Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nor Mohamed Yakcop's ex-political secretary walks free

MACC's uphill battle. Norza Zakaria was the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission's biggest fish until his acquittal this morning.The people will be asking again why the MACC keeps losing cases in court. If the case against Norza, the former FT Umno Youth chief, wasn't water-tight, why prosecute him in the first place?

I say it's time the MACC chief be given prosecution powers. That way it's his neck if the MACC loses a case or he will have to explain why nobody is being prosecuted in the case of PKFZ and alleged corruption involving big names like Khir Toyo and Khalid Ibrahim. Very few people know that the power to prosecute lies with the Attorney-General. But when MACC loses a case or the A-G decides not to prosecute, it's always the MACC that takes the blame. 


  1. Anonymous3:43 pm


    Mamak Penang Mr 20 billion ringgit man ni tersengih-sengih lah hari ni. Tapi jangan lupa, dia ada lagi sorang Setiausaha Politik yang kantol dan akan didakwa di makhamah.

    Gua setuju MACC diberi kuasa mendakwa. Maaf kata, tak ada konfiden dengan AG Ghani Petail.


  2. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Abu Kassim should resign. MACC failed again.

  3. There is a damn good reason why all these years we have had a police force whose job is to investigate crime and gather evidence but not prosecute, and an Attorney General's office which prosecutes or not!

    It's the same reason we have for separation of powers between the 3 arms of Govt, i.e. the Legislative, Judiciary and the Executive - to avoid conflict of interest and undue influence by 1 arm over the other.

    In recent cases involving top cop Ralmi Yusof, lawyer Rosli Dahlan, 2 frogs in Perak and now the bombed Norza case where MACC now proposes to charge several witnesses with perjury, it's very apparent that MACC's investigative techniques have been found to be sorely wanting and lacking!!

    Giving them the power to prosecute will only make it worse as their investigating deficiencies will be masked and passed on to the posecuting arm.

    No, let them first become experts in gathering the evidence right well, before burdening them with prosecutorial powers and failing doubly!!

    And do remember, they are not quite out of the woods yet as regards Teoh Boon Hock!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. hate rasuah4:52 pm

    good idea rocky.

    that way macc can prosecute attorney general and judges kalau dia orang pun corrupt

    i bet macc still cannot go after roswah.

    sekarang roswah tengah top form

  5. Anonymous6:46 pm


    We know thst this was going to be the outcome lah ...sandiwara aje they all ni...

    The Devil

  6. Bro, from what the STAR reported today it seemed there is nothing much the MACC or the AG office can do in this case if the prosecution witness gave contradicting evidence in court which did not tally with their statements that was recorded by the MACC earlier.

    The prosecution witnesseses, all eight of them I think is being charged for giving false evidence.

    Lucky Norza, if the prosecution witnesses had not changed their story in court he would have spent time in prison already, as it is he should pray very hard and retire from politics. Jangan cari penyakit lagilah.

    MACC will now have to go back to the drawing board to find out exactly WHY and HOW their witnesses can change story in open court, knowing full well that they the witnesses can go to jail for such an infringement.

    read the Star article:

  7. Anonymous6:56 pm

    Impression and Perception goes hand in hand to justify the succesfulness of a person or commitee etc. TDM manage to mold the world perception towards Malaysia. Not so many people know the existence Peninsular that span in between Thailand and Singapore before his time... Malaysia??? where is that...But mid eighties the answer, Malaysia?... oooo ya... Mahathir ,.. in the 90s... Malaysia...?? a lot of answers depend on geographic and sosia strata... most succesfull Islamic Nation, 3rd world leader/fighter..Longest bridge,... anti America, 3rd largest manufacturing nation... world tallest building, and so this impresion and perception shape up the succesfullness of Malaysia as "Bole Land". It improve the pride and self confidence of the Malaysian as a whole... Back to the SPRM.... what is the impression and perception they have made for themselves.... Simply a LOOSER.


  8. Anonymous7:07 pm

    sama je broo. kalau kes ni kena pada sapa2 punn.

    sebab saksi dah tak mau teruskan. tak dak kerjasama mcmana nak buatt.


  9. Anonymous7:32 pm


    Duit is more powerful than MACC la.

    ask KJ and NMY

  10. Anonymous9:35 pm

    What the bloody hell is going on? Is it a deliberate exercise to ensure safety of the big crooks?

    What are the bloody authorities doing? Or not doing? For goodness sake, let the MACC be an independent body. Let them have the teeth to bite.

    Good of you to highlight this sort of nonsense, Rocky. You deserve the Datoship with this kind of contribution to society.

    Please pursue the MACC independence issue to its fruition. You deserve a Tan Sriship if you persist in doing such things relentlessly. You have the power of the pen. And the clout to do it. We'll chorus you all the way, my friend.

  11. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Hakim dah pun bebaskan nya..maka itu hormati lah keputusan mahkamah itu..dalam apa-apa isu pun, ada yang menang dan ada yang kalah, so dalam kes ini DN didapati tidak bersalah, jadi tak bersalah lah dia..kita yang di luat tak perlu lah beri komen yang negatif..

  12. Anonymous11:15 pm





  13. Anonymous1:16 am


    Nothing surprises me anymore. That bloody mamak will soon be appointed again if there is a reshuffle in the cabinet. His sons will soon make more money since the dad knows where the government will be throwing around the tax payers money. Till now I cant understand this pukimak mamak is still in the cabinet.

    GANY ( Gerakan Anti Noh Yackop )

  14. Anonymous9:54 am


    Yea, its time the MACC Chief be given prosecution powers. It's unfair for him to take most of the blame if the case is dropped or lost. MACC doesn't have any influence over the courts or so forth. So let's be rational when it comes to condemning or criticizing MACC - its unfair for them to take all the blame.

    They have been doing an excellent job thus far in identifying corrupted government officials and politicians. It's just that the courts have overriding powers that even MACC cannot comprehend. So let's be fair and don't be too judgmental.

    -Black King Bar-

  15. AIyo, ROcky you are half past six la. Editor sommore. THe power of prossecution lies with the AG per Federal Constitution, but AG can give fiat to anybody to prosecute. It is his inherent power. Of course MACC will be blamed, AG did not conduct the investigation, neither is the police. IF the evidence against the case is no good,it is bcos either MACC is not competent enuff or this is suka suka prosecution (buat drama sikit).

  16. Anonymous10:40 am

    MACC blew it again. So what is new.

  17. Dear Dato' Rocky,

    It makes no difference whether or not the MACC Chief is given the power to decide/prosecute....

    The problem here is not "no prosecution", but "failed prosecution".

    The bundles of evidence & 'lorries' of witnesses are the same --whether it is MACC Chief/AG's decision to prosecute.

    Please don't tell the public that MACC Chief is "better" than the AG....

  18. duagelasteh said...
    "Please don't tell the public that MACC Chief is "better" than the AG...."

    As a matter of fact, the MACC chief is 'better' than AG. Abu Kassim's principles, integrity and character proves it. This is coming from someone who's been around the chief for years.

  19. Anonymous7:57 pm

    Good of you to put that info out, Retrogina.

    Let the world in Malaysia knows there appears to have been so much hanky panky about what should have been prosecuted and what had not been prosecuted. In various aspects of crimes in this country. There seems to be far too many blokes living in glass houses and would not dare throw stones when rocks should be rammed at many of the corrupt big-gun buggers. Damn the situation. Damn the culprits. Damn the blokes who should be doing the job but often say "not enough evidence", "no witnesses come forward", "witnesses contradict one another". Shit. Damn shit.

    Then you have DPP who lose cases, one was even ridiculed by the Judge recently for not getting written evidence from prosecution witnesses. Was it designed such, produced in court all the same, to get the accused bloke set free? An inexperienced DPP asked to handle the case and be the fall guy? What kind of lawyers do they appoint as DPP these days anyway?

  20. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Bang! Another MACC case bit the dust.

  21. Anonymous1:04 am


    Under the BNM Act 2009 the same thing too...only Attorney General can prosecute with the consent of MOF which means u know who.... Therefore any screwing up of the financial system or all the infringememnt of the relevant Act under the purview of BNM falls the same.

    The public is not aware that the new BNM Act 2009 has actually curtailed the power of BNM to act in the interest of the public....yeah again being hoodwinked by our so called politician....

    Keturunan Jebat

  22. Anonymous12:58 pm

    Clearly from the newpapers about 9 witnesses turned hostile therefore what do you expect? These were the very witnesses the macc relied upon before the dpp decided to take norza to court. The strength of the case depended on them. Now that they have changed their testimonies by departing from their statements obviously the prosecution collapsed. This is nothing new as it happens every where.

    No system in this world allows the investigator to make decision to prosecute as well as he will not be objective in assessing the evidence gathered by him.

  23. Anonymous3:07 am

    You are just stated the obvious..average Malaysians already know this and I am surprised this is news to you. MACC, ACA whatever you will call it will never work in lawless Malaysia..even a straightforward case like Teoh Beng Hock needed to be covered up and it is so clear its after day Malaysis is looking stupider than ever..

  24. Anonymous8:05 pm

    bro, MACC to investigate and prosecute hanyalah khayalan menggoda.

    Baca the latest issue of Edge. tabung haji sekali lagi sokong tengku ibrahim yang dah diterajang pemegang saham minoriti pada EGM Petra perdana feb lalu. tabung haji hasn't come clean on CIO tuan haji halim's abrupt resignation after that. Apasai MACC tak masuk tanya khaba'?

    Dan-dan LTH lantik pulak adik ipar tengku ibrahim ke MEMS Tech board. mau kena kena air pekasam baru nak kata fishy kot. pegilah investigate sebelum habis duit pendeposit jadi bahan mainan LTH. 24 bilion untuk beli benda macam ramunia silverbird lityan dan mems! astaghfirullah, macam mana kadar dividen tak rendah pada epf?

    saya kata, LTH jaga pelaburan baik-baik cukuplah. tak payah nak bercatur-catur keparat, nak berangan angan jadi corporate raider. nanti tersilap raid tabungan pendeposit sahaja. baik-baiklah pegang duit orang nak naik haji tu, jangan sampai kena fitnah. MACC pun tolonglah sikit tengok-tengok.

  25. Anonymous6:41 am

    Why don't we give MACC one last chance to prove their credentials by looking into the already troubled Tabung Haji ...let us see how they drag those culprits involved in Ramunia debacle where RM230million was lost, bad management of so-called IT Blue print of about RM35million, Financial Management System RM68million, Lityan Holding Bhd take-over which has been hastily changed name and many others. What irked most of the people in Tabung Haji, in all these dealings two top guns have their hands in the dealings...MACC pls investigate more you will be surprised if MACC send their team to investigate the activities of Tabung Haji in Mecca. It's representative, the Hajj Consulate is now dubbed Mr 10%,,,
    it is well known fact that he has amassed so much money in his over-extended stint of almost 6 years in that highly risky position...everyone knows he is the best buddy of
    ismee in Saudi just like Adi Azwan in Tabung Haji HQ...