Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Remove him, unseat her ...

5 delicate issues. More calls on blogosphere for the Najib administration to scrutinize the roles of some of its top officials, regulators and former regulators included, for their alleged links with some unsavoury elements, including anti-Najib ones, in the past and possible even now.

Read journo-blogger Bujai's nor-holds barred posting here on the 5 most delicate issues Najib must act on, or else ... 


  1. Anonymous4:25 pm

    Bujai is a hired hand. Sorry cant take him seriously, unlike avoice, who atleast have some credibility.

  2. Dear Dato' Rocky,

    PM sepatutnya bertindak pantas membersihkan anasir tak sehat ini sebelum anasir ini membahayakan kedudukan nya.

    Sepatutnya PM mesti teliti dalam memilih orang orang ini.

    Tak taulah pulak kalau PM dah Jemu atau Jelak di PJ dan ingin balek ke Pekan.

  3. Anonymous7:13 pm

    Sdra, this name Nor Mohd Yakcop keeps popping up so often and in so many different Blogs. Is Najib that dense? This man is obviously involved with too many schemes. What is wrong with Najib?

    Nor Mohd Yakop's cronies Kemuncak Facilities Mgmnt have recently secured the cleaning and maintenance contract for the PM's Office. They have also got the contracts for the Prisons Dept, thru the non existent First Lady. Nor Mohd sudah penetrate the First Lady. Pandai dia.

  4. Anonymous8:34 pm

    What you are trying to do with NMY and ZA and Mrs ZA is like trying to erect something that keeps collapsing. But I do admire your perseverance. After all, you have to show your client that you are trying!

  5. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Wah...Latuk Rocky, lu mau Najib investigate bini dia ke ? You know the phrase "till the cow comes home" ?

    Itu Nor Mohd Yakcop boleh siasat, itu Zarinah boleh siasat, tapi itu first lady mana boleh siasat ?


  6. Anonymous10:09 pm

    "remove him, unseat her.."

    If you are referring to "Fat boy & fat mama"

    We support you all the way... kah! kah! kah!

  7. Anonymous10:16 pm

    One more thing this fat fler must do...

    Just QUIT!!!

  8. Anonymous10:31 pm

    And who give a fcuk for a leader who got in from the back door!


    Buat malu saja!

  9. Mazlan11:09 pm

    All but the last seem reasonable requests.
    Only problem with the last one is that there is no extradition treaty with the UK and they are not charged with any extradibable offense. So how to extraditie????

  10. Anonymous11:42 pm

    Bukan kah, Bujai blogger pro KJ, yg mempunyai hubungan Keluarga dgn KJ? Rasanya ada udang disbalek batu bila Bujai pinta Datin Sri Rosmah Mansor diselidik olh pihak berkuasa. Jelas tika ni Utusan Melayu dan Kosmo yg dikuasai Tan Sri Syed Mokthar, rakan akrab Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yasin sering diguna mengaibkan Perdana Menteri. Rasanya ada komplot Syed Mokthar - Muhyidin Yasin -Utusan -Kosmo - Rocky -Syed Akbar -Bujai menjatuhkan Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak.

  11. Anonymous12:32 am

    Haiya, rocky why are u after Najib tis days. Is it bcoz mahatir not happy with Najib. Your spin is losing its venom, and its very hard reinventing your self the second time around. I hope Najib puts down this puny blogger revolt in the most brutal manner. Only then the rest will toe the line, and politicians behind this complot to attack Datin Rosmah will retreat.

  12. Mustapha Ong7:41 am

    Salam sdra rocky's bru,

    In the words of J.V. Langmead, I quote,"because men are everywhere corruptible and always corrupted, no man or group of men can be trusted with too much power and indeed no power at all which is not balanced or checked by the power of other men."

    Firstly, I agree to disagree that nobody should be above the law or claim immunity in order to avoid prosecution within our judiciary system as enshrined by the Constitution. However, no man should be condemned to be guilty unless proven otherwise.

    Having said that, where do we draw a line in our quest to prosecute all those who are suspect of corruptions, either directly or indirectly with or without evidence and unabetted witnesses?

    The writer highlighted the five prominent political and corporate figures who are being accused of corruptions based on public opinion and media debates. I am also a non partisan and is against any form of corruptions, abused of power and nepotism in our society.

    I believe the list goes on with the names of corrupted former and current ministers, corporate leaders, government officials being condemned or implicated in many of the high profiled cases being highlighted in the media and blogsphere.

    Don't get me wrong, as even our former prime ministers and also our current prime minister Najib are being accused or implicated in high profiled corruptions, directly or indirectly as reported in the local and foreign media.

    We should question ourselves whether our political and administrative systems are tainted with uncontrolled corruptions? If so, Malaysia is indeed one of the most corrupted country on earth and should be included in the Guinness World of Records!

    I opined that the prime minister should not be called upon to investigate suspected individual of corruptions as suggested by the writer. If the government is serious in dealing with the parasite of corruptions in our system, then the MACC should be revamped immediately in order to achieve the optimum level of transparency and integrity. MACC should be an independent entity, with the power to investigate and prosecute without fear or favour.

  13. Anonymous8:15 am

    How many people are disenchanted with Najib? A handful of bloggers? Lets see, outsyedthebox? This guy got a case HASUTAN dangling over his head. He was charged with Raja Petra rite? Jailani Harun - who blogs for money trying to promote his own business? How come Pasquale doesnt want to join in this rebelion? Is it because, he knows that this is a cheap smear campaign against the Prime Minister. The cheek of Jailani to DEMAND Rosmah should be investigated. Why should Rosmah face such humiliation. I dont see these bloggers demanding Shah Hakim of Scomi be brought to justice or for the special branch's counter inteligence team to reveal what they know of Shah Hakim's links with BSA Tahir or his current activities with Ali Dawood. Is it because the bloggers have been well feted by Shah Hakim? Attack Rosmah again, and we will tear into Shah Hakim, until he reveals who got what in the blogger domain. Good day gentlemen, let the games begin.

  14. Yang Berbahagia Dato,

    Nampaknya RPK sekali lagi'spot on' mendedahkan sandiwara yang berlaku di kamar AG.

    RPK berdarah raja tetapi berjiwa rakyat.

  15. That's a lot of SWOT analysis the PM and his merry advisers have to undertake. I think they better find the time to do it ASAP, people are getting really impatient.

  16. Anonymous10:35 am


    There has been a lot of issues raised however it looks like the government has not taken any initiative to come clean. By keeping quiet they are in actual fact providing the bullets for the opposition as well as the foreign media to literally "kill them."

    Don't know what their strategy is but they must remember that the Malaysians of today are more educated and exposed to all types of media and thus able to assess.

  17. Anonymous1:48 pm

    OI LATUK!!!


  18. Anonymous8:55 pm


    "A Voice" is also "Big Dog" kan? this guy very aggressive

  19. Anonymous11:56 am

    This Noh Yakob seemed to be in the middle of a web of unsavoury things.

  20. Anonymous1:19 pm

    wakmempelam ko ni memang la goblog..
    Kalo betul ko keturunan jawa..buat malu orang jawa jek...


  21. Anonymous12:12 am

    Could it be 1 of 2 things:

    1. People living in glass houses don't throw stones at one another

    2. Nor Mohd Yakcop is part of the family ... in the scheme of things, whatever

    Read what Mustapha Ong says. Omar Ong, Najib's buddy who Najib hammered into Petronas BOD, is his son.

    "no man should be condemned to be guilty unless proven otherwise," he says. Very defensive.

  22. Anonymous12:33 am

    Waaah, Anon 8.15 AM issuing a threat to people who want action taken, ha?

    Menghasut sommore against outsidethebox etc. Calling it rebellion. Big word, man.

    Very protective of Rosmah. Reason why Rosmah should not be investigated - "I dont see these bloggers demanding Shah Hakim of Scomi be brought to justice or for the special branch's counter inteligence team to reveal what they know of Shah Hakim's links with BSA Tahir or his current activities with Ali Dawood".

    This sounds like a big spill-bean threat. How about it, guys? How about it Rocky. This is juice for the gender (any such expression?)
    A scoop, by-line and all.

    A big threat in no uncertain terms, too: "Attack Rosmah again, and we will tear into Shah Hakim, until he reveals who got what in the blogger domain", said he.

    Very arrogant, too: "Good day gentlemen, let the games begin", said the man (or woman? Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?).

    So sad the country has come to this. Unable to do anything else for now, one can only yahoo and boo from the sideline.

    Let's hear the juicy stories in all their gory or mouth watering details, guys.