Wednesday, April 21, 2010

NTV7 withdraws support for Blair forum?

Slippers for Blair. I was at the Perdana Leadership Foundation this afternoon where Dr Mahathir Mohamad and representatives of over 100 non-governmental organisations called on the Malaysian government to deny Tony Blair entry into this country for his crimes against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. A peaceful demonstration will be held by these NGOs if Blair is allowed entry and a team of lawyers will issue a notice of indictment against the former British PM if he makes an appearance at the "Leading the Future" forum in Sunday this Saturday.

And then there was excited talk among the reps that Media Prima, the media giant, had withdrawn support for the forum featuring Blair. Media Prima's subsidiary Ntv7 had been named by the sponsors from Singapore as the official tv station for the Blair forum.

Dr Mahathir did not make any announcement to this effect, though, but he said "saya pandang jijik pada orang yang menaja si penipu ini".

The NGOs will meet tomorrow afternoon to plan for Saturday's peaceful demo. One NGO says it hopes to issue slippers to demonstrators for them to throw at Blair.


  1. Now that Najib has done the licking on Obama, I wonder whether he has the gut to ban Blair's visit... may be its beyond his "power" to do so.. maybe he has to get some "clearance" from somewhere first? Nasib la Malaysia for agreeing to ban gasoline export to Iran as a "condition" to lick Obama... we fell into the hands of the neocons & zionists in the Obama admin... lembek!

  2. Anonymous1:39 am

    you have become an asshole.

  3. sniper1:47 am

    Blair giving a talk at "leading the future" forum in KL ? stupid bloke.

    better to invite bush as well.

    What is the spore organizer agenda?

    and NTV7 should have known what he did to Iraq, afghan and palestine people in the past, don't they

  4. glassman1:55 am

    there is a facebook group named "Anti Blair anti Blair sponsors " which is open to everyone to register or to post comments or pictures

  5. nstman5:04 am

    Mr Blair is a great British patriot who fought terrorists, bigots, racists and rent-seekers. Those who oppose him are the biggest hypocrites. And you know who the hypocrites are. Mr Blair, the real people of Malaysia support you. We welcome you to our blessed land. We will always welcome you, come hell or high water.

  6. "Apa kata anda... Najib"..!!

    You have been appreciated by Obama recently ...!! In his eye's you kinda a moderates Muslim leader lets justify the honour that's been bestowed upon you.

    Prove it by just denying "Tony the Liar" presence here in M'sia..!!

    Pls. don't let this War Criminal foot-step's ever reach M'sia soil with the trail of war victims blood...!!

  7. Anonymous7:43 am

    umn0 hypocrites... on one hand they are protesting against blair - on the other hand they go washington & imposed sanctions on iran.

    truly umno hypocrites.

  8. Anonymous9:04 am

    Please issue them shoes like what happened
    to President Bush!He He He!

  9. Anonymous9:14 am

    Coming soon to a cinema near you this summer.

    Blair Witch Project II : Weapon of Mass Deception

    -Wan Tu Jus

  10. Anonymous10:40 am

    nstman said.....

    May the dogs pee on your graveyard, upon your demised. Let me guest, you must be a socialist whith the heart of NeoCon, like the hated Anwar Ibrahim (he is an Islamist with the heart of NeoCon a.k.a wahabist)

    Prof Awe Kecik

  11. Anonymous11:09 am

    dear dato,

    pls find more article to support this monkey apno ruler, they may increase your monthly allowance.

    sultans of swing

  12. Anonymous11:11 am

    Are you tragetting Ahmad Talib of Pahit Manis, who is the ultimate boss of NTV7, who owns Media Prima Bhd?
    Ahmad also commonly known as F x x K Face, is an incompetent person, but he knows how to lick ARSE. So if Tun says, its perbuatan yang amat jijik, Ahmad doesnt care ... he will go on having his Telor separa masak for breakfast every morning.

    Its me boss,

  13. Dear Anon "It's me Boss",

    If ntv7 withdraws support for Blair, I think it must be on Ahmad Talib's insistence.

    Thank you.

  14. Should reserve a garland of old toilet slippers for nstman if he shows up during the demo against Blair.

  15. Anonymous1:11 pm

    You mean to tell me that Ahmad didnt know that NTV 7 was goinng to sponsor the event?

    No wonder people call him F X X K Face.

    Ahmad is so inCOMPETENT that he doesnt know, NTV 7 kissing Tony Blair's ass, until you, ROCKY told him so.

    This Ahmad JOE, must be some kinda of baboon.

    Its me boss.

  16. Assalamualaikum,
    I wonder why BeLiar (Blair) choosed MALAYSIA. Why not straight to SINGAPORE?. Is the any hidden agenda here?. Think....think....think..

  17. Anak Permatang Pauh2:10 pm

    I suggest we throw terompah. It's made of wood and harder than slipper jepun....can we get sponsor for the terompah.

  18. Anonymous5:46 pm

    it's SHIT .. of course menjijikan!

  19. Anonymous5:47 pm

    what about innocent until proven guilty?

    what about prosecution by the media?

  20. Anonymous6:07 pm

    I agree with its me boss, now look whats happening in NTV 7, with award winning Senior producer at ntv7 Joshua Wong throwing in the towel following what he claimed were “overzealous self-censorship and government interference.
    If Rocky took over media prima, he got balls to allow news which a Fxxk Face like Ahmad dare not.

    ps Mr Bru, nak dear Pariah me kot, pertahankan si Mat.

  21. Anonymous9:57 am

    You see .. again, why Singapore is sponsoring this criminal coming to Malaysia.

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