Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who's bringing in the War Criminal into our home?

Tony Blair's sponsors. His role in the Iraqi invasion is no more secret, his lies exposed. He is shamed by his media, shunned by his own people but here in Malaysia we are rolling out the red carpet to hear what he has to say about how good he is. Well, some of us at least, including the sponsors and some of them are very familiar names:

Excerpts from AsH's latest posting Whimping and Poring:

The Press Release by the NAC and SRI described MahaGuru Blair as a 'respected and admired world leader', and 'one of the best speakers in business today, offering in-depth analysis and approach to the opportunities that lie ahead'. How true. Blair is the Sifu of Opportunism!

However, there is a deafening silence, a self-imposed censorship on Blair's record as a war-monger at best and a War Criminal at worst. His and Bush's culpability in the Iraq War that killed and maimed innocent civilians and turned Iraq into rubble needs no further embellishment. They are there on record - except for the NAC and SRI.

NOT ONE WORD ON IRAQ. Not even a hint or a sniff.

It is like writing a Curriculum Vitae on Hitler without mentioning the killing of the Jews, the Gypsies,the homosexuals, and the mentally ill.

This is what I would like to communicate to Blair...
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