Saturday, July 24, 2010

Unholy Alliance

Anwar in the news again ... compares self with Suu Kyi and Mandela.

Excerpts from a new book by Washington Post journo:
While serving as Deputy Prime Minister in Malaysia from 1993-1998, Anwar tried to topple then Prime Minister Mahatir Mohamad, himself an anti-Semitic demagogue who made Anwar his protégé. When the attempt to unseat Mahathir failed Anwar was imprisoned for corruption and sodomy. Needing international support to regain power, Anwar has spent the last five years meticulously cultivating a benign image among some of the most influential individuals in the Western world. He describes himself as “a leading proponent of greater cooperation among civilizations” and “an authoritative voice in bridging the gap between East and West.” In private conversations with journalists, he outlandishly compares himself to Aung San Suu Kyi and Nelson Mandela. Read MORE ...


  1. Anonymous12:38 am

    ha..ha....ha....ha.....he should compare himself to gay dog

  2. Anonymous1:30 am

    But both of them don't like ass-hole!!

  3. Mazlan1:51 am

    errr Rocky,
    If you read the whole article it is clear the author is upset at the anti-Isreali stance that Anwar is taking as well as his close freindship with the Turkish PM Erdogan. The writer slams Turkey which is now taking a cold war attitude to Isreal, particularly its actions in Gaza and on the peace convoy.
    Indeed to many Malaysians and Palestinians - Anwar's condemnation of Isreal and his support for Turkey is highly commendable.
    So when you spin - you better spin in context to the whole article.

  4. I know you want men Pitbull2:03 am

    A rich rogue nowadays is fit company for any gentleman; and the world, my dear, hath not such a contempt for roguery as you imagine." John Gay

  5. Anwar Main Belakang3:48 am

    OMG! I think this gay mofo called al juburi is insane man, fucker really going nuts and trying his best to suck america's cock! This gay fucker called al juburi has no dignity, fucker can sell his ma just to regain power man!

  6. nstman4:47 am

    How much is Umno paying this American reporter to write trash? Rocky should know because he is in the know. By the way, this reporter is a nobody, a household name in his stupid household. By the way, I met Anwar recently, and he sent his regards to Rocky and his friends.

  7. Jokelah, how can this guy compare himself with the great Mandela. Pergi tengok muka kat cerminlah

  8. Anonymous9:46 am

    Anonymous 12.38

    "Gay Dog"? is that the best comment you can come up with? Sounds to me like you are a silly hyena. The fact that the New Ledger commented on Anwar in the same breath with Ahmadinejad and the Turkish leader shows something-he holds no government post, only opposition leader (traits of Suu Kyi now, and Mandela previously) only show his significance in world affairs. Compared to Najib and company, they have to pay lots of money and buy advertisements to meet US leaders and be mentioned in a few samll papers in the US.
    Appears to me like we have a better PM in waiting. Much better than the ones we have, and used to have.

    sri hartamas

  9. Dato',
    Salam sejahtera,

    Malangnya kebanyakan berita ini tidak sampai kepada rakyat Malaysia. Jadi susahlah mereka nak percaya atau menilai perkara sebenarnya.

    Tapi masa akan menentukan perkara yang sebenarnya. Seperti kata pepatah melayu "bangkai gajah tak kan dapat ditutup dengan nyiru".

    Semuga Allah menunjukan kapada kami hidayatNya.

  10. Anonymous9:57 am

    At 13 Anwar went to MCKK where he was routinely sodomised by the older boys. Some of the boys who sodomised Anwar are still alive. The sodomy culture at MCKK was not curbed by some of the British school masters who were themselves homosexuals. After being confused by his love for his father, mother & maid who were entangled in a sex scandal, Anwar now met friends & a school that he liked where he also was sodomised. This episode again completely confused his attitude and feelings towards men, women, sex & homosexuality.

  11. Localman10:21 am

    For any comparison, Anwar is anytime better than all the big dogs in BN.

  12. Anonymous10:37 am


  13. Anonymous11:18 am

    Hahahahahahahahahha...ROFL........arsewhore's megalomania knows no bounds. Ironically, the comparisons fir in a certain way, ASK has long hobbled the NLD in Burma with her personal vendetta so much so that the NLD has become hostage to her cause celebre and cannot wriggle itself free and manouvre into a compromise with the junta leaving Myanmar in stalemate.

    Mandela: for all his vaunted public posturings and proclamations of the rainbow coalition, there was hardly anything rainbow in SA when I was there for the recent WC. For a long time the ANC was sculpted in stone in his image. Steve Biko might have been martyred, Desmond Tutu might have been Noble 'laurated", Walter Sisulu might have made his sacrifices but it was "Robben Islanded" Mandela (kept in the limelight by Winnie) who shadowed the ANC = a case of the party existing for the man.Little wonder the ANC was unable to bridge the divide with the Whites post apartheid as the mistrust runs deep.

    Anwar dominates the PKR just like those 2 but there the similarity ends. He moves around freely, he was charged and convicted according to procedure, he gallivants with the Wolfowitzes and Qardhawis of this world in equal measure, hobnobs with neocon elites, jews and wahhabis alike and makes CNN his personal propaganda machine.What does all that tell you?

    The CNN thing is the telling clue as to the purported 'Anwar Bashing" in the US media. Another one appeared in the Washington Times, 3 days ago titled :The End of the Affection". Has the yankee brigade fallen out of love with a Gucci suited Wahabbi?

    Warrior 231

  14. Anonymous12:09 pm

    The answer is NO, not by a kilometer. Pray, tell me why TBS owned all-American icon, CNN give airtime to raving "anti-semite" sans his turban. Pray, why must a chumpion "anti-semite" grovel before his American masters. Our only statesman DR M blasted the Jews and Yanks on numerous occasion, tiada minta maaf pun. the answer lies in the double games being played.

    The American media are distancing themselves from him for pure Machiavellian reasons and he, being the postcard Machiavelli, is hardly perturbed.

    By slanging him in the media the US media:

    1. knows they are raising his profile amongst Muslims locally, a sort of journalistic martyrdom that raises his declining stature amongst Muslims as elections beckon. In this script, note how Anwar is juxtaposed against Najib to highlight this fact. Read all the articles and this juxtaposition is replete everywhere and cannot be ignored. Even the latest New Ledger one has it inserted in passing. So Najib is the Yankee lackey, Anwar the great anti-Israel, anti-US hegemony fighter. Good for local Muslim consumption here, dont you all think especially when arsewhore is losing Malay/Muslim support? Who wouldnt want a fillip??

    2. The Yankee audience paricularly the Jewish legion's rank and file, is assuaged that Anwar has been "jettisoned". He hasnt been, he is still part of the inner loop, the inner cabal knows it, he knows it.Hence his "groveling apology" is more an explanation of the game he is playing. But as with any game, the inevitable giveaways are there as Allah wills it upon diabolical fiends:
    a. why would CNN, the second most watched cable in the US, give him airtime and apparently prepared Qs even if he had paid them as some allege?

    b. he himself said he should be more careful of the words he must use? Why say so if he is genuine? Well he wasnt and the subtext reads: Hey look, I got carried away in the game I am playing and will be more careful lest I rile the rank and file in the US and cause undue consternation!

    c. why would the elites still warm up to him as the NL article still implies?

    Finally, the association with Yusof Qardhawi is telling. YQ is Muslim Brotherhood thru and thru, a Wahhabist who co-signed a statement with Abdul Aziz al-Baz sanctioning Bush Sr's Kuwait invasion back in 1991.He is designated a terrorism sympathiser but like Osama bin laden, Ayman Al Zawahri and Abu Bakar Bashir is allowed freedom on earth while Sadddam Hussin can be dug out of a shithole .........hahahahaha ROFL go figure that one?!!!!

    wahhabi- depan main belakang pun tibai

    remember the verse in the Holy Quran: mereka merancang......

    Warrior 231

  15. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Malaysians in dilemma. Either to be associated with international leaders or to be identified with Hollywood celebrities.

  16. Anonymous2:38 pm

    i was reading this article with interest until...

    "....Anwar has forged a coalition including PAS, a militant Islamic party..."

    clearly, this guy have no idea what he is talking about (the Malaysian part)

  17. Anon wrote:

    i was reading this article with interest until...

    "....Anwar has forged a coalition including PAS, a militant Islamic party..."

    clearly, this guy have no idea what he is talking about (the Malaysian part)

    2:38 PM


    When I read Malott's article the other day, describing Perkasa as "militant", I felt the same kind of reservation. And now the New Ledger describes PAS as a "militant" Islamci party.

    Perhaps that's how these Americans see things. What's "extreme" or "extremist" to them is not to us.


    That's for you, too, Mazlan, cheerup. I'm just reproducing the article, tu pun you nak spin?

  18. "A new militant group called Perkasa, which claims that Malay rights are under threat from the Chinese and Indian minorities, has won backing from former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and other members of the ruling party" - John R. Mallot

    Read Apanama's blogpost Mon 19 July 2010:
    Malott the Militant

  19. This gay fella compares himself with Suu Kyi and Mandela..!!
    It's an insult to both them.

    He on the other hand religiously bowing unashamedly to those neocon collages of him in Washington DC....!!

  20. Jesus. If he is as great as Mandela, then he should wait for that humble saint of a man to announce it, and not claim it himself.

  21. skilgannon10665:58 pm

    What's interesting is that TDM has been portrayed as an "anti-Semitic demagogue". Surely, this is slander of the highest order and the govt should spare no efforts in suing the media and the author in question for defaming a former Malaysian PM.

    After all, TDM is not an anti-Semitic demagogue, is he? I seem to remember that years ago, he said that he did have friends who are Jews (or was he misquoted?).

    Seems to me that all these parties who are targetting Anwar may be doing so out of frustration because the entity of Israel is irritatingly impervious to criticisms and sanctions, seeing as how it has the unstinting support of the powers that matter.

  22. Anonymous6:05 pm

    but one blardy idiotic fat bugger paid RM100K just to have his letter published...

  23. Anonymous6:33 pm

    Eh latuk, care to tell us who is that prosecutor bonking saifool or saifool bonking her arsehole!

  24. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    I'm dazed and confused

    Nik Rahmah

  25. Anonymous8:28 pm

    Wa Piang,,,,ANWAR terror loh,,!!!

    HARI-HARI cerita dia kat TV,,,apalagi diUTUSAN Malaysial,,!!!

    GUE SALUTE lu ANWAR,,!!!!


    Orang Kampung and SCHOOL Children BOLE la DITIPU.

    Itu PASIR cerita di SELANGOR,,MELAYU mana pandai berniaga,,,PERMIT diBERI pon di bagi pada CINA,,,,buat POWER OF ATTORNEY,,,,,,,!!!



  26. libertarian8:42 pm

    House arrest and hard labour then.


  27. The Simple Man10:34 pm


    You yourself said at NPC that you didn't believe sodomy 1 and later sodomy 2. I was there MP Wee was there that Star guy that look like Lou Rawls was also there and that Wong Chun Wai was also there and that was what you said. You said that it was politically motivated and Anwar spends time in jail for something he didn't do. So it's right for Mahathir to trump up chargers on anyone who goes againts him? So what sort of democratic country is this?

    You are defending a guy who buat fitnah and condeming a guy who is innocent. You are a model Islamic guy( i am being sarcastic)

  28. Anonymous11:14 pm

    He is our beloved saver that is our equal to Gandhi.

  29. nstman said...
    How much is Umno paying this American reporter to write trash? Rocky should know because he is in the know. By the way, this reporter is a nobody, a household name in his stupid household. By the way, I met Anwar recently, and he sent his regards to Rocky and his friends

    if you care to listen properly to a recording of Anwar's phone call to somebody's wife, he conveyed thru the said wife to give his regards to her husband, after he failed to entice her bla bla bla..

  30. Rocky he book is not written by the washington Time reporter, he wrote aout the esence of the book written by the author!

  31. Anonymous10:28 am

    "Localman said...

    For any comparison, Anwar is anytime better than all the big dogs in BN.

    10:21 AM
    Anonymous said...


    10:37 AM"



  32. goh tian sui2:32 pm

    I think the Malaysia government too support Hamas and the palestinian people right to self determintation, not just Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.
    Palestinian people suffered long enough, let us help them achieve independence.

  33. nstman3:21 pm

    A thousand years from now, Anwar will still be remembered by the whole world as Malaysia's No 1 freedom fighter. The one guy who dared to stand up against lies, subterfuge, idiocy, stupidity. He will forever share the same pedestal as Nelson mandela, Mother Teresa Kok, Margaret Thatcher, Bill Clinton, Tunku Abdul Rahman and other legendary luminaries.

  34. monsterball5:05 pm

    aiyah Rocky...want to ambil Najib's that with class ..not keep reading trash from nobody reporter when almost a dozen welknown world figures support Anewar and not one you put out in your blog.
    Want to be pro UMNO with class and not like Ezam.

  35. Anonymous6:03 pm


    One big difference .....they dun go for the ass holes like you !!!

    so you dun qualify you gay dreamer !

  36. Anonymous6:13 pm

    sri hartamas
    9.46 am

    hahahahahahahhaahahahahha huuhuhuhuhuhuuhuhuhhu hahahahahahheheheheheheheeheh heheheheheheeh

    better to be a hyena than to be him

  37. Kah Kah Kah8:37 pm

    Aun Sang Su Kyi dan Mandela tak main bontot dan sapu bini kawan la ... Nuar

  38. Malayman8:40 pm


    I am sure Anwar is better than all the biog dogs in BN. He is a better liar and fucker.

    Lelaki perempuan semua dia kongkek. Nurul Izzah should be proud ... hahaha

  39. Nzain8:52 pm

    I practically chocked on my zinger burger when I saw this...

    "He is our beloved saver that is our equal to Gandhi."

    11:14 PM

    Boy, that is definitely THE very best joke i've heard in years and i'm so happy to have been in the right place to have read that.

    I'm still snorting lettuce out my nose....

  40. Rocky,

    You have really outdone yourself in this posting for inaccuracy.

    Firstly this writer is clearly a Pro-Isreali writer who is whacking PM Erdogan of Turkey who has been one of the few leaders in Mid East who has openly sought to lift the Gaza blockade (unlike the Egyptians).
    If you read what he says he is quite clearly against any American pullback of support for Isreal.

    Secondly the writer claims Anwar has compared himself to Aung Sang Su Kyi and Mandela without offering proof of when and Anwar has said this. I tried Googling away and have found no such literal quotes.

    Thus you are extremely mischevous and lacking in journalistic integrity in this line of attack and I am shocked you would use such a vehement pro-Isreali blogger to whack Anwar.

    I do wonder how much you sold your soul for? Must have been a decent amount - plus a Datukship to go with it....

  41. Umno keeps saying Anwar is irrelevant and not gaining support but look at all these

    it's all about anwar ... man u should share a stage with Ezam

    btw... it's all peace and quiet in the land of Malaysia...

  42. Both the writer and Anwar are seriously not in touch with reality. Anwar, no further explanation required. The writer,describing PAS as a MILITANT islamic party. I mean, seriously?

  43. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Believe it or not, if all you know how to use internet, better browse all kind newspaper in this world, from Msia to all portal that link to Anwar Ibrahim with Western..surely you can find it. Beribu jenis online newspaer dalam dunia ni korang boleh lihat dan baca, sekali sekala tu buat la research dalam internet, sebagai nak penyedap hati.

    Mustahil kalau ada org sanggup bayar ribuan ringgit hanya nak perlekeh pujaan korang Anwar. Buang masa aja.

  44. Bro Rockey.... Kapaktajam suggest that let be what he want to say..... after all, we knew who he is.... let the court .... prevail the truth to the Malaysian. Hopefully, no more delay... and it has been delayed many times, why waiting for Karpal, did the rest of his lawyers don't have guts?...... come on!!!. If he is on the right side... go on don't try to buy time... for nothing!...

  45. Anonymous3:02 pm

    This is off topic but of great importance to our beloved nation.

    I have a suggestion for you Sir Rocky, considering that the Merdeka month is just around the corner. Perhaps you could do a survey on the level of patriotism between the chinese, indian and malay community. I can certainly pick my guesses ..
    Some are certainly quick to pick apart a certain community without actually realising that they themselves also needs a reality check.
    Hope u'll consider it ..

  46. skilgannon10664:32 pm

    Warrior xxx 11:18 AM

    Your penchant for putting your foot in your mouth never ceases to amaze.

    Re the junta in Myanmar/Burma, answer one simple question: who elected them into power and where does their political legitimacy come from? From gun barrels and mini-genocide?

    The NLD, at least, fought and won an election.

    And it is ironic that you write that the "mistrust runs deep" in between the whites and the Africans in South Africa. Wouldn't you say, also, that mistrust runs deep in Malaysia too?

    And despite your rantings about Uncle Sam, it's no secret that the present Malaysian govt is trying desperately to make nice-nice with Washington, DC, given the geo-political realities in the region. With your doctorate from a renowned American university, you would no doubt be able to appreciate the nuances behind this.

  47. Anwar memang terlalu banyak baggage, dia tak layak jadi PM. Panggil aje TDM jadi PM semula, takde orang lebih layak dari beliau

  48. Pada mereka yang berkata UMNO bukan Islamik,salah tu.

    Tabung Islam, bukankah Islamik?
    Bank Islam, bukankah Islamik?
    Putrajaya, bangunannya semua ada unsur arkitekur keislaman bukankah Islamik?
    Memperkasakan orang Melayu yang beragamakan Islam di Malaysia, bukankah Islamik?
    Wang kerajaan digunakan untuk membina Masjid entah dah berapa ribu dah, bukankah Islamik?
    Menggunakan agensi kerajaan untuk menarik orang non-muslim masuk Islam, bukankah Islamik?
    Tidak mengiktiraf Israel, bukankah Islamik?
    Memaksa agen yahudi Anwar Ibrahim berhenti, bukankah Islamik?
    Mematahkan cubaan IMF dan World Bank yahudi untuk menguasai Malaysia dan Selat Melaka, bukankah Islamik?

    Ya, memang orang UMNO seperti Khairy telah menghancurkan perjuangan UMNO, tapi Melayu dan Islam tak dapat dipisahkan. Islam bukan tertera kepada jubah dan serban saja.

    Bersatulah PAS dan UMNO sebelum terlambat!

  49. Santa Layman10:17 pm


    Since you are an ardent follower on the Pantai deal, today news/spin by NTV7 on Khazanah supposedly win over India's Fortis Group on Parkway Singapore.

    Why is this GLC (Government Losing Company) ended in this precarious situation.?

    Today after less than 5 mths, Fortis walk away with S$100million CLEAN.

    Remember this Khazanah coughed out hundred of millions in 2006 to bail out the then Jewish group after your exposure on the "selling" of national concession in Fomema and Medivest!

    Khazanah has to come in during the slumberjack time to allow the Newbrige Group to continue benefiiting our national concession.

    Subsequently Kkhazanah bought up to 23% in Parkway Holding. At that time the Newbrigde (later known as TPG Group) has abt 25% in Parkway. At that point in time, altough TPG has about 2% more in Parkway than Khazanah, it (Newbridge) totally control the board and management of Parkway with Khazanah having ONLY two independendt director (one Azlan and one Ganensavarathean).

    When Newbridge/TPG subsequently sold it block to Fortiss, why didn Khazanah be given a reciprocal favor from Newbridge, considering that Khazanah has used few hundred millions to help them (Newbridge) in 2006?

    TPG sold its entire stake to Fortiss in March 2010 at S$3.56

    Now Khazanah has to cough up S$3.95 for each shares in Parkway including that block from Fortiss Group, in order to have control.!!!

    Previously Newbridge/TPG only need to have 25% to control Parkway (including the 2 Malaysian cash cow concession)

    How come our GLC continue to be santa? Still early to give X'mas present indeed.

    As a layman, this is perplexing!!!!

  50. Anonymous2:49 am

    This is ultimately ridiculous, this guy is CERTIFIED JEW, so who's the JEW ALLY?

    Anwar or Najib?

  51. Salam Rocky,

    Panas issue in Penang regarding LGE. He lied !

  52. Anonymous9:31 am

    WTF you guys are rambling about. You guys should read the entire article first before throwing crap all over the place.

  53. skilgannon10665:56 pm

    Since we are on the subject of an "unholy alliance" (which, by the way is semantics - who are we mere mortals to judge if something or someone is "holy" or "unholy"?), let's speculate on whether the reported dalliance between Tun Dr Mahathir and the grouping known as Perkasa is another example of an "unholy alliance"? Or are they making use of each other to further their own agendas?

    Not so long ago, TDM expressed certain views on the position of Malays in Singapore. Why he chose to do so is anyone's guess.

    Be that as it may, his views have been forcefully rebutted by Mohd Guntor Sadali, the editor of the Singapore Berita Harian and Berita Minggu, in a speech at the Annual Berita Harian Achiever of the Year dinner in Singapore on July 28.

    I was hoping that the Malaysian mainstream newspapers, which published TDM's views on Malays in Singapore, would have been objective enough to report Mohd Guntor Sadali's speech. This has not happened, even though The Star has reciprocal arrangements with the Spore Straits Times.