Friday, July 09, 2010

Tycoon Syed Mokhtar to end Malaysians' toll woes?

ANOTHER TOLL STORY. If the government implements a proposal by a group called Smash Plus said to be backed by tycoon Syed Mokhtar al-Bukhary, Malaysian highway users will not only get an immediate 10 per cent reduction in what they are paying now but they will not ever, as long as the sun rises from the east, ever have to go through another increase in toll. Yep, NO MORE TOLL RISE!

I'm not sure what to make out of this news you can pick up here from the watchers of Asas Serba, the company linked to Halim Saad which proposed to end our toll woes not too long ago (the proposal is still being considered, according to parliament yesterday).

One thing for sure, both Asas Serba and Smash Plus say they only need RM40 bil or RM50 bil to resolve this issue.

Sweet. Who's going to pay for the RM40-50 billion, you think?


  1. Anti Samun Menyamun11:52 am

    Aiyo ma aiyo pa!! Bagi saya RM39.9 bilion saya pun boleh kurangkan itu toll ma. Saya tak perlu RM40 bilion atau RM50 bilion, RM39.9 bilion pon boleh!

    Malaysia boleh!!

  2. Anonymous12:39 pm

    Is the government lying or what?

    Here (see link) it says in Parliament that there is no such thing, and now this revelation?

    Something is not right!

    Konsensus BEBAS ... go, go, go and whack, whack, whack the government for the truth!

    - Toll Abolisher -

  3. Anonymous1:02 pm

    50 bil. Bond + interest = Safe if held till maturity. 5-10yrs mybe
    (>50% stake comes frm FED.Rsevre (National Treasure) and each of those stake comes frm each of Malaysians pocket)

    Capitalist to Gov. to Publlic to Gov. to Capitalist

    1% to 1% to 1% to 1% to 1%
    Capt 2%
    Gov. 2%
    Pub. 1%
    Democracy Bond! Wow!

    During 5 to 10 yrs possibility
    its OK! while the whole world experience

    It's not OK! while the whole world GLC not experienced Our GLC "VERY EXPERIENCE"
    1-lack of transparency
    5-Political Foxes & Wolves

    *GLC can becomes spearhead or dickhead for ones Gov*
    Depends on how it works

    "For the sake of OurCrossRoad, we must,no matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the "Malaysia" people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory"

    "There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger"

    with the unbounding determination of our people—we will gain the inevitable triumph—
    "so help us God".

    Humble Mumble Dumble People #:)

  4. Anonymous1:35 pm

    Can we know the formulae ?


  5. Anonymous1:43 pm

    If both of them can do it, why not the Government themselves?

    Govt have a better credit rating than both of them.

    They could buy from Khazanah and do a special fuel or road tax to raise money to pay off at cheap cheap price lah.

    People are tired of too much toll.

  6. Anonymous1:51 pm


    Tak payah publish inin pun tak mengapa. Aku nak bagitahu betapa susahnya aku nak dapatkan MM. I am talking about masa naik LRT dari KLCC dan turun Kelana Jaya. It seems that those yang very very early saja boleh grab MM sedangkan macam aku ni yang pukul 6 lebih baru tiba KLCC to catch the LRT, jangan haraplah.

    Apart from the station, ada satu Maybank di KLCC itu yang memang ada MM. But kau tahu tak ada sekali tu aku cari di rack MM tu, takde, so aku tengok atas customer service counter dalam Maybank tu, ada. Fine, aku pergi lah ambil di meja customer service tu. No problem.

    The next day aku buat benda yg sama, bila tak ada di rack, aku tengok di meja customer service tu TAPI kali ni tak ada pula ...

    Nak jadi cerita masa tu aku gatal tengok ke dalam Maybank (which is hidden from the public's eye). ADA !!! Dan masih banyak sangat lagi.

    My question is kenapa mereka letak di dalam tu padahal public tak nampak dan tak boleh masuk pun dah masa - pukul 6.30 pm. Ada beberapa orang guard dan staff bank tu berborak dekat dengan ikatan MM tu. Kenapa mereka tak ada niat atau ingat nak tak letak di luar atau ditempat biasa ?

    Kau tak Rocky, aku rasa aku lah satu-satu manusia yang bila turun di Kelana Jaya akan jenguk dalam dua atau tiga tong sampah untuk cari MM, especially on Thursday sebab aku nak baca apa Alam tulis.

    Yes tong sampah bro... and, with due respect to you, selalunya memang ada MM dan The Sun dalam tong sampah tu sebab itu last station.


  7. What does "all assets of Plus" mean?

    Plus owns many profitable businesses such as 'Touch N Go' as well as huge land banks and teak trees. Have these been taken at current market value + goodwill element?

    Also, many doubt the market can absorb $50 billion bond flotation by Asas Serba. So, how can it absorb Syed Mokhtar's $45 billion? It also looks like AS's bid has been hijacked and revised by SM, and where it involves that Mamak Robokop Forexloosecannon, dirty tricks will abound!

    It only goes to show the Govt can actually immediately force toll rate cut of 50% and the Toll Mafia will still make a hefty profit.

    Anyway, I have taken Dr.M to task for all the nonsense that's been going on since he started it:

    click here


    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  8. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Give it to Syed Mokthar lah. Dia orang baik baik.

    Its me Boss

  9. Anonymous2:38 pm

    sori la rocky, sy tak de masa nak bg pendapat untuk fikir soalan tu.. (kempen pru dah start la tu..) dapat job untuk bayar sarahidup pun dah alhamdulillah..

    sekarang dah hilang mendung, cerah balik blog u ee..terima kasih la datuk rocky kerana memberi cahaya untuk senang membaca..


  10. I have noticed in Maybank Paramount Garden, in Pj the Security guard takes home a whole lot of MM. I don't think he reads english. Only to sell to recycle peddlers.Some people who are selfish grab more than one piece. So within minutes the tray is empty.People don't value something when it is given free.

    Syed Mokhtar wants to grab everything. Recently MMC, Tradewinds, BERNAS all donated millions to his private activity. Shareholders don't even get decent dividends. He got PERNAS for a song.PERNAS was built to establish bumi corporation. Easily changed hands. Assets sold or transfered to his private companies.He milked everything from motor , rice, plantation, banks,ports etc. Now toll operations. Check who runs his business development units operating from some obscure bunglow in PJ: Not in any spectacular corporate office of his listed companies. Is a big syndicate.

  11. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Kasi nengok diaorg punya proposal dulu,ok ke tak, pas tu baru komen.Ni blum pe2 dah melalak.Tengok proposal bkn bayo apa2 pun. Bangang, mentang2 org kita yg propose ...

  12. Anonymous3:05 pm

    baru petronas bagi rm30billion, bukan main cepat nak sapu semua...

    satu lagi projek barisan najis!

  13. Mazlan3:22 pm

    Only RM 40 million????
    So where will that money come from?
    And how will they pay it back without raising toll rates?
    Someone may sense of this for me pleae......

  14. Anonymous3:23 pm

    Kan Ni Neh!

    Everything must go to their cronies.

    And the rest of the 99% malays can only salivate... LOL!

  15. Anonymous3:23 pm

    OMG? Syed Mokhtar again? and why Malaysia government won't learn that monopoly will never work? given the fact that they normally provide bad service and much more expensive?

    I thought Malaysia always keen to be a competitive country as to promote economic growth? then why stop competition and allow monopolization?

    - Angry Citizen -

  16. Anonymous3:29 pm

    Dear sir, I personally believe that this is just an evident sign that the PM has failed to keep his promises. All the NKRAs and NEM and 1Malaysia are just meaningless commitment. To me, this is just another crony trying to gain benefit from the people under the pretense of helping the nation. Another proof the government is still allowing rent-seeking. Maybe it is time for the country to have a general election. I'm so tired of this farce.

  17. Anonymous3:47 pm

    Malaysian highway users will not only get an immediate 10 per cent reduction in what they are paying now but they will not ever, as long as the sun rises from the east, ever have to go through another increase in toll. Yep, NO MORE TOLL RISE long as the sun rise we would also be paying toll??

  18. Quietly PKFZ paid 700 million to the bondholders on 30.6.2010 as per agreement. who are the bondholders, Rocky ? Kuala Diamensi is the contractor being sued by PKFZ.Has the case started ?
    We all know that Temasek Holdings is the bondholder whom the Minister of Transport guaranteed. That's tranparency for Malaysia. Project tak jadi tapi duit dah habis , hutang dan bunga kena bayar oleh Kerajaan.Rakyat tanggung rugi depa tanggung untung.Good privitasation. So its going to the same. Syed Mokhtar will squeeze more than blood.No wonder Daim and Halim Saad are still eyeing the toll business.

  19. Anonymous6:15 pm

    A Malaysian politician is facing the sack for superimposing his head on to a picture of the Queen giving out honours in an attempt to claim he had been knighted.
    Mr Wong, who is the deputy publicity chief for the Democratic Action Party, a Malaysian opposition party in Sabah, northern Borneo, claims the honour was in recognition of his contribution to aid organisation, Médecins Sans Frontières.

    Rival politicians in the state immediately demanded an explanation. go to...

  20. Anonymous7:31 pm

    korang semua dah tengok ker proposal tu? tahu menghentam jer... aku nih sorang yang kenal SM secara peribadi.. jasa beliau kepada rakyat yang kurang bernasib baik dalam Malaysia aku rasa lagi banyak dari korang yang kaki hentam nih...


  21. Anonymous9:51 pm

    ko lobby cam nak gila , kat DRB HICOM office takde pun Malay Mail , Sun je ada la

  22. Chip Parasyed11:03 pm

    Bagilah. RM 39.9 bil. saja. Jangan lokeklah. Kita dah biasa cekik pinggang apa! Kalau Malaysia mau ikut Greece elok juga. Untung-untung jadi Somalia. Kemudian orang kita boleh jadi lanun rompak kapal-kapal yang belayar melalui Selat Melaka. Baru betul-betul kaw punya SMASH.

  23. What is it with this BN Government that it must consider individual enrichment ideas every time even though it does not make sense to the people on the street.

    Syed Mokhtar lah, Halim Saad lah, very cheeky isn't it one offer RM50B and 20% discount while the other offer slighly lower RM45B and 10% discount. Ingat kita ini semua bodoh ka? Who are they trying to fool?

    Best if BN Government throw out all these individual ideas and follow MCA's idea...Government to buyout all the highway concession and stop paying all these ridiculous penalties to the toll operators. Government can also reduce toll by a hell of a lot more than what is being offered. BN will win big in the GE definitely.

    However, IF the BN Government do decide to give it to Syed Mokhtar or Halim Saad or whoeverlah then it might as well throw in the towel and surrender to the fractured Pakatan coalition as the people will punish BN really hard, harder than in March 2008 not because they love the clueless Pakatan pact but they just want to vote against the BN.

  24. Railway double tracking TSM alibabas to Gamuda ; so tollway to whom?

  25. Anonymous8:29 am

    even when they touch an egg it will make the egg lost a few grams of weight.

  26. Anonymous8:43 am

    If the deal is through, there will be forever no toll hike but there will also be foever toll pay for generations.

  27. Anonymous9:55 am

    Who says this deal cannot be done or it is not viable?
    Asset backed bonds can be raised to fund the purchase. People are saying that if there is a default in the bond, then the government will have to bail them out.
    Fair enough, but how certain are we that there will be a default|?
    If ten years ago, a music executive by name of Anthony Francis Fernandes had said, you can fly to Penang for under RM20, you will say he is crazy.
    Nobody however, is saying today that Anthony Francis Fernandes or his Air Asia Bhd, are looney tunes? Are they???
    Now, why will a bond exercise most likely not run into a default?
    One, interest on bond debts are stable, and the ridership on the highway are also stable.
    This means, if you can RM1 in revenue, you know that 20 percent goes to pay debt, and you also know average ridership.
    For the proposal to work, new toll highways cannot be build in mass areas, as this will destabalise the average ridership on the current toll roads.
    We should also ask ourselves why is it the government says that she needs RM380 billion to take the toll highways private, and Syed Mokthar says he only needs less than RM50 billion?
    Why is there too much flab in the government proposal? Who is making money from it?
    I fear this is the core reason, Syed Mokthar's proposal is treated with scorn.
    Also, our government needs RM50 billion in cash to solve her own financial mess - budget deficits.
    Syed Mokthar build Port of Tanjong Pelepas, and the SMART tunnel, he did not fail anyone.
    He has come up with a good proposal, give its due, and remember that all the toll roads now are already in private hands.
    Now we have a plan that can cut rates by ten per cent, something which the existing toll road operators are not willing to do,and the government unwilling to force them to make the cuts.
    Dont be like Malaysia Airlines, laugh at Anthony Francis Fernandes, at his Air Asia, but today getting clobbered by them.
    Anthony Francis Fernandes is an Indian, Syed Mokthar is a Malay, dont let his race be the achilles' heel, that makes people to mock the plan, without considering its merits.

    Its me Boss.

  28. skilgannon10661:14 pm

    I am waiting for Warrior xxx to take his economic scalpel to the purported Syed Mokh and Asas Serba proposals.

    RM50 billion is "pocket change" if you consider the amount of funds that Malaysians hold offshore (think "black money" etc). What better way to recycle some of these funds than to bring them back to Malaysia to funds proposals like these?

  29. Anonymous1:33 pm

    Mari kita tengok siapa yang kenaaaa?!!!.....Akuuu jugak...sedih-sedih..I'm neither here nor there, nak dapat kemudahan-keudahan free tak layak sangat sebab bayar tax paling tinggi(hasil belajar tinggi dan kerja kuat-gaji besar dan elaun banyak), tapi kena bayar lagi macam-macam tax la , toll la sampai nak pakai keta besar pun tak larat. pakcik member aku yang tukang kebun je tapi ada jawatan politik pakai 4 kereta mewah, duit dalam bank ada ratusan ribu, anak masuk pengajian tinggi dapat biasiswa, dapat lagi beberapa lot rumah murah untuk disewa...ish ish ish kesian betul nasib aku ni.....tak pe la, aku jugak yang pilih macam ni.....
    Good Malaysian

  30. Anonymous2:08 pm

    there should be no tolls.

  31. korang try lah ERP kat Singapore, terkencing korang

  32. Anonymous5:47 pm

    Rocky, don't give the privatization to the same person. They have huge debts from borrowing, so give others malays some opportunity.


  33. They want 40 to 50 Billion to solve tol problem and the money will come from rakyat .. the tax payer. Both are pirates and in to make tons of money ... in the end not solving the issue. If the minister in charge is not capable of solving the issue just resigned and hand over to those who could.

  34. Anonymous4:29 pm

    And while the rakyat's money is 'preyed' upon by two Malay business houses that 'boast' that they are more equal than others to vie for such projects, the non-Muslims are given a 'pleasant' insight of how the Malay dominated legal service of the BN-UMNO government handles issues that 'trespasses' their religious freedom in this country.

    Read further.

    This mail was from Annou Xavier, a Catholic lawyer.

    Dear Fellow Christians

    Do you remember the case of some youth who fire-bombed a Christian place of worship called the Metro Tebernacle Church in Desa Melawati last 8.3.2010? The same day when some recalcitrant threm a home-made bomb at Assumption Catholic Church in PJ.

    Well, the 3 Malay youth who were arrested for the fire-bombing were subsequently charged under the Penal Code for causing mischief and were all present in Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court today (6 July 2010) for the trial.

    But guess what happened during trial today (6 July)?

    a. The Attorney General's Chambers sent a young inexperienced prosecutor to handle the trial of the above case.

    b. The said prosecutor did not know how to handle a simple court trial.

    c. Many exhibits and important evidence were missing.

    d. The "witness" who claimed to have "seen" the incident answered either "I cannot remember" or " I do not know".

    e. A question was posed if they (the accused) were wearing helmet when riding a motorcycle and the witness answered "I do not know".

    f. A question was posed if the accused(s) had a bottle (or bomb) in his hand and the witness answered "I cannot remember".

    So, the point I am making is this :

    1. Why have a trial in the 1st place when the 3 accused would be acquitted for defiling, desecrating and destroying a place of worship, especially a Church or our House of God?

    2. The case was ill-prepared by the prosecution, who comes from the AG's chambers, who is supposed to be the prosecutor of wrong-doers and law-breakers.

    3. All the accused seemed so calm and unfazed by the allegation of arson though the section they are charged under carries 20 years imprisonment.

    So my dear brothers and sisters in Christ:

    1. First, Herald was persecuted and given strict warning not to use the Allah term in its Bahasa publication;

    2. Then, many Bahasa language Christian books were confiscated by the authorities as they had the word "Allah" on them and the reason for confiscation is because those publication were "threat to national security";

    3. Thirdly, Orang Asli who embrace Christianity and build a dilapidated place of worship are given notices where those places of worship are torn down;

    4. A Government Minister then accused the Christians in Sarawak of not lending support to the ruling coalition at the recent Sibu by election;

    5. Non-Propagation Laws in some States are in the process of amendments so as to be more strict on publication of non-Islamic materials ... and so on.

    To postulate the above, Christians are time and tide again been taken for a ride where authorities show little regard to Article 11 of the Federal Constitution and this morning on 6.7.2010, the prosecution team has demonstrated little regard to the seriousness of a case where accused have bombed a place of worship..or our House of God.

    Annou Xavier

  35. Anonymous5:06 pm

    melayu mana pandai meniaga la.
    kasi la sama guan eng atau vincent tan.
    garenti no more tolls to pay.
    kalu kasi sama Tony Air Asia, garenti toll would be cheapest in the world.
    kasi sama melayu mana boleh, nanti dia minta sama gomen for the capital. nanti gomen akan naik itu income tax. non-malay pay lot of income tax, you know.
    better to give to non-malay la!
    malay mana tahu meniaga!!

  36. Salam Dato'

    Finally MCA recognised PERKASA. Donald 'recycle toilet paper' Lim want to introduces MCA's Perkasa Type!

  37. Anon(4:29pm) Kalau betul surat email ini maka Anou Xavier ini lawyer atau politician. If he is just a lawyer than he should think about being a politician as well. He writes like one.

    If Xavier wants justice, he should write to complain to the Bar Council and the AG not to his fellow "Christians" lah. What does Xavier hope to achieve? Turn on the political heat up a few degrees and for what, get publicity for being hauled up by the police and being investigated under our Sedition Act.

    Then again this maybe just a prank email written by somebody else designed to create mistrust among the races and religions.

  38. Anonymous11:08 pm

    Tan Sri Mokhtar, try your luck to take a pot shot at Tabung Haji...I am told many a time that if u can't sell anything out there in the market, try Tabung Haji, they will be more than happy to let you 'finger' in their 'cash-rich' fund !

  39. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Tan Sri Mokhtar, try your luck to take a pot shot at Tabung Haji...I m told many a time dat if u can't sell anything out there in the market, try Tabung Haji, they will be more than happy to let you work on their 'cash rich' fund !