Saturday, July 17, 2010

Selective prosecution, Selective response

Sunday 18/7/2010: More updates at the end of this posting ...

Updated, 11.11pm , Sat 17/7/2010
YB Wee responds to SC's response:
"Zarinah Anwar ... has to personally answer for the ECM Libra transaction, MyEG Services Berhad, Isyoda Berhad, Lityan Berhad, Ekowood Berhad and Tenco Berhad, among others. If Zarinah Anwar does not personally come clean on these matters she can be assured more questions will be raised in parliament in October. Questions that have been directed at her personally and her connection with her husband, Azizan Abdul Rahman, over many of the corporate deals must take the onus to speak for herself. I still stand by my statement that unless Zarinah Anwar gives satisfactory answers to the issues including the ECM Libra takeover of Avenue Capital I have raised, she is then deemed unfit to hold the post as Chairman of Securities Commission.
Original article:
Securities Commission speaks out on Pantai. Ah, it's good that finally the Securities Commission wants to show us that it has the faculty to respond to queries. Read SC nafi tuduhan Choo Keong on the Utusan Malaysia's front page today. But like its selective prosecution of companies, the SC's response is very selective in nature. It has decided to address only the Pantai issue. There are many holes in the response, too, but I'm sure YB Wee would like to address them so I shall only ask this question in response to the SC's selective response:

 Where's your response to the queries on:
1. Azizan, the SC Chairman's husband, and his involvement in all sorts of business that puts his wife's position in question?
2. Isyoda
3. Tenco
[Read YB Wee's speech and questions in Parliament here]

If you can respond to one issue, why aren't you responding to the rest of the questions., which are more crucial if you ask me, put forward by our honorable YB in Parliament? Any attempt to pull wool over our eyes, SC, will be deemed as (borrowing your fine words) "perbuatan yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan amat melampau".

Updates, Sun 18/7/2010
Read also:
1. Wee vs SC by Zakhir
 "This is bad for the capital and securities industry when the regulating body can no longer be trusted as the integrity of the steward of the organisation is doubtful. PM Dato’ Seri Mohd. Najib Tun Razak is counting on the bullishness of the capital market as one of his bets to drive the economy forward ...."
2. Zarinah to Wet her pants? Another Reality Check for Malaysia by Syed Akbar Ali
"Kepada YB YB UMNO dan BN yang makin kurang dihormati ramai, jangan jadi bodoh macam tunggul kayu. Isu ini patut disokong dan dibincang dengan menyeluruh oleh semua ahli Parlimen BN.

Sila ikut contoh baik Utusan Malaysia dan memberi sokongan penuh kepada YB Wee Choo Keong dalam hal ini.

Saya rayu kepada YB semua jangan kekal dalam bebal ok...".

3. Did SC and Nor Mohamed beat up Utusan Malaysia editors? by A Voice of Another Brick in the Wall
Kesian Wee ... his response was only given two sentence at the end. It looks like he is being clobbered two days in a row by Utusan Malaysia. If much speculated PM Office's gatekeeper, Dato Shafie Abdullah kacau his constituency, then it confirm Nor Yakcop's hand in it.


  1. Anonymous8:04 pm

    Bottomline, zarinah must resign. In other countries of good repute, if the head of a financial institution like the SC, does something wrong like this, that person will be put on CBT trial.
    Her conflict of interest issues pertaining her husband is something that is being discussed in the ASEAN region. The debacle of 'Gestapo' style approach in dealing with journalists has not been explained fully and settled amicably.
    Zarinah must resign so that SC regain its credibility and integrity.
    No two ways about it. No two ways about it.

  2. Bru,

    Panji-panji are very proud of you.
    Hentam jangan tak hentam.

    X the Liberal Malays.

  3. Anonymous9:46 pm

    What do you want SC to anwser on Tanco (nagamas), that how come Zarinah's husband bought into the company on the cheap just mönths before SC ok the restructuring scheme? Or how her Husband, Azizan took Isyoda Bhd private for 60pct of Isyoda's true value and before a court case would have revealed Isyoda was willing to pay up to RM70 million kick back to chairman of Sunshine Sdn Bhd for a hospital job in Shah Alam? Get real lah Rocky, what are you smoking these days? Btw do you know that SC spokesman Jalil is a good pal of Brendan Pereira? In fact Jalil is a bona fide Brendan balaci.

  4. Anonymous12:03 am

    Bro. Wee, well done again.

    Do not forget that SC also has a hand in approving Air Asia IPO despite of AA obscure performance and track record.

    Gentleman, we are about to uncover the biggest scandal of money laundering syndicate in the world.

    AirAsia IPO share price falls 17% short.
    Publication: Airline Industry Information
    Date: Friday, October 29 2004

    "AirAsia's initial public offering (IPO) will reportedly raise less than expected due to the lack of interest in the high price set by the company for its shares.

    Malaysia's leading low-cost airline set a price of MYR1.51 for institutional investors and MYR1.40 for retail investors but sources close to the deal were quoted as saying on Friday (29 October) that institutional investors will only pay MYR1.25 per share, a drop of 17%, and retail investors will pay MYR1.16 per share. The IPO is now expected to raise USD226m. "

    Little bird

  5. Anonymous1:01 am

    Sah, Jalil SC belahci Brenden. Masing masing ada buat bisnes dan si Jalil ni dibawa ke SC atas kehendak Kali dan Brenden. Jalil mengambil alih tempat Marina yang sememangnya mempunyai hubungan akrab dgn arus media. Bukan macam Jalil, yang sombong dan kuat makan rasuah.

  6. Anonymous1:11 am

    Dont expect any action against Zarinah. Najib is a woosy. C'mon, Zarinah tell us whats status of Iris case, and why no investigation on Azizan's role in Nagamas and Isyoda? Action against people like Zarinah will only be taken if Tan Sri Muhyidin does the right thing and replace Najib as UMNO president and prime minister immediately.

  7. Anonymous1:20 am

    Tan Sri Zarinah is a political liability to the Prime Minister. Undilah, PKR agar Zarinah dilucutkan. Jangan undi Barua Negara (B N)

  8. Anonymous1:33 am

    Zarinah, Jalil, Azizan, apa persamaan. Tiga katak ni melayu liberal. Pandai speaking dan pandai berkawan dengan org Singapura. Hidup Ibrahim Ali, Hidup Muhyidin Yassin.

  9. Anonymous1:38 am

    YB Wee jangan lupa peranan Azizan dalam Silverbird Bhd, Ramunia Bhd dan MEMS Bhd. Kalu nak tahu pasal angkara Azizan dan Zarinah dalam MEMS tanyalah Dato Kabeer.

  10. Anonymous1:43 am

    Nothing will happen to Zarinah rocky. Mark my words. PKR will win next GE.

  11. Anonymous2:41 am

    Jgn harap k'jaan akn ambek tindakan t'hdp Zarinah. Minah tu pun tau byk rahsia spt apa yg b'laku dlm GP Ocean. Btul take Ali Kadir dan Nazir Razak?

  12. Zarinah will be hauled and questioned and if found guilty, charged!
    Corporate cleansing is good for the country and the soul, and under Najib this is happening slowly but surely!!!!
    Trust me!

  13. Anonymous9:53 am

    X ade apo yg akn be'laku.

  14. Anonymous10:24 am

    Zarinah seksi, hairan n'gapa jadi korup.

  15. Dear Dato',

    We all got fedup with officicl who related to sumthing "fishy" and unclear.

    We also fedup with the MACC with always sleep whenever something 'fishy' happened.

    We need clean people to run a clean goverment.

  16. Observer11:30 am

    Before Zarinah can go, Najib must go first!

  17. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Pasquale, nothing will happen becoz the country's top politician's brother is into DEEP with Zarinah.

  18. Anonymous12:18 pm

    Conflict of interest. This is clear like day. Prosecute that woman.

  19. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Pasquale, kao jgn hagap Najib bertindak. Depa pun dua kali lima, x ade buah pelir, nak siasat Zarinah. Kalu Rosmah, hang c'hya, satu Malaya tau kat rumah, Rosmah pakei seluar, Najib lengkap dgn sarong kebaya.

  20. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Bukan aje Zarinah patut berundur, malah Jalil pun patut gitu. SC patut bawa balik Marena yang sememangnya mempunyai hubungan baik dgn media tempatan. Jalil cuma baik dgn Brendan Pereira.

  21. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Anu rasa, tak ade ape tindakan terhadep Zarinah. Maklumlah ni kan kjan BN. Khir Toyo, Ali Rustam, Idris Jusoh, Kalimullah, Kamaludin Abdullah, Khairy Jamaludin, Azman Mokthar hidup bergaya dan bebas. Zarinah cuma ikan bilis aje. Biarkan dia.

  22. Anonymous1:51 pm

    Looks like members of the press wants Marena returned. So if the SC had been enjoying a good relatiöns with press when Marena was running the show, why replace her with Jalil who is unliked by the media. Jalil had made relationship with press rotten. So why is Jalil still there? Is he there coz he was a bag boy of Brenden Pereira ? Who in turn is a spin doctor for Kalimullah? I have prove that Jalil is not what he seems to be . . . . .. . . . .

  23. Man with pink lips are pondans4:20 pm

    Hei Pasquale

    Najib ni lembab giler. Orang bibir pink memang pondan.

    Sepupu dia Hisham pun sama pondan.

    Bapak dia orang saja yang hebat. Anak tak boleh harap.

    Apa nak surely surely lagi????

    We got no time. Otherwise we kick Najib out. By then you will be out of a job.

    Kepala hotak kau surely surely.

  24. Anonymous4:38 pm

    Zarina is Nor Mohd Yakob appointee. I donno how long it will take all u Melayu bodoh to see this as clear as daylight. Over the past six years Nor Mohd Yakop has appointed his cronies all over the place. The only place he could not penetrate is Bank Negara Malaysia where Zeti hates his guts (because she knows the type of crook that Nor Mohd is). Tapi the rest of the Melayu bodoh in the country tak faham. They think this fellow is some supersmart guy. He lost RM35 billion in Bank Negara. He also made money selling forex using inside information. He was an Anwar crony. When he ran Anwar’s Abrar, Abrar went bankrupt. He was involved inj CBT with Abrar Asset Mgmnt. He cheated public of their money. Then Mun Loong went bankrupt when Nor Mohd was the Chairman. Then his biggest lucky break came, he worked for Dr M during the Asian Financial crisis. Badawi made him Minister and put him in charge of GLCs. Nor Yakob and his cronies have been stealing money again. His family company Kanari (name after his family) made money. In Penang his crony company Kemuncak Facilities Mgmt now has swept clean all the Government cleaning contracts (universities, prison, jail and PM Dept). In GLC he has appointed all his crony in Khazanah, Zarinah in SC and elsewhere. The info is Nor Mohd is now the bagman for Rosmah and Najib. So this means he will be untouchable. During Bdawi he was bagman for Khairy, Kalimullah and Kamaludin Abdullah. That is how he survive very long time. Pendek kata : Melayu bodoh.

  25. Anonymous4:47 pm

    When you place somebody to long in a position of power, this is what happens. Why is it after all the barking only a civil case against those who played up Iris corp Bhd shares? Where is criminal action after all these years? Why didnt SC as in their practise issue a statement on Chua Ma Yu paying fine for market manipulation, but merely hid it on their website? Why did Zarinah's SC issue so many approval for market diluting but major shareholder enriching exercise involving SCOMI ?

  26. Anonymous4:53 pm

    Sori pasquale, we cant afford to trust you when the nation is burning and Najib is FIDDELING. Action speaks louder than words, even louder than trust. Seeing is believing.

  27. Anonymous4:57 pm

    Najib duk sanjung dan puji Zarinah. Mamat ni memang jenis takede konek. PONDAN.

  28. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Pasquale said...Zarinah . . if found guilty . .. . under Najib this is happening slowly but surely! Trust me!

    Y shd we trust u murai? if njb is serious y does he keep nor yakub? if njb serious, y does dato mumtaz own seven houses in ttdi? U know well that dato mumtaz is rosmah crony. when will the fat lady sing? becos the njb gomen will get kickd out after the fat lady sings. nor yakub is now bagman for njb. zarinah is nor yakub crony. they are all linkd.

    Clay Basket

  29. Anonymous5:49 pm

    Kesian Pasquale kena dijolok depan dan di belakang. Semua pasai depa nak pertahankan Najib. Nampak sangat orang ramai dah hilang keyakinan dgn Najib. Najib akan terguling kerana wanita -Anantuya, Rosmah, Mumtaz Jaffar dan Zarinah.

  30. Anonymous6:03 pm

    The SC External Affairs Head Abdul Jalil is talking like an amateur by asserting that Pantai is a privately incorporated company outside the control of SC.
    Let me inform him that Pantai has 2 govt concessions that spell out that it must be owned by Malaysians.
    By allowing Pantai to be taken over by a foreign company, the SC has allowed govt concessions to be owned by foreigners.
    Till today, despite Khazanah owning 60% of Pantai, 40% of the govt concessions are owned by Parkway, a foreign entity.
    So Jalil, what's your reply?


  31. Industri Sarang Burung Walit -

  32. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Ngpa salakan zarinah? Ngpa salakan NMY? Ngpa salakan mumtaz jaffar? Siape lantik @ kekalkan perlantikan mrk? Org tu iyelah Najib Tun Razak. Kalu nak salakan org, salakan Najib Tun Razak. Hang daa tak piicaya Najib Tun Razak.

  33. Anonymous8:53 pm

    MyEG ada kaitan dgn Kerabat Perak, sama juga dgn Gamuda Bhd dan Masterskill Bhd. Jangan harap tindakkan akan diambil ke atas MyEG. Ni Msia'lah, jangan harap org kaya yg bersalah akan dikenakan tindakkan.

  34. Anonymous9:07 pm

    Najib sama saje dgn Badawi. Dah tiba masanya Dr M muncul lagi untuk selamatkan Malaysia.

  35. Anonymous9:17 pm

    As a member of the press, I would like to confirm that we are dissapointed with performance of Jalil as compared to Marena. It takes less than 24 hours for Marena to respond to a media query but it takes 72 hours for Jalil to respond. This is a fact. It seems to me Jalil is acting as spokesman of the SC chairman and not the SC. On the SC statement in UTUSAN, its funny as the attack was on SC chairman, so why is it Zarinah is using SC as a body to defend her own failings?

  36. Keep hammering away at it, bro!

    Who polices the polices? Has to be the citizens and now, bloggers with a conscience too.

    The SC must clean up its act, and PM Najib/MoF the SC and KLSE. The SC has been too lenient or looked the other way with the likes of ECM Libra, Ocean Food (Nazir Razak/Ali Kadir (ex SC Chairman)/ Azman Yahya), Transmile (Ling Liong Sik) etc.

    And of course this conflict of intrest involving SC Chairwoman and he hubby's dealings.

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  37. Trust me she (Zarinah) wil be replaced before the end of the year! Be patient and give Najib a chance and do not fall for Opposition's propaganda and also we should not allowed ouurselves to be tricked by Oppositions's rhetoric and semantic, please use our thinking power and our grey matter in order to have a sensible conclusion on anything! Again the Opposition is taking the advantage of the Malay negative trait, especially, that is they are prone to run amok over lies then regret their action over them for the rest of their lives! Najib is doing his job of trying to manage the country and Anwar goes all over the world "shooting" him down and spreading lies! Orang Melayu bangun lah dan celik kan mata kamu jangan jadi bodoh hingga terlambat!

  38. Anonymous1:33 am

    Betul cakap ko Pasquale.

    Orang Melayu dalam PAS dan PKR dah terlanjur, tak boleh nak tolong. Tak boleh nak harap laiii.

    Harapan Melayu cuma kat orang Melayu dalam UMNO aje.

    Tapi orang Melayu dalam UMNO ni yang kena celik.

    Renti kan perbalahan sesama sendiri.

    Cuba kerjasama dan buang daging2 busuk yang makan rasuah sini sana dari zaman Paklah tu.


  39. is Zainah Anwar from Sister iN Islam is Zarinah's sister...???

    Nor Mohd. Yaakob = menteri bapok... lembut macam bapuk....

  40. Anonymous10:11 am

    Maaf Pasquale, selagi mata kami tak lihat, selagi itu kami takkan percaya kata kata mu. Apo nak tunggu sampai hujung tahun? Hari tax bole ke... ujung tahun ado teloq, ari ni takede kot???

  41. Anonymous11:01 am

    come end of year, u will say since contract expirse in four months, let it be, and it wont be extended, isnt that so Pasquale?
    We dont care if her contract is not extended, we want her sacked and we wanted it to happen yesterday.

  42. Anonymous11:19 am

    Malaysia was the second-least-favoured destination among global emerging market (GEM) fund managers, according to a poll by Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research released this week.

    The country’s foreign direct investment rates have fallen faster than other regional players like Singapore and China, and at the same time, capital outflows have dampened private domestic investments. Net portfolio and direct investment outflows had reached US$61 billion (RM197 billion) in 2008 and 2009 according to official data.

    If we have an SC that is crony oriented, the rot will continue.

  43. Anonymous12:33 pm

    semalam Zarinah patut dipecat, pasquale bukan akhir tahun. We want ACTION, not No Action Talk Only (NATO). paham tak!!!!

  44. Anonymous12:33 pm

    ...AND I WONDER, it would be good as well to also investigate why is Azizan, Zarina's hubby, so bent to push for Tabung Haji to invest in hotel/apartments business in London. Funny though ! Tabung Haji has unresolved hotel management in Mecca, where people dont normally 'cheat one another' there..and now buying hotels in London ? I cannot digest the idea of Tabung Haji going into hotelling business in London, and turning or 'cleansing' these hotels 'green and dry' to make them Islamic and syariah compliant !!!
    COME ON PEOPLE, YOU GUYS IN TABUNG HAJI MUST BE JOKING...including azizan the better or probably worst half of zarina who chairs the Investment Panel...paerhaps Prime Minister would want to relook and reconsider appoinments and reaapoinments of investment Panel members of Tabung Haji plus the Main Board members, who have been there for far tooooo looooooooong ...familiarity breeds ...

  45. skilgannon10662:48 pm

    Lityan Bhd, eh? Wasn't it a formerly high-flying IT company that was bailed out by Tabung Haji not so long ago?

    Being in the IT sector (among others) myself, I am reasonably familiar with the history and track record of Lityan.

    What has Zarinah and the SC got to do with Lityan?

    Re Pantai, I wonder if all the hoo-ha about the SC's lack of governance is somehow tied up with the ongoing battle between Khazanah Nasional and India's Fortis for control of Singapore-listed Parkway Holdings?

    It could be said, if you have read the commentaries in the Singapore papers, that the Khazanah-nominated directors on the board of Parkway were not aware that TPG, a US private equity outfit, had put up it's Parkway stake for sale. Fortis swooped in and grabbed this stake. If Khazanah had purchased the TPG stake, the former's share in Parkway would now be around 47 per cent!

    So, why is no one querying Khazanah about this?

  46. Anonymous10:34 pm

    As a token of appreciation for the bailed out, Lityan offered 1mn shares at RM1.00 to Ismee Ismail (CEO of LTH) and not Tabung Haji, of course, after getting the approval from SC.

    Upon listing, Lityan shares jumped to the sky and Ismee bought a brand new Mercedes S320 Plat no XXX19 from the "free" shares. Howcome the shares were offered to the CEO and not Tabung Haji? Can Zarinah explain this please?

  47. Anonymous6:43 am

    Ramunia Tabung Haji kena kapor !
    Silverbird Tabung Haji kena juga kapor !
    Lityan Tabung Haji kena kapor lagi !
    Pembelian hotel di London Tabung Haji kena kapor pula lagi ?

    Siapa yang dok kapor duit duit Tabung Haji tu ?


  48. Anonymous6:53 am

    ....and for the sale of 54 acres of prime land at Bkt Jalil by TAbung Haji to SPPK at dirt cheap price in 2002, Ismee was awarded a bungalo lot by SPPK at filthy cheap price at only RM25 psf, when the market price was around RM120 psf... Check it out ... Ismee and the gangs made close to RM500,000 each !, come MACC....have you been sleeping !!!

  49. Anonymous1:06 pm

    Yo my name is ISmee

    I like the Lagu 1 Pinky

    If you kiss me

    I'll say blimey

    Dont be angry

    When Azizan and I take your money

    We just want to be merry

    Coz in Zarinah, we have the SC.

    By Pinky, with additional vocals from the Fat Lady and Jho Low.

  50. Anonymous10:33 pm

    The Financial World is watching us very carefully. In fornt of you they will say all the nice words about your country but when it comes to placing their funds they will only do so in a manner in which you deserve to be treated.Ramlax

  51. Anonymous12:27 pm

    Heard from the grapevine, Ismee the CEO of Tabung Haji is bailing out his latest crony Vincent Tan the “ Raja Judi”. Wonder who is the broker??? Azizan again??? Is it TM life?
    Silver Bird? U- Mobile?.. All loss making companies!!! Looks like he need to “ cash out” urgently before demoted to Johar Corp

  52. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Rocky oh Rocky,

    Sempena bulan Ramadhan yang mulia ini, apa kata jika anda menulis tentang Tabung Haji, Ismee dan kroni2nya, esp, Adi. Terdapat banyak komen2 tentang mereka. Kakak rasa sudah sampai masanya saudara Rocky untuk menelanjangkan mereka2 yang terbabit itu, Fardu Kifayah namanya. Sekian terima kasih.

    Kakak Rock.