Monday, July 19, 2010

Sir Crook

I'm starting my Monday by again telling myself this: I shall not believe everything a politician tells me.
You'd probably have read DAP's Jeffrey Wong Su En's stupid lie about having been knighted. The pictures are from here.
But have you read Anwar receives Britain's highest honour?


  1. Anonymous1:36 am

    Anwar ni Lord of the Ringworms je layak.

  2. Anonymous1:59 am

    Sir Crook needs his brain looked!

  3. Anonymous3:14 am

    Baru sedar ya Dato?

    Media must play a very important role to scrutinize and teropong all their acts..

    for the sake of the RAKYAT! Kesian masa depan anak2 generasi muda kita..


  4. Anonymous7:54 am

    Good thing to remember. Also good to remember is that there are politicians in all parties.

  5. hj_saifudin9:19 am

    Hai pembangkang ni, ingat semua benda dia boleh kelentong rakyat? agak-agak laa

  6. Anonymous9:52 am

    Rocky, its sad that you have just realised !! Anyway better late than never. I never trusted POLITICIANS in my entire life. Like the 'kata kata' in Melayu "SIAKAP SENAHONG GELAMA IKAN DURI, CAKAP BOHONG TAK LAMA JADI MENTERI". Those days jokes went around like "if you bumped into Samy Velu and a King Cobra, you would definitely go for his head instead of the cobra's with your cangkul" ...but these days rakyat will definitely go for politician's head no matter which party they hail from. Look at the case of a former minister for Tabung Haji, and see for yourself how much blunder and damaged he had caused in his short stint there !!! Planting his cronies or balacis as you call them, in each state at tabung Haji's costs and expenses. RM4500 each a month as Marketing Managers !!! and who are these balacis? 12th General Election drop-outs, some State EXCO members who have lost in the elections while some his die-hard balacis aged between mid forties to late fifties...imagine almost sixty-year old ex YB EXCO member doing marketing for Tabung Haji !! Who is this Minister and his Marketing Managers trying to fool. Funny though, those proffessionals managing Tabung Haji, have no objections at all to these scam !! Betapa kesiannya duit duit pendeposit diperlakukan sewenang wenangnya oleh mereka yang di amanahkan. And now the same minister in his new Paradise (MiNDEF) is strecthing his lucks with the relocation of Royal Military college and Tugu Peringatan and perhaps many more in his wildest imaginations !!! Know why >>>>billions of ringgit in project cost and opportunities come abundant !!!! perhaps this minister should for now concentrate on the Death_ragging case >>>>>>

  7. Great satirical piece at Marahku. Sir crook is cooked.

  8. And you believe what that blogger wrote? Why can't I find the this story other than on Marahku's blog?

  9. Anonymous12:12 pm


    Since we are in utopia mood allow me to digress a bit.

    I have a solution to UMNOs problem. Half of the UMNO leaders should resigned and allow for new UMNO leaders to take over the helm.

    The strategy for UMNO to harp upon PKR misdeeds is NOT going to work because if you have people like Hisahmuddin, Khir Toyo, Nor Yakob, Nazri Aziz, Sharizat, KJ and a few others taking the lead to do PKR bashing, the people will say we rather let PKR destroy the country as compared to these UMNO corrupted leaders.

    This issue with Zarinah and the SC is another that sticks out like a sore thumb. It is obvious that she was appointed by Nor Yakob with Slumberjack's consent sorry not him but his SIL's consent. So all the misdeeds done during those days will now come back to haunt them. Why is PM keeping quiet about it? Why? Why? Like they say if you see a cancer growing in your organisation, go ahead and remove it. Sooner or later the cancer will spread and by the time you want to remove it, it'll be too late.

    So please la mr PM, do something! Don't just stand there and do nothing.

    Lord Lucifer of UMNO

  10. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Dear Datok,

    Well this DAP peasant is trying hard to be a poodle of Tony Blair's Socialist Imperialist Global Network. He wanted to emulate Anwar Ibrahim loh ( friend of the Global NeoCons).
    But this DAP peasant got no class,he spoke broken english one....

    Prof Awe Kecik

  11. Anonymous1:53 am

    The authorities better go check the Birthcert/Mycards of this man and his family..

    Kalau "SIR" dia berani kelentong, apakan lagi their legal citizenships..


  12. Anonymous3:51 am

    Apa laa Rocky...

    Right before I came to KL in 1994 to work as a reporter, I was given this very valuable advice by a friend: There are three people in this world you shouldn't completely trust, and must be wary of their words - lawyers, car salesmen & politicians.

    I've avoided numerous potential troubles, disappointments, disasters, problems and heartaches over the years by keeping that advice in mind.

    I had just turned 21 at that time. What took you so long la?

    - Tempoyak Man.

  13. Dear Tempoyak Man,

    Kau trained kat mana as jounalist? Kan aku tulis "by AGAIN telling myself this: I shall not ..."!

    Penggunaan "again" itu maksudnya ... ah, you work it out youself lah, ok?


  14. Hidup Rocky!!!!!11:32 pm

    Sir Lim Kit Kesian,
    Sir Karpal Singha,
    Sir Tuan Guru Lim Guan Al Khalifah Eng
    HaHAHAHhahahaha!!! Desperate sgt!!!