Friday, May 21, 2010

Part ll of Sime Darby's Zubir, his friend Azeez, and a woman from Xinjiang

... Cont'd from here.

Sime's Uighur woman with the Birkin bag. The stunner from Xinjiang was hired as an employee with Sime Darby's Human Resources department but that, it soon turned out, was just a cover. After a while she ceased coming to the office. There were stories told that she's holed up in a 22nd floor penthouse in the heart of the city. Now and then when she makes an appearance, she'd make an impact. Even without her Birkin bag, the kind that Hollywood celebs love to be seen with, she would have been a draw at any party.

During our meeting with Musa Hitam last Friday to talk about Sime Darby board's fall-out with its Group Chief Executive Ahmad Zubir Mursyid, the woman from Xinjiang was not discussed. I can't imagine Musa not knowing about her by then. The Sime Darby chairman was probably either too embarrassed to bring the subject up or he simply didn't wish to go into someone's personal life.

In any case, I found out later that Azeeez the PM's-name-dropper benefitted directly from at least one project as one fine day Zubir told some of his staff, "PM wants us to help Azeez's company". This, my source assured me, the old Sime Darby had never done. But the boss wanted it done, so the kulis had to carry out his orders. They met Azeez to discuss value proposition, something Azeez obviously never heard of. "Eh, I know your boss told you to award the job to my company, so just award lah". Or something like that. How much? Not so much ... RM2 million to RM3 million only.

Should the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) decide to come into the picture, they will find out that there's more to the debacle than just the Qatar Petroleum and Bakun dam "cost overruns", and minor distractions like the woman from Xinjiang who has a thing for US$10,000 designer bags.

But the question is, what's the MACC waiting for?
... To be cont'd, in the light of Musa Hitam's offer to resign.
In the meantime, pls read this blogger's arguments on why directors Ahmad Sarji, Tajudin Ali, and Mohamad Sulaiman are the ones who should resign immediately, here.


  1. Gripping stuff b4 Friday prayer

  2. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Bro,all this while i had respected u as one of genuine and honest bloger but unfortunately u are nothing but a cheap tabloid or more like garbage blogger...come on laa write something which can enligthned one's intelect rathter then gibrish like this. U r becoming more like Raja Petra who like to write sensational issue rather then course everyone who know u also consider u as an alcoholic...i've seen with my own eyes u were drinking like fish in Bangsar..but that is beside the point...please write something that good..stop fitnah bro....the most worst sins is back bitting (fitnah) and God can never forgive u unless u go to the person who u write about and ask for forgiveness...One thing i can assure u, the story that u write about Zubir and Azeez is totall made up and false...May Allah swt guide u and give his guidance to do good in this life bro...jumaa mubarak..

  3. Anonymous1:28 pm

    full of crap...stop making up story men..god can never forgive people like u who backbites...write something that can enhance one intelect..not gibrish like this...perhap too much alcohol in ur brain had mess u up...easy with Mr, brusky bro

  4. MACC do your work? Surely you know how to do it, or do you need someone to teach you how to do it?

    PKR = Illuminati

  5. Dear Anon 1:25 pm,

    Everything will be out in the open soon, so hold on to your intellect brader.

    Thank you.

  6. Anonymous1:54 pm

    MACC PLEASE SHOW the TRUTH n Work overtime!Remember after 5pm?Pencapaian D Utamakan!


  7. Anonymous2:44 pm

    Don't be surprice that Cindy Xinjiang babe doesn't look like chinese but Russian instead...

    Love Xinjiang "Cultural" show at Guangzhou

  8. Bro, is it fashionable or what everytime there is a big bucks(Ringgit) scandal a mysterious foreign women would surface. Sime Darby has this woman form Xinjiang and err.. our another scandal have this woman from Mongolia remember her?

    And YESSS...MACC's silence is most deafening, they are now a Commission and can act now, the Federal Court final rule that people can be interviewed or interrogated anytime 24/7, so Datuk Abu Hassan please get off the cosy chair and get to work. First witness I suggest is Musa Hitam then find Zubir and the rest. Do the right thing without fear or favor.

    PM Najib should not wait for too many studies by expensive auditors which would cause a bomb and just waste a time and before Lim Kit Siang the defacto Head of Opposition calls for another Royal Commission, the PM should just call in the the still active Tan Sri Hassan Merican to assemble a team and take over Sime Darby with a view to nurse it back to world class health and then break it up back to Sime Darby, Golden Hope and Guthries.

    Why Tan Sri Hassan Merican?...because he has the balls to stand up against political interference..GLCs belong to the shareholders and the rakyat, Hassan Merican understands this perfectly well unlike some politicians out to make a quick buck.

  9. Anonymous3:12 pm

    Is there more on Sime's Uighur woman with the Birkin bag? This is Arthur Hailey's stuff. Hanky Panky in high places. Sex, glamour, money and bloody murder make a thriller in Sime Darby. A perfect setting for a novel.

  10. Nadia Comaneci3:16 pm, this woman from Xinjiang is Azeez's "gymnast" or Zuber's? Or could it be Musa Hitam's instead? Musa is well-known for his hobby of screwing gymnasts.

  11. Anonymous4:17 pm

    Anon 1.25 and 1,28 PM is the same fella. He must have a vested interest in pooh poohing the story.

    And he uses big words like fitnah, jumaa (Indian Muslim?) and mubarak.

  12. Anonymous4:20 pm

    I believe it will be blown up in Parliament in June.

    Everybody talked about KJ. How about KaliUlar? Have you all forgotten about him and his boy, Brendan, the famous plagiarist. Both believe to be Singapore operatives!!


  13. Not Eezee4:41 pm

    When in 1981, Mahathir sent people to the London Stock Exchange to ensure that Sime Darby would be in Malaysian hands, I knew that something would go wrong many years later. This is proving to be correct. Let me make myself clear that I agreed with the decision to ensure that Sime Darby was Malaysian on political grounds, as the company had extensive business dealings in Malaysia. But at the same time, I recognised that it would take more than just politics to ensure that the company was well run. Anyway, the mixing of politics with business has quite often proved to be disastrous, not only in Malaysia, but elsewhere, and unfortunately, this is the case here.

  14. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Rock, don't mind anon 1.28. Sounds of desperation if anything. I've dealt with SD management in course of business - arrogant bunch, like you cannot imagine. Seriously. This is good. What goes up must come down. In this case, heaving egos will come crashing down. Glory is fleeting my friends. Tis indeed. :)

  15. Anonymous4:47 pm

    SIME DARBY dah nak LINGKOP,,,biarkan dia,,LET them carry out their own invstigation and rectify the SITUATION.

    APA da jadi dengan BURSA KL..da macam WATERFALL as at 438pm main dok 1284.71,,,WHAT happened to the 1400 level,,yang dok PM banggakan????

    RINGGIT menjunam lagi,,main dok 3.328 against US dollar. Jangan sampai BANK NEGARA intervention as what the CENTRAL BANK of RUPPIAH and PESOS are doing,,!!!!

    What happened to all the fundermental mengatakan ECONOMY bertambah BAGUS,,????


  16. "But the question is, what's the MACC waiting for?"

    Now how dare you?

    Don't you know that this guy might be an UMNO soldier or "balls career"?

    How can you not know that MACC is supposed to only exonerate him when pushed to investigate him?

    And when they have not been ordered to investigate him by their UMNO masters, you think the MACC will even dare lift a finger?

    Or have you gone so deep into lala land that you don't know how it works on the surface?

  17. stanley5:38 pm


    well well well...first and foremost -- women from Xinjiang are beautiful, like kacukan,hidung mancung. so i can understand the appeal and attraction to these women.

    that aside, i hope none of the Sime Darby guys are involved in this woman -- you know, keeping her and funding her lifestyle using Sime Darby's money!

  18. JOSHUA5:44 pm


    I'm glad you think Raja Petra writes crap.

    As for rocky's posting -- how do you know it's crap?
    why do say the details he has posted are lies?

    The Sime Darby scandal is not crappy, ok?

    So you don't try belasah rocky to divert attention.

    Was the BMF scandal crappy.

    Are you an Umno fucker? Or Azeez's buddy?

    Why don't we wait and see if it's true.

    Kalau Rocky salah, we'll make him eat his shoes.

    Wah...terus nak burukkan rocky pasal diaminum arak...

    Let me educate you a bit! Dia minum arak -- antara dia dengan Allah SWT. Dosa itu bukan CRIME against humanity, against, the country, or against society.

    Dia tak ambil duit haram. Dia tidak menipu sesiapa, dia tidah ambil RASUAH..

    do you know whsoe money is involevd given that PNB is a shareholder?

    Duit simple folk -- haha! So YOU SHUDDUP!

    ROCKY! I say YOU GO MAN!

    We need to know about the SCANDAL!

  19. Anonymous5:54 pm


    Indeed what are the mutherf**king MACC doing? I am getting tired. I heard that KJ was involved in the Qatar bungle. I heard KJ was also involved in the Block L and M bungle. They were paid off.

    The papers proposing to hive off Block L and M to Brunei went from Badawi's office to 4th flr to KJ. He made a deal for cash. The amount is maybe more then RM100.0 million. Thats how we 'lost' Block L and M to Brunei.

    While they are at it, can the MACC do a thorough investigation into KJ's networth? People say he is worth RM2.0 Billion.

    This story about this Xinjiang stunner is interesting. Tak ada gambar ke? Sime's Personnel Dept must have one. Maybe Tian Chua can do up a picture of the woman? For her safety maybe she needs to get a bullet proof vest - or she is back in Xinjiang.

    Was she Zubir's little squeeze? Or Azeez's squeeze? Pasal apa u tak tanya Musa Hitam bro?

    I like your last part. I hope the whole can of worms comes spilling out. Azeez, KJ, Musa, Nor Yakop, Badawi and all those bad asses must get nailed to the wall.

    Hj Hoegarten

  20. Anonymous6:10 pm

    Dont care..

    Either TBH case or Sime Darby.. MACC.. keep go on. This GLC should give is explanation on the losses. Where's the money go???


  21. Bro,

    MACC or someone is in the mood os "elegant silent"?

  22. Anonymous6:48 pm

    a chinese woman in the middle??

    hurray for whistle blowers

    and oh thanks to Rocky for reporting on naughty Malays too

    Rocky's fan forever

  23. Anonymous6:51 pm

    Those who walk the corridor of power will always be forgiven. You will never go wrong when you are on the side of BN, don't believe? A late pendatang like Rocky is now a Datuk and paid top dollar, if he remains in SG now probably he will be the valet packing your car when you visit Paragon shopping center in Orchard Rd.

  24. Anonymous6:53 pm

    Another allantoya episode in the making.Bowman.

  25. The REAL question is who is Rochy's Bru representing? Billion of ringgit vesus cheap girl story? Suddendly, I don't know. I don't respect you anymore ever.

  26. Anonymous7:18 pm

    I didnt know fish can drink alcohol. Anon 1.25 is a genious like Stephen J Hawking and Einstien.

    Its me boss.

  27. Anonymous7:27 pm

    Dear Datuk Rocky,
    We are extremely unhappy with this on going attempt to besmirch the name Pak Lah by innuendos and constant sniping by the bloggers.

    As much as we are fully supportive of attempts to improve Malaysian corporate culture and GLC performance, the attempts to insinuate Pak Lah will backfire on those who are feeding from the old man's hand.

    The skeletons from the old man's rule can fit a graveyard. Pak Lah's perhaps a small cupboard.

    In the end UMNO loses and the DAP gains. I hope you can advise your minions accordingly

  28. Anonymous7:31 pm

    $10,000 for something ripped off from some poor creatures hide to make you feel/look good? Only the f****king human race!!! And the Oscar for the *exotic* herd mentality when it comes to this goes to ...... the female of the specie!

  29. Anonymous7:33 pm

    Only way a Malay man can have sex with a good looking and educated chinese women (and not the so call ugly China dolls here) is by giving her hundreds of millions.
    And that too, she only picks the top class, high earner Malay man for the right to lick her down parts, both front and behind.
    This is not restricted to Zubir, but as you can see in Razak Baginda case also. Some say even Najib was involved. I dont know if that is true or not.
    Rich, educated, powerful Malay Man love Chinese, because they know Chinese are the masterclass.
    I pity you poor Malay people who got nothing . . . . and the Malay girls, who will do anything for normal Chinese man in bed who have big cars, and can buy them a teh tarik and mee mamak.
    I must admit I like Malay girls, rather than Indon because their service very good, and some of them also do a prayer before they try to satisfy my lust.
    Service is the best, Malay girls, but their menfolk are dumb and lazy.
    I suggest to the Malay people, please choose a women as your leader, they will serve you better than the menfolk.
    Dont take this comment as racist, this is my frank opinion, you may agree or disagree.

    Long Wong.

  30. Anonymous7:49 pm

    You do know that the Uighur are not indigenous to Xinjiang area right? They conquered that area in the past .

  31. Anonymous8:00 pm

    All these ah' is hangat hangat tahee aiyaam!!! Where is that Tiong fellow in the PKFZ scandal . . is he in JAIL? Nope, he is still the Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Chairman.
    If they cannot catch Tiong, you think they going to catch the real culprits in Sime Darby?
    If you believe that is so, then PLEASE vote for BART SIMPSON to run Malaysia.

  32. Anonymous8:13 pm

    Senang ajer MACC nak trace..

    follow the trails...

    of this "designer bag";

    where, when and how many pieces purchased. It will lead you to places...


  33. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Lesen judi: Rakyat seluruh negara terus protes
    Di seluruh Malaysia, bantahan terhadap tindakan kerajaan meluluskan pemberian lesen judi bola sepak terhadap Kumpulan Berjaya bergema di pelbagai masjid selepas solat Jumaat hari ini.

  34. Anonymous8:23 pm

    Mahathir, signed a secret security agreement with the United States in 1984 that gave the Americans access to a jungle warfare training school in Johor and allowed them to set up a small-ship repair facility at Lumut and a plant in Kuala Lumpur to repair C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.

    Hidup KJ

  35. Anonymous8:26 pm

    Musa Hitam balek lah . Kamu patut diheret oleh rakyat. Penipu. Biadab, Kurang ASAP.

  36. Rocky!

    Berhati hati di jalan raya!

  37. Anonymous8:30 pm


    The government has issued Berjaya Group of Companies with the license. The move is expected to earn the federal coffers RM60 billion in revenue over the 30 days.

    Deputy Finance Minister AWANG ADEK HUSSEIN's statement that if the government did not legitimise gambling during the World Cup, illegal betting would be worse.

    During the height of the beer controversy in Selangor, AWANG declared that this was an Islamic country and that PAS could no longer secure Islamic interest.

    But HE has taken a different stand on this issue because RM60 billion is lucrative returns for HIM and Umno.

  38. Anonymous8:38 pm

    Najib should quit as PM, and let Tan Sri Muhyiddin takeover. This is best for Malaysia.

    Mun Guh Lia.

  39. Anonymous8:40 pm

    If DSN can punnish the most successfull CEO Hassan Merican for not in-line with his desire....
    the more reason he should punish the whole scum who is involve in this skirmish... if he really serious on "Rakyat didahulukan, Pencapaian Diutamakan", otherwise... he should change to " Kroni diutamakan, Pencapaian Letak Belakang".........

  40. Rocky may look like a man..but he talk like a bitch.

  41. Azeez with double E has his troopers at every corner ...... so Anon 1.28, tu time solat Jumaat la bruder ... HA HA HA

  42. Anonymous10:38 pm

    I was told the Head of Internal Audit Sime Darby Group was transfered to Motor Division as CFO of "business unit" just recently.. Promotion or demotion for discovery of RM1b disaster?? Looks more like punishment than promotion..


  43. Anonymous12:03 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Maybank purchased its stake in BII for USD 2.7B at Rp510/share in 2008.

    The current price is Rp305/share.

    This is a drop in value of 40% or USD 1.08B (RM 3.5B). Why are you not making any noise about this? Why are heads not rolling on this?

    Sime Darby is still expected to make a profit of RM2B for the financial year in spite of the overruns (which were kitchen sinked to make Zubir look bad).

    In your description of yourself, you say you are a journalist, so practice some journalism and present the issues with some balanced perspective instead of the biased witch-hunt and aspersions you are spouting.

    Its true what the poster earlier says, you are becoming no better than Raja Petra. Tak malu ke?

  44. Anonymous2:12 am

    still on this?

    u think we really care?

    pleez, as a chineses... sime can go wank itslf

  45. nstman4:58 am

    If the shameless episode had occurred in China, most of the top brass would have been executed. In Malaysia, they can get away scot-free, and probably be given plum alternative jobs for making Sime a laughing stock. By the way, dont expect MACC to anything because they have were sleeping, are still sleeping and will be sleeping.

  46. Anonymous5:31 am

    Tun Dr M says he knows of Sime Darby cost overrun 3 years ago. I think everyone learn this in the 22 darkest year of Malaysia history of how to cost overrun. Tun was an excellent example, he cost overrun the whole economy for 22 years spending 200 billion of our oil money and now he blame his general from UMNO of cost overrun? What a joke. Everyone in the opposition can see where the mistake, only those in BN are blind.

  47. Anonymous9:57 am

    The point is clear, UMNO are just a racist party. They did not choose the best person to run Sime Darby. You can never put a non-Malay up in such a position. The fact remains clear that they are a lot of capable Malaysian and if we give them the freedom and the support they needed they can do a lot more for our country.

    Just like what is happening in Penang now, with LGE as CM now every one can feel that the State is getting better and better, even my Malays friends agrees.

  48. Anonymous11:40 am

    There must be much relief it is not a woman from Mongolia.

  49. Anonymous11:40 am



  50. Anonymous12:02 pm

    Why is Malay Mail publishing false news:

    "A visit to the New Scotland Yard office today revealed that there is no extradition request from the Malaysian government, nor is there any warrant of arrest issued against Raja Petra Kamarudin, as what The Malay Mail reported"


  51. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Anyway rocky which political party are this guys from.


  52. Ketat agaknya perempuan sinkiang ni.

  53. Anonymous2:02 pm

    "..aku tak cari wang berjuta ringgit, aku cari alghazali.."

    hahahaha what a crap! the crappest beginning, and clear sign of ruins! i want to vomit everytime i remember that era. i hope its gone for good.

    those yang pikiaq general malay public is naive, donno whats the going on, bodoh macam katak bawah tempurong - think again.

    mata kita orang ni terbukak luas, tau sangat dalam dan luar negori.

    kita tau sangat grup grup ni boleh jadi boss yayasan islam itu ini, dan juga boleh tonggang berbotol botol dan main betina macam org takde akal. bab ni jgn nak deny. kan terburai all in the open, lagi susah pulak.

    we watching u lah...

    so, big boss, dont repeat these people's mistake. learn from sejarah. jgn tipu rakyat, jgn cakap berbelit. just do it right, first time, all the time.

    ini bukan jaman tunku abdul rahman-ghaffar baba. wherever you go, whatever you do, walls have ears, hills have eyes...

    yacht in the open sea pon tak lah se-private macam dulu....

    never sweep things under the carpet.

    -ibu pertiwi-

  54. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Long Wong

    You are not only racist, you are also bloody rude, ill bred, uncouth, degenerate, animalistic, inciteful, seditious, anarchistic, subversive, mentally deranged, uncivilised bastard.

    And I have to come out to try and teach you to be civil in the only way it can penetrate your thick skull. And I wish Warrior 231 would be reading you and hitting you damn hard until your skull fractures a thousand times.

    I wish I'm as good as Warrior 231 in whacking this kind of wayward scums in this otherwise beautiful land of ours.

    This is what we get when parents don't teach their children manners and proper code of behaviour in a multi-racial society. And when the Government allows rampant and random statements by irresponsible people who should be hauled in under the Sedition Act.

    This is the kind who would create animosity and racial ill feelings, who flout ethnic sensitivities that spark racial flare ups like in May 1969, loose guns that will shoot from the hip anywhere and everywhere, bring about anxiety, alarm and despondency to promote their hidden agenda and achieve their damned and bloody purpose.

    Suggesting Muslim girls saying religious prayers before having illicit sex, humiliating Malay men by saying they are "are dumb and lazy". Hell of a bastard.

    I urge the Police to take action on this fellow, drag him to the Police Station, charge him with sedition and mischief making. He should be given the highest penalty under those charges to ensure no others behave as ghastly as he does.

    The authorities can easily trace this fellow like they did those who defaced the website of the Sultan of Perak some time ago. If this fellow is not reigned in, there is no telling the extent he would go to create racial discord and disturb harmony and peace in this country.

  55. Anonymous3:02 pm

    the trail to diminish Malaysia always starts with CHINESE women

    you have been forewarned ...

  56. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Anon 9.57a.m.

    UMNO is a racist party?? SO...???

    What are you waiting for?? go migrate to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan,. China as you like.. don't dare isn't it??

    I waiting for you to less problem with people like you in this country!!

    ...and don't give more excuses....JUST GO !!


  57. Anonymous6:01 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    Nih misti PKR sleepers in Sime Darby yang caused the cost overun.

    Salleh Telegu

  58. Long Wong (7.33pm), I think you have been fantasizing too much about beautiful sexy malay girls while you were wanking your little dick today dude. Better control yourself young man, too much masturbating is not good for your filthy racist brain.

  59. This is nothing new to Malaysian corporate world. Has anybody done any research on corporate failures in malaysia? This is not the only corporate failure in the Malaysian corporate news...MAS, Tabung Haji, Bumiputra Bank and the list go on....please ask your grandpa and they will tell you...Malaysian companies have a habit of taking the same crooks to be their board members...Sad part is some these idiots know next to nothing about business and corporate responsibilities. Accountability? forget it. A bunch of them is ex-con G men. Lets start with the PM. He's the worst culprit as an example. Frankly there is no leadership by example left in Malaysia anymore...All are about money and power..All they care is to make sure their bellies are full for themselves only. Screw the public! The public does not seem to care either. So, who is to blame if they are still sleeping and acting like sheeps. Sad. Qualified bumiputra people like me and many others left the country and is being treated in their host country better than in their home land.

    A Melayu Bostonian
    Harvard Neighbor

  60. YBhg Dato'

    Another CHINA DOLL?

  61. Anonymous2:34 am

    Read all about what happened in Sime Darby in Ashraf Abdullah's Jejak Pujangga at

  62. Anonymous8:16 am

    eddy said...
    Long Wong (7.33pm), I think you have been fantasizing too much about beautiful sexy malay girls while you were wanking your little dick today dude. Better control yourself young man, too much masturbating is not good for your filthy racist brain.
    10:07 PM

    Unlike you Long Wong doesn`t have to go to the prostitutes. Ask that Warrior commentor to teach you how to fcukmothers. He is a real pro.

    -Hulu S`gor Mug I Lan

  63. Smart Bumi8:25 am

    Your grandfather must have been a greater idiots than you....LOL

  64. Anonymous12:49 pm

    Siapa yang bayar untuk hang punya BMW X6?

    Is it Tun Musa Hitam or Naza....?

    I think Naza...people at Naza, bila dah mabuk, cerita semua lah, bang.

    Tun Musa pulak bagi berapa duit kat hang?

    Ha ha ha.

    The Cat is out of the bag!

  65. Anonymous1:23 pm

    OKlah semua kawan2,

    Siapa yang kaki RASUAH.. dipersilakan tampil kehadapan, serah diri..

    Nanti semua warna seluar dalam you akan dipaparkan..Terkancing gigi nanti. Yang puak2 tua tu, you sudah mati pun, tak timpa bala kat you, anak cucu akan kena tempias..

    Nak lama mana sangat syiok sendiri DUK TUNJUK HEBAT?

    Think of Nala tennis partner Anwar.. Someday your Nala will come forward too, it is only a matter of time.


  66. Anonymous2:12 pm


    U wrote about Sime Darby's mess so that your godfuckingfather can put his KHAZANAH boys into PNB's management is it? So now those MCKK bastards want to take over PNB? Dream on!

    Why waste time focusing on PNB when the real timebomb is Khazanah and its subsidiaries (especially Iskandar Investment Bhd, UEM Bhd, Pos Msia, etc) or Tabung Haji (please go to offices of Mr CEO and his GM Finance and you will be surprised how they spent depositor's money like nobody's business) or Valuecap (no value at all).

    PNB has consistently paid good dividends to its unit trust holders over the years, and that is a FACT!

    PNB scholar.

  67. Anon 2.30

    I agree with you and others fully that the kind of totally racist and bigoted remarks by people like Long Wong has no place in M'sia or for the matter anywhere else.

    But if you urge the police to bring in this worm for sedition, you must equally ask for people like Warrior 231 to be taken to task as well. There's no two ways about it!!

    At least Warrior 231 can plead permanent mental insanity; but what's Long Wong's excuse?

    And Warrior (grizzled beer belly) 231, don't come back with your usual "I was lying low and quiet when you..." standard spiel. Think of something original!! Muahaha!

    we are all of 1 race, the HUman Race

  68. Anonymous2:47 pm

    What Sime Darby is left with now is the cash and assets it took from Golden Hope and Guthrie.
    By the way, the merchant bankers who underwrote the merger made RM 600 million. CIMB must also explain economics behind the merger if now, we know, such a merger isn't good.

    Hidup Tan Sri Muhyiddin

  69. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Najib is going to reward KJ with a ministership, because Najib now dances to the tune set by Taek Jho Low.

    Imagine, Tan Sri Hassan ran Petronas well, but didnt kiss ass, so he got sacked.

    Kj, Jho Low, and Badawi helped in ruin of Sime Darby, and KJ is going to be made a minister by Najib.

    Najib wants to lose the next general election. The Malays who can work, he kicks out but the rent seekers, he promotes.

  70. Anonymous4:05 pm


    Anon 1:25pm dekat atas kata kau "alcoholic".
    Betulkah kau kaki botol rocky?

    Ingin Tahu

  71. Ya anon2:30pm I wonder where is Warrior 231. I kind of miss him actually. Tengah bertapa some where tu agak nya, cari ilham. Racist pricks like Long Wong and his assistant Hulu S`gor Mug I Lan, really need a good one shove up their dirty a%$e, that I agree wholeheartedly.

    Bro dpp be careful what you wish for do not awaken the sleeping dragon...

    On a more serious note, the silence from the MACC is deafening by the day definitely but so is the silence from thee good for nothing head of Khazanah, so Hello knock, knock Azman where are you? Anybody in there or are you vacationing in the Sime Darby yacht somewhere.

    I want to know what Azman has to say about all this and he must be accountable for Sime's loss as well. If not why not? Azman dan Khazanah Management team makan gaji buta ke? Dr Mahathir says he knows about Sime's trouble 3 years ago so somebody or groups of Senior Management in Sime and Khazanah are sleeping or having tons of fun on the rakyats account?

  72. "Imagine, Tan Sri Hassan ran Petronas well, but didnt kiss ass, so he got sacked." Anon 2.53 pm.

    How sad, but true. God moves in mysterious ways and there's a silver lining behind every cloud.

    Perhaps, Hassan Merican will be drafted into steer Sime Darby away from rocky waters for a stunning recovery and sustained growth, if not Khazanah itself!!

    Now there's a man all Malaysians have confidence and trust in!!

    Perhaps Rocky can get a 'Bring HM Back' campaign going?

    we are all of 1 race, the hUman Race

  73. Anonymous7:56 am

    bro, i am the youth as a youth i dont think that this Azeez involve in this should try to make a "good" story bro..i know u are "alcoholic" bro..peace no war brother rocky..

  74. Anonymous11:13 am

    Datok Rocky,

    Construction of bakun dam is an engineering feet, in the case of Malaysia. Historically, Engineeering Feet Construction came with a price to the Chief Builder either in form of fame or cursed. Chairman of the initial builder of Panama Canal ( a French GLC), Ferdinand Marie de Lesseps was declared a bankrupt and jailed for failing the project by 1899. So Datok Sri Zubir, your fate was sealed when Sime Darby decided to undertake the dam project 8 years ago. Anyway I hope engineering history of malaysia will remember and recognise you as the builder of Bakun Dam.

    Ir Salleh Telegu

  75. Anonymous11:23 am

    Latuk Locky:

    The MACC is waiting for your BOss to give the green light. Was it Zubir ? Was it Azeez ? Was it KJ ? Was it Azman Mokhtar ? Was it Nor Mohd Yakcop ?

    It's not too late for you to steer away from the dark side of the Force. Those named above are the Walking Dead.


  76. Kaiserin2:56 pm

    Xinjiang girl is very gorgeous and if any of you were at Sime Darby's Hari Raya media open house in 2008 at the Sime Darby Convention Centre, you would've chanced upon the exotic Uighur chick.
    Didn't spot the birkin bag though!


  77. skilgannon10663:52 pm

    Man 4:27 PM

    In case you didn't notice, the PM is in Singapore for a 2-day retreat with his Spore counterpart.

    Reports are that they have agreed a deal on the Tanjong Pagar railway station and the KTM land in Spore. Something that eluded Dr M and Pak Lah when they were in office.

    So, it's buddy-buddy all the way, apparently.

    Like how SBY just had a retreat with Lee Hsien Loong also.

    What's with all these retreats, eh? Expect some caustic remarks from Dr M in his blog soon!

    And is Spore the common denominator in a core Malaysia-Spore-Indonesia triangle, now that Thailand is in a political mess?

  78. Anonymous6:39 pm

    Azeez? Mirror Heights? Putra Heights?


  79. Anonymous9:38 pm

    MACC or Najib (or whoever lah) can get rid the whole management and board of Sime Darby, but that will not bring back the billion ringgit losses suffered by the Government. Kalau menangis darah pun tidak berguna. Nasi sudah menjadi bubur, and basi some more.

    It's about time for Rocky and friends to start looking at other GLCs before the same shit happened in the near future.

    Start with Khazanah and its subsidiaries, Proton, PLUS, Tenaga, UEM Group, POS Malaysia, Faber, etc, or how about EPF (biggest fund manager in Malaysia), Tabung Haji (so many public complaint but no action taken so far), etc, etc.

    If the GLCs continue losing billion of ringgit, the ones that will take the most shits are the public, thanks to our high income tax structure, toll everywhere, expensive car, poor public transport, expensive broadband, the list goes on.

    So what say you my friend?

  80. Anonymous9:52 am

    skilgannon1066 said...

    Mutually Assured Destruction. If you Singky put up your future nuke reactor at Pulau Batu Putih, we will put up one near your Gambling Dens, i.e at the South Ledge rocky outpost complete with sub sea power cables.

    Loh Ah Tau
    The 1Malaysia Nuke Planner

  81. Anonymous6:19 am

    US$10,000 designer bags?
    = 33,190.00 MYR.

    Field worker gets @ RM 9.00 per day

    Each day she is carrying
    33,190/9 = 3,690workers in her bag!!

    Berat tu Rocky!


  82. Anonymous2:13 pm

    I must admit I like Malay girls, rather than Indon because their service very good, and some of them also do a prayer before they try to satisfy my lust.
    Service is the best, Malay girls, but their menfolk are dumb and lazy.

    Long Wong

    Hey fuckhead chingkie pig Long Wong..

    Don't try to twist the fact & lie lah you stupid chingkies tranny Malaysia, despite forming a ++30% minority, local chinese girls are the majority infesting all whorehouse, spa & massage parlour hangouts.. anything from negro, bangla, indon, arab or afghan can have the taste of cheap chingkie girl pussy..its a world fresh flesh commodity..we should compliment the chingkies for this contribution..tq...hahahaha...

    talk about service, the captain always recommend chinese girl coz they can lick & suck all all the way including shit hole..

    Talking about man service, chinese girls love malay man coz the chingkie man are the one with the shortest dick of all in this bolehland..this is something in which money can't buy..pity you chingkie pig..long wong must be one of these unfortunate sus barbatus sp... hehehe..

    hey, cuntwhore shit..who knows, your grandma probably came here as a prostutite for the master Brits..its an inherited chingkie profession..kah..kah..kah.. dream on for your supremacy you stupid chingkie..


    :D muhahahaha
    -anti hindraf & ultra chingkies-

  83. Anonymous1:07 am

    Guys, if I m not wrong, the same Azeez has just been appointed to TABUNG HAJI board. God bless TABUNG HAJI ...

  84. Anonymous1:17 am

    Guys, if I got it right, the same Azeez has just been appointed to be on TABUNG HAJI board. OMG OMG OMG God bless TABUNG HaJi ....