rogue.

    The BR will get bad publicity and all. The ER will get away with murder...

    Bung Mokhtar behaved like rogue didn't he when he took a second wife without court's consent? But of course, the courts say that "he was not involved in the making of the law", meaning he could not have knowledge.

    Gee, I didn't draw up any of the laws... can I be excused...

    Then there are RRs and RBs...


  21. Mata Anjing12:32 pm

    Chin Peng killed 10,000 Japanese for invading and colonising Malaya then. Is that a crime?

  22. Anonymous12:35 pm

    You know why there are rogue councillors in Selangor ? Because we are happy to expose them. Under Mat Taib and Khir Toyo, were there any exposes on rogue councillors ? Even when the late Klang guy with his multimillion mansion on state land was exposed, UMNO still went ahead and supported him...even when Khir Toyo was exposed as having a RM 24 million mansion, what happened ? Ade investigation ke ?

    We call a spade a spade. UMNO cronies call a spade a wooden spoon.


  23. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Tired 10.17 AM,

    Are you DAP Ronnie Liu?

    Have you read his Open Letter published by Sin Chew and carried by Kempen SSS blog in its current post?

    Ronnie said plainly to his "colleagues and peers" of being "tired and unable to focus on governing" saying "too much politicking".

    Apparently too much fighting among themselves concerning the Ronnie Liu letterhead issue and the earlier MACC investigation that led to Teoh Beng Hock's death.

    Lim Kit Siang and other DAP elders must be fuming about Ronnie's attempt to one-up his colleagues and peers but putting DAP and PR image down like shit.

  24. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Mata Anjing,

    Whoever said Chin Peng killed 10,000 Japanese? Aiyya, you mata macam anjing ke, you ada tengok ke?

    Quote some authority la - you know what authority means ah?

    Maybe no need to waste time explaining to people like you.

    Just want to hit back at communists or communist sympathisers. You want him to enter and die in Malaysia, you ask him to apply for citizenship la.

    History Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Khoo Kay Kim sudah check the records lah. The commie terrorist didn't complete the formalities of his application, didn't attend the interview and his application was not fully processed and he is still a stateless bloke.

    But even if he completes the formalities, no gurantee he will be given citizenship.

    Give up your communist sympathies, man. Even Russia and China are not practising the communist ideology any more. They are now capitalistic to the core and capitalism is antithesis to communism or Marxism. Grow up and be a democratic Malaysian.

  25. Anonymous1:57 pm

    "No need lah to ACT prosecutor and judge. Leave that to the 'able' AG and the judiciary."

    Sounds very hypocrite this statement comes from PR supporters. You guys play prosecutor,police,jugde all the time.


  26. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Mata Anjing said...
    Chin Peng killed 10,000 Japanese for invading and colonising Malaya then. Is that a crime?

    You are not just mata anjing, tapi hati anjing...Don't argue like dump pariah.

  27. Anonymous2:06 pm


    You guys painted PR leaders as godfather that's whay you want to push oout BN leaders whom you claimed as `rogue'. But it's the same with PR leaders, what's the different? Might as well keep the devil we know...

  28. nstman2:49 pm

    Syd Akbar Ali, Umno cyber warriors are going to the dogs, not Pakatan.

  29. nstman2:50 pm

    Rocky, you are the icon of truth, all right. If Pakatan is full of criminals, then Umno is full of cheats, liars who steal from the people. Right?

  30. Anonymous nstman said...

    Rocky, you are the icon of truth, all right. If Pakatan is full of criminals, then Umno is full of cheats, liars who steal from the people. Right?



    did i say pakatan is full of criminals?

  31. Pantat Ang2:57 pm

    How can you call yourself a journalist, Rocky? Has it been proven the so-called rougue councillor is involved? Apparently you are finding him guilty by association. I think you better go back to Mara for another course of journalism 101. By the way, tell your good friend and parrot by the name of Syed Akbar Ali to stop talking drivel.

  32. Along3:43 pm


    Next time, You should write nicely about pakatan people.

    They cannot accept if other people brand them as bad people in front of the public, even if it is correct.

    Only Pakatan people can say bad things about Umno and MIC people.

    But Pakatan will never blame MCA or Gelakan people kau kau. Even if their leader have big scandals.

    Fair enough ma. ok what.

    come I buy you bukak puasa.

  33. Yes..Massage parlours in Kuala Lumpur counted as Selangor as well I suppose....You guys never give up la...Can you tell me one useful thing your good friend Toyo has done for the State.

  34. Anonymous5:00 pm

    What do you expect when the inmates take over the prison?

    These are the very guys involved in the street protests demanding street justice.

    So be it. The voters want these sort of leaders and they got what they wanted. Now give them the whole Government and we shall all go to heaven.

    Betcha that the DAP will again call for a kangaroo inquiry and will 'reprimand' those involved in their CAT style. Bravos, keep up the good work. Your voters have blind faith in you.


  35. Anonymous5:02 pm

    Rocky, you are paid well to destroy Selangor as you have the audocity to blame Selangor Government for one councillors fault. We cant expect honesty out of you.

  36. Ying Wei Jin9:05 pm

    I really don't agree with most of your articles,and this is just so you know that some 21 year old in this country thinks that your views really suck.(Means nothing I'm sure).This will be my last time wasting time reading your rubbish(in my opinion,of course.),so as a farewell,I say screw your thoughts and opinions,they are a narrow walk down an even narrower lane.Still.I wish you,your family,supporters,critics,colleagues well.

  37. Pantat Mak Hang11:30 pm

    Pantat (H)ang,

    Who do you think you are asking Rocky to tell Syed to stop talking drivel. That's the kind of freedom of speech that you espouse to, it's freedom to shit. Hypocrite!

  38. Anonymous11:38 pm


    When did the Mokhtar Hashim's case takes place...oooo we already have blogs in those days...yeah I forgot, Malaysia oledi got blog one that time...Latok Loki oledi blogging, but true he didn't blog about Mokhtar Hashim that time...stupid arsehole... anachronistic asshole.

  39. Rocky, tak perasan ke, lambang Selangor sekarang ada 3 bintang, patutlah puak KKK (kaum konek kecik) ni tak habis2 nak chin peng balik, rupanya mereka masih komunis!

  40. Antie's Cunt11:43 pm

    I wonder this PARAM guy, whether he's sane or not, bringing Chin Peng, Dato Hashim, and what nots into the discussion about DAPigs and Fuckatan Riot rogue councillors. Can you rebut or dismiss Rocky's posting with facts and evidence? If you can't, go lick your aunt's cunt!

  41. Why am I not surprised Bro, the DAP/Pakatan supremo Kit Siang appointed his ex-convict son Guan Eng as Chief Minister of Pulau Pinang and he also approved the appointment of another ex-convict jailed for abuse of power namely Anwar Ibrahim as the Opposition Leader when his party the DAP should hold the Opposition Leaders post by virtue of their higher number of MPs.

    Another rogue councillor in Selangor, with gangsta connections if he is not one already is not big news by virtue of the above two ex-convicts mentioned. TQ.

  42. Anonymous11:14 am

    The BN hounddogs are being let loose to discredit people like Khalid and Lim Guan Eng. They can't stand the fact that these states will do better than the thieving leadership under BN.

    In just 2.5 years, we will prove to the rakyat that we are better, cleaner, leaner, more transparent, and more meritocratic than the likes of Mat Taib, Khir Toyol, Ahmad Ismail, etc.

    Of course BN is worried about other people's success as it shows clearly the failure of the previous regime.


  43. Ia lah tu Godfather, the State Government of the Pakatan States will be as transparent as the SELCAT investigation of the sand supply scandal kan. Transparent my foot lah.

  44. Anonymous3:08 pm

    Eddy: don't shoot yourself so soon. How much sand did the Mat Taib and Khir Toyo administrations steal from Selangor ? How much money did Mat Taib try to smuggle into Australia ? How much did Khir Toyo spend on study trips to Disneyland ? How could Khir Toyo pay for his RM 24 million mansion ?

    If the MACC were truly independent, these clowns would have been indicted and jailed for corruption years ago, but they are still at large, sniping at things that other people are doing. Their fear is that what other people are doing shows clearly how bad that they were doing when they were in power.


  45. Two wrongs does not make a right lah Godfather.

  46. Anonymous9:43 pm

    but at least the pakatan rakyat is taking action against any wrongdoing done by its supporter not, they cleaning their place make dirty by those shit left by previous UMNO people, massage parlour is booming in selangor means that pakatan rakyat dont want a country system just to be based on religion fundamentalist but base on freedom like USA and britain which has massagge parlour and brothel license,so what the double standard here,genting got gambling license but others cannot have fottball betting,blindnahh you all??,understand???? if u all hate massage parlour then dont go there,nobody force you!!! but dont force others to convert into muslim and follow their idiotic law which allow to have four wifes!!!!!

    Tan Hai Liang and Gooi Ming Ling
    Investor,Internet marketer

  47. Anonymous11:05 am

    "Two wrongs does not make a right lah Godfather." Eddy

    That is absolutely right. That's why the Klang councillor kena pecat even though his "crime" was to write letters of support for his family members and friends - for contracts totalling RM 1 million. The late Zakaria built a RM 22 million mansion - an ex railway keeper - and illegally used state land. No charge. Khir Toyo had his RM 24 million mansion - no further action. The Bukit Bandaraya case in Shah Alam that encroached into a forest reserve - small fines, and then no further action.

    There are big wrongs and there are small wrongs. For Pakatan, the wrongs are small, but even those are investigated and acted upon. Under BN, small wrongs are investigated and big wrongs are swept under the carpet. You want us to give BN another chance ?

    If it satisfies you, we prefer the lesser of the two evils. We know who the bigger evil is.


  48. Sooria pun telah di beritakan mengugut pengurusan Oakleaf Club supaya jangan mengambil apa2 tindakan terhadap kuil haram yang dibina di dalam kawasan kelab itu. Sekiranya, pihak pengurusan engkar Sooria mengugut menurunkan samseng2Hindraf untuk mengajar Oakleaf Club.

    Lu orang bukan duduk Ampang punya kawasan jgn cakap banyak org luor jgn sibuk hal Ampang.

    For whatsoever reason, NO councillor should engagged in inmoral activities. Ampang MPAJ councillor proven they are all crooks from 2 was nominated earlier then had to withdrawn as thier suspicous ganster background smelt by the Opposition, then the sex distributor Izzuddin of JKP 5 and now this out of nowhere being zuraida "pet" boy just over 8 mths be able to drive a nice and 300K of brand new BMW.Geeesh and also he is also link to Jega former Akta langkah2 Pencegahan detainee suspected of underwolrd group>

    So this guys move around mix with Jega a perfect macth< but someone in MPAJ assits them to get those entertainment licience.. hrmm guess what you could see Sooria holding hands in hand with one of this window and coincedently she is also and MPAJ Officer incharge of approving such inmoral entertainment licience.

    Pheww man.... what a underworld of linkage.. but come back to the point experienced in strategies PKR attacking of public interest, it's nothing new to Zuraida on the underworld as PKR still continues maintian thier link to be ready to deploy on every PRK.