Thursday, June 10, 2010

10th Malaysia Plan

Under the 10MP 2011-2015, the 30 per cent Bumiputera corporate equity target remains and rightly so for this alone will ensure that the country's socio-economic re-engineering made out in the New Economic Plan 1971, which has contributed greatly towards peace and prosperity, will be pursued. Najib Razak's challenge is to ensure that his Administration is able to check against rent-seekers and promote fair competition in order to expedite the achievement of the 30 per cent goal.

There's heavy emphasis on the "bottom-40 percent", a core driver for the government's New Economic Model. Among other things, the RM230 billion budget under the 5-year plan will be used to:

• Reduce poverty from 3.8% in 2009 to 2% in 2015
• Raise average monthly income of bottom 40% of households from RM1,440 in 2009 to RM2,300 in 2015
• Increase percentage of SPM qualification and above in bottom 40% of households from 30% in 2009 to 45% in 2015
• Education assistance for children from bottom 40% of households
The main thrusts of the 10MP include restructuring subsidies and increasing the per capita income. There will be full employment (with the creation of 1.4 million new jobs during the period) and the economic should grow by 6 per cent, if all goes according to plan.

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  1. I found that some of your article interes me and rakyat.

    2.I wish your pemission to copy and paste tjose article in my

  2. Anonymous6:19 pm

    30% equity ownership is the minimum, my friends. Nothing less. We should review it upwards AND in other aspects of the economy when the corporate equity target has been achieved.

    And let's not hear about Chinese paying so-called "the most tax" because the Treasury/ Inland Revenue figures show the Chinese paying only about 30%, the GLCs 40% and the remaining 30% paid by the Malays and others, including foreigners.

  3. Anonymous7:05 pm

    30% Bumi holding but that only represent 0.1% of the total Melayu because only a few Melayu like Tun Dr M's son and Najib's brother can taste the fruit of success.

  4. Anonymous8:03 pm

    why still rent-seeking at 30%?

    and why not go for 60%?

  5. Anonymous8:05 pm


  6. skilgannon10668:09 pm

    How will the 30 per cent target be defined? Will there be strict and transparent criteria for measuring when the target is reached?

    Given the confusion about subsidy figures between Pemandu and the Treasury, I am not too confident about the accuracy of govt record-keeping.

    Will Perkasa and the Malay right be satisfied with a 30 per cent figure or will they view it as a minimum level with a view to further pressurising the govt?

    Are meritocracy and numeric targets mutually exclusive?

    Do we have to "dumb down" our growth and moving up the economic scale in order to meet the 30 per cent target?

    Bear in mind that you may be able to pressure the govt, but you can't pressure foreign investors into agreeing on quotas and limits. Why should they bother when there is a whole wide world out there hungry for investments and talent?

  7. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Creation of 1.4 million jobs,,,,,This coud be the joke of the year,,,,!!!!

    PELABUR yang ada pon dah lari, Banyak kilang tutup,,,,nak wat bsiness apa,,,,ha,ha,, jawabnya jual NASI LEMAK 3 seringgit!!!!

    Cakap Belit-belit,,,,LEBIH CAKAP dari REALITI,,!!!

    Mungkin NEGARA akan BANGCRUPT before 2015 kot,,,!!!!!

    1st half of 2010 dah nak abis,,, GAJI masih tahap tu aja,,,,Tak beraya lah tahun ini,,,lagi 3 bulan RAYA,,!!!!


  8. Anonymous10:32 pm

    eradicate poverty, increase income... blah, blah, blah...

    this piece of najis '10th mp' is just a piece of sh*t to keep enriching the amno cronies!

    and for najis... keep on screwing the people.

  9. Anonymous11:52 pm

    And what about the relationship 'snip' between UMNO and Berjaya Tan?

    That one still deferred?

    UMNO still cannot do things on its own but needs 'frog' breeders like Tan who in turn gets to keep more gaming licences?


  10. I heard about this during the MPM closing last two Saturdays and yet nobody question the amount of RM2,300 monthly income which is only an increase of RM 860 over six years. Big deal...if you deduct inflations(around 0.05% a year), you only left with breadcrumbs.

    Najib should sack all his NEAC Malay and Bumi liberals for giving him these stupid but expensive advice!

    More pekung to surface soon.

    Panji - A proud professional PERKASA member.

  11. Anonymous8:16 am

    By the time the 10th Malaysia Plan is over our country is still not able to catch up with Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, India but move closer to Indonesia and Zimbabwe.

  12. charleskiwi9:06 am

    But how many more years to achieve that or when will it change to 60% or more ?
    Do you think it will ever be achieved ?
    Even with shenanigan Mahathir everything is possible he did not do so in his 23 years as P.M..
    As usual they can keep using their own formula to calculate their achievements to show they are only half way there. Anyone including an expert in that field can coming up with a different set of figures will have to resign from their post or may be even send back to the varsity ?
    When will they ever learn to live within their means ?

  13. Mustapha Ong10:30 am

    Salam Rocky's Bru,

    "When the prime minister speaks, everybody listen; nobody in the opposition walked out of parliament on 10th June,2010." Well done and kudos to Najib Tun Razak.

    The 10th Malaysia Plan consisted of 59 pages with 10,000 words and took 90 minutes to deliver, was another important milestone in prime minister Najib's administration, to define the specific economic agenda and core future goal in order to spur Malaysia into the final lap of a developed nation by 2020.

    The 10MP highlights demonstrated Najib's agenda for change and his vision to make the nation attainable to a high income economy.While we have big ideas to drive the nation, it is imperative that the mind set of the people will also have to change in line with the government's aspirations. The people's participation and consistent support will form the next engine of the inclusiveness of the socio-economic growth.The public sector through it's innovative and efficient delivery systems will ensure the success of the 10th Malaysia Plan.

    As the prime minister has concluded that if we believe in the supremacy of football, the nation needs to work as 1Malaysia team, "that is united in purpose and vision to achieve the best for Malaysia." Congratulations Mr Prime Minister.

  14. Anonymous12:04 pm

    I am very curious with the PM's announcement, because it is the norm for the PM to tell us what has happened to the, Ninth Malaysia plan, before he goes into the 10th Malaysian plan. Are the corridors still there ect ect . . . what is their status? What have the achieved, what have they not acheived? Why is the PM silent on those things. How successful or not have the ninth malaysian plan ? How can we move on to the 10th, when we dont know what happened to the ninth? Whare is the closure?
    Sebab tu, 10 yg sya cya tu, tetap Mokthar Dahari.


  15. Anonymous1:18 pm

    Sidang media khas yang dijadualkan hari ini bagi menjelaskan isu pemberian lesen judi sukan dibatalkan di saat terakhir.

    Difahamkan, sidang media oleh menteri hal ehwal agama Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom itu dibatalkan atas arahan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri NAJIB Razak.

  16. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Kuala Lumpur could suffer a commercial property glut as a result of plans to develop the KL Financial District and the 400-acre Sungai Besi Airport said local research house OSK Research today.
    It also said the entire KLCC property market is already suffering from a high 17 per cent vacancy rate .

  17. Anonymous3:40 pm

    Sdr Rocky's Bru,

    In general, all of the Malaysia Plans (from the first till now) are good. However implementation is another issue altogether. This weakness has been seen from the very first plan. Sure, plans changes to suit the prevailing condition. But targets should remained. And to achieve targets, implementation must be executed with absolute resolute.

    We can have all the strategies and plans but if we fail in implementation, we will never achieve our targets, whatever they may be.

    Granted, implementation is not easy but plans without successful implementation is useless....

    -Just an ordinary citizen-

  18. skilgannon10665:28 pm

    The magic 30 per cent figure!

    Well, whatever the merits of the case may be, one can safely say that Perkasa, Ibrahim Ali and others of their mindset have apparently little knowledge of how fickle and footloose foreign (and local) capital can be.

    You don't see a 30 per cent setaside in Silicon Valley start-ups now, do you? Like when Apple, Google and Microsoft first saw the light of day, their founders weren't forced to divest 30 per cent of their shares to the disadvantaged.

    Which is one reason why Google and Microsoft have a combined market cap close to that of the entire Bursa Malaysia.

    Any entrepreneur or startup will now look more closely at other countries for launching their ideas.

    And any Malaysian SME thinking of going for a public listing will be asking if it would be better to seek a listing on an stock exchange other than Bursa Malaysia.

    For those who espouse the 30 per cent target as the Holy Grail, be careful what you wish for. Capital and talent know no boundaries or borders.

  19. Anonymous12:28 pm

    thank god for Perkasa

  20. Anonymous1:10 pm

    testing, testing, testing

  21. Anonymous1:14 pm

    The Malays cannot ask for more than 30% can they?

  22. Anonymous2:23 pm

    The Skilganon whatever fellow again. Twice. As usual, nothing good about Malaysia. Haven't seen him say anything good about Malaysia at all, all this while.

    As usual, he is promoting Singapore. Trying to get foreign investors put money in Singapore. Through a Malaysian blog. What a fellow.

    This time he asked "how the 30% (Bumiputera corporate equity) target will be defined". Of course he'll say only Singapore knows how to count and has record keeping. Demented fellow.

    Of course "Perkasa and the Malay right will not be satisfied with a 30 per cent figure", man. The figure mentioned so far is only of corporate equity. Nothing is mentioned of other forms of wealth in Malaysia. Don't ever think the Malays are still ignorant and will easily be satisfied and that only the Chinese can ask for more, more and more.

    But then again, blokes like like you will quote the Malays in Singapore being satisfied with whatever they have. Or don't have. Remember boy, the Malays in Malaysia constitute the majority. If the non-Malays grudge even the 30%, the Malays will be emboldened to ask even 60%.

    The Malays have been a polite and good natured people. But when provoked, they will react. Sir Frank Swettenham who resided in Malaya for a total of 30 years as a Colonial Officer until becoming Governor General knows that fully. You should read what he wrote of the Malays. He quoted the word "amok". And that word has been adopted into the English language and exists in the Oxford dictionary to this day.

    Don't forget Article 153 of the Malayian Constitution which spells out the Special Position of the Malays. That which the British said had been there "since day one", which they acknowledged and respected since they first started contacts with Malaya. Read Hansard, the British Parliamentary records, on debates on the Malayan Indepenence Bill in the 1950s. That Special Position was reaffirmed in writing. In exchange for citizenship for the non-Malays.

    If the non-Malays grudge the Malay Special Position, the Malays can also grudge the non-Malay citizenship which could be consideed as the quid pro quo. It wont't be good for anybody. Of course a Singaporean bloke like you will clap your hands. Your purpose in writing in this blog may be to drive a wedge between the Malays and the non-Malays. If that is so, damn you.

    You can take the foreign investors to Singapore for all we care. In any case it is arguable how many would go there. There has been talk of a brain drain from Singapore long before from Malaysia. No brainy people can tolerate the lack of free speech and action in Singapore. The foreign investors will find a lack of brains there. The island city state has been ruled with an iron hand.

    You are talking through your arse comparing Malaysia with Silicon Valley. And irrelevantly mentioning Google and Microsoft having capital close to that of the entire Bursa Malaysia. What skewed thinking and a demented mind you are, boy. Such a great pity.

  23. Anonymous9:05 am

    well said skilly.

    i doubt your views, shared by those with basic grasp in economics and above, will find intelligent response from certain quarters. More so their response will be the usual and predictable cliches of 'social contract', 'amok' and other sound bytes of ketuananist ideology, thus ignoring the global economic reality that we are part of.

    but some do not like hearing bad news and prefer keeping their rose-tinted specs on. Idris Jala warned about our large deficits sending us to insolvency, although IMO his solution to cut subsidies was not the solution, there being more than 1 ways to skin the cat. What happened? He got slammed here and there from those unwilling to remove their heads from their arses and smell economic reality. A clear classic case of killing the messenger. So here we go on another spending spree for another parliament building and other whatnots. Sigh. may I suggest investing in wheelbarrows, for we will need them to cart our RM around in future when we go for a teh tarik and nasi lemak? Provided there is tea and rice in stock of course.

  24. Politics Stinks11:50 am

    Skilgannon1066 a.k.a skilmoron..

    Comparing us with Singapore. What a twat!

    Why don't you strip your citizen of and please leave Malaysia. Couldn't wait to see you migrate wherever country you like.

    Even a Singaporean go shopping and go to our petrol station which everybody knows it is subsidised to us, Malaysian citizen. Not forget the water, the JB land & house.. everything.

    Every word that come out from your mouth smells stink. Like something is rotten inside. Go and check out what's the problem could be.

    -Politics stinks-

  25. Politics Stinks12:15 pm

    For me
    Another one thing,Datuk Rocky..

    No need to create a 10th Plan if there is nothing for the ordinary people like us.

    All that DS Najib should do is to maintain the previous policy that we have such as subsidy.

    Yes, the economy is seems like messy. If what Idris Jala said (either true or not) DS should look the statement and think about the pro and cons.

    There are lots of things that can be cut than give a full stop on our subsidy. Period.

    There things that we can think of such as:

    1. Cut the expenses on things like PLKN (take few batch every year) and anything tah related to it such as the arms training (save cost on bullets, allowance etc)

    2. Make sure all government cars are from National car- not Harrier, Toyota etc!. And make sure only the major department have it. (Can you imagine a small department in a University also have their own car. Sadly, the car is also used to go for having nasi lemak in the morning, out for lunch and going back to hometown.Guess who paid the tolls and petrol?)

    And this could be NICE if applies on our beloved Sultan & families. People will be more pleased to see the National car sign rather than a Bentley, Camaro etc.

    3. Cut the ceremony expenses- such as Merdeka Day, 1M etc. No need a lots of entertainment. Besides we are fasting on the Merdaka Day for the next few years.

    4. Cut the unwanted expenses such as having a seminar in luxury hotels. (government servant). Could be nice if doing it government building such as University hall. (Sadly enough to see them using tax payer's money to bring also their families with them)

    5. No need a trip to overseas if unnecessary.

    6. ... and OTHERS that could be think of to boost up money.

  26. Politics Stinks12:22 pm

    People dont want to hear a long-speech with worthless statements. People want to know what they can get from the benefit of being a citizen of Malaysia.

    Yes, you can cut us the subsidy, but poor people will become worse, and rich people become richer. And at the end we'll be like in Indonesia, where people are stealing from each other and rob other people's house.

    Think who contribute most on the issue. And of course is not from us, the ordinary citizen.

    -Politics Stinks-

  27. skilgannon10663:09 pm

    Anon 2:23 PM

    Talk is cheap.

    At least, have the guts to refute, specifically, the points I made.

    And what exactly is wrong with the point I made about the market cap of Google and Microsoft compared with that of all the companies listed on Bursa Malaysia? Be thankful that I did not include the market cap of Apple in that equation!

    You talk bravely about foreign investors taking a hike and going off to more welcoming locations (Singapore included). Then, Sir, tell the govt to stop all it's costly investment promotion missions overseas. No need to bother, lah - Malaysia can do just fine with domestic-sourced pump priming and with a little help from Petronas!

    And, a minor point, if Singaporeans are running away from Singapore, then I see many more Malaysians running to Singapore every day in order to cari makan. How can like that? 50 years after Merdeka, must still export unskilled labour (like cleaners and gardeners from Sarawak, for example) to other countries. Not shameful, eh?

  28. Anonymous7:21 pm

    If you support having an ethnic linked mandatory 30% ownership, think carefully what that means. It really affects a lot of good businesses that any Malaysian would WANT to have in Malaysia.

    Just one example from my own case. I'm a professional English teacher from one of the native-speaker-English countries (mat salleh lands), married to a Malaysian. After teaching at an excellent regional university for several years, I decided to start an English language centre here with my Malaysian hubbie as the local partner, as so many Malaysians were requesting to study English with me. A few months later, I am completely dismayed and outraged that because he is not a "bumiputera" we cannot together open a simple English center, when I am a fully-qualified English teacher and my husband is a Malaysian citizen of many generations. (This is MOE regulations for language centres--even a simple one. So now you know that even to teach English or Japanese as a language centre you need a bumiputera partner!) I have to go find a bumiputera and make them a director and pay them for doing nothing--just so I can teach English! And this is when many Malaysians are DESPERATE for good English instruction! It just makes no sense to me.

    I know this way of doing things is not a shock to Malaysians, who are used to this concept. But really, any foreign professional in this situation thinks "What the hell is this?" and wants to go to back to a country where they are allowed to practice their business simply with a local partner, regardless of that partner's "race".

    This mandatory partner thing must have deprived the nation of far more than just my one language centre, for sure. There must have been MANY more entrepreneurial professional non-bumiputera couples, of all sorts of expertises, who were frustrated away from opening the business they wanted here, or who feared for their non-bumiputera children's futures in this kind of system, and sadly left town or didn't open shop. I really hope for the nation's sake that keeping that 30% has been worth it.

  29. Anonymous8:52 am

    "Bottom" 40%? I thought the bottom belongs to the Government because it has been effing them all since 1957. Who was in charge? Why,UMNO, of course. Nothing is going to change unless the Goverment changes itself or loses power.