Thursday, June 10, 2010

160 x 6 native speakers of English for Malaysia

RM15k-a-month to teach English. That's the plan, anyway. I'm told the Ministry is in the process of selecting six agents for the purpose of MBMMBI (Memartabkan Bahasa Malaysia & Memperkukuhkan Bahasa Inggeris).  Each agent will bring in 160 English native speakers to become trainer-teachers. By 2012, when this project kicks off, there will be 960 tts altogether. The plan is to pay them RM8000 to RM15000 each.

Snag: Local teachers are paid a lot less. The experienced ones get between RM3k and RM4k a month. So how?

My Rocky's Bru on Thursday column, which debuts in The Malay Mail today, talks about this issue. Please read Dinosaurs, 160 x 6 teachers, and "Rachel Corrie" at 84 Jalan Tangsi.


  1. I think this is very degrading for the local English teachers. They deserve more than the mere RM3-4K per month salary as suggested. English native speakers may not necessarily be qualified teacher trainer. Why should they be treated extra special and be paid much higher than the experienced locals who are far more qualified. If teaching English means you must have the 'British accent' or 'American accent' or 'Aussie accent' than that is lame! Our leaders who are renowned worldwide like Tun M., Prof Engku Aziz speak excellent English without all the above mentioned 'accent' and had managed to put Malaysia on the world map. So what exactly is the message we are sending to the world here? That our people are not good enough and should be treated and paid as third class work force? I suggest we should ponder on this matter further.


  2. skilgannon10668:02 pm

    Why use "agents"? Who chooses the "agents"? What are the criteria/qualifications for the "agents"? What are the qualifications for the "native speakers of English" who will become teachers?

    Why not go direct to the British Council and use it to recruit the English teachers?

    Cut out the middlemen (and women)1

    I smell a tikus somewhere!

  3. Bro

    The Star 10/06/2010.

    "Thai teachers fail in exams. Bangkok:

    High school teachers in Thailand have revealed a failure rate of 80% in mathematics, biology and computer science.

    More than 84,000 teachers and school directors took the exams, the first of their kind.

    The failure rates for teachers who took exams in their own subjects was 88% for computers, 84% for maths, 86% in biology and 71% in physics.

    Almost 95% of about 37,500 secondary school directors did not score a pass mark in English and Technology."

    I think we should introduce this Thai system in M'sia to weed out all the half past six and gaji buta teachers and administrators responsible for the pathetic deterioration state of our education system!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  4. Anonymous2:19 am

    dumber and dumber... last year I met one of the highly paid Briton sitting under a tree teaching a group of clueless Malay kampung students. It is more like a vacationing foreigner plalying at teaching...a total sham.

    This particular policy can only be made by politicians and fawning bureaucrats..

    The DG of education himself should tear himself away from brown nosing the minister and be more professional..

    The DG is doing the ministry and the nation a disservice.he facilitated discontinuance of teaching of science and maths in English and now..

    I would not be surprised if those 'agents' are his close friends .

    The next DG should not come from those who spend more time in carving a career through unions..


  5. Anonymous3:42 am

    Make sure those "English speakers" brought in to teach English are not paedophiles/sex tourists like the many "English teachers" in Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam.

    So many of the convicted paedophiles in Thailand were reported to be working as English teachers. Be very worried if they are from European countries, especially...

    - AZLAN.

  6. Wonder if my kids will be regarded as native English speakers and offered RM8k to RM15 a month! After all English is the only language they speak...and they do that with a Kiwi slant too. But then they hold a Malaysian I/C! And like them there are so many other Malaysians who want to teach and can easily qualify for "native speaker" criteria. So how eh?

    Anyway, this i s going to be a non-starter...You will very soon find the likes of Ibrahim Ali and the Dewan Bahasa crowd pontificating about how BM is being sidelined!!

  7. Anonymous8:21 am

    1Malay....Sia (Shit)!

  8. Mr Brown's Disciple9:09 am

    Why did APCO not give them this advice:

    Rebroadcast BBC RAdio on FM throughout the whole of Msia and see the quality of English (written and verbal = communication) grow by leaps and bounds. Of course the change will require one generation at least but that is the price for flip-flopping! Tak perlu import all these teachers and cut out the rent-seeking act of becoming the broker to source them out in the first place. APCO - me gives you this advice for percuma!!!!Go package this as yours and whisper it to the ear of the one closest to Najib. Plse stop screwing us Asians, milk us dry, run with our money and take us for fools!!

  9. Anonymous3:36 pm

    how dammed stupid we are? Orang kita tak boleh ajar kah.

  10. So now, we need agents to teach English?! Whatever happened to the English-speaking local teachers.

    Our own teachers are paid less just because they are not empowered? I don't think so. We have excellent teachers but they opted out to teach in private institutions.

    We don't need external agents to undertake the program. The MoE should just employ more teachers who have excelled in TESL and pay them more!

    These agents are nothing but bloodsuckers and will deliver nothing! On top of that, they are not permanent and don't understand the children.

    Ini agent2 kroni MoE ke???

  11. This is just one of the numerous ways of milking the Rakyat's money for the ministers and their cronies!

  12. Anonymous5:53 am

    No mat salleh teach me to speak and write English - there are qualified Malaysian teachers to do the job. The problem with most Malaysian - we always like to out-sources everything and next out-source this country, let outsiders govern us! Back to the British era...funny Malaysian leaders as always.

    the darklord (Subuh, mahu sembahyang Subuh pagi Ahad yang jernih ini..Alhamdulillah, terkadang kantoi)

  13. Anonymous9:25 am

    Datok Rocky

    Puad Sakorzy got the Concession lohhh....that's why he willingly teamed up with PKR, DAP, PAS, anti Mahathir UMNOIST, right wing mata sepet TO MESS up with the PPMI.

    Cockney Accented Mek Kelate