Saturday, May 29, 2010

Statesman Dr Mahathir on Tongkats

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  1. Statesman? Rocky - this must qualify as the ultimate spin. Yes, this guy makes lots of statements - both during his 22-year reign and after. Most of the statements are racist, unfounded and appeal to nationalist and jingoistic instincts.

    Statements - yes; aplenty. Statesman - no; and by a long shot.

  2. Anonymous1:24 pm

    There is only ONE tongkat, and we the rakyat are the tongkat, helping support all the fat, rich and corruptpoliticians.
    What subsidy is Idris Jala and Najib talking about? If Petronas produce GAS at RM1 and sells to us at RM1.50, but the international market price is RM2 is that SUBSIDY?
    No, its not, because Petronas is still making a profit by selling gas to us at RM1.50, and the government is not handing back 50 sen cash back to Petronas.
    It is MERELY a PAPER ENTRY. It is not subsidy, but loss cost on not making the MAXIMUM profit.
    Najib and Idris Jala have become SHYLOCK's squeezing every drop of what we earn.
    Yet these government is beefing the civil service, like there is no tommorow.
    Did you know that in 2008, we had 1.2 million civil servants, and that from 2000 to 2008, civil servants increased by 104 people per day.
    In 2008 the civil service bill was RM40 billion or from each tax payer RM22,800.
    We have 1.8 million people paying tax, and 1.2 million people working in the civil service, meaning every 1.5 tax payer support ONE civil servant.
    1 million civil servants for a population of 25 million means, that for every 25 Malaysians, there is ONE civil servant.
    This is ONE of the highest in the WORLD.
    So, Najib, Jala, who is the TONGKAT, why dont you cut the FLAB, instead of making us the RAKYAT carry this TONGKAT for you?
    Why do you think, Najib and Jala have gone on the SHOCK and AWE public relations exercise to scare Malaysians?
    The reason being is because Najib does not WANT to undertake any reforms, and is just trying to make the rakyat, pay for the bills so that every thing can continue to be as it is.
    Let me ask, every Malay, Chinese and Indian, this question on your race.
    Is SM Nasarudin SM Nasimuddin and SM Faliq SM Nasimuddin better Malays, then you, that they should be given FREE land at the CENTRE of KL, near MATRADE?
    Is Vincent Tan and Taek Jho Low better Chinese then you, that one got the sports GAMING license for FREE, and the other is being given a license to abuse the Trenganu petrol dollars?
    Is Ganalingam a better Indian then you, that he should be allowed to buy over MAIKA for 80 sen a share, when their par value is RM1.

    Its me Boss.

  3. Anonymous1:47 pm

    You want to potong the subsidy in the form of cash or near cash handouts to the poor and needy and the infirm?
    Or those government agencies and entities that took up huge loans previously?
    Or those public universities who soaked in money but failed to produce good results.
    You have got to differentiate between non performing subsidy recipients and really subsidy dependent recipients.
    CUTTING EXPENDITURE is better. Wasteful expenditures.
    Defense for example. Who are we fighting that necessitate us getting the latest and most expensive armory?
    We have cheap natural defense- I like the answer given by the deputy defense minister when he explained the reason why the submarines cannot submerge, is because here in Malaysia, the WATER is different.

    Najib, no WONDER everyone calls you PINKY.

  4. Anonymous1:56 pm

    Kita ni memang tongkat, and Najib gunakanya sampai tongkat tu jadi bongkok dan usang.
    Memang betoi crita nenek ku, jgn cya lelaki yg bekening putih. Dlm gbr P ramlee pun mrk ni jahat jahat belaka.

  5. Anonymous2:06 pm

    Hello, THE,Tun Mahatir is a stateman you prick. Yes, he has done many wrongs, but he has done more RIGHTS then wrongs.

    If you are looking for a PERFECT man, then you must look back in time, in history and up to the SKY.

    Only the PROPHET comes close to PERFECTion.

    Its me Boss.

  6. Anonymous2:20 pm

    Any plan to redevelop the historic KAMPONG BARU will be limited unless NON-Malays are allowed to OWN property in MALAY reserve land.
    The NAJIB admin HAS revived plans to redevelop the LAND, RESERVED for the city’s MALAYS by the BRITISH colonial government.
    “ MALAY Reserve restrictions have to be ELIMINATED to maximise development potential ” Federal Territories Ministry deputy secretary-general Datuk BAKARUDDIN OTHMAN.
    Hancorlah mcm ni, si NAJIB nak makan BANGSA sendiri. Nak kayakan Vincent Tan and Taek Jho Low lagi kot!!!!

    Its me Boss.

  7. The great pretender2:50 pm

    Ha ha ha ha. Mahakutty a statesman? Rockybru got rocks in his muddled head, this shit stirrer pseudo Malay mamak is more like a shitman rather than a statesman. Is Latuk Rocky paying back his debt for getting a Latukship?

  8. Anonymous4:19 pm

    Mamakthir is the father of all tongkats. He perfected the crutch so much so that so many countries wanted to follow our example - Mugabe is an admirer and several other African despots too.

    Now that so many are relying on the perfect crutch, you wanna take it away from them ? What do you do with the crutch manufacturing factory ? Change to a new type of crutch, but don't call it a crutch ?


  9. Gen M4:21 pm

    Rocky, Datuk, and the machai called The:

    Tun Mahahtir a STATESMAN?

    That is an under-statement.

    He is a GREAT statesman.

    Hidup Mahathir!

  10. Anonymous4:43 pm

    After so many years under BN, now is a repayment time by the rakyat. But still the rakyat are being fooled and chonteng the kati. What has been done by BN so far??????

    Sucking sucking sucking the rakyat blood and after the rakyat jadi kurus kering, now asking the kurus skinny rakyat to pay back.

    Very smart way to suck like the british did. Now kawan makan kawan.

  11. najib manaukau5:08 pm

    How can he be known as a Malay ?
    The following are facts:His grand father came to Malaya from Kerala, in India to get rid of his pariah status. My great grand father came from China before his grand father did. He is now recognised as a Malay and I am still a proud Chinese. Why ?
    If Allah wants him to be a Malay why was he born as a Malay ?
    Now his grand children are half Chinese (more Chinese than Malay and Indian) and in due course the great grand children will be almost Chinese than Malays or Indians.
    From an Indian to a Malay then to Chinese, why Is Allah playing such a sick joke on us ? May be your answer is that only Umno has made rules to transform the shenanigan Mahathir and his descendants to become Malays and it has nothing to do with Allah.
    is it because otherwise the Malays will become the minority in this country ? Or the real Malays do not have the men with enough of grey matter in between their ears to become leaders of Malaysia and hence the need for half breeds to become Malays.
    What a bloody shamble !

  12. Anonymous5:59 pm

    Hahhaha.. stateman the way to bankcrupcy..Much earlier ..less than 9 yrs.

    Even beggar got pride.


  13. The facts are very clear. Malaysia will go bankrupt soon because of that scoundrel - not statesman - Mahthir. On one hand, he is responsible for the Malays' tongkat - the government largesse - to survive. On the other hand, he is conveniently blaming the Malays for the UMNO communist-Mahathirist government bankrupting the country. What a sop; tying to deflect the blame!

    Right now, the country just cannot afford the number of non productive government employees on SSM or SSB. The yearly payroll at over 40 billion ringgit a year is just too great. More Malays and bumis must get out and earn money for the country; Not living on hand-outs and parasite on tax payers' money through lack of wok or irrelevant work or through fraud and corruption from abuse of their positions.

    This is the key to preventing bankruptcy.

    Any competent corporate professional can tell you the red flag for for service industries such as government is raised when the payroll expenses surpasses 6% of revenue; And management expenses exceed 15%.

    It is without question, Malaysian government operating expenses, especially payroll and managements expenses, and other expenses through fraud and corruption have risen beyond sustainable level. Just another Bank Bumo and Sime Darby in the making now.

    It is totally absurd for a government service personnel to be paid the same wages as the private sector - and more now - when they are supposed to permanently employed. What a betrayl of the tax payers' social contract. And all thes under the so called "statesman" Mahathir.

    Its time for a tea-Party Uprising!

  14. Anonymous7:11 pm

    Tun has done a lot for this country compared to any of us. . he is the greatest stateman for our country. he has come up with all these for us the rakyat - the North-South Expressway, Multimedia Super Corridor, the planned capital city of Putrajaya, Johor's Port of Tanjung Pelepas, Kuala Lumpur International Airport, the Bakun Dam in Sarawak, and the Petronas Towers which he helped to design, east malaysia & peninsular time set, kl sentral with its lrts, trains & commuters, smart tunnel etc. he has also written at least 15 books which i doubt many would have read. do not be so stubborn to admit that Tun is great. sorry i cannot accept anyone who belittles Tun but has done NOTHING worth to bring this country forward...and dont deny the advantages you are having at your perusal that have come from Tun"s ideas...


  15. Anonymous8:29 pm

    You fellows like "The", Godfather, The Great Pretender all talk cock.

    If you are going against mainstream opinion, you need to provide proofs, or substantiations, or justifications. Not just accusations and few lines bull shit.

    Who decides mainstream opinion? Don't ask LKS, LGE, KS, BABI. Ask somebody up there - God. Comprende?

  16. A statesman or stateswoman or statesperson is usually a politician or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career in politics or government at the national and international level. As a term of respect, it is usually left to supporters or commentators to use the term. When politicians retire, they are often referred to as elder statesmen.
    Statesmanship also conveys a quality of leadership that organically brings people together and of eldership, a spirit of caring for others and for the whole.
    The words statesman or stateswoman are applied loosely to any head of state, any senior political figure, or anyone who in a given moment exhibits a certain quality of statesmanship.

    Mahathir did lead the country for 22 years, during which we moved away from agrararian to a mixed economy model, millions enjoyed higner living standards as a while and we found our place in teh world

    Millions of Mlaaysians love and respect mahathir, I for one respect him even if I do not exactly love him

    and that qualifies him a s a statesman

    the four people who don't like him here hardly puts a dent in his overall reputation

  17. Anonymous11:38 am

    Spoken like a trueblue statesman. A real man who is sadly missed in a time of poofs, faggots, woemen and other worthless scumbags.A man who deserves the highest accolade for his visionary touch, astute analysis and cool head.Little wonder that an American academic has selected Tun for his book on Men who Transformed Societies.

    Tun, while you acknowledge that subsidies should eventually be phased out, you understood that it should be done gradually which would imply a time when the bulk of the populationa are enjoying higher income levels, lower tax regimes, better utilisation of financial resources and the end to Chingkie comprador exploitation.(for ex: the type IOI is doing with palm oil, produce it at low costs and sell it for fat gains overseas while the local cooking oil prices soar- another long story)

    Well, the Malays have spoken with their outright and courageous rejection of the NEM. The way forward is to flesh out a New Economic Plan that will concretize Pribumi dominance. We dont need rabble rousers and paid hacks to create a stampede with their inane chatter and cries of "wolf". There is no need to press the panic button as yet like a hapless geriatric hag.We are a long way from Greece both physically and economically. Remember 1997-99 when another silly nanny goat tried to bleat a stampede and almost sold us lock, stock , barrel and "barn" to the Illuminati MotherFuckers (IMF)?

    The GST would have been a start in the right direction, market pegging pump prices would be another sensible move as would be terminating largesse to IPPs and subsidising diesel for low productivity, high pricing Chingkie owned SMEs, fishing tongkangs etc.So would wasteful "donations" to Chingkie schools, churches and temples etc.

    This is not the appropraite forum to present my views in their entirety (which I will post elsewhere) but I would aver that government sponging bastard Chingkie ingrates should be the first target of any subsidy reform. Only then are we talking business.And quit debasing the Malay word "tongkat" as 拐杖 guǎizhàng would be more approporiate, if you get my drift ;>

    Warrior 231

  18. Anonymous6:11 pm

    najib manaukau,

    Most Chinese are good, decent people, except you and the likes of you.

    You have not a single decent bone in you, not a tiny bit of decorum, good manners and proper breeding. Maybe you mix a lot with monkeys as a boy or your parents let you roam the pigsty some place in the kampong as a child, picking up pig shit, putting it in your mouth periodically and swallowing it. So, pig shit comes out, smelly and totally unwholesome each time you speak in blogs here and elsewhere that I see you.

    You poor, miserable soul. No breeding, mixing with monkeys, eating pig shit. So, you hate anyone who has an aversion to pigs, particularly Malays.

    Pity also your "great grand father came from China." He could not be a Malay even if he cut his cock like the eunuchs did. You see, the anthropologists, sociologists, DNA experts and others responsible for determining race would not allow him be called Malay. And you? How can you claim to be "a proud Chinese when you were brought up in a pigsty eating pig shit from time to time?

    And you dabble with the word Allah, knowing not what it is, for you probably belong to what one Professor says as "practising three different religions all at the same time - Confucianism, Buddhism (from India) and Taoism - without any sense of compatibility".

    The Malays will never be a minority in this country, stupid, pig shit-eating bloke. Read the book "The Malay Civilisation" published by The Historical Society of Malaysia which says that the Malays are a large family of 350 million "Rumpun Melayu" that have existed for over 5,000 years in this Malay Archipelago and have been going in and out of Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Java, Sumatra, and other islands of Indonesia as well as the Philippines.

    Be careful with your words, arse hole, or you will be in utter shambles some day! You and the likes of you. Not the decent ones.

  19. Anonymous11:36 pm

    najib manaukau

    That is the BEAUTY of "walaupun setitik darah Melayu mengalir dalam badan". (I am sure the same for all the sons of the soils of any part of the world).

    That sense of belonging will come naturally to their country to "love, protect and till death do us part".


  20. Anonymous2:03 am

    Anon said:
    "Who decides mainstream opinion? Don't ask LKS, LGE, KS, BABI. Ask somebody up there - God. Comprende?"

    Absolutely comprende. Allah keeps Mamakthir alive for one simple reason. He wants Mamakthir to see for himself the collapse of Bolehland, in no small part due to the excesses of the Mamakthir's 22 year rule.


  21. najib manaukau9:58 am

    Anon 6.11 p.m.,

    Is 'pigs' all you can call the Chinese ?
    What about the Malays in the Philippines, that you are claiming that they too are Malays , who too love to eat pigs just like the Chinese ? Don't forget the trillions of the non Muslims worldwide too love eating porks and cannot live without it.
    They even make bacon, ham, sausages and other yummy favorites out of it. In fact I know of quite a few Muslims friends who enjoy eating pork with me ,on the quite though, and one of them even proclaimed that only the stupids Muslims don't pork ! For your information I regularly go to eat Dim Sum make from pork with an Iranian Muslim friend of mine for our sunday breakfasts.
    Not that I would suggest you to do the same.

    The Chinese do not need half breeds like half Thai, half Indian ,half Turkish or half Chinese to become Malays or their leaders.
    Sad to advise you even your shenanigan Mahathir is having his grand children becoming Chinese or at least are now half Chinese and close to become almost Chinese ! Though I consider it is indeed a tragedy to have such pollution besides we don't need
    any Mahathir's descendants to become Chinese like the Malay.
    The Chinese have more than enough of them, in fact just in China alone itself there are 1,300,000,000 billions (not just the 350 millions, about only 10% ,that you are claiming) to have in the Malay Archipelago. Also this is not to take into account the billions livings outside China very successfully in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and even in far away places like South America.Together they own more than the whole word to day.
    Even your leaders must recognized the talents that the Chinese must have that they would plea for their return to serve in Malaysia.
    Why has happened to the millions of Malays NEP have sent to become Professionals ?

    Above all the Chinese run countries are not about to go bankrupt just like Malaysia which is run and controlled by who despite the black gold ? How come ? Something must be something very wrong in your claim that the Malays have been here for 5000 years ! Or may be you need another 5000 years to become what the civilised world is to day.
    Or may be you should go back to school and study some real history not those written and paid for by Umno ? Instead of trying to bluff or boast your way !
    The Malay paid institutions are not telling or teaching you the real history, they can only teach you to threaten people with their limbs and lives.
    Finally don't even threaten me or any one else who don't agree with you, or have your police force arrest me for telling the truth. I realise the truths are bitter and very hard to swallow !

  22. Good to see you back Bro warrior 231, I like IMF=Illuminati Mother fuckers and the tongkat word to be changed to walking stick is most appropriate.

    Your last two paragraphs are most illuminating, I think many would be interested to know what is the rest of your thoughts, I know I am. This wonderful Rocky's Bru blog which practises freedom of speech is the best forum to put your thoughts to a wide audience Bro. Cheers.

  23. 1. Agree with Shamsul Yunos, Dr Mahathir is a true statesman in every sense of the word, any body who disagrees are just deluding themselves and needs to publish their own dictionary which nobody will buy.

    2.Anon 6:11pm, thank you Bro for doing us all a favour. This "najib manaukau" sorry excuse of a fella, is in serious need of a brain bash followed by deep flushing. He and his ilks gives the really decent and hardworking Chinese Malaysian citizens a bad name.

  24. Anonymous11:24 am

    Warrior 231,
    Stop writing cocks about TDM and your shitty analysis of Ilumanati Motherfuckers[IMF].Had we follow the path of imf instead of the indian motherfucker ideas we would'nt be in this deep shit!
    Look at your money against others in Asean , and you see how strong our belachan money is!
    This indian motherfucker pulled us down and we have smart ass praising their hero!

  25. Anonymous4:06 pm

    Mamakthir is the father of crutch management while Najib is bapa kebankrapan Malaysia. Mark these words.


  26. Anonymous10:07 pm

    Haha, Najib manakau pig shit eating boy is now angry. He is having a taste of his own medicine. And he doesn't even realise it. The word "shambles" etc were precisely his own words.

    Enjoy your pig shit eating, boy.

  27. Anonymous6:52 am

    TDM is the greatest!

    Otherwise all the Non Bumis would have migrated and left Malaysia during his 22yrs rule...

    See what China and Indian leaders did to their forefathers, endless migrations and is still happening today by the millions?

    Drove their own kind out of their own countries by the "billions" as aimless desperados to SURVIVE everywhere on lands so foreign to them..

    Thank You TDM for keeping us together here where we rightfully belong.. I SALUTE YOU!


  28. najib manaukau11:56 am

    Perwira or Warrior in Malay translation,

    Stop claiming and glorifying the half breed shenanigan Mahathir as a Malay ! He is not a true Malay. I repeat his grand father came from Kerala, in India.
    If only you can only find a real Malay to be a Malaysia leader but for crying loud don't claim a man whose grand father came from Kerala, India as a Malay. It is common knowledge his descendants are now more Chinese than Malay ! Why is his descendants giving up the Malay race if it was and is so good ?
    Try and find one true Malay if you can !

    And to Anon 10.07 pm,
    I do not talk modesty with prostitute.
    Yes the Chinese enjoy eating pigs, in fact almost the whole world do that too including some Muslims I might add . And you know that we leave the pig shit for you to eat and wallow in ! Since you got nothing else to play with.
    For your information all religions today are foreign to the Chinese and we have no qualms to adapt any religion that can convince us they are good. But with Muslims like you always full of shit, using filthy and offensive languages. Plus you guys only know how to use foul languages and threatening other people to cut off their limbs and their lives. Together with most of all the lazy corrupted civil servants of Malaysia, the Umno ministers well known for their corruptions and the likes of shenanigan Mahathir as bad examples of what Muslims are. Is it any wonder why so few non Malays have become Muslims ?
    Now that you know the real reasons why the non Muslims are converting to other religions !
    This is because you guys are a real disgrace to Islam with the rest of those I mentioned above.
    You will never convince the non Muslims that Islam is indeed a good religion ! Is it not your duty to show good examples to convince the non Muslims to become one ?.
    Now go and eat the pig shits while more than half the world are enjoying eating the pigs.
    Not that I am advocating you do so.
    Can I suggest may be you should become a suicide bomber and blow up more Muslims that are happening everyday in the Muslims countries ? And if you are in need of a plane ticket to get there I will be more than delighted to buy you a first class one way ticket to go to Pakistan or any where in the Middle East.
    That is indeed a huge benefit and not a bribe but don't forget you must blow yourself up with C4 that is so easily available in Malaysia !
    The world will be a better place to live in and may be more will be converted to become Muslims. What a bargain !

  29. najib manaukau6:54 pm

    To Perwira,

    Again you are also twisting facts into illusions.
    Please remember the millions of Chinese who immigrated from China must be badly needed by the countries they immigrated to.
    Both China and India have a surplus of talented and hard working citizens in their countries. As such they can well afford to let the people immigrate to countries of their choice.
    Unlike Malaysia their governments don't need to go begging the non Malay professionals to return to Malaysia to serve offering incentives and more incentives when it did not and still does not work ! Now their own kind is saying they are not far from bankruptcy !

    Unlike the Malays from the Malay Archipelago
    very few countries,if any, need their 'talent' if they have any. Which country wants them ? Especially when they are well known for is to 'walk' with crutches or tongkat, make taller people to squat for them in order they can look taller. But are these people really taller ? Who would want people with these mentality in their country ? Let alone help develope their countries.
    Millions of NEP students are sent abroad to become professionals yet after decades Malaysia is still short of the professionals these students were and still are sent abroad to become And this is not inclusive of the millions of students admitted to the local varsities. Why ? There should be a surplus ?
    May be these student are having their holidays and forgot to return ?
    Yet they are still sending delegations to plea for the non Malays professionals to return to Malaysia to serve. Obviously the begging is not getting anywhere and now the P.M. himself is doing the begging and offering yet more incentives !

  30. Anonymous10:30 pm

    najib manaukau,

    So thats the tales your grandpapas had been passing on to you people year after year eh? eh he eh.. Dengan anak cucu sendiri pun cekap kelentong..


    Migrated from which Province?


  31. /// Shamsul Yunos said...
    A statesman or stateswoman or statesperson is usually a politician or other notable public figure who has had a long and respected career in politics or government at the national and international level.///

    Shamsul, thanks for attempting to define a statesman. I think your mistake is to add in the tenure. Length of holding office has nothing to do with respect, honor, competence or public esteem. If long career in politics is the criterion, then Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Ii, Idi Amin, Robert Mugabe and Fidel Castro will qualify as statesman. And I think TDM will be in good company.

    On the other hand, 1 or 2 term leaders such as Abe Lincoln or Winston Churchill will certainly qualify as statesmen.

    The Cambridge Online dictionary defines it thus:

    statesman noun
    word/ˈsteɪt.smən/ n [C] approving
    an experienced politician, especially one who is respected for making good judgments

    The key is "respected for making good judgments". The long 22 year of misrule, dismantling of the judiciary, white-elephant projects, corruption, etc certainly don't make for good judgments.

    /// Mahathir did lead the country for 22 years, during which we moved away from agrararian to a mixed economy model, millions enjoyed higner living standards as a while and we found our place in teh world. ///

    This is relative. Taiwan and Korea also moved away from agricultural society to a modern hi-tech economy. In fact, Malaysia is now far behind them although it had a huge head-start. The fact was, Mahathir presided over a period where the Plaza Accord forced Japan to outsource its industry to SEA, and the whole of SEA enjoyed tremendous growth. Not much to do with TDM's competence. High tides lift all boats. In a blizzard, even turkeys can fly.

    OTOH, Malaysia is blessed with so much natural resources. Just the hundreds of billions of profits from Petronas will be envy of the Asian Tigers of HK, Singapore, Taiwan and Korea. These countries have no resources, and see where they are now compared to Malaysia.

    /// Millions of Mlaaysians love and respect mahathir, I for one respect him even if I do not exactly love him and that qualifies him a s a statesman ///

    And billions of people the world over detest and abhor Mahathir, so what do you make of it?

    A statesman do not go about racial baiting. A true statesman do not go about destroying the country's institutions just to stay in power. A great statesman plan for his succession and not go about destroying his second-in-commands by trumped up charges.

    /// the four people who don't like him here hardly puts a dent in his overall reputation ///

    This is just four people in a pro-Mahathir personal blog. There are millions in Malaysia who have gotten their blinkers off now that there are alternate media and they have learned the truth about TDM and his policies.

    What you see that is wrong with Malaysia is the legacy of Mahathir. The current problems facing Malaysia are all due to the excesses of the Mahathir era.

    You are right on one point though - "As a term of respect, it is usually left to supporters or commentators to use the term."

    I wouldn't use the term on Mahathir.

  32. najib manaukau6:43 pm


    So I see you are no longer vulgar, offensive and filthy in your blog. The least I have done is to get the message to you that you must stop using these languages and threatening those that disagree with you. Are you now repenting as a true Muslim ? The least I can say is that I got you to repent and that I have done a job;
    If India and China are so desperate as a consequent of their talented people immigrating abroad for centuries. Why then they are not sending delegation of officials to plea for them to return to serve in their countries ? Both India and China are not and need not because they still have plenty of talented people in their countries. Regret to say this does not apply to Malaysia !

    On the contrary Malaysia has been running very low with professionals to help build Malaysia in every field. Like having only 49 Oncologists when Malaysia needs at least 200 !
    Even your former King had to seek treatment in Singapore when he had stroke. What does that speak for the kind of health care system you have in Malaysia ?
    This is the result in spite of sending millions of NEP or NDP Ketunan Melayu to various varsities both abroad and locally in the last few decades
    especially so on borrowed money. Now or shortly the country is about to go bankrupt !
    You blame the bankruptcy on subsidies on building of temples and churches but you failed to accept or recognise the facts that the cost of sending one NEP student abroad would be more than subsidies given to build a temple.
    Please go back and do your figures again and stop blaming the subsidies for the building of temples and churches without any mentioning about subsidies given to building of mosques !

    I hope Islam has not taught you to said things and behave the way you do ! Do make your religion proud and help convert a non Muslim as part of your duty !