Thursday, July 08, 2010

RBT: Our politics of lies

ICONS ON THE RUN. My latest column in the Malay Mail takes a dig at PI Bala, who won't come back to Malaysia to help the authorities but will be flying to Paris on his way "home" to India from London, to help the French authorities investigate some crooks in Malaysia. Bala has become sort of an icon to some Malaysians eversince he vanished from Malaysia two years ago. His press conference in London yesterday was attended by Raja Petra Kamaruddin, another Malaysian icon who left home.

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  1. Anonymous1:42 am

    Dear Rock,

    It must be bored stiff when you are stranded in a land that is far-far away from home. Lucky, there is a company. Back home, when we are stranded in a boring situation, we can either fly kites or play chongkak. Sooner or later, when a friend is no longer entertaining as before, we probably will ask that guy go and fly a kite, bro!

    Wau Blue.

  2. This P.I.Bala must be brought back to stand trial here for fabrication of false evidence. That liar, RPK and other Malaysians seen in their company in London must be roped in to ascertain their real motive.
    Why Zaid Ibrahim appears to be above the law now beats me.
    Is the Home Minister sleeping alone or together with the Foreign Minister?
    The notion that MACC has no guts to interview BALA in London is grossly unfounded as we simply shouldn't set a precedent.
    Why should MACC spend the rakyat's money and go all the way to London when the criminal is the one who ought to be cuffed and sent back here by the British Government?
    If every hardcore criminal makes such demands after fleeing the country, what could the possible scenario be?
    Blinded by stupid politics, even the learned Karpal Singh spoke like an idiot in Parliament on Thursday.
    These goons simply can't stop telling lies brother Rocky, its in their blood ... exactly like the ARSEnic in Anwar's blood.

  3. Anonymous2:10 am

    Dari kecik sampai tua I lebih caya pada ULAR ssssssssszzzzz

    The poor French fellas will soon learn their lessons once these Aney belit or patok mereka kaw kaw!


  4. P.I Bala is not interested in becoming the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. Abdul Razak baginda's wife who is also a lawyer said, " My husband is not interested to be the next PM."
    Rocky pls answer these questions :

    1. Who killed Antantuya ?
    2. UTK officers are supposed to work for Kerajaan Malaysia. Why they killed Altantuya ?
    3. Why the identity of the two not revealed to public ? Have you being a polised journalist got, their photos ?
    4. Every other convict or suspect has to use hands, papers to cover their face. In this particular case the 2 UTK convicts were helped by prison staff to cover their faces. You check lah !

    5. Who in Malaysian Immigeration Dept deleted the records of the Mongolian women ever entering Malaysia ?

    The Court trial did not touch on the above issues.Very funny.Judges changed.Prosecutors changed.
    So please get to the bottom of the case. Journalism taught you to sell your soul to your master. You are not any different than a prostitute.

  5. Anonymous8:42 am

    with the way the crooks making mockery of our laws maybe one day we will change back to the Cowboy law.
    Put up posters of all the wanted man with their price tag. Then Dead or Alive sign. Cool man.
    We cannot get those who is not cooperative but we can make life like hell for those who support them specially financial. Why there is so much delay and postponend of our celebrity sodomy trial. Why the monkey don't make noise? Oops the passport delivery boy. Strange those country like UK, France and India letting Bala roaming aroung without passport. Why our intelligence Corp so poor to identify the country the passport issued to him. Is he using a fake passport? Why those countryless person can simply gain access to other country freely? Is foreign country intel involved in hiding them. That's scarery. Osama Bin Laden in the making like what was train by CIA last time.

    Professional Bounty Hunter, Lu bayar gua Cari sampai lubang cacing.

  6. Anonymous9:55 am

    I am just curious. Is it really that easy?

    How much does one make as a private eye? Can he really afford London, and Paris? I am also c*&K sure that in India, he doesn't live in the slums.

    from his modest home here in KL to London. Not bad right?

    And what about that bald guy? For a bankrupt? I also hear that pre Suara Keadilan days, he was a Director of a now public listed company who only looked after bumi projects.

    sounds like 'Pagar Makan padi' gang to me too!

    Oh ya...I still have the bank account number that I stupidly gave RM50 to when he refused to post bail. What happened to the 65k he collected??

    I Am so STUPID!!!

    Reformed Believer - Against Gang Makan PAdi

  7. the reader10:00 am

    from wat i heard the MACC wont meet i heard wrong??

  8. Anonymous10:40 am

    come back to m'sia?


    u want 1st mama shoving c4 up his ass kah?

  9. umar, ask bala those questios. he does seem to have all the answers now, doesn't he?

    you should ask how he suddenly knows a lot of things now which he did not two years ago.

  10. Anonymous11:58 am

    I wonder how long the guy supporting PI Bala can tahan. Possibly until the next PRU 13. Assuming Najib still helms Putrajaya after PRU 13, PI Bala will then become a financial liability, i.e. seperti mendokong bangkai hidup.

    Until such time, PI Bala you better enjoy your luxurious stay in India and Europe. Soon the money will dry up and you will be left penniless in a foreign country. Your so called friends will suddenly disappear. Meanwhile, start thinking of another signed affidavit. LOL.


  11. Anonymous12:03 pm

    Just let Bala, RPK and other so called 'human right activities' stay there. Malaysia will be better-off without them here.
    Look at PKR, DAP and PAS. What they have done to the country since last GE?

  12. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Atan, what is your take, how come the murder mystery of Altuntaya exist. Are not not interested in the truth. What kind of soceity are we, when we are not willing to find the truth and justice to a murdered victim. Where is your soul.

  13. Bala to come back to help the authorities?

    the same authorities who lost the immigration entry record of the Mongolia lady? hmmmmm

    'mana bala? i tot dia arrive minggu lalu? , check custom record pun yelek?'

    to be honest... why is the gov so afraid of them? if they have not done wrong and govern the country properly, these two chaps will have nothing to snipe...

  14. Best thing to do Bro is to let RPK and Bala stay in the UK or India or wherever they want to stay.

    Lets just label them icons for those who runs away because they think they tell the truth. Best to just pull the media plug away from them and watch them wither away and without publicity nobody would want to sponsor them.

    Let them stay in the UK and seek political asylum and live on the dole. Good bye and Good riddance to these two con artists.

  15. Anonymous10:57 am

    After you took over Malay Mail, the paper has become a piece of political rubbish. Last time i used to pay for it. Now even free, i wouldnt want to take it.

  16. Anonymous3:41 pm

    Is this the kind of thing that Hishamuddin said "want to stop lies"? That he said has not been done "all these years"?

    By all means stop them. Making a mockery of Statutory Declarations. By an ex cop, too. Blardy hell.

    But the Government should also act on seditious statements and actions. Questioning the Special Position of the Malays and the Bumiputeras of Sabah and Sarawak under Article 153 of the Constitution and the New Economic Policy which is derived from it is seditious. Article 153 is clearly protected under the Secition Act.

    I hope "stopping lies" measures being drawn up will include stopping questioning or even discussing Article 153. If non-Malays question 153, Malays can question non-Malay citizenship as it is the quid pro quo. It's not good for that to happen and the Sedition Act must be used the moment 153 is discussed.

  17. Anonymous10:51 pm

    Now now rocky, the questions umar poses are very pertinent. any self respecting journalist would dig deeper to seek answers.

    With the Malaysian (mainstream) press which you supposedly lead through the NPC, asking too many questions can be taxing on the brain and hence irrelevant.

    Hence the dumbed down versions we have to read. No intellectual thought. With the average Malaysian reading such crap is it any surprise your good friend Syed Ali is lamenting the inability of Malaysians to exercise their thought process.

    Soon we will be like the average Brit where The Sun paper prevails and anything sembling intellectual discourse is deemed too taxing.

    Thank god for the internet.

  18. Anonymous1:32 am

    Bala wont come back to Malaysian becos he feared for his safety and MACC agreed to meet and interview him in London. Yet he went to a lot of trouble arranging and flying to London for the meeting agreed by MACC to help in the investigation. MACC did a no show for the London meeting.
    Why is Bala blamed when MACC is the party that did not keep to the agreement.