Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Knowing what the right hand does"

H E R E to read my column in The Malay Mail today, about the collapse in the government's messaging system, starring Nazri Aziz (who said Najib wanted him to head the SPAD) and Syed Hamid Albar (who was the one made Chairman of SPAD, not Nazri), among others.


  1. skilgannon10664:07 pm

    Flipping-flopping all the way.....

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  3. Anonymous4:39 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    Public Transport system is a serious matter....Wa punya armpit sweat and smell like hell using the current Klang Valley Public Transport system. I beg the Royalties, Aristocrats and Ruling Political Goons, please, please hands-off from being rent seekers from the current project to improve Klang Valley Transport System. Go and seek other concessions' source like pasir, deep sea drilling, football bettings, Whorehouse.....etc Anyway thanks God, Nazeri "The Taxi Mafiaso" was not appointed as Chairman of SPAD.

    Saad Man
    CIMB Jalan Ampang

    P.S Skilgannon1066,
    Your BMW got drowned Orchard Road underground parking, during yesterday flooding. Your Uncle LKY alleady built the MRT, you arrogant big headed mata sepet thinks only Singky peasants ride MRT........serve you right.

  4. Anonymous7:05 pm

    Nazri the laser...tak payah le

  5. Anonymous7:28 pm

    That Najib hasn't got the balls to fire Nazri. Kaki betina si Nazri and Najib dulu masa muda muda. Rahsia mungkin bocor dan takut nak jadi jantan bila berhadapan dgn puak pemusnah dalaman UMNO.


  6. sniper7:34 pm

    Ramai sangat yang syiok sendiri kat dalam Umno ni.

    first in the list is KJ.

  7. Yu Bodo7:44 pm

    Hairan lah, orang org yang buat kenyataan yang kebodohan dan menyebabkan rakyat meluat tu tak pikir ker???

  8. Anonymous9:49 pm

    Nazri the loud-mouth, foot-in-the mouth fellow should be a gone case. Perhaps his usefulness to Najib is no more. Tun Dr Mahathir has been sympathetic to Najib in recent times. Najib no longer needs the bouncer to clear the booing crowd or shoot salvos on his behalf.

    But Syed Hamid himself is such a poor alternative. Najib does not appear to endear himself to the people by the day. Except the Chinese who he has been trying to woo no matter what. From Chinese schools in Malaysia to Chinese language course in China. His wife brought the son and was loudly hailed by Pekingese (Beijingese?) for studying Mandarin there. To the chagrin of the promoters of single stream schooling at Kempen SSS blog.

  9. Nazri's putting words in Najib's mouth to promote himself.

    Sack that minister whose ridiculous statements had been damaging to UMNO.

  10. Anonymous8:09 am

    u telling PM tipu Nazri kah? Najib tu penipukah?

  11. Anonymous8:34 am

    Perkasa, Gertak will ‘die out’ without Dr M, says Nazri

  12. Anonymous11:16 am


    Of late we can see a lot of "miscommunucation" happening be it among the Ministers or Ministeries. The problem is everybody is trying to be a hero!

    Having said that by right Nazri Aziz should relinquish his post as he is behaving more like a "cowboy" shooting from his hips. How can Malaysia afford to have a Minister with such tendencies.

    As for Syed Hamid...PM should have just let him enjoy his pension and perhaps help UMNO to restrengthen its footing in Johor.

    Having either one of them to be the Chairman of SPAD is a sure disaster. I am utterly flabbergasted with the choice of personalities that the PM has chosen thus far i.e. if he is serious in implementing and ensuring that the 1Malaysia concept becomes a success! By the look of things it is merely "lip service."

  13. Salam Dato'.

    Dua Pegawai tinggi memberi pendapat yang bercanggah.

    Macam mana rakyat nak percaya?

    Kalau orang nombor satu bijak perkara ini tak jadi begini. Panggil kedua-duanya beri amaran !.(BUKAN MENTARI AMARAN KDN) Atau tendang kedua-duanya keluar - Pi main jauh-jauh.


    JEBAT - Taat Kepada Ketua !!!

  14. Bro,

    Powerful, wide-ranging commentary in your columns. World class, I must say. and I am getting used to world-class stuff. Thanks to decades of world class statemanship I enjoy world class bread cuisine at The Loaf in my own local neigbourhood and drive a world class Proton Saga 1.2

    Sadly, statistically, it's impossible to have one world-class leader after another. So, dry run for another 10 generations.

    Which simply means leaders we have now, BN and PR, are not capable of making informed decisions. The world is too complex for us to predict anything and the wise don't, and focus only on what is within one's control.

    It's only the "lawyers" who think the world is run by "laws". But you see Dr Mahathir knows the laws are of our own making, not God's. It's this simple insight which is the foundation of his genuius.

    Simple but hard to practice.

  15. Bro, Nazri will always be Nazri, he will keep on doing what ever he does until he is retired. I suppose PM Najib thinks its kind of fun to have at least one of his cabinet members regularly coming up with bizarre statements damaging to the Government's credibility before the PM comes in and rescue the situation by correcting the minister. Macam gitu PM sentiasa Hero kepada rakyatlahlah. Agaknya sebab tu dia punya popularity sudah naik sampai 72%.Tinggi tu.

    But the one to take the cake as Political Clown of the week must be Nizar and his DAP friends announcing confidently that 3 BN Aduns will frog and were caught stumped and flat footed when instead the DAP Adun from Malim Nawar, Perak frogged to become independent. That was a good laugh with friends.

    Bro, in your future MM columns can you give your opinion on the Satu Sekolah untuk Semua Idea for ultimate unity among races in Malaysia. TQ.

  16. skilgannon10664:41 pm

    Anon 4:39 PM

    Sorry to rain on your parade (pun intended), but I was no where near Orchard Rd on the day in question.

    And it's a Range Rover, not a BMW, thank u very much!

    Oh, wait - there's my Lambo Gallardo parked in the basement!

  17. Anonymous9:53 pm

    Whatever happened to Sunlight taxi service?

  18. Anonymous12:46 pm

    ha! ha! yet dis melayu bodoh still in de cabinet?

  19. al-Deen-amin9:49 pm

    Post-Mahathir, Hamid's performance and image slide downhill. He is still ambitious, said to want the Petronas chairmanship at one time. He headed the MAYC(?) but did not hold annual meeting for 5yrs (Sanusi's blog).

    Musa, Shahrir, Hamid, Muhyiddin (Johoreans) are ambitious people. The last began the selling of Johore to Singapore during his reign as MB.The destroyer capped it all with his Sri Iskandar idea.

    Nazri the samurai is now shame-faced many times over. Commit harakiri. So too Musa, the RM1.6billion man.

  20. Anonymous4:28 am

    Anything we said about this taiko, nothing happen to him LOL! wasting time saja, perhaps government needed the taiko huh! for whatever reason I don't particularly care!

    he will be there for as long as BN memerintah or until he is dead and gone:)

    darklord of the southern hemisphere (bloody bore with 2010 World Cup)