Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Twitter & I

Better late than never. If you see xrockybrux on Twitter, that's me. I took my sweet time to get on Twitter but I guess it was inevitable. Hope to see some of you, my faithful readers, there. 


BolehBird said...

It's funny how you started Twitter after so long, that today, coincidentally, I decided to start a blog myself.

Just so let you know, I am a FORMER admirer.After reading your blogs and so many that have become turncoat, I've decided to start a blog dedicated to expose you all. I may be a small little birdie now, but as you of all people should very well know, truth rings louder than the delicate sound of thunder.

Congrats on your new Twitter. I shall be watching you very closely on that channel.

Rockybru said...

Ah, thank you former admirer.

As you are a new blogger, you should blog using your own name. The days when government was out to nail bloggers are long over.

Happy blogging.

Semut Hitam said...

To bad i don't have anything to tweet of. The fact that i don't have the tools. hehehe...

Anyway, happy tweeting sir.

And to others. what significant can you get by exposing people anyway? Just to find the truth?

I wonder what truth really is except Al-Qur'an and Sunnah. Even that people cannot follow.

Let alone to except the truth in it.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

Bro Rocky,

Sounds like BolehBird pack a six shooter and trigger happy type. Dont be kuatir,all he got is blank ammo. Anyhow,just in case I'll be covering your back for you. I used to bring down a condor once so a little birdie with big chirps,no problem at all.

The Sniper.

monsterball said...

yea Rocky..follow where the wind blows.
Always be up to date and do your work for Najib and Mahathir well.
That's what you are paid for.
And for that...you have no principles in life.
Forget about dignity....you cannot understand that at all.
But I understand you.
You need to sell your soul for your love ones..correct?
So here we are...to battle all UMNO B toads...including you big frog...from Anwar to Najib..what a big jump... you did.
Tell that fucker...PERWIRA to try different style..to insult me.
And let all UMNO B toads limbo rock till 13th GE..where People's Power will rock all back to be farmers and taxi drivers...hahahahahahaha
The smart Muslims Malaysians from PAS and keDAILan and DAP... can employ few as their toilet cleaners..delivery boys...now call "logistic Rep".....great useless title....making half past sixes happy..hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

lets keep twittering...

bn is taking over selangor! then kedah! yeh! yeh!

lets keep this country...

just one party that govern till the end of time !

good riddance to all oppositions !

lets buried babi, apek lim & tok guru nyanyuk in sibu, once & for all !





faiz said...

what is wrong with you monsterball? i dont see the connection of this post with politics.

seriously dude, you should go for holiday or have lots sexual intercourse. i believe it would calm your nerve down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Monsterball lau ren,

Kesian sama lu..

PERWIRA will always understand your needs to tong tong chiang tong tong chiang;

Wa min pai ni lau liaw mei yew ren yau ni....

Keep on wth your good work Rocky, Twitter if you should, as long as you keep us all connected and informed... for the better of this beloved Nation, that is of 'cos..

Monsterball lau ren, join Tai Chi, find new Ah Sors of your same age, they will surely help make you feel young again...

Pai Pai



Yay Rocky!

finally finally. couldn't tahan the cajoling, persuasion, teasing etc..to start twitting.

how has it been? fun, kan?

ada aisehman, ada najibrazak, ada tilianker, ada nursamad, ada amirhafizi, the_endie, elviza, zaidibrahim ...to name a few.

and oh, Monsterball...my mama told me if i don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything. but I'll say one thing to you, you're just plain mean, aren't you?
you don't have to be nice, you know. you're just mean all the way.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes the truth is not very pleasant. If everyone kept quiet like you suggest, we would never need to go through any self or third party assessment.

You and Rocky did not have anything nice to say about Sleepyhead. Nevertheless, you both said what you had to say because more often than not, it was the truth.

Learn to lead by example. You earn more respect that way.