Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bajau cop charged for manslaughter, pleads not guilty

Of the 6,500 fatal road accidents involving cars and motorcycles in 2008, 41 per cent were unlicensed drivers between the ages of 15 and 25. Last year, 16- and 17-year-olds made up 67 per cent of unlicensed drivers who died in car crashes. - Parents under fire for allowing children to drive without license, NST 10/5/2010 

AG charges 25-year police veteran for causing Aminulrasyid's death. Jenain Subi, a Bajau from Sabah, is 48 years old and has been a cop for a quarter of a century. He joined the service in 1985. He has four kids. He pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter charge.

The Malay Mail carried the report on its front page yesterday here.
There hasn't been much noise in cyberspace over this news. Perhaps because the politicians and their campaigners are too busy in Sibu, Sarawak to win or lose another by-election. I hope they won't abandon this issue altogether. Because the circumstances leading to the death of 15-year old Aminulrasyid have opened up a new debate about the rise in number of teenagers driving their parents' cars and riding motorbikes without license. Every year thousands of  these kids drive and ride to their untimely deaths, according to this report.
Who should we put in the dock for their deaths?


  1. drMpower11:03 am

    what for these parents to be haul to the court? their sons/ daughter/ children already DEAD. they know it was their fault even they dont want to admit it.

    and it will continue to haunt them for the rest of their life!

    the three of us, i remembered, being caned by whatever happen to be at the palm of my dad, when we were involved in some small,minor bicycle accidents some 20-25 years ago.

    my brother who crashed his bike in some 'kids kampung racing', got home with his badly bruised arms and knees, only for my dad to bash him (again) with a tennis racquet! (he just got home from a tennis game with his pals)

    things like that, for young age kids, strike fear. but the more we grow up, we knew about the use of that method of teaching.

    i believe the way forward, is to look back and copy the old style parenting.

  2. Salam Bro,
    There is no simple solution to this problem... However, we can minimize the problem by enforcing the law and punish the parents or the owner of the vehicle as well.

    What we need is the political will of our politician to enforce life saving policy.

    For example 1. you will see small kid/baby on motorcycle. 2. People driving motorcycle without helmet when going for Friday prayer.

  3. Iskandar11:12 am

    My only accident after years of driving occurred when a 13 year old overtook a queue of cars on a double lane country road.

    He used his grandpa's bike for racing while his mother was lying sick at home. A 12 year old sibling was at the back.

    My wife's only accident also happened when a 14 year old recklessly went into her lane. He was daydreaming on his bike while touring our housing area.

    He used his dad's bike while the trucker was out of town.

    These kids were clueless about traffic rules. They were reckless and were nothing but flying bullets on the road.

    Sadly, many more like them are out there. Impatiently waiting to ram into your car and get into the ICUs.

    I don't support trigger happy policeman, but he's not the only one that should be handcuffed and taken to the court.

  4. Anonymous11:28 am

    i pray for your safety and justice, mr bajau cop.

  5. Datuk Rocky,

    Bajau tersilap kerana menembak dulu. Tapi kenapa dia menembak dulu (sama ada tersasar atau bagaimana akan ditentukan di Mahkamah).

    Tapi pada saya, bajau takkan buat silap atau mahu menembak arwah, kalau semua budak bawah umur duduk rumah waktu malam.

    Pada saya, tak adik kalau bajau seorang kena. Keluarganya juga perlu didakwa... kecuaian dan membenarkan org yg tak berlesen memandu. Yg akhirnya mengakibatkan tragedi.

  6. Another spin rocky?

    Anyway, how did the police charge one person when 15 shots were fired? One person shooting from a 10 bullet gun, did a reload and shot another 5 times?

  7. sori keluar topik, tapi ini berita menarik

    GEMPAR!!!! Transkrip perbualan rahsia Anwar dan bomoh Benggali,  Pajan Singh di mahkamah

    sila datang ke Melayu Bersatu untuk membaca transkrip penuh

  8. Yea, who is to blame?

    The short-sighted among the politicians have exploited the issue, without any pretense that they are waiting for the facts of the case.

    The civil servants like the IGP should have stuck to the facts which is that they are investigating according to dept procedures and not get embroiled in opposition's politics. Najib's focus on performance not operational here? Are not civil servants, particularly top ones trained to stick to plain statements of facts in responding to public or the opposition?

    Was the cop grossly negligent or merely negligent? He surely wasn't sleeping when he fired the gun. Isn't he allowed some discretion in such matters, or errors of judgement?

    PKR seems bent on inspiring anarchy at all levels, from the public to royalty.

  9. Anonymous12:21 pm

    The kids should be educated and made aware of the reasons why the need of driving license to drive.

    Especially so where Insurance claims are concerned. And this case should be highlighted as a good example.

    Maybe the Police/JPJ should organize special programs in schools to help.

    What happened to activities (old days) such as schools "TRAFFIC GAMES" competitions at state level? I remember during my days, it used to be a huge community affair and competitions were held yearly?.


  10. Amoker,

    Although 15 shots were fired during the car chase, ONE shot hit the teenager and killed him. Now, the A-G can't possibly charge five cops for firing the same shot that killed Aminulrasyid, can he?

    So my guess is the AG charges Jenain the Bajau man coz it was Jenain's gun that fired that killer shot.

    You, however, want every cop who fired a shot during the car chase that morning be charged for the boy's death, is it?

    What's your spin?

  11. Iskandar12:28 pm

    @ Amoker,

    Can you please give me the link to the site stating that 15 bullets were shot?

    Did you see the post mortem report ?

  12. Anonymous12:32 pm

    Kena kat anak kita, marah tak sudah. Benar, arwah salah ikut peraturan trafik tp sampai tembak 15 kali (kalu betui) lepas tu tuduh hardcore criminal dan bawa parang spt laporan berita... apa nak jadi dgn dunia ni. Apapun kalu kena kat kita baru tau. Kita pun ramai kenalan dan adik beradik polis tp jgn sampai nila setitik rosak nama seluruh PDRM. Tahniah kpd CPO Negeri Sembilan kerana mohon maaf atas kesilapan dan kesalahan anggota tak ikut peraturan.


  13. the reader12:41 pm

    budak2 kat kampung darjah 6 dah start blajar wheeley..2,3 tahun grad jadi fullfledge mat rempit..parent???

  14. Bunnies12:52 pm

    I would say that Parents are solely responsible for their kids. Just look at Aminul's case..

    To go ahead and charge the policeman in this Aminul's case is simply a pathetic act to pacify a group of general public who dont seem to understand that the fault lies with Aminul's parents. In this case, his mama. It is tragic, yes, it is sad, yes, but this mama cannot shrug off her responsibility and blame the police for something that her son did wrong.

    To start with, she knew her son could drive and she most definitely didnt put her foot down hard on him about it. For all we know, she, his mama condone it!! Yup, I have seen parents who are proud as a peacock and sing praises about how their kids can drive at 14!! What would you do if you know your 14 years old kid has learn how to drive and been zooming around? I would break both his legs! I would also break both the legs of the person who taught my son how to drive!

    Secondly, this Aminul boy is no angel la.. going in and out of the house like it is a hotel.. no wait.. even hotel, you need to check in and out. What is this nonsense with going out to mamak in the dead of the night?! What is this nonsense about hanging out at 14?? Again, what did his mama do about it? In the press conference, his mama did say that Aminul often go out at such ungodly hour but this is the first time he took the car?! WHAT IS THAT? No well brought up children under the age of 18 should be going anywhere at anytime without adult supervision. PERIOD! What would you do if your child breeze in and out of the house sesuka hati? I would again, break those legs and he can stop breezing anywhere! So no discipline!!

    Thirdly, steal his sister's car.. come on la.. this is against the law. Borrowing or taking without permission is call stealing ok.. No need to putar belit here and there about such fact. STEAL means go JAIL! End of story. And in this Aminul's case, what did his mama do about such thing? I am sure this is not the first time he took the car without permission.

    Lastly, when the police sound the siren and ask you to stop, you stop! When you tekan and speed off it can only mean one thing.. you are up to no good! And in the dead of the night, it is dark and you moving like lightning, who would have guess that you are a child and the only up to no good thing you are up to is having a joy ride?! With the crime rate going up faster than any stock market in the world, you cannot blame the police for thinking that it is some big time criminal in that car. And please, when the police shoot at the car, bullets have no eyes and neither do these bullets have built in navigator.. it just fly everywhere and it is very sorry for Aminul that it flew to his head.

    To say it all, in Aminul's case, it is clear and simple that his mama didnt brought him up well. She is not the only parent that is like that. Everyday I see plenty of such parents... they think that loving a child is to allow the child to do anything and everything the child like.. "Tak sampai hati" "Tak kuasa" "they will learn as they grow up" are the many excuses I hear from such parents.

    Of course, each of us are entitle to adopt any parenting style we like but we must always remember that this world has a very funny and sometimes cruel way of dealing with things we as parents dont want to deal with.

    Lastly, I am just so speechless that Aminul's mama can shamelessly have that press conference and want to seek a clear explanation as to what happen to her son. What happen is Aminul is on the brink of becoming a delinquent and the world dealt with it.. in a cruel way.

    By the way, I am a mama too and it is such things that always push me to make sure I do my duty as a mama to my kids PROPERLY!! that include breaking their legs if they are so brave as to do anything that is against the law!! And what did I tell my 15 years old about this Aminul's case, I tell her that this is what happens when the mama dont do her job properly.. the child dies.

  15. Anonymous12:52 pm

    It's all AG & IGP & PM & BN & UMNO & Rocky's fault. Let PR save the day. They wish.


  16. Anonymous12:52 pm

    only way i see it...

    just tell the people stop screwing & stop making babies.

  17. Anonymous12:58 pm

    ya lah rocky, everycop should be charged because they all had the same intent, and it is unfair to blame Mr Bajau, just coz he got the lucky shot.
    The only reason Mr Bajau is being charged is becoz he may have done something wrong ie not following police procedures. And since the others also fired, they should also be charged with intent.

    Its me Boss.

  18. Anonymous1:00 pm

    It's not like he was firing at close range into the eyes of a badly disciplined teenager.

    Let's pray this cop gets justice and make it a lesson for parents to monitor their "angelic" sons and daughters.

    And not to totally push the blame at others while relinquishing responsibility for their children.

  19. Anonymous1:06 pm

    In times of death, the Malays used to say, "Ajal dan maut ditangan Tuhan, kami rela."

    But now with politicians cum lawyers out to score political mileage, they receive unsolicited ADVICE from "well-wishes".

    So the trend of SUEING for monetary gain has been started.

    Hhmmm, wonder who initiated this form of action?

  20. Anonymous1:06 pm

    The mother has been relieved that action has been taken. Yeah, we too are relieved about this. On the other hand, why no action been taken to her and her daughter for negligence and allowing her son to drive without any license while under her custody and endangering others people life?....

  21. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Dear PERWIRA,
    The "TRAFFIC GAMES" are still alive and kickin'. My sons recently joint the event and even Rocky put the "Hands Up For Road Safety" logo in his block, which coincide together with the "TRAFFIC GAMES" event. But, look like not many of us are aware about this and you can see what type of kids participate in this event.Very unlikely you can see like these unfortunate boys to be there. The school,parents and the public should emphasize on this.

  22. I think Karpal wants to trap Anwar when he keeps highlighting that the sodomy is non-consensual, read about it HERE

  23. If you ask me Rockybru, I dont think the cop should be charged. The story will be different if the car driven hit someone on the road and powered on.

    People will say the police is not good and sleeping on the job.

    When the cops get serious, they get scolded and blamed and face trials in Court.

    It is not like the police didn't use other options. The police chased the car and told the driver to stop. The police shot the wheels to try to stop the car. Isn't that right ? And the police had no choice but to fire another round at the driver.

    Being a cop is tough. Perhaps the cops n the public should have an open debate, minus the politicians. Heart to heart talk.

  24. Anok Kelate1:43 pm

    Brainless Amoker,

    To your stupid racist mind, charge all the 5 cops? Why those five only? Why not the IGP, State Police Chief, OCPD, and his immeidate superior for ordering him to fire shots, if circumstances ask for it. Poor Bajau Cops. The whole thinking nation is behind you, except for some anarchist PKR dan DAPigs bigots.

  25. Anonymous1:44 pm


    Very sad all this..
    All parents/ caretakers should enforce control over their kids or younger siblings at all times especially when it concerns vehicles like motorbike or motocars.
    No point to regret later...
    Government should introduce from Standard Five or Four- Road Safety as a subject like History or Georgraphy, becos this subject matter will determine if this child will later in life obey follow or die on the road.
    Even learning History or Geography subject will not save a child who does not practise Road Safety in life !


  26. Maureen2:00 pm

    You are a hater of the govt , umno, the bn and anyone remotely linked to any of these or who do not show outward support to your pkr idols.
    The police, the macc, the armed forces, even possibly the melayus. Yes..if you could you would want the whole police force to be charged.

  27. lim kit malam2:05 pm

    Maybe those parents should be charged with accessory to murder when their unlicensed children drive their cars WITH their tacit knowledge and then killed other road-users.

    Kalau nak mati pergi langgar tembok. Mati sendiri... jangan nak libatkan orang lain.

  28. not a pretender2:11 pm

    why the need for 15 shots?
    is it a shooting practice?
    why the subtle linking of kids driving without licenses?
    pretty duh right?
    some innocent child got a head shot.
    grow up ppl, and stop linking this to parents who don't look after their kids enough and downplaying the significance here.
    blame the pdrm for inefficient training as well if you want! duh!

    damn we got eyes and brains man, it's not that we don't want to sit on the fence.

    understand ppl got to put food on the table, but please, stop linking this to the parents, it's really pathetic

  29. I agree with Goh Wei Liang, the cop should not be charged. But then it is the AG's full power to charge or not to charge and what to charge. Just pray that the poor cop who thought he was only doing his duty was not charged because of undue pressure from the family/lawyers/opposition politicians in short being made to be a scapegoat to release pressure on the Police and the Home Ministry.

    On hindsight it is best that a RCI be called first so that the Royal Commission would understand the events that happened, why parents allow their children to go out after midnight and driving without a valid licence and make further recommendations to discourage this trend, also to study and make further recommendation on Police SOP when to shoot or not to shoot during a car chase. Then make a finding whether the police officers are at fault and recommend criminal proceedings against them.

    As it is our Police officers would probably be wondering whether it is worth to chase a speeding car after midnight if the car refuses to stop even with the police siren on. Should they just give up the chase fearing the consequence of the Aminul Rasyid incident? Heck maybe the next car that the police could be chasing are heavily armed robbers intent to rob some houses, could be your house or my house. I am concerned about the latest development.

    I hope the police officer gets a good lawyer and I pray that the truth will prevail.

  30. Assalamualaikum,
    Im feel pitty to both of them. To Aminurasyid, perhaps he is peace in there. To Bajau cop, im feel pitty him. Hes look innocent. Im thnking of his family...kids, wife, parent!.
    My conclution to this issue is simple.
    1. Why and what for those kids was on the road at 1/2 am ?
    2. If only because of he dont have a car licence,Why he speeeding like that?. The compound only Rm 300.
    3. Is the parents noticed tht their sons was not arround at 1 am and nobody care about him>?.
    Im believe tht, we cant punished only a single person....bring the parents to court too!

  31. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Anon 1.16pm,

    Tks for alerting me on this. Strange, I have 4school going kids, and live very close to a school... 12yrs, never did they mention nor any such activities conducted in their schools!! Heard no such activities in their cousins' schools too.

    On many occasions I had to play the policeman role here. Stopping 8yr olds riding motors without helmets, with 2little siblings riding behind him, shopping.. "mama cooking at home and needs santan for her curry!" was their excuse..Imagine, the little sister, only 3yrs old!!

    I agree with mummy Bunnies here. Allowing under 18yr old kid roam around with friends at such hour, unsupervised is not acceptable..


  32. Mana perginya logik dan common sense kita?

    Semua orang buat bodoh je to the fact that budak ni Dijamin Oleh Lever Brothers dah selalu bawa kereta tanpa lesen. Senang je kata, dia ‘curi’ kereta.

    Semua orang buat bodoh je to the fact that dia dikejar oleh dua kereta peronda yang berwarna putih, saya yakin dengan all the sirens, dan ditemani oleh seorang anak polis yang pasti tahu mereka dikejar kereta polis….bukan dikejar pembunuh etc.

    Tayar keretanya telah ditembak, tembakan amaran telah dibuat….etc

    Tapi dia choose to drive terus….

    DAN yang ini dah tak penting kepada masyarakat….dia telah menimbulkan suasana penuh syak kepada pihak polis…yang telah bertindak

    Tapi kita semua sudah anggap polis membohong, maka jadinya polis berbohonglah pada mata kita.

    Kita hari ini hidup dalam zaman komik…sape yang dapat mencari salah polis…dialah juara.

    Saya cuma berharap janganlah keluarga Amirul ditunggang seperti keluarga Teoh Beng Hock.

    Cukuplah tu…..

    Kita semua bertanggungjawab untuk membetulkan keadaan...

    Dalam kita ghairah untuk membersihkan nama Amirul...jangan pula kita menipu untuk memburukkan nama Polis

    The Ends Justify The Means...

  33. Anonymous3:30 pm

    Anon 1.116PM


    I was in the PIBG committee of the primary school my kids attended, for 4yrs... Not a mention of this "TRAFFIC GAMES" in any of our meetings.

    Even the school never ONCE organize any of this as one of their many activities throughout the year..

    Probably we are in the Rural area?


  34. Awang Maya Kembali.....https://www.awangmaya.blogspot.com check it out

  35. Anonymous3:42 pm

    I just want to say that the issue here is not if the dead child did something wrong. Of course he did. But does he deserve to be shot dead by police? Not if the parents should be more responsible or know where their teenagers are at all times etc. I am a parent and know it's not easy to keep track of teenagers at all times. I was also a teenager who "broke the law" in my time. Does that mean that the the police can shoot me for breaking the law?
    The issue is when are police allowed to use their guns. My understanding is that they should only use it for self defence. Based on the number of shots fired and what was reported, obviously this was not the case. We should grieve for both the family of the child and the police man who will forever know that he killed a teenager who did not deserve to die and we should hope that all parties learn from this and that this not happen again.

    Sad parent

  36. Orang dah mati boleh dikahwinkan (Beng Hock). Tentu boleh kalau budak dah mati (Aminurrashid) di kenakan saman kerana memandu tanpa lesen dan dihukum kerana mencuri kereta kakaknya. Kosnya ibubapanya lah yang tanggung sebab dia masih bawah umur. JPJ dan Polis boleh buat tindakan.

  37. Anonymous4:01 pm

    This is the AG giving in to public pressure. Just to release pressure on govt till the Sibu by election.

  38. najib manaukau4:24 pm

    The issue here is the life of a young boy is shot and it is not whether he is of age or not. Whilst I don't condone under age driving but I am of the believe the penalty for driving without a proper license or under age is not to be shot or be killed. Especially by a police !

  39. Anonymous4:57 pm


    What about his friend. The one who got beaten by the cops, and then ran away. BTW, what lousy cops we have; after they beat up the fellow, he still managed to run away.

    See his friend? After his friend died in his lap, and he got beaten by police, he can do a press conference like a seasoned politician. No hesitant words. No anguish.

    What do you make of it?


  40. Anonymous5:00 pm


    swift action from you ad nurul izzah and swift reporting from malay mail


  41. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Goh Wei Liang, please clarify your statement below :
    "When the cops get serious, they get scolded and blamed and face trials in Court."

    ???????????????? tolong la sikit Goh Wei Liang...kalau dah bodoh usah kasi tahu orangramai !!

  42. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty; so let’s wait for the trial. Amirulrasid is dead and he will not at anytime rise from the dead, his good friend’s life is considered “wasted” with all the politicking and now the Bajau cop is made to pay if found guilty for trying to enforce the law? Now that it will be put to trail, the IGP will not face further undue pressure from the Opposition to resign and rightfully so.

    Whatever is the outcome of the trial; those who were at the scene of the crime be they policemen or key witnesses will come forward and swear under oath. Whoever commits perjury,let them be penalized and mocked for life. Until the case is progressed, let us keep cool.

    At my kampong in Perak recently, there were several occasions when some youngsters were caught red handed trying to steal some commercial crops by those manning the orchard. Consequent to calling the police, two bad hats went to jail. The other youngsters were brought to their parents who were stunned with such revelations and proof. One was quite badly injured in the right chest after being shot by an air gun.

    Indeed the Police must be empowered to do their job properly with crime constantly on the increase. If we let the Opposition run the day by allowing the Police to use their chotta between their legs to enforce the law, I will be out of business in no time

  43. The cop should not be charged at all. The blame should lie squarely on the shoulder of the kid's mother, and the owner of the car for allowing an underaged person to drive the car without license.

    The police force and the government should not bow to the pressure of politicians.

  44. Anonymous5:07 pm

    Datok Rocky,

    About time PDRM relocate its State and District Police HQ to USJ or Subang Jaya. It looks like Shah Alam folks do not need don't play play police anymore, or the best only motherly looking policewomen should patrol Shah Alam streets at the wee hours. This to avoid police harassment of deliquents underage malays from having fun throughout the wee hours, while Shah Alam old folks can continue to have good night siesta.

    Nik Rahmah

  45. Anonymous5:39 pm

    Bapak Budak,
    hari ini kini melihat Dari sudut budak yang ditembak mati. Bagaimana kalau polis tidak berjaya menghentikan/membuat apa-apa untuk menahan budak tersebut Dan kemudian budak tersebut merempuh pulak sekumpulan muda-mudi di Dataran Shah Alam Dan anak sdr terbunuh. Silap siapa pulak. Inilah apa yangdikatakan serba-salah.
    Mungkin anggota PDRM tersebut Akan dipuji jika penjenayah tegar Dan merbahaya yang ditembak tetapi bagi saya seorang kanak-kanak 15 tahun yang membawa kereta adalah lebih merbahaya Dari penjenayah tersebut.
    Tetapi itulah hakikat politik YB Bahalol pembangkang yang kerjanya membangkang sahaja. kita diperbodohkan sesuka hati. MP Mike yang kata Ada bukti perlakuan rasuah dlm Kumpulan Semesta di Selangor boleh siap main Tarik tali. Kalau Ada bukti buat sahaja laporan polis Dan biarkan mereka yg terlibat didakwa. Itulah dia politik hipokrit pembangkang yang melindungi perasuah dikalangan mereka tetapi mengutuk orang lain yang dikatakan tak transparent.
    Pemimpin DeFucto yang dituduh liwat asyik main Tai Qi. Ak payah bicara pun saya dah jatuhkan hukuman bersalah. Tuhan Maha Kaya di mana ada timbal balik balasan. Kalau asyik mentedarah duit tak ikhlas mungkin bala jadi lumpuh tapi tak sedar diri jugak mungkin kena kat anak cucu baru insaf kot. Konon nak tunjuk orang tu bukan orang Islam yang warak tapi tak sedar diri sendiri dah Murtad benggali. Tak pakai serban.

    Hidup Singh Is King said


  47. It is unfair to charge the bajau cop for manslaughter. I believe they i.e. cops involved in the said incident, were only following procedures when confronting possible criminal. Who would there was a 15-year old kid driving without a licence?

    With all kinds of criminal blanketing our country, I don't blame the cops for taking such drastic action.

    Who would protect the cops if they happen to intercept a highly dangerous, armed to the teeth criminal?

    Charged for manslaughter is too harsh. Maybe gross misconduct should be the solution. At least the bajau cop can get a desk job or in the K-9 unit.

  48. we certainly need to adress unlicensed drivers, uninsured drivers, mat rempits, road rage, hit and run, driving without seat belt, there are laws at the moment to address these.

    if we keep the focus for a minute, don't divert from this main issue
    the problem is the statements from the police surrounding the death and the scene have loop holes. We need accountability.
    and if anything we should do to avoid death in the future

  49. i'm flabbergasted.

    Aminul was 14? In some parts of the US, his parents or whoever has responsibility over him, will be hauled in.
    Never mind if they have lost their child, the law is the law.

  50. Anonymous7:07 pm


    Difficult issue.. especially since most of us have kids of that age, or going to be of that age.

    But one thing for sure, I do not know if I could find it in my heart to forgive if one of these underages is the cause of a fatal accident with any of my family members, even if that underage is of my blood...


  51. Anonymous7:11 pm

    As a father of a child of similar age, I feel that we are missing the point here.

    There is no question that the deceased should be at home at that wee hour. Neither should he be driving without a valid license. Furthermore, he should have stopped when the police asked him to.

    Many unkind and cruel comments were made by public, blaming the mother and family for what have happened.

    My sympathy and deepest condolences to the deceased mom and family members.

    On the other hand, I can't help but feel sorry for the accused policeman being charged for doing his duty. Probably a misjudgement during an intense moment. That could happen to anyone however experienced one might be. Let the court and investigation bodies decide on that.

    What really bothered me was Amirul being labelled as a PENYAMUN after being shot and a 'parang' was found in the car.

    Does finding a 'parang' in a car equals that the driver/occupant is a criminal?
    Was there any lost handbags, stolen goods etc?
    The existance of 'parang' was vehemently denied by the car owner and family members.

    As malay proverb say:

    Harimau mati meninggalkan belang,
    manusia mati meninggalkan nama.

    I believe Amirul's mom and family main crusade is to clear the boy's name post humously.

    Telling them what should or should not have been done is just unnecessary.

    Disturbed Dad

  52. Just very curious lah Anon5:01pm macam mana Goh WL boleh jadi bodoh bila dia tulis "When the cops get serious, they get scolded and blamed and face trials in Court."

    Jangan-jangan hang yang bodoh kut sebab...tak baca atau mungkin tidak faham apa yang ditulis oleh Goh tadi.

  53. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Make it a lesson for all the cops and other the kids.


  54. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Maybe the whole police force should take 1 week off and see what happens to Malaysia;]

  55. eva's haven said...
    i'm flabbergasted.

    Aminul was 14? In some parts of the US, his parents or whoever has responsibility over him, will be hauled in.
    Never mind if they have lost their child, the law is the law.


    while comparing that, why not look at what will happen to the police force if such happen in the states...
    and how public will react to the statements from the police force...

  56. Anonymous9:31 pm

    A mother afraid that he dead son will be called a penyamun,
    Wife with Four children, surviving on a policeman salary, afraid their father will be convicted as a murderer for serving the country.


  57. Bunnies10:02 pm

    Sad Parent,

    Yes, teenage years are challenging but it doesnt mean that you as parents cannot and have no control over them. I have a teenage daughter and son too but I have no problems with discipline, attitude or behaviour. The thing is you cannot start wanting to discipline your child at that age.. such heart wrenching parenting work has to be done from the day the child is born..

    I understand what you are trying to say but to excuse a delinquent child in the name of youth is very wrong. Each child has to grow up understanding that they are ultimately responsible for their actions and they cannot hide behind excuses like youth/naive/not aware.. it is just being irresponsible.

    In Aminul's case, he paid the price dearly for his folly. Yes, it is a dear price to pay but the situation is such, it was such a tense situation. I am sure the police who fired at Aminul, for the life of him, didnt thought that Aminul was a young boy. I am sure during the chase and all, the only thought that went thru the policeman's mind would most likely be that this driver is a big time criminal... speeding and trying to run off like that. Have you read how cruel and evil criminals are these days? It is not wrong to say that the policeman assumed Aminul was a criminal because his actions sure said so.

    The policeman is also a father.. if for a split second he knew it was a young boy, I am very sure he wouldnt have fired those shots.

    The point that we are missing here is that nobody should ever break the law and if anyone choses to take that risk, than he/she must be able to accept the consequences. In the case of the minor, the parents must accept the consequences. By the act of Aminul's mama going public demanding explanation and all, this is way too much. It clearly shows she doesnt know what are her responsibilities towards her son. She doesnt want to accept the consequences of her failure as a mama. She is trying to push the blame on to someone/something else. She thinks it is OK to let her son roam around town in the dead of the night. She thinks it is OK to not know where her son is. It is NOT OK.. It is never OK not to know what your child is up to or where your child is. It is irresponsible!!

    So, if we are all out to find whose fault it is in this Aminul case, than it is very clearly his mama. It is sad, it is painful, it is very cruel but it is a fact. It is also a fact to other parents who dont bother to do their parental duties that they might have to bear the same consequences one day.

  58. Anonymous10:50 pm

    not a pretender

    we pray that you will get involved in an accident coz you tried to avoid a swerving car driven by a panicky unlicensed teenager

  59. Anonymous11:20 pm

    i know of friends who count their children before getting to bed!

    i also know of friends who doesnt know how kids they actually own or bore!!haha.

    accountability folks..this is what matters.

    sedih jugak apabila 15 year old kena tembak tapi lebih sedih apabile anda sendiri tak tau dimana anak berada ketika itu(remember the iklan in the radio?)

    nowadays kononnya kita tak boleh tibai budak-budak ni,guna psikologi,cara lembut,talk to them,blah-blah..lagi naik tochang kau.

    I'm not talking shit cos i've got grownup kids of my own..we had my own share of bringing them up.BUT letting my son out at nite (not early morning mind you) is a definite no-no.you stay in the house do your thing nothing how you grovel and growl.Now that they are working they can stay out 24/7 for all i care but they actually didnt and wont!!

    so dear parents..rein them in la.our kids are angels( our kids!!anak orang lain semua setans!!).

    also i'd like to know what parents yang lepas anak keluar malam konon-kononnya budak2 ni nak release tension? tension kepala hotak depa!!call in freud ke sapa ke..kalau budak umur 15tahun tension can you imagine the level of tension us parents at 40s and 50s are having hihi! dont bullshit la.takkan baca buku geografi dah tensyen hihi.

    to the policeman yang kena charge tu,hang on buddy,we'll pray for you even sometimes kita geram jugak tapi we know you're only doing your duty.

    to mak Aminul my condolences..but a lesson to us all..discipline the kids,they'll thank you for it,albeit when they are at our age later on.

  60. Anonymous1:22 am

    Let them die lahh... The more the better. Too many people in this country and the rest of the world, anyway. Too much pollutant (humans... not coal, fossil fuel, CFC, carbon this, toxic gas that... they won't be around if humans don't want them).

    Earth is overpopulated...

  61. They should also arrest IGP for opening his big mouth protecting the police with no feelings for Malaysians.
    But this is Malaysia....and yes...this arrest is for Sibu election.
    Najib..the Smooth Operator.

  62. Anonymous8:19 am

    Dear Rocky,

    Perhaps you should do some research and find out how many of these underaged drivers and bikers are Malay?

    Go to any part of KL like Kg Baharu and Kg Dato Keramat and you can see ramai budak Melayu naik motor without helmets. You can also sometimes see families of 4 all piled on one motocycle.

    Do you think these people should have their licenses and vehicles taken away form them?

  63. Anonymous9:29 am

    Nik Rahimah,

    I agree lo, we in Subang jaya and USJ have been paying for our own security services since police are concentrating in Shah Alam City limit. PDRM move loh from Shah Alam city limit and move to Subang Jaya and USJ, and we can dismantle our security services (gated and guarded) and lets Shah Alam city folks fork out the money to install their own security services so that police do not kacau-kacau them.

    Wong Ah Fooh

  64. teo siew chin9:49 am

    doing a wrong to correct another wrong is not the way to redeem the situation.

  65. that's a pity

    Handcuffing a cop for doing his duties??.

    I think, some of us got it all wrong here.

    Are we implying that we should let the kids nowadays drive at night?

    What nonsense are having in this coutry nowadays?

    Allah Selamatkan Malaysia

  66. the child is dead from bullet(s) shot by police.
    a policeman now faces trial.
    justice will be served.

    1. the child should not have been driving at night.

    2. he drove in a manner that caused police to act.

    3. police was not aware that the driver was a 14 year-old becos there was no sign to say "Hey. I maybe driving like a maniac, even like a thug, but I am only 14 years old. So there! Don't shoot! don't anything. I am just panicking bcause I knocked a car, a motorcycle and i don't have a damn licence and now YOU are chasing me! I'm going home so my parents can explain1 Don't shoot don't shoot, I'm only 14".


    3. The child did not stop because he panicked. OMG! It's the police that's chasing me! I don't have a licence. My dad will kill me. I'm running away from these rempit, who will kill me!

    4. the police still did not know it was a 14 year-old driving like a maniac..

    5. The police gave chase and fired shots. STOP STOP...the driver did not stop because he was scared. The police did not know that the driver was a scared 14 year-old.

    6. The rest as we all know...was taken advantage by LAWYERS of a certain political party, trying to squeeze as much as they can from this.

    Was there intent on the part of the police? Sure as hell, yes...

    They were trying to stop a driver that clearly had committed what LOOKED to them as a crime.


    He would have if he was NOT underaged and had a LICENCE because he had no reason to be scared. In fact he would have had the police to help him against some MAT REMPITS and some VERY ANGRY people whose vehicles he had knocked.

    BUT if he was a licenced driver, he would NOT have driven badly. If he did drive badly, that would not have been how things turned out.

    THE QUESTION is whether police was following procedure, and whether they were EXCESSIVE in trying to stop WHOM they THOUGHT (and rightly so) WAS a criminal.

    The situation seemed that way. Surely to you too!

    What a tragedy.

    Should the police, the government apologise?


    I have so much sympathy (and also ire) for the parents.

    Please-lah...don't be used by these politicians!

    When the dust has settled...people will see the whole "TRAGEDY" for what it is. A TRAGEDY!

  67. Sze Tho10:16 am


    It is clear to me, and I imagine to many others, that the DAP and PKR..(more so the DAP), have this deep-seated hatred for the police, the MACC and the armed forces even.
    so consistent their hatred for any instrument of the Barisan Nasional. Very prejudiced. Nothing about the police is right. Nothing about the BN is good.

    Lim Kit Siang leading, of course. He is the "mother" of all nepotism and cronyism. If anyone thought (misleadingly) that Tun Dr Mahathir was a dictator -- haha.. TDM is nowhere what LKS is-lah.

    Malaysia under the DAP will be a bigger Singapore under PAP.

    Nice? Freedom of the press? Freedom of expression?

    You wish!

    So -- what does the DAP want to do with the police force? tear it down?

    In its place, what? The DAP's own police force?

    I believe the DAP will always be a very effective opposition. Not a government.

    Lim Guan Eng in Penang? Doing a good job?
    You read only nice things about it in ROCKET.
    He is suing NST for a "contentious" article in the NST.
    That "contentious" article was just a little, very mild criticism of a certain project.


    The DAP is muzzling the mainstream media and will continue to do so.

    Right now, it is on high gear capitalizing on Aminul's case.

  68. Kids nowadays and young adults up to the age of 25 yrs patut kena lempang je sekarang ni. Buat salah sikit je lempang. Bawak myvi macam setan tengah jalan je lempang. Merempit je lempang. Young people now are all damn rude and arrogant. From the Malay rempits to the young chinese adults in their myvis and the indian boys with their souped up -music blaring-cars, all have attitudes and the same goes for the young women too.
    I have a nephew who broke a couple of road laws and had his P license revoked. To which i told him padan muka...you can take the bus from now on. And his parents received a good lecture from THEIR own respective parents.
    Blaming parents for their children's bad behaviour is a good idea and some parents SHOULD be dragged to court for the mess their kids get others involved in.
    Aminul's family should take responsibility in his indiscipline and lack of proper guidance. They should be made accountable for what had happened and not demand any apology from the police. God rest his soul, I don't blame the poor boy nor the police for doing their job.

  69. Iskandar12:15 pm

    Unless you're a Superman, it's very hard to see the driver of a car at night.

    The cops have no way of telling if it's a Form 3 boy or a bunch of Indonesian robbers in the car.

    All he knows is the driver acted very suspiciously. And he need to stop the car before someone else gets hurt.

    I pity the cop. He was just doing his job.

  70. Anonymous3:05 pm


    Bravo to you. I'll say it 10 times.

    I'm all for the old-fashioned way of disciplining kids. There are far to many hantus and loose morals out there.

    The authorities have been "flip-flopping, auto-piloting and sleepy on the job" since Tun Dol's time. Look at the msuhrooming of 24-hour outlets in town now. Restaurants, snooker clubs, night clubs, karaokes. The papers have reported 15 year old girls of all races out at 3 am. Unwarranted pregnancies, discarded babies, registration of births without fathers' names. What the heck ...

    God damn it, they should close the 24 hour places. What are the authorities doing?

  71. Anonymous5:25 pm

    justice must be serve fair and equal to all...

    this should include those of the owner of the vehicle that driven by the boy...

    it is not fair at all,you all blame the cop at all the time and the parents/owner of the car escape at fault...

    they were just destined to meet at that fatal nite on different part-the cop was carrying his duty,the kids are just loitering..

    nevertheless...when it comes to insurance claim by the other vehicle that were involved prior to the incident is still looking for the car owner .


  72. about 6 yrs ago my brother was killed in a freak accident in bintulu. he was driving a motorbike so fast until he came upon a lamp stand on the roadside. yes, the kid will still be alive right now, if the parents or guardian or older siblings disallowed him from using the vehicle since he has no licence to use it...and yes, after this parents/guardians should be hauled to the court for giving permission or simply ignoring the fact that their children are driving their vehicles without any license...as for me, i really regret the fact that i knew my brother was still in form 5 and no license and still i just let him go out with his friends...people, dont just let your kids go out just like that with your vehicle without any license...and kids....dah tau salah tu, salah la..berenti je kat tepi kalau polis suruh berhenti...jangan mengada2 nak lari. sapa suruh bawak moto@kereta xde lesen...kena marah mak bapak takpe...tapi kalau nyawa melayang macam mana?? these cops are doing their job...what if they thought that the boy's car was some criminals who are running away?? of course they have to chase after him...think about that...don simply blame somebody's somebody...i am tired of our so called politicians...trying to get supporters from a tragedy...dont make our police go too soft...who will protect us then??

  73. Anonymous11:15 pm

    should charge the cop for murder! that would bring justice to the Rakyat for being bully by the cops the day UMNO took power.

  74. Dear Bro,

    Although Im sympathy with the boy but Im stil f&*( off this boy family. What the hell of 14 yrs old boy know how to drive manual car without the family know about it. If the police not killed this boy, there is a possibility of innocent ppl might get accident due to rough drive.
    Wat the shit with the politician nowadays. Everyshit matters they want to politicized.

  75. Salam Datuk,

    If not for the "parang and trying to ram the policemen", matters would have been very much different.

    Condolence to the family of the victim but I agree the parent is also accountable.

    I have an 18 year old daughter and I can only recall only once when she was out to a late hour with our knowledge but which we, the parents, were constantly in contact with.

    To the policemen charged, I wish him a quick acquittal if he did what he did, in good conscience and in the line of duty.

    If found guilty, my wish is that judgement will be tampered with mercy.

    He is also a father.

    Does anybody know or care what is going through his mind,that he had killed a 14 year old?

    Who cries for his family?


  76. Anonymous8:18 am

    Oleh kerana Pakatan Rakyat tidak percaya kepada polis, lain kali bila ada kejadian jenayah minta diaorang jangan laporkan kepada polis tapi laporkan kejadian itu kepada pemimpin mereka untuk menyelesaikan masalah tersebut.

  77. Anonymous10:10 am

    is a sad2 situation n a sad2 country. our extended arms ie, the legal/semi legal policy makers have molded our system to function in a certain way since day one ie. >half a decade. they made us feel small, tiny and irrelevant just like stray animals. they made us to hate each other(do yr own research or the answer had killed some of yr brain cells) and etc. just for what? u know wat. control n $$$. till to date, rakyats r bitching and bitching n they r watching n listening n orchestrating a step ahead whilst our minds r busying with theirs nonsenses. ultimately, is the rakyat getting wat they want? dont think so. do u like change or r u able to handle immediate change?
    thru history, a certain country immediate change came from revolution. look at those countries whose history lasted longer than ours. as an observer for a short period of time in this country, we r #@#^ big time by our system.
    the living volcano(bs) rakyats sitting on, is spewing ashes(bitching), getting close to eruption in about 10 yrs or so. lets party now n forever cause the worst is inevitable... de govt philosophy 'f#$& tat s*%ts' so, rakyat inherited fr them too. say it all, f.t.s. hehehe

    fts 2

  78. Anonymous12:42 pm

    What to do..(sigh..)

    Maybe he was at the wrong place at the wrong time but for me, to be fair and square:

    First- charge the cop .. then...

    Second- charge THE PARENTS too... and also the SISTER (if she let her car used by her brother at that time.. )

    After that, case close.
    No need for an apology or whatever.Face it, man.. the parents are wrong, too.

  79. Anonymous2:03 pm

    Parents and vehicle owners should be charged in court, without them giving access to their wheels, underaged teenagers will not be making statistic for accident cases.

    but when something happens, the blame game begins, government should have pushed through for stiffer traffic laws. I'm all for that. If the situations stays as what is is today then more people will get hurt or die, be it the cops, teenagers and law abiding drivers. the political drama will never end. God help us!


  80. I suggest Rocky and all UMNO B toads watch the movie...."The Stoning of SORAYA M"..available in DVD.
    After that..search your conscience why do you support the devil?

  81. Anonymous10:11 am

    Disturbed Dad, 7:11 PM;
    I totally agree with you.

    The boy's death is most unfortunate, the circumstances that lead to his own death may be his own doing.....but I cannot stomach the lies meted out to the media after that. That the dead boy tried to reverse into the cops, that there was a parang in the car, that they were suspected robbers??? Are all those lies made intentionally to "tutup kes", to justify the killing of a 14 year old?? I remember the police used to display cache-loads of weapons seized from criminals. Mana itu parang?? Kenapa tak tunjuk kat media?

    If there was no painting of Aminulrasyid as a parang-wielding robber, shot dead when he tried to ram into policemen...and if the policemen admitted they accidentally shot him dead while all the while aiming at the tires in hopes to stop the car, methinks the bajau cop tak akan masuk mahkamah. Its accidental, no? I think the boys family will also accept his death as a misadventure, and not get themselves used for political mileage. As for now, they only want to clear his name. That he is not a parang wielding robber who tried to kill cops.

    If the boys were caught alive, mereka pula pula akan masuk mahkamah dan dihantar ke sekolah budak jahat. This should be the case....and not what is happening now. A cruel twist of fate. I feel sorry for the bajau cop's family.

  82. Anonymous11:01 am

    I think for this issue, the police and the kid is the victim of the perception where society view teenage morality is declining especially we see more mat rempit,bohsia, rape and sex case in school(now even occuring in primary school)and gangsterism . The society have been hearing very often these type of news now a day. Where in the olden day we never see year three primary school start to imitate prohibited sexual activity which lead to rape action. For my opinion, the police who alleged shooting this teenager is also a father of four kids may face big challenge in their work when dealing with problem teenager who more daring not to obey the law. The situation is similar where teacher in school cannot discipline problem student effectively without using a cain. It is very frustrating for the teacher who can only see these student keep on doing wrong thing when discipline using phycology is not effective. The frustration may cause teacher losing their control and tempted to use physical punishment. Once the resort of using physical punishment, society perceive it as abuse!. For the police who have family, there are also human too and may succumb to emotion when face with problem teenager.
    Even though the action of shooting is wrong, we as Malaysian should look this matter in a broader dimension. We must realize that our teenager now is more expose to the lifestyle where discipline and morality in their life is the last priority. The slogan "Just Do it" may rule in their life without thinking about the consequence later. So in my opinion, the government,politician, parent, academia authority and society should rise to the occasion to resolve the moral decay among our teenager rather than blaming each other. Rather than blaming we should work in our best capability to find what causes this and try to solve teenage problem as much as possible in order to avoid this sad occasion to repeat again. The sad occasion is where the boy was shot to death after perceived by police team as dangerous, the boy parent is grieving of their dead son and the police who shot this teenager would be facing longer jail term, losing his job and their kids will suffer without their father with them in their house to guide and teach them.

  83. Charles4:40 am


    When the police don't do enough to fight crime, they are blamed, when they do something to to fight what they suspect is a criminal, they are blamed.

    While this is an unfortunate incident, charging the policeman with manslaughter will only discourage and tie the hands of his colleagues from doing their duty.

    Now crime is on the increase and there have been several break ins in my neighbourhood over the last two weeks.

    Then how about the snatch thefts where the victim is either severly injured or dies.

    Prosecute this policem and and I can assure you that crime will become even worse over the next few years and for our children's generation.

    There was a time, when influenced by western liberalism, I too would have bayed for the blood of this policeman but just look at the breakdown of western societies due to their liberalism and especially at how the victims receive little or no sympathy, while sympathy is lavished on the culprit.

    Unfortunately for Malaysia, thanks to lawyers and the increae of liberalism, our society too is heading in that direction.

    Well it's time to put a stop to the rot.