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Bum 2010

Updated, Sunday 23/5
Bum 2010: The "Allah" Session by Shamsul Yunus
Allah revisited at Bum 2010 by Bujai
SatD's Pre-Event Analysis

Bloggers slam lawyer for "racist" means in dealing with issues facing the Indian community. P. Uthayakumar found himself at the wrong end of the stick at the final session of Bum10 yesterday after he attacked  and blamed authorities, the media, MIC and about everyone else for the plight of the Indian community in Malaysia.Big Dog (read his latest take on BUM and YB Dr Zul, who shared the same panel with Uthayakumar) took the first bite at the Hindraf Party leader, who spent about 18 months in detention under ISA for his involvement in the 25/11/2007 Hindraf protest. Uthaya dropped fellow lawyer and blogger Haris Ibrahim's name a couple of times to lend credibility to himself, till Haris himself had to take the mic to clear his name and tick off Uthaya for not getting the message. Not sure if Uthaya got any of it in the end.

But kudos to the Hindraf man for sticking out his neck and in his own way helping make BUM10 a success. Politicians from both sides of the divide have taken notice of BUM. For the first time, it had a Menteri Besar - Selangor's Khalid Ibrahim - in attendance and a Cabinet Minister - FT and Urban Well-being Minister Raja Nong Chik - to give a special address. Teresa Kok, Khalid Samad, and Dr Zulkifli Ahmad were among the Pakatan politicians who spoke. Umno's Akramshah was a panelist and Tun Faisal, the head of new media from Umno Youth, participated.
There was talk of inviting the Prime Minister for next year's BUM.

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Defending "Allah" at Bloggers Universe Malaysia 2010, live feed by Shamsul Yunus, at









  2. Hei Mo!

    Allah does not need defending especially from the likes of Haris Ibrahim or Bernard Khoo! But we do need Allah to protect or defend us from heretic or racists like Haris Ibrahim, or Bernard Khoo!
    Allah does not need forum such as BUM to defend him!

  3. If I didn't control myself just now, I would have thrown my shoes at the Muslims who have been traitors of their own religion.

  4. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Allah defend you, not you defend Allah.
    All of you are real stupid, Allah is so great that he need your protection?

    Please, if you know how to take care of yourself than Allah would be happy. Allah also think like me, he feel that you people are hopeless even after 53 years of rent-seeking and tongkat assisting still not up to the mark. So please stop saying you defend Allah, is Allah defend you moron from UMNO and he also think that by sinking UMNO that would do the most help to you.

  5. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Thot dato' sak was to have been the moderator. What happened?


    God does not need us in court to defend
    Him although we far too often dare to offend
    Him as though we are the experts and pretend
    To be well qualified enough on His matter to attend

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 230510
    Sun. 23rd May 2010.

  7. Let's cut to the chase ok? Don't go beating around the bush. Let me be blatantly honest.

    We don't want the Christians in Peninsula Malaysia to use Allah because they will definitely use it to spread their religion to the Muslim youths.

    We are not idiots you know.

    Stop the apostate

  8. Anonymous5:19 am

    What a joke? BUM giving freeloading munafik libtards, commie scum, racist garbage and anti-Islam slimeballs free public space and "airplay" to spew their ignorant rubbish to an equally dumb crowd of patheticos.

    Haris Ibrahim, the garbage of a SLUTVOR, talking about Islam? Why not get him to talk about gay and trannie accountants and the teapots, overturned umbrellas and sunken boats of Terengganu. Better still, BUM might as well get the Batu Caves priest to issue a fatwa on the issue, vouchsafed by this scumbag, the Zulkepli shit and the Khalid Samad slimeball.

    It is simple and clear: Islam forbids the use of Allah, one of the asma-alhusna by the Kaffir and Muslims who argue otherwise are commiting "shirik'/idolatry and are automatic kaffirs if they are not already one. Ask Ustaz Hadi Awang, the author of Aqidah Muslim where it is clearly stated so.

    The bungholes at BUM who were responsible for this, should hang their heads in shame for ultimately, Allah needs no defending, Rather it is the collective sanity of BUM that cries for defense. It is better if BUM just disbands itself for its credibility has just been flushed out off its arsehole.

  9. For once I agree with Pasquale.
    Mahathir said....a person must never admit his mistakes.
    Musa Hitam said...a person who admits his mistake is a brave man.
    Najib said..'Trust me" Sibuans
    Mahathir said..."I forgot"..14 Lingam case.
    Now you know these two are great liars....father and son.
    Najib said to Sibuans..'Lets make a deal. You help me ...I help you"
    Now you know how he made a deal with the Russians on the 2 submarines with RM500 million commission.

  10. Anonymous6:42 am

    See how these believers fighting out the existance of god all mighty for politics,muslim traitors they are,next time i will bring sleepers and throw on their faces for being idiotics selling their religions..a real hipocrates...Malays of many faces...

  11. Anonymous7:33 am

    RPK got a standing ovation in UK. UMNO can`t organise one for Rocky even.

    What all these bloggers bising bising. Football judi licence they support, Johnny Walker aoso support. Najib go to party with APOSTATE Obama pun dia support.

    Semua kaki tipu Allah saje.

  12. najib manaukau8:31 am

    Don't worry about Allah because Umno must be greater than Allah !
    Umno can made "Malays' out of half breeds because if Allah wanted them to be Malays Allah would have them borne as Malays and not half breeds. Right ?
    Umno make rules to have the half breeds turn into Malays now isn't that right ?
    Is it because there are not enough of real Malays and as such Umno make rules for the half breeds and non Malays to become Malays ? Otherwise the Malays would have become the minority ?
    Or is it because the real Malays, for some reasons, do not have enough Malays with 'better' brains and that the half breeds have a slightly better brains than the real Malays ?
    For whatever the reasons if Allah wanted the
    half breeds or the non Malays to be the real Malays Allah would have these pretenders borne as Malays ?
    Now if Umno isn't greater than Allah what is ?

  13. Anonymous8:37 am

    Why your God need you to defend? My God do not need us to defend because my God is very powerful and he can bless us all. You need to defend your God, does that mean your God is very weak? or is it you God is less powerful than my God?

    As I know this is the 1st time I hear of people defending their God, does this not make your religion questionable? If it is true that you need to defend your God than I am afraid that you in the wrong religion and to correct that it would be easy. You find yourself a better religion.

  14. Dear Dato'

    Since when you all thinks you are strong enought to depend ALLAH.

    REMEMBER, Allah does not need anything from you. But you needs something from HIM.


    JEBAT ( diajar bersyukur kepada ALLAH ).

  15. YESSS, Allah does not need ANY BN or PR politicians or mortals to defend "Allah".

    This issue has been politicised and getting out of hands in confusing the confused 99.9999%.

    Please read "Melayu Islam Beraja".
    Hopefully, we all shall understand WHY Religion and Politics MUST be separated, WHY Religion MUST be above Politics and WHY Hj Hadi and Nik Aziz should not be called TOK GURU !!!!

  16. Dato' Rocky, a new rebuttal for those thick-skulled in my new posting.hehe

  17. Anonymous12:21 pm

    I have been a follower of Mahathir even before he became PM.
    I wonder when did he say .....a person must never admit his mistakes.?
    I must have missed it!


  18. Anonymous1:53 pm

    PM Najib and the Whole Cabinet gi SINGAPORE,,,,apa pulak yang kena gadai!!!!!!!

    NI ari Madam MAMA gi shopping kot,,,!!!!!

    Nilai Sing Dollar besar or Malaysian Ringgit BESAR,,????


  19. Anonymous2:31 pm

    For what wana defend ALLAH, when our government under leadership of Najib Tun Razak wants to legalise SPORTS BETTING? To say that, that because of leakage to illegal operators, is not a valid reason, because if that is the premis, then please also legalise drugs like cocaine, marijuana and ice as well as prositution.
    I am heartened than Tan Sri Muhyiddin is not all out for sports betting and is trying to fight this evil inspite of being in Najib's cabinet.

  20. FYI to all and those who did not attend BUM 2010:

    1. Neither Bernard Khoo nor Haris Ibrahim were involved in organizing this year's BUM annual event.

    2. Bernard Khoo did not attend the function yesterday. So, please don't direct your venom at him!!

    3. As for criticizing Rocky, most of you have no idea the effort it takes to organize an event like BUM 2010. Many, like top reps from Utusan and UMNO who were invited and asked to join the forum, declined at the 11th hour after confirming attendance earlier. Efforts were made to get even Ibrahim Ali, KJ and Mukhriz to join the panel of speakers!!

    The uncensored freedom Rocky gives you here is priceless. Respect that!

    You have your views and others have theirs. You may think you know the "Allah" issue well; but after hearing PhD holding PAS MP's quote from the Koran verbatim in Arabic, you may be forced to think again!!

    It is only through discussions at forums such as BUM 2010 that the various issues haunting our nation can be better understood and resolved to the satisfaction of all.

    Don't just snipe from the sidelines. Come out and be heard so we may understand each other better.

    To quote Winton Churchill:

    "Jaw! Jaw! Not War! War!"

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  21. Anonymous5:17 pm

    1. but after hearing PhD holding PAS MP's quote from the Koran verbatim in Arabic, you may be forced to think again!!

    Response: yeah, try telling that to PAS president Hadi Awang in reference to his book.

    Even if a rocket scientist or a Quantum Physics maven from MIT quotes from the Quran in classical Arabic, a wrong is a wrong and the sooner every scum like you and those Quran-toting Phd kaffirs admit that fact the better. (Must be the latest craze in town, Quran-toting munafuckings to go with Bible-spouting catatonics. Remember, holy scripture twisting fiends lurk in every corner under every guise.

    2.It is only through discussions at forums such as BUM 2010 that the various issues haunting our nation can be better understood and resolved to the satisfaction of all.

    response: As if past BUMs have resolved all outstanding issues abracadabra. For whose satisfaction should it be by the way, when a cross worshipping superstition shamelessly steals a proper religion's Almighty for want of better things to do.Or maybe thats a sideshow to deflect from their gay, pedophilic ways here from being exposed.

    3.The uncensored freedom Rocky gives you here is priceless. Respect that!

    response; As usual serving as Rocky's loyal cockscukling gatekeeper does not confer you privileged rights to issue asinine threats signposted with exclamation marks.

    Do us all a favour by stuffing your condescending moral grandstanding attitude up your arse. It would do well being kept warm and comfy in there.

    4.Don't just snipe from the sidelines. Come out and be heard so we may understand each other better.

    response: What a joker and a lousy humbugger one at that.Understand one another? dude, you must be on some cheapskate samsu. Since when you have deigned to "understand" here and elsewhere with your hlier-tahn-thou poppycock i have said quit posturing like a know-it-all poseur but then i suspect you dont have anything up there to realise the fact in the first place. nioce try at toadying, only try harder the next time.

    Why should I care if UMNO comes or not. Maybe they know who the organisers are and thought better of it.

    Rocky: How much was it that took you back to them darksides ;oD Bankrolled by a godfather, i suppose!!hahahaha.

    "Dont let this be a bother, chill out with a lager"

  22. Uthaya is a lost cause. Too bad I wasn't there. Would have asked some very inconvenient questions. Obviously he does not know what the best medicine for Malaysian Indians is! Just doing what MIC claimed to be doing for the last 53 days. Except he has got a new engine!!

  23. Anon 5.17,
    I am a Christian and I disagree with the Allah ruling. This sentiment is not alone - there are others who disagree with it as well.

    When the ruling came out, I had been vocal in Dato Sak's blog in making my disagreement known, not to curry favour with anybody but because it is not Biblical. But i am not here to debate this issue, i have said my piece in other forums.

    I could not use my own blog as it had been locked up as i was recovering from a case of acute anti Mahathir-titis. (Stil not resolved. I do dislike him intensly)

    Well I am responding to your insult on the Christian faith. In theory it is seditious. The law is to be respected if and only if it serves ones own purpose right?

    Anyhow, would it be possible to know to whom this response should be attributed to? An on-line identity would suffice.

    Usually if you believe in something, you should have the courage of your convictions.

  24. Let me put it this have to be there to judge what really transpired.

    Some commentators over-reacted and formed their own conclusion. Who are we to condemn and pass judgment on our own peers?

    One of the panelist mentioned - if we (meaning the Muslims in Peninsular Malaysia) are sensitive to certain issues, then the other party is also equally sensitive. And if some thinks that they are the majority and thus they are right, then what happen when the same majority becomes a minority in other places? Do we then have to succumbed to the new "majority"?

    It is a pity that these commentators do not take the initiative to attend BUM and discuss the issues openly, face to face. If there are some who feel that BUM is monopolised by anti-establishment elements, then those pro-establishment elements should make an extra effort to balance up the composition. Barking outside is not the way to do it...or rather should I's not macho.

    Finally, some say that "Allah" do not need defenders. If that is so, then are they saying that they should just fold their arms and let "Allah" do what He wants? If that is their stand, I thnk it is them who needs to consult their religous teachers and get their stand corrected.

    I believe I have the right to write what I wrote because I was don't!

    WJ, you might suffer from Mahathir-itis, but don't tell me that you suffer from acute 24-hour Mahathir-itis. Need your insight on Sime Darby, man...

  25. Anon 5.17, you must be Warrior 231 in disguise!!

    You have used some of his stock phrases and of course, as usual, when you have nothing positive to say or contribute you will use the famous losers' move - playing the man and not the ball!!

    Where would the Jose Mourinho's of the world be if they adopted your loser mentality and tactics??!!

    You don't want understanding, resolution or peace; you want what you want. Unfortunately for you and fortunately for the world, sanity still prevails!!

    we rae all of 1 race, the Human race

  26. BUM 2010 is a great idea good for freedom of speech but is spoilt by the ALLAH discussion. Problem is Religion and Politic is a very volatile mix made more volatile by the politicians who are just religious wannabees quoting a few Quranic verses and trying to convince everyone present that they are the experts.

    BUM 2010 organisers should have invited Ustaz Haron Din to explain the ALLAH issue from a real Islamic expert perspective instead of Khalid Samad or other wannabbe ustads who thinks being able to quote a few sentence from the Quran qualifies them to speak on behalf of us Muslims about the Allah issue in a public gathering.


    ALLAH do not need defending from us mere mortals Bro. But we Malaysians must do all our can to defend our society from being further polarised and segregated with the continuation of this multi school system that we have. Lets have a civilised discourse in Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

  27. Anonymous12:45 am

    I find it funny that ignoramuses claim that Allah is for the sole exclusive use of Muslims. And it's solely a Malaysian situation, I might add. Yet never have I seen a surah quoted that helps uphold that claim. Makes you wonder whether these Caliph-wannabes are spouting off their backsides.

    And a question to Wenger J Khairy: You're Christian? Aren't you Malay by descent, and thus, supposedly Muslim by conviction? Do enlighten me about your identity, I'm just curious. Thanks.


  28. I am not a Malay En. Ledak.
    I took offence at your point because you summarily insulted a whole faith based on your preconceived notion. If I had kept quiet during the controversy then I would have been guilty of by keeping silent. But since I had spoken up then as I am speaking up now, I hope you have a true picture and perhaps this could change your opinion.

  29. Anonymous11:53 am

    1.I …………….other forums.
    Response : Point taken, Wenger but mere platitudes doth not sincerity maketh. If you and a minority of many are indignant about the whole thing, about time you dash off a petition to the powers that be to stop their imbecility from being undressed on the public stage. Or are all Crucifix adoring fans subject to some perverse Murphy's law in which “thou shalt lieth a zillion times to beget the Truth” is the abiding mantra?. As they say, the courage in the conviction is in the doing.
    By the way you are right, there is no biblical grounds for its use, other imbeciles aside. The first Arabic translation of the Bible (the Copt Bible and Codex) appeared in 900 Ad according to R.Kellogue (no relation to Kellog of cornflakes fame ;oD ) wherein there is no mention of Allah save for the Bismillah invocation which is of entirely muslim origin (to appease their Arab Muslim overlords, I guess). Heck, even till the 19th century, the Christos and their brother Jews were still carping over how to unravel YWYH (Exodus 3.14). Shows that Christos Arabs were leery of Allah, right? That’s another story and its one that will blow Murphy's Law beyond the 4th dimension.

    2. I could not use my own……….. anti Mahathir-titis. (Stil not resolved. I do dislike him intensly)
    Response: your like or dislike for him is nothing of my concern. Never heard of the malady but I kinda find it funny that those who harbor a deep hatred to the statesman are those obsessed in writing or bitching about him. A case of love unrequith turnth hate unbridled. Hell hath no fury than a man spurned.

    3. Well I am ... own purpose right?
    Response: In practice, it would hardly raise an eyebrow let alone sent heartbeats aflutter. What if I wrote ;
    There they stood - beneath arching gables of naked winged gargoyles, a sultry looking wench and bearded old men, with haloes ringing their heads, leering longingly at the wench, as spiders spun cobwebs around their loins - transfixed in a churchly silence, staring at the tortured blood splattered mien of a half naked hippie strapped to some t-shaped contraption, his face lolling limply to one side cradled by his thin upper arms, a coil of brambles crowned his mangy hair, mouth agape his bloodshot eyes stared blankly back. Slowly, a figure wrapped in a hooded white robe rose like an apparition before their very eyes. He raised a chalice and gravely intoned, “this folks is the best whorepiss in town, brewed to perfection. He turned his face to the hippie. “ Lets drinketh to his glory and imagineth that we are draculas drinking his blood before we palaver over all that bread filled with 'em lamb chops. Yam Seng, mah” he shouted thunderously, breaking the sepulchral silence. At that moment of epiphany from existential ennui, as the rays of a fading sun lit their careworn faces, the rabble below suddenly broke into laughter “ Yam Seng Lah” they chorused in unison…….”

    Namewee’s vile lyrics hardly drew a rebuke from the “sedition spouting” lot. Why? They feted him and even wrote paeans in the mainstream press. So what gives? The law is to be invoked if and only if it serves ones own purpose right?

    Anyhow, ……………… your convictions.
    Response: Nah, I cant do that. That would be tantamount to secular heresy. You see…It’s the collective conviction that remain unvoiced by many, aching in solitude within the breast of every Muslim . Fermenting to sour hatred doeth sweet conviction in thine silence”, fear not my sad cocncubine, let me give you thy voice lest you break out unawares and consume us in all thy fiery glory.

    Let our collective anonymity be:“We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom come” to raise your hopes and deflate those dreams in one fell swoop. Dude, get a one-way ticket to rapture and bring some grog along lest the flight gets delayed by OUR rumbling volcano. Thus spoke Zarathustra (my gardener). Pretty Nietzschean of him eh……now go get the ticket and that lager.

    “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom come

  30. Anonymous11:58 am


    Hell hath no fury than a woeman spurned

    " “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom come”

  31. Anonymous1:16 pm


    Still haunted by that guy. Must be giving you the creeps day and night, I suppose and making you see shadows lurking in every comment and phantoms stalking your every move.

    Poor woemanly DPP. Trapped and being consumed by his own personal demons.

    As my reply says " We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom comes" is the anonymous sobriquet that KJ Wenger demanded to exorcise his own demons.

    By the way, both you and Kj Wenger have something in common. Both have demons stalking and freaking the daylights and nightimes out of them.

    Wake up to the post-warrior world, DPP because we are a 100x times more ruthless than him and remember " We Are Legion.....".

    Play the man, that must be your favourite pasttime, DPP. Time for you to come out of the closet. If the De Generes gal can do it, wonder what's stopping a self-proclaimed "macho" (read butch) from following suit, eh gay faggot.

    “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after kingdom comes"

  32. Anonymous5:52 pm

    "But we do need Allah to protect or defend us from heretic or racists like Haris Ibrahim, or Bernard Khoo"
    That's the reason Allah put you (Pasquale) and Bernard Khoo on the same table at BUM's meet. Your wife was there too, sorry.

  33. Anonymous6:03 pm

    One of the panelist .............. new "majority"?

    Response: Yes you do and HAVE to. No questions asked. Ask the Brumbies Down Under, the Yanks, the French, the Germans and most recently, the Belgians. In each of those countries, the majority wish prevails and you wont find tamil or chinese vernacular schools there. Kind of intrigues me because when Chinese and Indians from Malaysia emigrate to those places, they dont bitch about these things but instead mew their acquiscence and bah their agreement and spend the rest of their damned lives trying to integrate and assimilate into the main stream. So much so that by the third generation, hardly anyone knows about Tamil nadu or Fujian nor would they shout themselves hoarse when Lin Dan and Co. come calling.

    2. Finally, ...... get their stand corrected.

    Response; Shows how your ignorance dovetails your bigotry. Allah needs no defending, He works his "defense' through his Creation. For instance, He will just send down a 1000 wattage bolt to singe your arse and fry your brains as you work the graveyard shift or smother your catnap by the toilet bucket with a mudslide or a shitslide.Thats His wrath working through Nature. Alternatively, He may use human agency by inspiring some devout Jihadi to put a bullet through your numbskull. Or He may strangle you with your own madness. Either which way, Allah vents His fury through His creation who are dependent upon Him who is independent of them. There are verses to that effect in the Holy Quran. Confused? Get Kaffir Khalid Samad to take you to a proper Ustadz to explain the niceties.

    3.It is a pity......or rather should I's not macho.

    Response: There would be no end to idiocy if engagement is with idiots out to pressure justice and massage public opinion. The macho thing to do would have been to let the courts decide as the issue is now before them. The coward's way is to preempt that, the man's way is to use the appropriate forum to argue a case. Yelping like madarses in the marketplace to satisfy a warholian fix is not going to alleviate anything but exacerbate everything. Jawing is a good exercise to keep the facial muscles taut but is better performed with gum as jaws have a nasty habit of chomping off arses. That's why Churchill went to war with the Germans instead of jawing with them like Chamberlain.

    Seems to me carrying bucketloads of shit whilst working the graveyard shift must have unhinged your brains or are you walking the streets as a g--c----r. Fill in that word sudoku during your spare time when boss is not looking.

    “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after Kingdom come"

  34. Anonymous12:27 am

    After reading almost all comments, I find BUM to be a failure in total, BUM went on to vent it's anger on Hindraf man and try to defend "ALLAH" and was whacked by comments online...

  35. “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after (thy?) kingdom come". (Beer grizzled belly) Warrior 231.

    What a load of crap!

    Here's something you should take heed of:

    The many were here long before you came and the many will be here long after you have gone. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust!!

    And "gay faggot"? Heh, heh, heh. Tautology at its worst!!

    "..100 x more ruthless.." Not possible from the stygian padded and straitjacket laden cellars of mental asylums like Tj Rambutan!! Muahaha!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  36. Anonymous12:29 pm

    Dildoed Pundek Pariah aka DPP

    Anon 5.17, you must be Warrior 231 in disguise!! You have used some of his stock phrases.......

    1. Dont drag my name in here, porikee pandi(pig). I have nothing whatsoever to do with his postings.

    2. Use your glasses better the next time,twatlicking, cuntmunching, shitslurping fuckhead. He has his own style with none of my venomous expletives reserved for deserving bastard shitwhores like you.

    3. Everyone here knows that I write "Chingkie" never "Chinese". Similarly, "hindulen" never "Indian".

    4. I always address you as above, never as just DPP. I have called you a trannie boy, a gayboy etc based on the evidence you have unwittingly dropped, uncircumcised, filthy dickhead.

    5. There are other differences if you have the brains to observe,bitchtwat licking cocklouse. The last time I upbraided you for your moral hypocrisy in supporting Charles Kiwi, I noticed something else.

    5. You were in the BUM organising team which explains your cocksuckling, dickjuicing ways vis-a-vis Bru. I did my math, rang the bell and hopped off the bus to enjoy the fresh air and soak in the sunshine. When and whether I hop back on is my business not yours. It can be at KM 13.5, .6, 14 or never and I dont need another pseudonym when I have my own brand-name.

    6. Good for u, "We are legion...". Sock it to them, arsetonguing, titfucking clitsuckers. These buttrammed Chingkie cocksuckling blowjobbers have no honour. These eunuchs only know how to kowtow(bow to Chingkie 'emperor') and milkcum or kowtow and be arsefucked.

    Hulu Selangor and the treachery at Sibu has vindicated me, Warrior 231.The cowards have come to realise they cannot win as long as the Malays remain steadfast. Talk on the ground is that their balls are shrinking as the Malay vote returns to BN and that's why they are talking, tolerance, peace blah3 to save their hide. Well, there aint going to be any from this quarter, The rubicon was crossed a long time ago.The time for jawboning is over. Keep those machetes sharp, my beloved Malay brethren. Ah' cant wait for post GE13. Already lickin' mah' chops at the thought of all that culling.

    Warrior 231

  37. Anonymous12:41 am

    Where got so many kingdom, this is 2010, not 1010 la. Even the Qin warrior has turn into terracotta.


  38. Anonymous12:52 am

    DPP, cram all those ashes and dust into your vacuum machine of a brain.

    Think you are too smart ah, little worthless immoral gay faggot. Allow me to enlighten your bigotry so that the next time, you will think twice before tapping the keyboard.

    adj., gay·er, gay·est.
    1. Of, relating to, or having a sexual orientation to persons of the same sex.
    2. Showing or characterized by cheerfulness and lighthearted excitement; merry.
    3. Bright or lively, especially in color: a gay, sunny room.
    4. Given to social pleasures.
    5. Dissolute; licentious

    I used adjective No (5) above to qualify your obvious sexual orientation hence yielding " gay faggot". Thought rudimentary grammar would be a breeze for a selfstyled smartypants "accountant" like you.However, your stupidity is not surprising given your slow onetrack mind and fixation for buggery.Flick your screen to Merriam Webster if you want confirmation.

    2. DPP, there is no way out for you save for a oneway ticket back to India post GE13. Tarry here and have a steel blade running across your throat as your gutter pipe is sawed into two. Then it will be party time with the missus, the daughter(s) and even the mother and sister(s) if they can still cum. After all, you should know better the pentup travails of a boootyful (to paraphrase you) sexstarved woman married to an arse addict.

    So keep up the fawning, dickjuicer DPP (to borrow Brother Warrior 231's neat turn of phrase)for only influence can save you now. Bro Warrior, nice one and thanks for the compliments and inshallah we will together clean this place of useless vermins like DPP. As for the other little boys here, better dont tangle with us unless you want yourself and family in big trouble.

    “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after Kingdom come"

  39. Anon 12.52

    Keep fantasizing in your dark loser dreamworld, Warrior 231 bootlicker wannabe. Empty vessels like you - a dime a dozen. Guess it's a big let down sharing the same wall-padded stratjacket strewn room in Tj Rambutan you have to share with your mentally sicko "hero!" Muahaha!!

    OOh! We are shivering in our shoes - NOT!!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

  40. Anonymous10:47 am

    Guess it's a big let down sharing the same wall-padded stratjacket strewn room in Tj Rambutan you have to share with your mentally sicko "hero!" Muahaha!!

    Response: Despita all the pathetic attempts at bravado, the balls- shrinking shivering has already started. The double use of "share" in different guises in the above excerpt is a tell-tale sign and the stock phrase "dime a dozen" is a dead giveaway.

    Savour whatever time left as every precious 'droplet' is one less second closer to that unmarked grave. Just have to decide whether the clitting or slitting should come first? Care to share your and missus' thoughts on that, DPP for we believe in giving the doomed a say in things.

    There, that will do. No more talk 'bout this till we appear like Grim Reapers in from the rain.

    “We are Legion but yet we will be there even after Kingdom come"