Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Vincent Tan, on the verge of losing (again) a license he apparently didn't get in the first place

Misunderstood. Did you know that Najib Razak's administration has REFUSED to grant Vincent Tan a car manufacturing license to build China's BYD cars here? Yep, it hardly made the news. And no full-page blog entry by RPK accusingVincent Tan of being a mere trustee for UMNO. But reissue him a sports betting license (see the Bloomberg report below) and  Vincent Tan suddenly becomes UMNO'S biggest crony since Malaysia was formed. 
Yet Vincent Tan must take the blame, for most part of it, on how his communications team let him down. Vincent Tan's half-a-billion planned donation, may have been laced with good intentions, but with scant thought for muslim sentimentality. Every muslim and everyone who respects Islam knows it's not halal for a Muslim to accept money or gift from sale of a haram asset.
Malaysia Has Yet to Issue Betting License to Ascot, Najib Says
2010-06-08 04:37:35.758 GMT

By Ranjeetha Pakiam
     June 8 (Bloomberg) -- Malaysia’s government has yet to
issue a sports betting license to Ascot Sports Sdn., Prime
Minister Najib Razak told Parliament in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.
     The government is discussing the licensing terms and
conditions while getting feedback on the plan from various
parties, Najib said in his written statement obtained by
Bloomberg today. The government is considering the license to
help reduce illegal betting activities in the country, he said.


  1. An Observer5:09 pm

    That's too bad.

  2. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Najib and Co. must take the blame as well for not putting an end to the so called 'rumour' earlier. When asked about the 'rumour' he refused to say anything. That doesn't help at all.


  3. Anonymous5:38 pm

    Betting, whether it is licensed or not is still HARAM in Islam. Please put this is your bloody head. Those who promote betting are clearly sinners. Where the hell is Zul Nordin and all the so called "Pejuang Islam". Why are you quiet? Or are you fat now??

  4. Rocky,

    Vincent Tan says the licesne has been reissued to him. Bursa has apparently agreed with him. He also made half a billion cash by getting a PLC he is executive chairman of to buy his share of the company he owns. If this does not qualify as a dodgy sweet deal I don't know what else is.

    Now the PM and Ministry of Finance says the license has not been issued.
    And yet we don't hear a peep from Perkasa and all the other self righteous UMNO chiefsm
    Someone is lying? Please can you tell us the truth.


  5. Anonymous5:46 pm

    Vincent Tan is a prick. He should try to get people who understand what is media, to manage his rotten image.

  6. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Apparently, there are no Malays nor Muslims on his comm team


  7. Rocky, the rejection to assemble China car here makes lots of sense.This is to protect Tun Mahathir's pet Proton and the few bumi AP holders. To compensate VT, the sports betting is given. It fits well. Its the lets make deal formula. You help me, I help you. Unfortunately, Najib n VT misread the chinese resolve to reject sports betting because VT helped to screw the chinese in Perak. Its all linked la.

  8. Bhai RockyBru...

    Lu brapa sudah kena bayar?

  9. Hard dave6:33 pm

    Sdara rocky
    If license not issued, how did they made announcement to bursa Malaysia etc.....what's happrning

  10. Anonymous6:40 pm

    How are the BYD cars - quality & finishing-wise?

    China cars & bikes are generally known to have very poor quality and finishing. No offence to them - this is a prevalent issue in any new car & bike products from young brands.

    Isn't it wise to wait for the mothership to churn out decent-quality products first before anyone outside China assemble them?

    - AZLAN.

  11. Bloger pembangkang membuat fitnah tanpa usul periksa.

    Itulah kebiasaan mereka.

    It's a miracle that non of the Israeli commandos was killed by the so called terrorists.

  12. Anonymous7:29 pm

    Oh Dato Najib....Ilmu politik atau penasihat apakah yang dato pakai ni...keliru sungguh kami kebelakangan ini atau memang bodoh kah kami semua ini hingga tak dapat hendak memahami konsep pemikiran dato yang sangat tinggi itu................keh keh keh keh


  13. "Poor" Vincent Tan, even his intention to give away millions of money is perceived negatively, he ought to get APCO to do his PR work for him.

  14. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Vinsen Tan, should hire you as media consultant, coz obviously the people he has now are a bunch of ametures earning proffesional wages. They have made hhm a vilified person for offering to give RM525 mil to charity. How can muslims accept money from a non halal source? Vin-sen tan, do the correct thing.

  15. hi Rocky...Vincent Tan was a chosen crony of Mahathir la.
    Quiet during Dollah's time and concerning China car and gambling license to depend on Vincent is a big risk for Najib.
    So cronies changed according to situations.
    Right now it seems Najib rating to sky high 72% Malaysians are happy with him.
    What is he waiting for?
    Any great Commander will take this opportunity to declare 13th GE now and shut all opponents mouth.
    Why he so bodoh ah?
    Not bodoh la....lost Sibu...must create some good news that must be true....interviewing school children and half past sixes on the streets la.
    You see...if you understand body language....easy to spot racists.
    But you act bodoh..because you know exactly who Vincent Tan is...don't you?

  16. Rosemajib has now outshone AAB as the King of All Flip Flops!! He has flip-flopped on:

    1. shoddy two tier petrol system
    2. RPGT
    3. GST
    4. electricity tariffs
    5. toll increases
    6. Iran gasoline cut
    7. open tenders for large public contracts
    8. on APCO's $77 million contract
    9. meeting up with Saiful

    And believe me, there's more to come because he's not in control of UMNO, BN, Govt, Ministers or his administration!!

    His "wah tolong lu, lu tolong wah" shitty ploy ain't gonna work no more because the People will not be bought with bribes using their own money!!

    No, Vincent Tan and Berjaya DID NOT get it wrong!!

    Once you approve a licence then you just award it UNLESS the awardee fails to do his part.

    But Rosemajib did not expect the public backlash or that the Opposition would make political capital out of it.

    Now, he's trying to save face by screwing around with semantics and "approval" and "awarding".

    Guess who just lost GE 2013? How wonderful. Justice with a vengeance!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  17. Anonymous7:55 pm

    Warren Buffet who has a minor stake in BYD, made a paper profit of US$ 1 billion last year from the said investment. So, RPK please tell us why, UMNO would reject Berjaya's application for a auto manufacturing license? After all there is a lot of money to be made from the BYD venture. RPK, why is UMNO playing itself out. It doesnt make sence to me RPK.

  18. Anonymous8:12 pm

    Your media people were eating banana's, no wonder they made you look like a monkey over the weekend, Vincent Tan. Rocky just helped save you Chinky butt

  19. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Saya tidak tahu siapa yang PEMBOHONG BESAR dalam kes ini. Minta kita semua lihat statement yang dikeluarkan oleh Tiga Menteri kita.
    1. Datuk Awang Adik
    2. Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Husin
    3. Datuk Seri Najib
    Cukuplah... Orang Melayu semakin letih dengan pelbagai penipuan yang dibuat oleh Menteri kita.

    Apai aloi

  20. Anonymous8:25 pm

    Vincent Tan, hina umat Islam. Memang wajar, lesen judi ditarik balek.

  21. Anonymous8:39 pm

    What the F is wrong wit u Vince? U never go out with Malay chicks'ah? U duno wat the F is haram and halal' meh? Why u dont go and get sum Malay gals from your seedy nite clubs you own? If u shy'eh, u just ask u brother, Danny Tan, who is the biggest pimp in KL to help u lor. If that aso you shy'ah, just ask your partner and son Robin Syabu Tan to hep u out lah.

  22. Wantu9:10 pm

    Please highlight this article by Sin Chew Daily writer, Tay Tian Yan. What an insult the Malays, especially the ppl in Kampung Baru. Kurang ajar betul.


  23. Anonymous9:11 pm

    "Apco taught government officers... how to effectively use social networking sites such as Facebook." - nasri.


    and this melayu bodoh is still in the cabinet!

  24. Anonymous9:27 pm

    Rocky, u ni tak paham paham ke? Vinsi Tan nak lesen judi sukan dri k'jaan Melayu, yg kononnya Islam, hasil jualan lesen pulak nak disedehkahkan pd bangsanya sendiri. Bukan dia tak paham yg Melayu tak blh t'rima hasil jualan asset haram. Si Vinsi Tan saje nak ketawakan kita.

  25. Just how much Rosemajib's Govt is in complete and total disarray is confirmed by a statement from the MoF today that the subsidy total is only $18.6 billion and NOT $74 billion as claimed by Idris Jala, as follows:

    Fuel- 7.10
    Infra- 0.80
    Food - 2.90
    Social Welfare - 7.80

    Now who do we believe? The left hand of Rosemajib's Govt doesn't seem to know what the right hand is doing!!

    Or is the MoF playing puks and massaging the stats to save Rosemajib's pink lipped round face again?

    Case for another RCI to investigate Govt finance and statistics? I think so, especially since UMNO/BN has successfully achieved a record national debt of $362 billion over the last 30 years and they say Petronas will run out of oil between 2014-2018!!!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  26. Anonymous10:24 pm

    Should grant it to Tun Dr M's son, make him the riches UMNOputra of all time.

  27. simplyhentai10:29 pm

    if the license can help curb illegal activities, which obviously being part-financed by the illegal gambling, then why not just approve it. at least we the people know where the money goes to, not to the prostitution ring, not human nor drug trafficking, not robbers and thiefs, BUT to the government coffers, which comes back to us.

    why the need to listen to PAS? they don't know the real reason this issue even comes close to consideration. they're the opposition, so it's their job to oppose. gov on the hand acts in the interest of the people. even Mahathir during his time resorted to unpopular moves. Kit Siang even opposed the Penang Bridge back in the 80's and look where he is now? commuting every week to see his son in Penang CM office.

    i mean let's be honest with each other, how many of you my fellow chinese (mostly) and indians out there never gambled before? the vincent tan fella is only going to use his existing outlets to accept bets. so, what's the difference with and without sports betting? just allow it for those who wants and qualified to gamble, it's their human rights. isn't this what the pakatan has been fighting for?

    as for the muslims, why bother going to sports toto or magnum 4d? isn't this country called a muslim country? so, those with authority, do monitor the muslims as what you've being doing during the month of puasa, catching muslims eating during daytime. not to forget all muslim fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, do look after your family members, stop them from going to lottery shops. the responsibility doesn't fall on gov's shoulder alone, it's ours too.

    so, enough of those talk about vincent tan financing UMNO warlords and so on, those who talk like that are only thinking with their little head between their legs. if you've got better solution to better social well-being in this country, go ahead and propose, don't just complaint.

  28. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Well, there is no smoke without fire and this has left egg on the face of both parties.

    PM "Flip flop" Najib is certainly striving to outdo PM Abdullah. I have lost count of the amount of flip flopping that has occured in the past year.

    The sad part is all Malaysians will suffer since foreign investors will not touch Malaysian shares with a barge pole after this bitter lesson. Berjaya shares collapsed today.

    Vincent Tan joins Syed Mokhtar in the "dubious corporate governance" hall of fame. MMC made it into an art form which Berjaya hopes to emulate. If you think I am talking nonsense, just ask any fund manager worth their salt (who is given total freedom to invest instead of performing national service by propping up weak companies).

  29. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Yes, I would believe all this govt says if I am made a Dato and have a newspaper to run.


  30. Anonymous11:28 pm

    So why did not Vincent Tan explain about the benefits to the rakyat if he was granted the 'auto' thing?

    He could have justified it with terms like 'employment for the locals', 'more corporate tax for the government', etc etc.

    He chose to keep quiet on the auto thing because he wanted to use that 'rejection' to leverage on the lobbying for the gaming licence.

    As though we do not know how he 'fishes' for favours from the government, in return for his investment in 'frogs' that become independent.


  31. Anonymous11:41 pm


    Change in local political landscape is an indicator that peoples would like to see this 'bolehland' get rid of bad elements: alcohol, prostitution, gambling and massage parlor. If not now, the lattest by 2013. Those who failed to see the signal are doomed to repeat the mistakes.

    We Boleh

  32. Anonymous11:56 pm

    wise decision DSN and the GOM.

    however, the public will watch if its for real, or, just a temporary gimmick to lay off people's attention.

    especially the muslim public. regardless of political inclinations.

    gambling legal or illegal is a social disease. the costs, direct & indirect, outweigh any benefits.

    no need to rationalize & justifies it. its a thousand years case study, not a new scenario. all religions don't approve of it.

    Allah, and his Prophets, through out time, disallow it. I hope Allah's Manual & Guidelines to better living, matters to you.

    we are but a spec of dusts, of nothingness, in the huge universe.

    -well done for now-

  33. Anonymous9:07 am

    Bro Rocky,

    You should investigate who has sold off most of their shares in BJCORP on 13th May as alleged by RPK today. May be you also one of the beneficiary.


  34. Anonymous9:09 am

    Kabinet dijangka buat keputusan hari ini sama ada akan halalkan lesen judi sukan. Harapan kami, umat Islam dipikul dibahu Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin. Hanya beliau yang mampu bersuara, dan menentang kejahatan ini. Dimintak jugak, agar Dato Najib, segera kosongkan kerusi Perdana Menteri, agar Tan Sri Muhy boleh ambil alih dengan SEGERA, dan menghukum penghianat bangsa dan agama. Hidup Tan Sri Muhyiddin.

  35. Anonymous9:09 am


    My question is: Did Najib's govt issue him the gambling license in the first place? When the news broke, there was no immediate denial. It's not an issue of halal haram, or crony or revenue. The issue : Do we still have a flip flop govt?


  36. Anonymous9:17 am

    The Star paper seems to be VERY pro Vincent Tan, even to the extent of making Datuk Najib looks shaky and weak. I suspect, the Star is doing this because Vincent Tan is Chinese. Well to Chinese people at the Star, if you want to PLAY a racial game, so can WE, the majority. The outcome of your actions, ie increased hatred towards Chinese, and the reaction to that, are entirely on your hands.

  37. Anonymous9:28 am

    Cina jahat, keparat dan tak mengenang budi.

  38. Anonymous9:31 am

    why rush to develop ala chinese greed

    Malaysia should just invest in eco-lifestyle

    the "developed" countries will soon have to PAY big money just to maintain their "developed" status

    carbon credits is here to stay - and Malaysia is the ICON of an eco-friendly environment

    don't let the chinese in cahoots with the indians TELL you otherwise

    their race is already suffering dwindling descendents - doomed to extinction and minority status forever

    Just charge high FEES for the clean air provided by the rural folks to those in the cities

    this way orang kampung will be rich without any effort

    the industrialised chinese and indians will pay to BREATHE clean air

  39. You said, "but with scant thought for muslim sentimentality. Every muslim and everyone who respects Islam knows it's not halal for a Muslim to accept money or gift from sale of a haram asset."

    How you know any of that charity was to be directed to any Muslim anyway. Vincent after all is a follower of Sai Baba...maybe its all to be donated to Sai activities!

    How about accepting taxpayer's money where the taxpayer includes Genting, Sports Toto, Magnum, Tanjung? And what about pork sellers and tax on alcohol? ...

    Ah, maybe these are all used to build roads and railways. Or maybe only these are targeted for siphoning off as "corruption" or whatever....

    Bro, its a dicey thing when you want to be critical about something using religion...it is just not as straight forward as you might think, is it? What is the difference whether it is charity or it is tax revenues? After all you had a problem with its origins isn't it? Not what it is called!!

    Like the money that Najib gave to the churches in Sibu; I still maintain it is just not kosher. The churches should not touch it...but then when they do, like in here, its rather disappointing for me!!

  40. Anonymous10:17 am

    Alamak, he got away with the 'correct, correct, correct' judiciary scandal, and I'm sure he will now get away with this premature ejaculation.

    Some people just can't be touched. Immune from prosecution. That's the BN way.


  41. Anonymous12:27 pm

    In the end , nothing is going to happen. Vincent Tan is going to get the license and UMNO will continue to say that we are a muslim country. The End

  42. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Tun Dr Mahatir said : His successor as Minister must know that Ong Tee Keat was about to expose the culprits in the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal. His removal MAY lead to the investigation and exposure as well as action on the Port Klang scandal being TERMINATED.

  43. Anonymous12:40 pm

    Marilah kita bermain judi
    Tak ada duit gadaikan tanah pusaka
    Janganlah tuan menjadi kaki judi
    Kelak hidup akan binasa

    Kalau tuan mengail ikan,
    Jangan mengail ikan sepat,
    Bukankah dulu saya berpesan,
    Pokok-pokok berduri jangan dipanjat


  44. Anonymous12:52 pm

    Hisap ganja bersama kawan
    Lepak disko sampai pagi
    Judi jangan dilupakan
    Agar kemudian boleh rugi

    Dalam semak ada duri,
    Ayam kuning buat sarang,
    Orang tamak selalu rugi,
    Macam anjing dengan bayang-bayang


  45. Anonymous1:07 pm

    "I would like to say that none of this is true. The licence was re-issued to Ascot Sports because the government felt that the time was right to do so in the light of the rampant growth of illegal betting operations and also because Ascot Sports had the first right of refusal to this licence if it was re-issued."

    So said Tan Sri Dato Seri (x9) Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, putting to paid the defence put up on his behalf by Bursa Malaysia and presumably Zarinah and the SC:

    Bursa Malaysia officials had pointed out today that because of the conditions of the proposed acquisition, Berjaya Corporation's filing was accurate.

    If the company and its directors, including Tan (picture), had misled the exchange, they would have been subject to sections 177 and 369 of the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007.

    Section 177 states: “A person shall not make a statement, or disseminate information, that is false or misleading in a material particular and is likely to induce the sale or purchase of securities by other persons or is likely to have the effect of raising, lowering, maintaining or stabilising the market price of securities if, when he makes the statement or disseminates the information — (a) he does not care whether the statement or information is true or false; or (b) he knows or ought reasonably to have known that the statement or information is false or misleading in a material particular.”

    Section 369 of the same Act states that a person who knowingly makes a false or misleading statement to the Commission or stock exchange relating to the affairs of a listed corporation shall, on conviction, be liable of a fine not exceeding RM3 million or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 10 years or both.

  46. Anonymous1:43 pm

    Judi menjanjikan kemenangan
    Judi menjanjikan kekayaan
    Bohong kalaupun kau menang
    Itu awal dari kekalahan
    Bohong kalaupun kau kaya
    Itu awal dari kemiskinan
    Judi meracuni kehidupan
    Judi meracuni keIMANAN


  47. Anonymous1:50 pm

    72 peratus penghidap AIDS/HIV umat Islam.

    Judi lah lagi.

  48. Anonymous1:55 pm

    Cawangan Umno di Teluk Intan mengusulkan supaya kerajaan menarik balik pemberian lesen tersebut.

    Usul tersebut dikemukakan ketika mesyuarat Umno Cawangan Lorong Masjid, Teluk Intan.

    Umno tidak boleh menepis isu ini, sebab judi sememangnya haram walaupun lesen itu sah atau tidak," kata Yuzaile Yusof.

  49. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Nothing going to change. Vincent Tan will get what he wants.

  50. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Habib rak, you must be very stupid. Mahatir does not own Proton, so he has nothing to gain financially if Proton makes it or not, but according to RPK, Umno owns Berjaya, so they have everything to lose if they dont get the automotive manufacturing license.

  51. Anonymous2:54 pm

    Deputy Finance Minister Dr Awang Adek Hussein is passing the buck to newly minted Second Deputy Finance Minister Donald Lim.

    "No, no comment. You can ask Donald Lim... he knows," said Awang Adek before abruptly escaping from a group of reporters in Parliament here.

    What the FcUK Awang Adek, lu maken gaji butha kah, bahlol?

  52. "Bro, its a dicey thing when you want to be critical about something using religion..". Old Fart.

    Brilliant repose, Very well argued and written!

    Let's cut out all the bull-shit and hypocrisy!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  53. skilgannon10663:42 pm

    Tell that to the Malaysian workers who queue in numbers to buy Toto and 4D tickets (and Singapore Sweep lottery tickets) at the Singapore Pools outlets in Singapore! Especially when the Singapore Toto has it's Jackpot Draws with a 1st prize of S$5 million.

    That's RM10 million+!

    Of course, you won't see the Malaysian religious police snoops hanging around these Singapore Pools outlets, much less around the RWS and Marina Bay Sands casinos in Singapore to catch Malaysians in nefarious acts.

    Malaysians and gambling remind me of the US and the Prohibition era - an ultimately futile exercise! Because Malaysians can easily go to Singapore and get their fix of gambling etc. With the Singapore govt collecting gambling taxes!

  54. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Vincent is shenanigan Mahathir's proxy !
    That is why to date the shenanigan has not said anything about Vincent when he is so busy and has so much to say on every issue of Malaysia and the world !
    Just mark my words !

  55. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Vincent Tan believes in Sathya Sai Baba, who was born as Sathyanarayana Raju in 1926. According to Basava Premanand, India's leading guru-buster evidence proves the self-proclaimed "God-man", Sai Baba, is not just a fraud, but a dangerous sexual abuser.
    In 1976 a former American follower,Tal Brooke, wrote a book called Avatar of the Night: The Hidden Side of Sai Baba. In it, he referred to the guru's sexual exploits.
    Former devotees such as Alaya Rahm and Mark Roche, featured in the the BBC film Secret Swami, are coming forward with increasingly graphic stories of the guru's serious sexual exploitation.
    Their own experiences bear an uncanny resemblance, yet span a time frame of almost 30 years.
    Both had been subjected to Sai Baba rubbing oil on their genitals.
    "He took me aside", said Alaya Rahm, "put the oil on his hands, told me to drop my pants and rubbed my genitals with the oil. I was really taken aback."

    Dont believe me, just google sai baba, BBC and sexual.

  56. Anonymous4:40 pm

    UNESCO yanked its co-sponsorship of an education conference in India linked to Sai Baba and stated it was "deeply concerned about widely reported allegations of sexual abuse involving youths and children that have been leveled at the leader of the movement in question, Sathya Sai Baba.

    This is VINCENT tan's god. Can anybody trust Vincent Tan??????

  57. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Aiyaah just offer the license to Ronnie `the Don` Liu. But before that make sure he jump to Gerakan or MCA first.
    Apa macam? Boleh kaa?


  58. Rocky,
    The real reason for not granting Vincent Tan a car manufacturing license to build China's BYD cars here was because he wanted to assemble China cars below 1800cc which would be in direct competition with Proton cars. The govt policy is that foreign companies are allowed to produce only luxury cars locally ... luxury vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 1800 cc . Had the Najib Razak's administration given him the green light it would have opened the flood gates and Proton
    would have been washed away.

  59. Anonymous1:14 am

    Dei Najib Wallah

    I am writing this on behalf of the rights of my fellow men to gamble, drink, carouse as we please under Article 4 of the Federal constitution, Nik L.A.M Aziz and Hj Hadi Awang be damned.

    I demand that the betting license be issued on the following religious grounds:

    1. Christos the world over know that the shepherd twathead carried the t up that stony hill to win a bet that 't' completes mount but of course, the Roman Legion up there mistook him for a yob, crucified the shit outta him while enjoying some rye whisky. hence, commandment one of the Christos: Thou shalt gamble with thy life to resurrect the 't' in thy woman's mount while two reads: Raise thy glass of rye to the Holy ghost above as it flits between choosing thy Son or thy Father as its Host for the night.

    2. It is a fact that Buddha bet with his friends that he could resist fucking for a lifetime by sequestering himself under some banyan. Of course he won the bet on the account of his hermaphodism but forsake his sexpot of a siren and the joys of sex in the bargain. Hence the belief of all good buddhist is : to wager a bet on one's sexuality is a moral duty for every devotee seeking the Sakyamuni who dwells in a blaze so bright that it obscures the living from seeing the fires of hell.

    3. Dei najib, do you know that Duryodhana staked his kingdom in the Mahabharata. And his noble deed brought Krishna(blue out of O2)into our affairs. What if Duryo had not wagered his kingdom in a dice game, we would have had no Krishna or the sexy, busty Radha for us to drool over or imagine a 69 not to mention a fuckfest with. And what would life be without rasalila and the tabla beside the hookah in the land of bharata, the Maratha and the parata?

    4. Lao Tze once bet that his 34D-24-34, wasp-waisted shapely wench was a woman trapped in a man. Of course, the poor girl took offense and ran off into the wild, ate some sawgrass which was actually puregrade ganja and floated off to the moon to take one small step for woman but one huge leap for woemnakind. But seeing the world in tears and that what awaited her was a hellhole of a shithole, she decided to forgo the promise of bliss and be the ageless dowager for every chingkie gripe, another form of eternal hell in the end. Now that is what Confucious the Confused Conman and every other Taoist and physicists who are moronic devotees of Capra would chorus as : stupid Chingkie whore.

    But then again Confucious, in amoment of pure genius, once said: We use one stick to carry two pails of water but two sticks to lift one grain of rice" to sum the collective stupidity of the Chingkie horde aka The unWashed Arsehole Tribes (TWATs).

    So there you have it, Najib, all non-muslim religions love a bet with the devil that theirs is the right way when it is to the losers pool they are destined to. But who cares, we will chance our luck anyway. Furthermore, Nikki Lee Abercrombie Muniyandy Azeeeez has allowed drinking, you know wine, soma, thani and yam seng, in Kelante. He is Muslim right? So why be a hypocrite and deny us our devil-granted pleasure of gambling? After all this is zero investment compared to your 3million HS flutter, your 18million Sibu wager etc plus all that temple visits, yee sangs, yam sengs, NEMs etc.

    We promise to cast you our votes and underwears if this is gazetted. After all, a fellow Chinaman is sure to gain and that definitely is a tearjerker that will resonate in them Welsh hills and valleys. Speaking of the Welsh, that reminds me that my friend RPK wants to bet that Altantuya........

    Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat

  60. Anonymous1:20 am

    Damn it datuk Najib,

    Cut the crap and release the license. After all Kelantan and Selangor allows drinking so why must they raise hell if that is alright.

    Smacks of hypocrisy these Passites and PeeKayRians. kalau dah bagi lesen arak jangan bising, judi pun bagi aje sebab kawan depa ketagih dua2.

    If anyone wants to raise the family issue, beat it. For alcoholism is as bad as gambling, ask any smashed up wife to narrate her joys of being bashed up.

    Anti- Muslim hypocrites

  61. Anonymous11:23 am

    In a time when we are talking about subsidy removals, the allowing of sports betting should go ahead.

    From the issuance of the license, these can happen;
    1.new revenue for government
    2.stopping of illegal bookies (to a certain extent)
    3.This revenue can be poured back to sports, eiminating it from current budgets
    4.Since it is Haram for muslims to gamble, why are they making such a noise against it?
    5.Increase gaming tax as a form to those who run it to be prepared to pay back to society

    'William Hill'

  62. I agree with the conclusion of Habib RAK. It is in direct conflict with the likes of Proton and Perodua.

    An anonynmous writer said the conclusion was stupid but I chose to differ. If you look at the many deals that are made here, most of them are propelled by self interest, what more something coming from VT. As rightly put, VT is a stooge for UMNO, so he is not in complete control of the whole scheme of things which big brother UMNO may have something else in mind.

    I would add that the presence of Proton and Perodua is protectionist in nature and has actually prevented better things to come to Malaysia. To admit defeat and let both of them die will be another slap on the face for Dr M which is a no! no! no! no!, more so if it is upset by another chinaman's venture. PRIDE!!!! is the Achilles heel

  63. Anonymous12:06 pm

    Every time this skilganon whatever says something it sounds like he is farting through his mouth. We can't hear or smell it, stupid, you being across in the little red dot.

    Now he is talking about Muslims betting in Singapore. What the f... is he talking about. As if blokes like him don't do the most irreligious thing in life. He knows what I'm talking about. He might pretend not to know because he doesn't want to admit it. He does it from time to time. Hahaha, remember me when you do it the next time, you stupid bloke.

    I don't even have to say the other irreligious things blokes like him do. The list is long and readers know about them already.

  64. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Well done Mr Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat 1:14 AM. I like that comment of yours.

    Btw, Hallis Iblahim Molayo ha? I never know the bloke but I heard he speaking bukan Molayo lah. Lost soul ha?

  65. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Well done Mr Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat 1:14 AM. I like that comment of yours.

    Btw, Hallis Iblahim Molayo ha? I never know the bloke but I heard he speaking bukan Molayo lah. Lost soul ha?

    12:12 PM

    Answer: Thanks for the plaudits, Mr?Mrs?Miss? Anon. I was just saying it as I see it.

    By the way, I am a Chingkie-cocksuckling and arselicking pseudo-Malay who is mighty proud of my momma, a sc'ipture spouting SLUTVOR who said Grace with her eyes closed while Pa quickly attacked the lamb-stuffed bread and swilled down the cheap wine at the dinner table before burping and farting something that sounded like "hell u yah".(hic)

    You see, my father, a Malay scumbag whom I am ashamed of, pimped my Indian catatonic Cathol momma to a chakkiliyan by the name of David Parameswaran Pichaimuthu for a few sens more. Once I was sired, the neighbourhood mouths started yapping about my "bastardisation",to flick a term coined by my toddy mate, Art H......(hic, hic)

    So, dad-the cuckolded pimp, binned me under his own garbage to hide the family secret and thus Hallis Iblahim was christened and duly baptised to plague this world.

    And "hell u yah" I only speak Serf's English at home.(hic....hic...hic). Gawd Bless
    More rhy whiskey please!

    Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat

  66. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Great religion and great personal promote peace, not tussle. Even if tussle is inevitable, they choose the best mode and object. The one stick that fight with shoulder bring goods into home while the two stick that fight with rice bring full to the stomach, only the self-glorifying warrior choose the worst mode and fake enemy as his object to prolong his momentary flame.

    Betting is cool, but cool doesn’t make it right. We shall acknowledge our thanks to our PM Najib to do what is right, not cool.

    Rhan aka Haris’s friend aka Petra’s friend.

  67. Anonymous8:29 am

    Vincent Tan already has a stake in Innokom, a big stake which he sold off to Sime Darby. Car manufacturing is a low margin, risky business, compared to gambling operations.Any gambling operator gone bankrupt that you know of, Rocky?
    Najib's refusal to grant the car manufacturing license and its financial impact on Vincent Tan must be seen in this light.

    sri hartamas

  68. skilgannon10665:11 pm

    anon 12:06 PM

    Your point being what? Apart from the same tired rhetoric that has already been voiced ad nauseam by other posters in this blog.

    So, I mentioned that Malays do buy Toto and 4D in Singapore. Heck, I've stood behind them in the queues at Singapore Pools outlets, and, on occasion, have seen them collecting their winnings from the Singapore Pools office in Selegie Road. No one makes a fuss about it, least of all MUIS.

    Likewise, it's on record that several religious organisations in Singapore were opposed to casinos in the 2 integrated resorts. The Singapore govt, being secular, noted their objections and put safeguards into place against gambling addicts being allowed into the casinos.

    And you can't refute the historical fact of what happened when the US introduced Prohibition.

    Back to the topic of this thread, it was Tun Dr Mahathir, I understand, who originally approved the award of the licence to Vincent Tan. Why did TDM, whose sagacity is beyond question, do this?

  69. Anonymous1:16 am

    Fuck off Lhan. You no my flen nor RPK flen. You arsehole, hypoclite and liar's flen. You no got brains to unnerstand what I lite (hic....hic...hic).

    I wlite betting is my light which even leligious men like Shepherd, Suckyacuni, Krishna and Lao Tze lecomen good for believer. You stupid molon talk cock about cool and light. I sit Malina bay Casino, I see sliteye and blackface evelywhere. Same, same at Genting and other place.
    I no hypoclite like you and motherfuckel Nik Aziz. If I can dlink (hic...hic..hic) like nik aziz muslim say, i can also gamble. It is my light under the fedelal constitution and Najib no light to deny me my light for he also allow me dlink which my leligion say can wan and he allow me gamble with toto and horse.Sport betting also same wan.

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    solly, english lotten cause make it easy for you to unnerstand what i mean.

    Harris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Haris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat

  70. skilgannon10663:15 pm

    Anon 12:06 PM has gone conspicuously quiet. Mua hah hah!

    Difficult to refute logic, isn't it? Even with the power of a superior intellect as what you apparently have.

  71. Anonymous10:43 am

    We don’t expect you to give us things that is not in our possess and want we never request. Thanks for being kind, can government try to give some thought on what we really wish for, and by the way, I refrain to use the term rights because it may sometimes pierce the nerve of the no-brainer type.

    News Flash : Politician is hypocrite?

    I thought your mother is woman, no?hahahaha...


  72. Anonymous3:22 am

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    Dei stoopyid lhan, you not muchlim so shut up if you no got cock wan to gamble. Me amd my flens want to gamble same same like Toto, Horse, 4 numbel, genting many more. We wan money easy plus quick like our liligion say. Now vely good as we got more chan to win, ah shiok oh!. Yu go suk plostitute mother puki and hide there as you vely flighten one, shitboy. Dont hypoclite here to show off you good boy but actually plostitute pim. Go die better. Now go help mama plepair wash bla and panties for whorehouse work. Stupyiid fella and motherfuckel liar!!

    Haris Abraham aka Hallis Iblahim aka Harris Ahmadiyat bin Ayahpinat