Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Selangor to spend RM15 million on propaganda

So whose fault is it that we Selangoreans don't know who our MB is? Every person in Selangor will pay RM3 to the state-backed news portal Selangor Kini, its internet tv station TV Selangor, and the print version of Selangor Kini next year under a plan by Khalid Ibrahim, the Menteri Besar, to "beef up the state's communication delivery system to widen the dissemination of information to the public and provide balanced news reports on the state government. The state is also planning to start a radio station soon".

Khalid is peeved that some people in Selangor did not know that he was their MB and not Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib, who was the MB before Khir Toyo,

Selangoreans must be the dense-st people in Malaya.


  1. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Yes this is a big sin. He should INSTEAD spend billions like Najib on buying submarines, so that not only Selangorians will know of him, but also european people in France will also know about him. Podahlah

  2. KUNJIPUNANI4:08 pm


    Now we Selangorians have to pay Khalid Ibrahim in order to know that he is the MB?

    Why would I have to pay to know something that I already know?????

    Idiots are running Selangor I tell ya!!!!

  3. well someone must have been setting the standard....

    guess who started spreading slanders on media and got away scott free...

    not only selangor... the Police also paying big bucks to renew their image and public confidence...
    same with MACC
    and same with the Malaysia Government too !!!

    look at the bigger picture rockyyyyyyyyyyy

  4. Anonymous4:14 pm

    nampaknya Rocky sudah takut....ha..ha.. bukan setakat Rocky saje pandai spin, orang lain pon boleh !!

  5. This Pakatan Selangor State Government is all confused who is the BOSS;

    is it Anwar the RM1 "Economic Advisor"? or

    is it Azmin the PKR State Chief? or

    is it the DAP trinity of Liu, Kok and Ean? or

    is it Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim Selangor MB?

    I guess the MB now wants to show all Selangor that he is the only tiger on the hill, but charging RM3 for every men, women and children in Selangor does sound like abuse of power.

    Anyhow BN/UMNO did win 20 state seats in the last GE, and the people in those constituencies should rise up against this blatant use of Selangor people's fund.

  6. jambubatu6:47 pm

    hahahaaaa...baru tau.

    and these clowns and their supporters condemn the BN-led govt for having the Info ministry and RTM?

    exactly wht is the Selangor government doing?

    apa mau cerita? baru dua tahun mentadbir!

    using public funds to finance your politics?

    that's right for you is not right for them?

    go ahead, do what you have to do to save yourselves but don't go condemning the federal government-lah. the info ministry is part of the govt, as is such a ministry in any government -- at least most government in the world.

    go paint your ass black-lah!

  7. The Should call it

    Selangor Alternative Propaganda Creativity Organisation

    or for short

    Selangor APCO

  8. Anonymous11:43 pm

    Elok lah idea tu coz akan menunjukan KEBENARAN dari mendengar PROPOGANDA kerajaan BN,,!!!

    NASIB baiklah ada ASTRO and INTERNET,,,MALAYSIAN news Orang d' tak BACA dah,,,,BANYAK sangat BODEK,,,especially UTUSAN MALAYSIA,,,MELAYU jatuhkan MELAYU,,!!!!

    BAIK baca RPK punya ARTICLE,,,ada juga KEBENARAN nya,,!!!!

    NEWSPAPER,,,!!! most Malaysian da tak beli dah,,Apalagi MALAY MAIL,,,nasib baik keling kacang Putih dah gunakan PLASTIK,,,kalu tidak disitu lah TEMPAT nya,,!!!!

    ANYWAY 15 Million bukannya BANYAK kalu COMPARE the expenses incurred by the PM and WIFE,,,every month MESTI ada OVERSEAS trip,,, BULAN POSA ni tak PI mana-mana ke??????


  9. Anonymous1:35 am

    The BN has long ago invested in most of the mainstream media to ensure they become the mouthpieces of BN.

    You should back track a bit and find out how the mainstream media were funded and 'conditioned' to be BN mouthpieces. But will you?

    Look at the way Bernama carried a story on LGE and how RTM quickly pounced on that piece to say that LGE has accepted the advice of Najib and DPM...

    If you have such media FOR the BN, why not same situation for Pakatan?

    You heard of 'What is good for the goose is also good for the gander'?

    No need to cry 'foul' when Pakatan does such things.

    Be a good adviser to Bernama TV, Malay Mail and other MSMs. Just guide them to be neutral in their reports - if you are good at it.


  10. Anonymous5:54 am

    RM15 million is sup-sup-soi lah, last time BN spend over RM1.5 billion on propaganda alone in Selangor.

  11. Anonymous7:02 am

    hey Rocky, continue to foam at your mouth...

  12. Anonymous10:15 am


    I believe the majority of the people in Selangor knows who their MB is! There has been a lot of dramas unfolding in the state of Selangor and thus there is no reason for the people not to know T.S. Khalid.

    Probably what the MB needs to do is to go to the ground whne there are disasters etc. He had been chided perviously when he mentioned that it is not necessary for him to visit the victims of the mishap as he had arranged for his team to do the necessary. So can he blame anyone for his own actions?


    If the truth can't be told
    Then truth is kept on hold
    Till it's time for the bold
    To lift it out from the cold

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 280710
    Wed. 28th July 2010.

  14. skilgannon10662:01 pm

    The Selangor state govt would be better off if it used the RM15 million to fund scholarships for deserving children to study at top local and foreign universities.

    Use a strict merit-based approach to awarding prestigeous Selangor State Scholarships and see how the rakyat respond!

    It is better to spend public funds on educating our kids than on fruitless attempts at propagandising!

  15. Bunnies4:08 pm

    To be fair, the media hasnt been very nice to Pakatan States and its MB so far. Admit it!

    Since March 08, Khir Toyol and the whole BN goonies are still in news and most of the time, being projected as some saint. Of course, the slightly more educated ones will know what is going on but what about the not so educated ones?? Those in Kampungs and all?? What sort of news do these people get? If it is the mainstream media, these people sure wont be getting any REAL and TRUTHFUL news about Pakatan! Did you not see all the big hulabaloo that happened all the time in Selangor are conducted by BN and its "fans"?? Remember the cow head incident? So, be fair to Pakatan.

    No one is faultless and 100% efficient. Of course, Pakatan has its share of troubles and mistakes.. the thing is this, if we can give BN 50 years to cheat and lie and abuse us, I am sure we can give Pakatan half that time to learn from its mistakes. I know as a Selangorean, born and breed in Selangor, I can.

  16. Anonymous5:22 pm

    RM3 too much.

    RM1 each, we can send the MB for a special medical treatment for his stutter.

    Seriously, it could be spastic or psychological.

  17. Propaganda chief talking ?!

  18. nstman10:15 pm

    Pakatan spends 14 million on propaganda but Umno spends billions on cockamamie and mumbo jumbo.

  19. look whos talking

  20. Anonymous11:20 am

    well reading from da comments here, just because BN misused da fund...now PR oso can do da same.... so WTF we vote for PR in da first place

    - GAGA -

  21. Anonymous8:21 pm

    Last time, when we go to polling booth we are attracted by his simplicity, we grants him our blessings but still we don't expect him to be given the MB's chair.

    Next time around, when we go to polling station, knowing that he is not that simple anymore probably our blessing is no longer needed. But we still care to find out whether he would keep the same chair or not.


  22. "Anonymous nstman said...

    Pakatan spends 14 million on propaganda but Umno spends billions on cockamamie and mumbo jumbo."

    What wrong with u nstman? envy?

  23. Anonymous8:15 pm


    Propaganda, corruption 2 x 5 saja...the main thing to gauge the moral is the act..not just the value for some stupid fuckatanist to shove inside their asshole straight to their brain to work the message across their neurons ..

    btw..bila si gagap tu nak bayar hutang RM66juta..?? Pukimak..masa jadi kroni UMNO dulu2 senang2 buat hutang lepas tu taknak bayar..masuk PKR terus jadi imam/sami/paderi suci dosa lalu semua tolak tepi dgn penyokong fanatik membuta babi..

    simple man your fucking stupid head lah fuckatanist..holier than thou mentality?

    have this:


    next term? dream on fuckhead Fukatanist..khalid gagap, khalid bengap, DAP and khir toyo will all share the same fate..

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  24. By the way bro, before you begin to stink to kingdom come, can you just let us have one, yes just one thing, you think that Khalid Ibrahim, the PR, DAP or anyone there might have done right for you to want to say, thank you, maybe, without reservation?

  25. Anonymous3:43 pm

    rocky, ko punye game org dah boleh baca la.

  26. skilgannon10664:00 pm

    Anti whatever

    And so the foreign investors will come in droves to Malaysia to drop anchor and create high-tech and high-value added jobs, eh?

    Just asking.

  27. Anonymous8:03 pm


    is that so? and wtf a Geylang chingkie pondan like you so bz body about Malaysia..?

    just fucking asking too..right eh?

    stupid pig will always get a stupid counter reply..

    stupid chingkie..just fuck off and die quietly, will ya..?


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-