Sunday, May 30, 2010

Awesome Youths

Speakers' Corner pun ada. Nuraina A. Samad, Syed Akbar Ali and I had an hour-long slot with the young ones at Youth '10 at the Putra World Trade Centre in Kuala Lumpur this morning. It is the largest youth gathering in Malaysia. The whole event was just awesome. There was a huge exhibition, mini concerts, fun and games, a speakers' corner (where youths help youths sharpen their public speaking skills), and a conference where the three of us presented our "Can Blogs be Trusted" panel discussion. 

All events were managed and attended by youths, but my two old friends and I didn't feel out of place. The young ones made us feel at home.

We should encourage more events like this one. 


  1. Personally i pref the New BN/UMNOyouth not as racist and much more matured. Youth 10 shld have invited thier leadership and at last there's a leader that can talk English and is actually educated.

  2. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Speaker's corner? The real one in Penang started by LGE team.

  3. Anonymous11:38 pm

    Dato Rocky
    " but my two old friends and I didn't feel out of place. The young ones made us feel at home."

    I am sure they don't know that you are a turncoat.

  4. Anonymous1:01 am

    Was there today, my brother was in the battle of the bands competition. Really applaud the organizers for a good event for the youths and I agree they should have more of this event. - Razman


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  6. I agree absolutely. Such gathering should be organized regularly. The youth of today must be in touch with reality. Otherwise they would be taken for a ride by irresponsible elements. You played your part well brother Rocky. Salam to to your colleagues too.

  7. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Bro/Datuk Rocky,

    Tolong highlight kes seorang pegawai PTD (Pegawai Tadbir & Diplomatik) yang mati akibat modul latihan yang tidak sewajarnya diadakan iaitu modul Pasukan Khas Udara (PASKAU). Pegawai ini, seorang wanita yang mempunyai seorang anak berusia 2 tahun dipaksa berendam selama satu jam setengah di dalam air di Hutan paya Bakau sedangkan pegawai ini mengalami payu2 berair. Satu kepelikan kerana bidang tugas PTD tiada langsung kena mengena dengan kemahiran komando tetapi dipaksa menjalani program tersebut tanpa perikemanusiaan. Ini semua angkaran keegoan dan kesombongan KSN (Sidek Hassan) dan KPPA (ISmail Adam) yang mahu menunjukkan kuasa dan kesomobongan dalam perkhidmatan awam. Al fatihah kepada arwah.

    Yang Bersimpati

  8. Dato Rocky
    " but my two old friends and I didn't feel out of place. The young ones made us feel at home."

    I am sure they don't know that you are a turncoat.

    11:38 PM


    Anon, there you go thinking the youngs one are stupid.

  9. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Rocky read about this..
    minum air stokin...

  10. Anonymous12:17 am

    See many youth selling at the booth too . Great . Fun and trade same time . I was there to helping out
    wife's friend to deliver her some of her stocks that she forgot to bring along and display.
    Aircond was good.RM30 per entry ... Okla for 3 days . Many good activities for the youth too but sorry maybe I'm too old for that loud music played by the bands.
    I know this event promoted by celcom,but did they blocked maxis line ? X boleh pakai la indoor .

    Jamal JB

  11. What is age? If not only a number but wisdom is unmeasured till taken to the test..Should there be a case where its required to test the strength of youth and wisdom..In this country the youth shall prevail as the numbers of youth clearly stands out as more.. But the question is that wether quantity is more relevant than quality? As to where the youth is concerned the wise should realize that this is the niche that they should nurture as they will grow up to be the majority. Also let History,Science and Spiritualism be taught to them as that will be the basis of their wisdom. Phil:)