Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Court throws out biggest defamation suit by trade unionist against newspaper

RM150 MILLION SUIT. Zainal Rampak, the former MTUC president, this morning lost his defamation suit against the Sun newspaper over an article published 10 years ago on the EPF's annuity scheme. The article was written by K. Ravindran, a former union man himself. I got to know both 70-year olds when I was on the trade union beat, reporting for the Business Times, in the mid-80s. Ravi, on the phone with me, was super relieved. "A good day for reporters like me la brother, a very good day!".

I still couldn't believe that a trade unionist would take out a multimillion lawsuit against a journalist and fellow trade unionist. And am glad the judge Nik Hasmat Nik Mohamed ruled in favor of common sense.


  1. It was a ridiculous suit, good job that the Judge threw it out.

  2. Anonymous6:02 pm

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  3. Metheshr6:33 pm

    A very fair outcome...the judgment reflects no political pressure. Journalist should continue to report unfair cases without fear and exercise the freedom of press. Well done Datuk Nik Hasmat Nik Mohamed and congratulations to The Sun and reporter,Mr K Ravindran. Justice prevailed.

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  8. Justice must not only be done, but must be also seen to be done.

  9. Anonymous4:58 pm

    ...when I was on the trade union beat, reporting for the Business Times, in the mid-80s.

    Bro Datuk, those were the days. Remember, Bro Ragu and his "paku the bugger". Then there were those mouth-watering banana leave lunches under the tree at Sin Sin (after press conferences at Wisma Cuepacs). Yes bro, those were good days. Our group involved Sabri Sharif, Azhar Ghazali, Leanos Fernandez and sometimes Datuk Ahmad Talib.You remember Datuk Bru?


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