Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Najib's more pop, but people are still waiting for that BIG fish ...

When provided with a list of issues, 53% of the voters chose ‘fighting corruption’ as the most important issue that the government should pay attention to. - The Merdeka Centre poll
61% dissatisfied with anti-corruption results. The Merdeka Centre's 72% approval ratings on Najib Razak will rile the PM's detractors, as Sinatra Z predicted in his twits, or stun them into silence. But popularity poll aside, what does the survey say about the rest of the government. Read SatD's latest posting Najib's trail of Incompetence to get my meaning. And Nor Mohamed Yakcop and Nazri Aziz are still in Najib's Cabinet. And where's the BIG fish that the Government's campaign against corruption is supposed to catch? Look again at the Merdeka Centre's survey here: 6 out of 10 Malaysians are dissatisfied with the performance in fighting corruption.


  1. Anonymous1:41 pm

    Orang AMANAH tidak diDUKUNG,
    Pemimpin ZALIM bunga di KALUNG,
    Yang soleh di tali GANTUNG.


  2. Anonymous1:48 pm

    Allah menegaskan pengharaman rasuah di kalangan umat Islam dengan berfirman: Dan janganlah kamu makan harta di antara kamu dengan jalan salah, dan jangan pula kamu menghulurkan harta kamu kepada hakim kerana hendak memakan sebahagian daripada harta manusia dengan dosa, pada hal kamu mengetahui (salahnya). (Surah al-Baqarah, ayat 188).


  3. Middle Ground2:02 pm

    Dato Rocky,

    I just thought about this:

    If the enemy of Malaysia wants to know about Malaysian subs capabilities and readiness, they don't have to send spies to snoop around. Just read it in the open media to figure about what kind of funny problems we are facing with the subs.

  4. Anonymous2:03 pm

    I'm all for corruption bashing. But how reliable is Merdeka Centre? Isn't the Director a pal of Anwarul Jalan Belakang? If so, how come the polls they produce show a terribly high Najib rating? An attempt to corrupt Najib ke?

    It's simply inconceivable that Najib has 72% approval rating. What kind of fellows they asked? 72% Chinese? Ridiculous!

  5. Anonymous2:56 pm

    Jemaah menteri telah memutuskan bahawa bangunan parlimen baru akan dibina di Putrajaya dgn harga RM800 JUTA, manakala bangunan sedia ada di Kuala Lumpur akan dijadikan bangunan warisan.

    WAH Msia, banyak duit'ah. patut lah 2019 nak muflis.

  6. Anonymous2:56 pm

    While there is no way to ascertain whether the popular poll for Najib was conducted in a sound / representative manner or otherwise, one must however, go back to the very BASICS of leadership; like any other institution, the Leader must always take the RESPONSIBILITY for the underperformance / achievement of his/her organisation. Najib being popular is nothing if the rest of the nation suffers under HIS government. He is the PRIME MINISTER, and he should be in control, and responsible, for the things done by his government.

    More and more I can see that you are trying to highlight Najib as a SINGULARLY successful PERSON, but in reality Najib should be measured by the Government of which he is the head of; and that includes all the issues / grievances people have with the government.

    Najib is not contending for Malaysian Idol; he is the PM. Even if he rescues a kitten in a longkang (which may well score him a popularity vote), his popularity would mean zero as long as those UNDER him (who he SHOULD be managing, and not kow-tow/bow-under to) underperfom.

    I dare say there are probably MORE issues under Najib than there was under Pak Lah. Talk around the coffee shop already labeled him as another Flip-Flop PM..

    Some people in UMNO really want him to fall....


  7. Anonymous2:57 pm

    Did you know that 47 per cent of those surveyed were unemployed? Apa punye survey... why so many people in msia got no jobs, or were they students? Cakap lah

  8. Anonymous3:07 pm


    shiok sendiri

  9. jibam3:24 pm

    pasir dari perak.. naik barge pi hantar ke kuantan. sampai di kulai, johor.. polis marin tahan. siasatan pon dibuat tapi dilepaskan kerana cukup permit.Sampai di singapura, pasir di turunkan. sampai di kuantan.... kosong. Pastu batu pulak di hantar dari kuantan ke melaka. Sampai di singapura macam tu jugak.

    so..... wtf

  10. "In the same report, they also stated that of the 1,028 sampled, 47% responded as unemployed or "not in the workforce"! This alone should raise questions on the credibility of the poll and its sampling. You mean to tell me that 47% of Malaysians do not have to feed themselves or are retired?". M2Day.

    Lies, damn lies and statistics! Now we know this Merdeka Poll is about as reliable as Bush was about WMD's in Iraq and Mahathir that he did not use Petronas money to bail out his son's Perkapalan Plc!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  11. Anonymous3:39 pm


    Meme menate betol Nor Yaakok tu. Si Nazri pun doh lamo lepah laku. Tolok dale' tong taayik ajo menate demo ni. Dato Najik Pee Em ni takdok teloq ke? Betol ke kecek oghe Kak Rosmah simpe' teloq Dato dale' laaci. Simpe' baik-baik.

    Hj Hoe.

  12. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Taniah dato Najib. Please call for general election fast he he he he he he.


  13. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Whatever rating PM dapat "who Cares,,,!!!!!"

    Dok sibuk-sibuk Menghina,mencaci,memaki menangis dek kerana Israel,,,,KAPAL CARGO diorang SENYAP-SENYAP berlabuh di Malaysia since 1998,,,,,termakan juga rakyat Malaysia makanan ISREAL,,,!!!!

    Apo nak KATO,,,,jang,,!!!

    Ingatkan JAFFA oranges yang dulu bagi makan orang di Ospital in the year 70s da ta'ada,,,,,,adajuga tapi nama di tukar ke nama lain,,,!!!


  14. My only wish is for our dearest PM to understand these two issues!


    We ONLY voted him, means Najib Tun Razak ONLY as the Prime Minister.

    Not Najib and Wife, or Najib and family members.

    Nothing against these people, and I am sure they are nice loving individuals.

    But Prime Minister of Malaysia is Najib Tun Razak.

    He is the one entrusted to run the country. The rest kindly stay away.


    Najib got this job after Pak Lah + 3K + Level 4 proved to everybody in Malaysia, how big talk about how great you are without any actual brain behind it is CHEAP.

    They screwed maximum.

    The Cambridge, Oxford and Harvard and nice sounding Consultants combination were shamed for not being able to even achieve a small fraction of what Che Det had achieved.

    They had better chances at being Jambu Boys…seriously!!!

    Thus it is very suicidal and categorically stupid to continue Pak Lah Legacy of Uncertainties.

    He needs to see things from a broader perspective in a short period of time, and make his moves quickly and decisively. One year is too long!

    Get rid of dead woods in your cabinet! They are liabilities to the country.

    We really can’t understand which part of this issue that Najib failed to see?

    If he can passionately plea to Pak Lah to step down, why is he killing himself with his cabinet?

  15. Anonymous6:54 pm


    1-All the current top officers in SPRM are appointed by the previous PM.

    2-Yet you want to investigate the persons in cabinet previously by previous PM!

    Does it make sense?


  16. Anonymous8:52 pm

    SPRM is like a jokers fisherman. They should look into the neighbour's KPK (Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi), catching all the YB,governer, pegawai daerah, police high rank, pendakwa raya hatta ipar presiden juga tak terkecuali menjadi sasaran. Even though bribery is common way of life; Satpam (Jaga) asking for free lunch from canteen operator until high level officers and wakil rakyat sifoning billion Rp, but credit really need to be given to the KPK for their succes in catching soo many BIG fish. All is level down to POLITICAL WILL, EMPOWERMENT and INDEPENDENCY. So far never so the honesty to really do what is being preach... maybe... so afraid to open the Pandora's box... who knows, how many people up there is involved....


  17. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Ngapaa Gomen nak buat Parlimen di PUTRAJAYA,,,,,,apa kekurangan pada bangunan yang ada sekarang,,,????

    With the construction of the new Parliment tak Banckrupt ke Gomen????

    Bagus juga kalu PARLIMEN berpindah ke PUTRAJAYA,,,,Bangunan yang ada bole wat SARANG PELACUR,,!!!!

    ISTANA NEGARA BARU di SRI HARTAMAS dah nak siap yek,,yek,,!!!!


  18. The person who are unsatisfied should take a good look at themselves since most of the corruption problem stems from them.

    If the public does not offer the law enforcement personnels the money, the corruption problem won't be this bad.

    Hence, the one receiving the bribes and THE ONE OFFERING the bribe should be charged in the court of law.

    IDF troops praised by Netanyahu.

  19. Anonymous12:46 am

    Kalu Najib popular sgt, ngapa b'liau takut nak melantik Tan Sri Muhyidin Yasin sebgi pemangku PM, semasa keluar negeri? Apa Najib gusar Tan Sri Muhyiddin mampu dengan cekap, amanah dan bersih, meyatukan rakyat jelata, dan bukannya pentadbiran celaru yg ditawarkan kpd rakyat masa kini. Hidup Tan Sri Muhyiddin, pemimpin berjiwa rakyat, alim lagi bistari.

  20. Anonymous1:30 am

    war lord
    war lord

  21. 1Malaysia-sia8:11 am

    Looks like M'sians are easily switched over with just some wayang kulit. Can you imagine how hi his approval rating will be if he isn't Flip-Flop Man - Reloaded?

  22. Anonymous9:22 am

    Brother Rocky,

    Bila Najib nak arah MACC tangkap:

    1. Azalina Othman Said (memang patut top the list)
    2. Samy Vellu
    3. Chan Kong Choy
    4. Ong Tee Keat
    5. Kayveas
    6. Nor Mohamed Yakcob
    7. Nazri Aziz
    8. Ahmad Zubir Murshid (former Sime Darby CEO)
    9. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
    10. Khairy Jamaluddin
    11. Jamaluddin Jarjis
    14. Zain Badak
    15. Rosmah Mansor

    Kalau tak tangkap, Najib can kiss the PRU13 goodbye!


  23. Anonymous11:45 am

    Hey, don't kill the messenger, fellas. Rocky was just stating what Merdeka Centre said. But if he had questioned the reliablity of that organisation and elaborated, he would have done a better job.

    Rocky has the means. He has the foot soldiers and all. Do dig up the link between the Merdeka Centre Director and Anwar, Rocky, please. And the prudence applied in their samplings, etc.

  24. Anonymous12:18 pm

    I agree with you Mr =sincere+opinion-

    There indeed are probably MORE issues under Najib than there was under Pak Lah.

    But I hope your statement "Some people in UMNO really want him to fall...." is true. I also want him to fall. He is catering too much on the interests of the Chinese, hardly on those of the Malays.

  25. Anonymous12:30 pm


    Agree with you - "Get rid of dead woods in your cabinet! They are liabilities to the country."

    He may not want to because it serves certain purposes for him like loud-mouthed Nazri to jump at Tun Dr Mahathir the moment the Elder Statesman criticises the boss, Noor Akop for the collection of percentages, etc. There are no other useful purposes these fellows being in the Cabinet except those.

    If Ajib doesn't remove them, UMNO can remove him or we can do so at PRU13.

  26. Anonymous5:44 pm

    Kalau bigfish, Najib yg 1st kena kut, hehe.

  27. Anonymous6:07 pm

    spend billions going after the dick who went into saiful which is FULL of Sai. ..but how much effort to uncover PKFZ scandal?

    None. only ikan bilis kena kering.


  28. Anonymous11:27 pm

    so funny lah some of these fuckers.. last time merdeka post yanking about the Perak govt these assholes blindly lick it to the feet.. now they were disputing the very same faculty..

    Cretin to the core.. and you know where to find most of these type of idiots from..

    p/s: sapa kata melayu mudah lupa..? lanciau & pundek saja suka buat2 lupa...

    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-