Saturday, May 29, 2010

Mother of all Tongkats Part 2

Time to do away with the tongkat, according to economists Ramon Navaratnam and YKL (Yeah Kim Leng) as told to the Malaysian Insider and posted by Din Marican in Subsidy Cuts will be good for Malaysia here.  
Three major benefits of subsidy reforms, says YKL:
  • greater efficiency gains overall.“Subsidy savings, instead of supporting consumption, can be directed to productive spending such as education, R&D, healthcare and public transportation.
  • enhancement of the efficiency of the economy.“As we move closer to market prices, supply and demand becomes more market-responsive [and are] driven by price signals. 
  • a more resilient economy, strengthened by lower fiscal deficit and government debt.
The Pakatan "economists" don't think so.All roads lead to politics, as in Vote BN for Bankruptcy featuring Kit, DSAI, and Nik.


Anonymous said...

Why are the rakyat held responsible for all the mess and damage committed by the BN?

Anonymous said...

ROCKY wrote : enhancement of the efficiency of the economy.

Yes. Giving APs and FREE land in KL city centre to the NAZA brothers is a VERY efficient way to manage the ECONOMY.

We, the rakyat are the tongkat. People like NAZA, Najib, Jho Low are using us as the TONGKAT for the to PROSPER.

Anonymous said...


Another idiot cakap,,"OUR ECONOMY WILL BANKRUPT BY 2019" if subsidy cut not implemented,,!!!!

Another PARIAH cakap "Negara akan MAJU dengan VISION 2020",,!!!


Are all our FORMER PMs and DPMS DUNGUS


Anonymous said...

Tan Sri Dr Ramon Navaratnam said the public will not stand for SUBSIDY cuts while government CORRUPTION remains unresolved.

As Reported by FORBES : Corruption is at a critical level here,' RAMON NAVARATNAM said.

Government MUST exercise less WASTEFUL spending said RAM Holdings chief economist Dr YEAH KIN ENG

Habib RAK said...

Collectively, all possible suggestions have been given to the UMNO/BN government. We all know that the root of the problem is corruption. Until we solve the corruption problem, no amount of good measures will be able to contain the alarming rising debt. You cannot fill the barrel, if the big hole is not plugged! Its very obvious to me that the only way to save our country is to boot out the UMNO/BN government. This government is the one who has put us in this cronic situation and they are addicts to corruption. There is no way they will self medicate.

Habib RAK said...

According to the slide presented by Pemandu(Idris Jala), the total government debt in 1997 was RM90Billion. As at end 2009, it has skyrocketed to RM362Billion!! Note: Anwar Ibrahim, the then DPM/Finance Minister at the beginning of financial crisis in 1997 was sacked in 1998.
What does logic tell us. Forget politics, just ask your own common sense.

Anonymous said...

So you divert the subsidies into "expenditure" where there are no calls for transparency or efficiency ? So that we pay a few hundred million more for each submarine we buy or for each attack helicopter we buy ?

No, the call for a cut in subsidies must be accompanied by a parallel call for a cut in public expenditure so that we reduce the annual deficit spending. Is that so difficult for BN to understand ?

The majority of the rakyat understand that a cut in subsidies is due to a lack of funds for the typical BN projects, and hence it is nothing more than a diversion of funds towards unnecessary commission-based expenditure.

How do you make the rakyat understand that their suspicions are incorrect ? The "trust me" principle doesn't work anymore.


Gen M said...

Well, well, well. These Pakatan goons all accuse the Malays of refusing to throw away their tongkat (NEP and even Malay rights enshrined in the Consti).

Now you tell them to give up subsidies, they CRY and they threaten to turn our streets into Bangkok!

CTSB - Cakap ta serupa bikin!

Anonymous said...

Based on NEM, subsidies for bottom 40 per cent will be maintained as much as possible.

That's good.

Idris Jala must bring back the two-tier pricing for fuel. The rich must pay MORE for their gas.


yTube said...

Habib RAK!

Tulah Paklah yang korang kasihi kasi perabih. Paklah yang Tuan Haji Hadi, Lim Kit Malam and Bang Nuar nak sangat dikekallkan sebagai perdana menteri!

Nasib baiklah Najib PM. Insyallah, dengan langkah-langkah yang akan beliau ambil dan sudah perkenalkan, kewangan negara akan bertambah baik.

Bab Bang Nuar masa jadi Menteri Kewangan, tak payah lah kita perbesar-besarkan. Semua orang tahu dia bebal ekonomi.


mad said...

we the rakyat are the tongkat. without us those filthy politicians are going nowhere. so they better keep us happy and satisfied. the rakyat are the boss.

wakmempelam said...

Yang Berbahagia Dato,

Apa yang tidak bolih dinafikan bahawa 50 tahun UMNO memerintah menyebabkan ekonomi negara huru-hara.
Satu lagi projek tajaan kerajaan BN!
Jimat duit, tak payahlah pakai APCO untuk spin lagi. Yang untung hanya Yahudi!

bodoh.pandai said...

Dear Rocky,

What about the common Chinese and Indians house buyers subsiding super rich malays in buying million dollars houses with up to 8 % discounts!!

Does Najib got the guts to remove this totally unfair subsidy or will Perkasa throw a tantrum?

Wenger J. Khairy said...

Go ahead. Cut the subsidy. Make petrol market price. Make sugar and rice at market price. Cut everything.

Country still goes bankrupt. Period.
These guys don't know what they are talking about.

Wenger J. Khairy said...

Ialah mcm kao pandai sangat. Nak baca stament akaun pun tak erti jgn nak kutuk orang. Nak puji Tun sampai ke langit, pujilah. Tapi kalu nak kutuk orang biar kutuk secara berakal.

Kalau bodoh baik diam aje.

Anonymous said...

betui tu gen m,

kalu kerajaan kekalkan tongkat depa riuh kata kerajaan asyik nak menangkan bumiputera miskin. laa ni kerajaan nak buang sebahagian dari tongkat ni (subsidi yg sebenarnya utk orang miskin) depa kata nak mampuskan bumiputera plak. apa saja yg kerajaan buat semua tak betui. depa rasa depa saja yg betui padahal kalu bagi depa memerintah, seharisemalam saja, lingkup habih macam depa dok tengah buat dinegeri2 yg depa perintah. serambi mekah pun makin ketara kes2 penyelewengan pemerintahan alim-ulamak mereka. tu baru nak 20tahun. kalu 50 tahun macam mana agaknya?. mungkin lebih teruk dari apa yg mereka dakwa kerajaan bn buat.

serbasalah sesetengah orang malaysia ni.bantu sana sini depa kata nak rasuah. kalu kerajaan tak bagi apa2 depa kata kerajaan zalim. yg sebenaqnya setiap manusia ni sepatutnya bertanya diri sendiri..adakah aku sudah melakukan yg terbaik sebagai hamba Allah? jujur? amanah? bertaqwa? tidak berat sebelah? jgn hanya suka menyalahkan semua pihak lain. diri sendiri macam mana?


Anonymous said...

Idris Jala is confused when he said 60% of respondents supported the proposal to withdraw the subsidies. Watch their reactions and responses when prices started to go up. There will be public outcry and demonstration by the rakyat. Will Najib put his political career at stake?

Not to worry, Idris Jala's proposal will be rejected by the Cabinet.

Donplaypuks® said...

Without spending 1 cent or invoking expensive laboratories and gaji buta KPI Ministers and staff costing the Rakyat millions more, here are some suggestions to reduce wasteful expenditure and save Malaysia RM billions over the next 5 years:

1. Cancel the $8 billion light manoeuvrable light tank contract awarded to DRB Hicom for us to "monitor the Afghan situation."

2. Re-negotiate all IPP one-sided 100% cost (and gas subsidided) pass through take or pay contracts forced upon Tenaga by Mahathir. Current annual cost is $13 billion. We should be able to save $8 billion here.

3. Re-negotiate all guaranteed payments re toll highway contracts. Asas Serba's $50 billion 7.5% guaranteed dividend offer shows there is too much fat in these contracts. Annual savings - $4.6 billion.

4. Re-negotiate all water piratised contracts where auto tariff increases are guarnteed by GOvt. Annual savings - appx. $2 billion at least.

That's RM8 billion today, RM 16.2 billion annually and RM 81 bilion over 5 years!!!!

Rosemajib and Jala, don't take the masses for fools. You are only trying to cover up for UMNO/BN running Malaysia into the ground with $362 billion in national debt and corruption which (according to the Auditor General) costs us RM 28 billion per year!! Resign now!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

Idris Jala should just stop being barisan's spin doctor and retire honorably.

The humongous jump in government debt got little to do with the so-called subsidy.

If he did his maths, which I don't think he did, the massive increase in government's budget is due to the increase in government servants' salary.

i dare him to show the public wat was the government's servant salary in 1997 and compared that to 2010.

Ada branika, Idris?

DS Najib pls sack this Idris fella for misleading the public and appoint DS Shahidan Kassim as your Economic Advisor.

-Ismail Kerbau-

Anonymous said...

The country has been having deficit for many years. Yet no precautions has been taking. Tender issued based on cronisysm and not on merits. Efforts of more efficient states has been belittle by the federal goverment. All this for the political mileage.
The country by right should not have debts as we have plenty of natural commodities highly sought by the world. Oils Palms, Rubber, Oil & Gas - you name it and we have it. Look at Singapore and we really need to wonder what have gone wrong.


listen & observe said...

Dear Habib RAK...

Pls correct me if i'm wrong.. are you try to imply that our national debt prior to 1997 was good due anwar's good job as mof..

please know this as a matter of fact.. things were ok back then due to mahathir's superior management skills.. NOTHING to do with anwar.. It is general knowledge that anwar was the stupidest minister ever walked this land.. messing up every single ministry he ever touched.. THAT'S A FACT..

may be you were not in the business/employment market yet back then.. but we seniors know this and really hope anwar can never come back to put us thru hell again..

Anonymous said...

Tu la kawan2 semua..

Yang bengkok2 tolong tampil hadapan..lama mana nak menyorok?

Satu lagi pesan,

nak sucikan duit tak suci tu.. buka rumah/pusat anak yatim, bergendang sana sini konon top philantropist in Malaysia, in Asia ker...

satu hari nanti, NALA2 yang tau, akan bersuara juga..

Kesian la kat orang2 lain sekadar tongkat penyapu lidi pun, dah nak kena ambil balik..

I feel MACC should give out BIG (percentage) rewards on amounts recovered to those who expose corrupt person/family..

Macam kat Negara China, jiran repot you curi sebiji buah mangga pun, municipal kasi hadiah ganjaran RM300 equivalent to our money.. kalo satu batang balak? Satu lori pasir?

Dari situ baru aman sikit kiranya nak tarik apa jenis tongkat.


eddy said...

Saudara Gen M(4:24pm) bercakap benar, saya sokong.

cowboymalaysia said...

there is very little point in cutting down the subsidies if wasteful spending is still rampant. also how can we increase revenue and spend wisely?

read for an interesting insight on subsidy cuts

Anonymous said...


The Minister who suggests the opening of Kampung Baru to Non-Malays must be terminated for having limited scope of ability to generate viable development for the Malays. My dear Dato Raja... have the Malays got anymore land in KL for you to become too generous? Think la befgore you say things.


CommonerNinetyNine said...

the current regime would like to talk about savings? how about wasting?

looks like they haven't learn anything from the former sleepy regime. the petrol price raising episode anyone?

subsidise is the only thing that the government can do to directly benefit everyone, i mean everyone, not just few groups of people.

if the government can't even fulfill this obligation to the people, i think that's the end for this regime.

asking people to bare the responsibility is indeed an easier job than thinking and planning how to generate more income. it is a passive move, show directly the lack of courage, management skills, and responsibility of this regime.

if this regime can't even reduce wasting, it is like hypocrisy to talk about savings.

Unknown said...

The Pakatan "economists" don't think so

because they know it will be even better if corruptions and mismanagement can be controlled!!!

all proj and contracts benefit the priviledge few ... but when there is a screw up -> it's 1 malaysia . .sama ditangggungggg

Mustapha Ong said...

Dear Rocky's Bru,

Corruption is the mother of all evils.In the words of J.V. Langmead Casserley, "Because men are everywhere corruptible and always corrupted,no man or group of men can be trusted with too much power and indeed with no power at all which is not balanced or checked by the power of other men".

All responsible citizens are concerned about the abuse of political power that had governed this nation for the last 53 years.No man is perfect and politicians are the worst culprits who are corrupted everywhere for the sake of seeking power in order to suppress the weaker rakyat and enrich themselves, families and cronies.

Our leaders and civil service have been in the era of corruptions for the last few decades and it is not easy to change their attitude,due to the social pressure,increasing cost of livings and beyond that the freedom that we enjoyed.There are too many areas of entertainments including gambling outlets,massage and reflexology centers that are easily available to the public.

We are now obsessed and living in a decaying society with all those ill-gotten wealth, which will destroy the present and future generation.These phenomenal is due to the uncontrolled greed for wealth, social status and excessive freedom in the name of human right.

Legislation of laws and institutions will not work, without the cooperation of the people who encourage corruptions which are more sophisticated now a days with international their connections.We need to change the mind set of those corrupted leaders and those who are deeply indulged in corruptions,without conscience and fear for God and the negative effects of social ills.

Malaysians had been living under the protected zone of comfort for far too long and it will take some time to cushion the shock of withdrawal of subsidies.The average Malaysians do not even know that the government had been subsidising our cost of livings for so long based on a number of reasons, including the perpetuation of political power.

The withdrawal of subsidies can only be effective if our economies are sound and managed with ethics and responsibility like what Singapore is doing.Thailand could have succeeded if they enjoy real political,economic and social stability.

In the case of Malaysia, our past political leaders were too concerned about their political stay of power and were not in a position to enforce stringent laws to curb corruptions as they themselves were also corrupted.Why didn't they do what they had preached and adopt fair, reasonable and inclusive policies across the board and not based on racial considerations? DEP,NEP or NEM are good and effective economic models based on sound micro-economic management, but the systems including quotas and privileges had been abused by irresponsible officials as well as those who are patronage of powerful politicians.

Malaysians are ready to accept the withdrawal of subsidies but not at one go.Certain items such as sugar,flour, rice, cooking oil,utilities,transport,basic educational providers and medical services should continue to enjoy subsidies,until we can create a strong higher income group through the increase of wages, etc.

The government should proceed with the withdrawal of subsidies and effectively reduce rampant corruptions.We need to have the courage to change and support government policies and initiatives without or favour.

No need to change the government of the day, whose confidence we have been enjoying as the oppositions under the present leaders are no better.It's the better of the two evils, one of which is the lesser one that will lead us to better days ahead through a fair,reasonable and responsible execution of policies guided by human values and equality.

The majority Chinese should not be despair as they continue to create wealth, but the Malays need to get rid of their subsidised mentality and be less dependent on government hand outs and bail out syndrome which they had created themselves.

PANJI HITAM 61 said...

Attended the Perkasa MEB last nite. Najib was there.Before they implement NEM, they must reduce wastages and leakages (RM330 Billions for the last 20 years)

Bru, taken Panji's sentiments exactly. Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Najib's Economic Model (NEM) - Topsy Turvy
It is interesting to know who are the ones behind PM Najib's economic vision. Those who are advising him should know that policies are interconnected. A policy change must be balanced against other components in the equation. For example, subsidy cuts must be complimented with steps and efforts to increase the per capita income of the people.

Malaysia's per capita income of USD7k per annum in low compared to its aspiration to become a fully developed country by 2020. The government wants to double the per capita income by 2020 but fall short of spelling out the steps to be taken.

Ironically, the cabinet is supposed to meet up on Wednesday to approve cuts in various subsidies e.g. sugar, flour, oil, gas etc.

It may be wise to reduce the government's spending on subsidies but at the same time these savings must be channeled towards real capacity building to enhance the per capita income of Malaysians.

If we continue to remain a low salary and low cost destination, the cuts will bring more destitution to the people. Standard of living will continue to drop due to lower consumption power and higher goods and services costs.

Moreover, the government is trying to create more outlets for people to 'try their luck' when everything else looks gloomy. Azly said "In the name of progress and development, Malaysia hopes to create a nation of gamblers by approving soccer gambling licenses."

I totally support Azly's call to stop giving out more gambling licenses. More people who may not have access to illegal betting syndicates can now become legal punters.

It appears that Najib's economic policy and market liberalisation has confused more people than provide enlightenment.

He should help to address critical issues such as skills and brains deficit, low income level, corruption, wastage of public funds, civil service transformation and others.

The most important liberalisation he has failed to undertake is to provide a comprehensive review of the NEP and to introduce meritocracy into the system.

Liberalisation is not by giving more soccer gambling licenses. I agree with Azly that it is a new social cancer which is waiting to wreck many households.

Bunnies said...

I think we need a change in government and not cut in subsidies. I am sure if Lim Guan Eng can turn around Penang, he can turn around the country. So, it is not about cutting or borrowing or stealing or cheating to make the country stay afloat. It is about changing the captain of the ship. The current captain has FAILED!!

Yup, one minute the captain tell you that the ship is on course, everything is set to be rosy and posy with a 10% increase in wind direction favourable to the ship.. the next, the skipper comes along and tell you the ship will sink if they dont change course! WTF!!?? So, who is right? Even in such simple act of distribution of message, the whole crew, captain and skipper and all cannot get it correct, what more can you expect from managing the ship!?

PLEASE LA... Everything about this subsidy cut spells and smells like a big conspiracy to continue feeding corruption and cronysm!

If this subsidy cut is carried out, BN will be signing its own death warant. Opposition with people like Lim Guan Eng and Tony Pua who I can see are money wizards and BN, with nothing but half cook idiots, BN will not stand a chance in the next election. LGE and TP and the likes in Opposition will fry and burn BN to dust!

Anonymous said...

i didn't see, feel & touch any $ub$idy. this is all armo bulldust.

En. Lee Kong Kiat.

Anonymous said...

Ramon- he can waffle like a monkey for all he wants as he sits on the board of Airasia, a "government sponge".

YKL - what a chingkie laugh. The idiot is just mouthing 101 stuff that kiddoes mess with as playdough. In fact, some of the stuff, he is yapping about are themselves subsidised! In 2008, when Najib came on the scene ,there were a series of articles in the StarBiz about subsidies- courtesy of CIMB "experts". The tone was pretty much the same as to what we are getting today and priming us for the inevitable. 2 years on...yawn.

Any subsidy reform should take into consideration 2 groups:

1. subsidy addicts : the subsidy "wants" cohort who want the subsidy to bloat their fatarse bottomlines and to fatten their wallets beyond obesity.

2. Subsidy fans : the subsidy "needs" cohort who need the subsidy to flesh their skeletal frame and eke out a living on the earthly plane.

Since (2) constitute the bulk, it would be sensible not to ignore actual needs just to satisfy childish wants. After all the subsidies, what impressive gains in productivity or global product branding have local companies especially the SMEs shown. All they do is move their investments abroad to low-cost labour and overhead zones when the net impact of subsidies on bottomlines are reduced. And who are these folks anyway? Yeah, the chingkie bastards.

Yank of all subsidies and watch the leeches tool up the prices and the worms clam up their purses until supply/demand works off their gyrations as the PED disorients itself. That will temporarily throw consumption into a tizzy and us into a self-induced double-dip which is bound to happen anyway, the European way.

So what to do? Keep things as they are by not listening to biz monkeys or ugly Fuckatan apes. If need be do any tinkering involving (1) gradually. After all, plenty has changed since 2008 when oil was riding the stratosphere and commodities going thru the roof.And global growth will be anemic at best for another 5 years or so hence less pressure on oil, commodities etc. Sometimes, it pays to have a cool head and nerves of steel.

Warrior 231

Anonymous said...

Duduk di KL,,,gaji tak seberapa,,!!!!!

Nak makan diluar sesekali,,harga melambung,,bayangkan nasi campor bodo-bodo pon rm4.50,,,!!!!!

Nak naik TEKSI,,,duduk aja rm3.00 belum jalan,,bayangkan kalu trafik jam,,memang koyaklah kocek,,!!!

53tahun Merdeka,,dengan the various subsidy given,,as claimed by the gomen,,,,,,,AKAN DIKURANGKAN BY STAGES by 2019 else the Gomen will BANKCRUPT,,,what will happen to people like us,,konon METROPOLITAN.


ADAKAH kita di TIPU,,,untk mengundi PEMERENTAH??????


vinnan said...

Gen M,

Subsidies apply to ALL races you a']hole. APs for commercial purposes 99.99% goes to UMNO and their dogs. See the difference UMNO d[']head idiot.

Anonymous said...

cut? and why not?

cannot pay for petrol, take bus la!

cannot pay for sugar, drink plain water la!

cannot pay for electricity, use fan & go sleep early la!

Anonymous said...

Not willing to pay for more but...

can afford to gamble in magnum, 1+3d, toto & genting.

Just fcuking do away with all the subsidies, the sooner the better.

Anonymous said...


Got problems ke?

Najis can simply just get Vincent to print more ringgit la!

Gila Milo said...

How about taking away subsidies to companies like IPPs or mega companies like YTL as well?

An example - Petronas have been selling gas and oil cheap to these companies.

Those subsidies should be taken away too.

Anonymous said...

En. Lee Kong Kiat,

You must be one lost communist still living in the jungles?

Thats why you didn't see, feel & touch any $ub$idy. Should find a big python to give you a body massage to bring back all your six senses..

Wonder how you mAnaged to post your views here. Hantar message pakai burung merpati ker?



Anonymous said...

I CAN'T AGREE MORE WITH PANJI HITAM61 when he refer to Khoo Kay Peng's blog:-
It is interesting to know who are the ones behind PM Najib's economic vision. Those who are advising him should know that policies are interconnected. A policy change must be balanced against other components in the equation. For example, subsidy cuts must be complimented with steps and efforts to increase the per capita income of the people.

Malaysia's per capita income of USD7k per annum in low compared to its aspiration to become a fully developed country by 2020. The government wants to double the per capita income by 2020 but fall short of spelling out the steps to be taken.

I live in New Zealand and the current petrol price of 91 is $1.729....@2.25 to the ringgit, this is RM3.89 per litre. But with a min wage of $12.50 per hour and I can earn around $3000 a month minus the extremely high income tax of 20%, I don't feel the petrol price is expensive when in fact, I am paying RM2.00 extra. So you know what I mean.
In the 80s, our currency is just around RM1.40 to the NZ$, we have gone down too far.

Anonymous said...

Rocky, the cause of our problem in this country is not the subsidy but corruption (to be specific, by UMNO goons), stupid!

Anonymous said...


Correct, correct, correct and gorek, gorek, gorek the pockets of the poors into their own pockets until this country going for bankruptcy


Anonymous said...

Sorryla bro, just want to comment abt the current gomen. Talks abt stupid tongkat to the people. What is the offset that the govent want to let go if this tongkat had been removed. For example stupid car tax, income tax, road tax, and bla2 that always raised up every year. Please dont accuse me as a PR man. the inflated toll cause is not because of rakyat but the causes of stupid kronies during Tun M time. For example, the cost to built 1 km highway is RM 2 million, but stupid renong charge RM 5 million. Does the high cost of toll is rakyat responsibilities of suppose the work of irresponsible companies? Im getting fed up with the excuses by gomen becoz of rakyat tongkat mentality but at the same time charging the rakyat left and rakyat limitless.

I will not vote for Najib aka Rosmah.

skilgannon1066 said...

Warrior xxx

Hey, I agree with your views - on the economy and subsidies, that is!

I've often wondered how Indonesia, with it's huge population and myriad problems (including corruption, legal/judicial "mafias", wonky infrastructure etc) has managed to keep it's budget deficit to around 2 per cent of GDP (in 2009 and 2010) and it's public debt-to-GDP ration of only 27 per cent. Could it be due to ex-Finance Minister Sri Mulyani and Trade Minister Mari Pangestu who are committed "reformers"?

Also, the government has kept quiet on the fact that "in the early 1970s, our GDP per capita was at parity with S Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong. Today, Singapore's GDP per capita is US$34,346, Hong Kong's US$29,559 and S Korea's US$16,450 while Malaysia is lagging behind with a GDP of US$7,469. Like the over-confident hare that decided to take a short nap during the race, Malaysia has "woken up" to find that many other countries which barely used to be neck and neck with us have already sprinted ahead" (Datuk Dr Hassan Said, vice-chancellor and president of Taylor's University College, in The Edge, May 31,2010).

Did Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah take "short naps" when they were in power?

no name said...

bodoh.pandai you are actually BODOH. 8% bumi lot is DISCOUNT not SUBSIDY. That is official. But what is not official and done under the table, is chinese is getting more discounts and other privileges when buying properties from private chinese developer. In fact the 5% or 8% givern to Bumi nothing compared what the chinese buyers received from the chinese developers.

Who is racist...THE CHINESE!

Anonymous said...

You guys should chase off the foreigners enjoying subsidies for Malaysians

especially the luxury car owners from red dot who pump petrol from Malaysian kiosks

Anonymous said...

>>. 8% bumi lot is DISCOUNT not SUBSIDY.

oh discount is not a subsidy? pandai nya.

what university you graduated from?

Anonymous said...

So many of us said, the cut of subsidies should only be done in a corruption-free environment. Now, in the flawed world such as ours, is there ever a corruption-free environment?

Yes , we all know the government needs to be more transparent. However, please remember corruption is an intangible area that cannot be solved quickly in one day. The fact that the bills such as the whistle blower bill is passed says that we are moving in the right direction.

Corruption aside, the CUT OF SUBSIDIES and REDUCTION OF DEBT is a tangible area where the government can do something about right now to prevent POSSIBLE future catastrophe. The government is rebuilding its accounts. To rebuild it with robustness, so we are able to face the unpredictable future.

I understand most of us are skeptics and the government has long been given their chance. Feelings and sentiments aside, it’s not about the opposition, the current ruling party, it is about us, especially the poor who will suffer when subsidies is cut off abruptly in 2015 or to find the nation is bankrupt in 2019 because of subsidies. So, let’s face the fact when we can or before it’s too late.

It’s highly commendable that an Open Day was held last week to share findings, plans, and obtain feedback from the public. This has never happened before and I personally feel it’s a move in the right direction to engage the public. The government could have gone on to implement it without any prior news. The outcry everywhere is understandable but we have to be realistic that the benefits we enjoy are not really what it is.


skilgannon1066 said...

Anon 4:37 PM

You mean the same "red dotters" who are being courted to invest in Iskandar Malaysia?

Just asking, lah.